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  1. TLDR Nonon method wasn’t working for me so I found a new method with Dual Wield Satsuki. Run back >> Homing Dash (XX) >> (If you’re at least Valor Level 1) Spam DOWN Close Range Attack (Down Square…) >> When combo ends, you can end your combo with a guaranteed SEN-I or Bloody Valor, depending on what you need (examples at the bottom) If you run back, the CPU usually just runs after you so when you Homing Dash they usually get hit Long Explanation So the method most people recommend on guides is to spam Nonon’s Long Range Attack with her unblockable beam. The farthest I got after a couple attempts with this method was 38 wins so after getting annoyed, I started messing around with other methods. The problem with the Nonon method is you’re relying on the CPU to not side step your beam, if they side step it, they’ll probably Homing Dash you and you’ll get combo’d. The method I found got me to 50 wins my first attempt with it, with very little stress of losing. What’s the method? Character: Dual Wield Satsuki First thing to note, in order to spam the proper combo, you need to be at least Valor Level 1 >>At the start of the round, run away briefly. The CPU has a weird tendency to just chase after you if you run away from them, and they usually don’t attack you if you aren’t attacking them. >>Homing Dash (XX), they’ll usually get hit and Homing Dashes go throw most projectiles >> IF THEY DON’T GET HIT, continue your combo but throw in a random unblockable, you’ll probably get them >> IF YOU'RE NOT AT VALOR LEVEL 1, you can abuse up to this step to build some meter so you can get to Valor Level 1 for the next step >>For your combo, hold DOWN and just spam your SQUARE attack, at the end of the combo, your opponent will get stunned (Examples at the bottom) (Remember, you can’t do this combo if you aren’t Valor Level 1) >>This stun period allows you to basically do whatever you want, you can get a free anything from this. So if you need to build Valor, spam L1+R1 to get a guaranteed Bloody Valor. If you’re already MAX, you’ll get a guaranteed SEN-I. Using this, you don’t have to worry about the CPU ever blocking your attempts and wasting meter. That’s about it guys, let me know if the method works because I think it’ll save people a lot of time.
  2. So I did this for 2 of the arenas and it worked first try for both of them. If you're fortunate to have a partner to do these with, have them solo the last couple rounds (I started at 17). Just make sure that the host isn't doing anything because they are the only one who can game crash. Have the host stare at a wall or something at round 17 then do the rest. Also, I timed most of my runs and I would crash a little after 2 hours so if possible, try to beat each arena within 2 hours. I don't really think the time thing is a big deal but it would be nice if people followed up on me with the partner trick. If it works then it might be a solution to this stuff.
  3. So I treated all the fights like it was a fighting game (tekken) and it worked fairly well. The biggest tip I can tell anyone is SIDESTEP/DODGE EVERYTHING TO THE RIGHT, a lot of their unblockable moves have a better chance of actually hitting you if you dodge to the left, this is called tracking in tekken. A lot of others in this thread have mentioned spamming abilities and they are completely right, go crazy with them, some abilities give you invincible frames so you can actually activate them in the middle of a Valkyrie's attacks and it will stun them, allowing you to attack them. Just for reference I'll put out my equipment for anyone who wants to be sure they are ready to take on the queen. I had a full set of Ivaldi's Deadly Mist armor, they weren't fully upgraded. I used the Talisman of the Realms because it gives you a small window to run over to health pickups without worrying about enemy attacks, even though you only have a couple seconds. I don't think you need to use the runic attacks I used but I used Njord Tempest, Thiazi Talon, Wrath of Artemis, and Hyperion Grapple. To be honest, any runic abilities with very quick cooldowns are good. My Kratos is only level 7 so don't stress about powerleveling. To sum up, SIDESTEP/DODGE TO THE RIGHT and SPAM ABILITIES (Preferably abilities with quick cooldowns). All the bosses fight fairly similar so take the time to understand all the different moves they can do and dodge and punish accordingly. They are stressful bosses but there is almost always an answer to these enemies' moves. If you're getting bodied by them, take a second and look at what you're getting hit with. Good luck everyone!
  4. So grinding in this game isn't a big deal but the "Master Ninja" Trophy can take some time to grind. The most common area to grind the trophy is at the end of chapter 4, which can take some time to get to. You go through a lot of enemies on your way to that area so I found you can work on the trophy on your way to that area. Won't save you too much time, but it will save some. Just shoot an enemy once and run behind them. This will count as a stealth kill as detection in this game doesn't matter. Here's a video for demonstration if anyone needs it
  5. Your 50th should be Ninja Gaiden Sigma2+ on vita, haha just kidding. Just go for Last of Us, seems appropriate.
  6. So I just got the Gatherer Trophy and I wanted to put out some tips for anyone planning to go for it First of all, I can confirm that you don't have to have 1,000,000 geoms on you to get the trophy. I had around 830,000 when the trophy appeared so any geoms you spend on upgrades still count. StrickenBiged's guide already recommends to boost geoms on Super Sequence but you may find it boring to be playing that level a couple hundred times, here's some more levels that may get you a few thousand in under 10 minutes. NOTE: Some of these levels do require practice in order to actually get the full benefit Recommended levels Spawn The Scream Running in the Family Trash Compactor Last of all, I recommend having fun with this trophy. You'll be playing alot to get this trophy so find some enjoyment in it. Try to be on top of some of the leaderboards because that made the grind fun, I ended up getting a couple #1's because of it. Try beating my scores!