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  1. I hope Bruins win the cup this year, Rask has been amazing.
  2. I just came up with it somehow.
  3. Kingdom Hearts for sure, at least the first one.
  4. South Park
  5. I bought my PS3 (320gb Slim) exactly 1 year ago.
  6. Christie from Tekken series.
  7. I'm going for my first platinum and that would be on Tekken Tag Tournament 2.
  8. You can add me if you want, my PSN ID is Xaevon.
  9. Has 121 games
  10. Probably Another World on SNES. As a kid, I just couldn't get past one scene where you have to jump a far distance.
  11. Welcome to the community!
  12. Just joined with my new account "Nexus". I don't play much on PC anymore though...
  13. My current wallpaper
  14. Welcome to the site! Hope you have a fun time here
  15. Welcome to PSNProfiles! Hope you have a great time here.