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  1. I am going for the trophies without the admin commands. So I will let you know haha
  2. Also a good way to make fast bits, or at least that i have found at low level, is fishing, if you do that Seadramon quest, which is not hard at all, he will join your town and give you a lure. If you go back to that spot and fish, there is fish that scores you 2,000 bits, there is also a couple of Tamer skills that increase fishing chances and the amount of fish you catch. I made 60,000 in just a matter of minutes, the fish is Digiawarona(I think i messed up the spelling) but all the fish you catch sell, some for 800 and 500.
  3. Yeah my local Gamestop went down the hole so I only get digital games. The best parts of that is the Playstation Store doesn't charge tax, let's you preload the game to your system, and since I am in Texas and the release is EST I get the game at 11 instead of midnight. So far in my DBZ-a-thon(watching the show) I have made it to the Goku vs Vegeta fight acutally had someone over that ha never seen any dbz, so that was interesting to explain everything to him. I will be streaming Dbz starting tonight and whenever I am playing it.
  4. Lmao I will make one of my characters in this image. Add me Zerv-Kun
  5. I am incredibly excited for this installment. That being said there are definitely some flaws, but none that are bad enough to even begin to sway me from my excitement. The character creation, with the added playing with other people has me sold alone. Takes the good from both Ultimate Tenkaichi and Battle of Z. From the videos and reviews I have seen they have made it one of the best DBZ games to date, but not if you are expecting it to be Budokai Tenkaichi 3 or something... I am getting it on Monday night Mightnight EST, having a DBZ marathon leading up to the game's release. To anyone else getting the game on PS4, feel free to add me and we shall rock this adventure in the land of Z together. PSN: Zerv-Kun
  6. In Soviet Russia, Hentai F***s you!
  7. The name is Zerv-Kun. I was asked to create my own character for a Manga a friend was writing, he was Zerv the Master Thief. So that was my nickname for a short time in my life, so it became my PSN ID. Oh and -Kun is a japanese thing, I was the youngest in my group of friends, so I always got called Zerv-kun or Zerv-chan, both of which used to make fun of me being the youngest.
  8. That is an incredibly hard question. I have 3 favorite games for different reasons. Ruby is my favorite for gameplay Silver is my favorite for it's Pokemon X is my favorite just because I have been playing Pokemon since '98. The worst games though are Diamond/Pearl and even that is hard to say, because I enjoyed the games so much, but those are the only generation that i haven't put any additional playthroughs in.
  9. Supposedly we have to wait for them to patch the ps3 version to give us the ability to upload our worlds.
  10. PSN: Zerv-Kun I have almost every game out Retail/Arcade for ps4, except for Sports genre games.
  11. I got one today. "Battle Stenography"on Towerfall Ascension. When I first got the game and looked at the Trophy list, I thought to myself, "This is going to be cake!" Oh how wrong I was. For this specific trophy, you cannot even attempt it without 4 controllers.
  12. Thank you, yeah this is the best trophy tracking website haha, started hardcore trophy hunting back in 2011.
  13. Why thank you, I appreciate the Welcome. Also anyone that plays on PS4, feel free to add me, I own a little over half of the games out for ps4 and always looking for people to play with and help get trophies. Currently I am playing Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition.
  14. Been on this site since 2011, never even bothered to open the Forums, other than the ones concerning whatever game trophies I was working on. Figured it was about time I checked out the forums and introduce myself with fellow members of the site and fellow Trophy Hunters. *tips hat* Hello all
  15. Has to either be "What's Up People" by Maximum the Hormone, aka the song during the credits of Death Note. or Resonance by T.M. Revolution, aka opening song to Soul Eater.