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  1. Hey :) Just wanted to let you know that I purchased Ghostbusters and am currently awaiting its arrival in the mail... if you want to get back into it, let me know and i'm there for you :D

  2. Fired it up and it's not bad so far. Only got through the first two Sections of races
  3. Good to hear! Welcome!
  4. I have a 80GB fatty... I'll be upgrading to a slim before adding more HD space in an older model.
  5. So I am running out of room on my HD and figured I'd delete game data of titles I have the platinum on and don't intend on revisiting. Resistance 3 was one of the titles but the process was not so simple. Making a long story short, this particular game data can take close to an HOUR to delete. Just be patient and wait it out as its a pretty well documented issue.
  6. I usually get buffalo chicken which covers the pizza and wings craving, but I'd like to try one topped with steak and fries... Might be interesting!
  7. I'm up for it!
  8. I think I might have to jump in as well. I fired the game up and never played it... I'd like to turn the 0% to a plat if possible!
  9. Very interesting take on the acquisition!
  10. So... I have to ask how the Jets fans feel about Tebowmania in the Meadowlands. Thoughts?!
  11. I agree. I also think it should require information about the edit so the reader knows what changed and for what purpose.
  12. I'm in the mood for a comp. I don't mind hosting, but I would like suggestions as how to run/score. I like the idea of doing something different. 1.) In the spirit of March Madness... Doing a bracket style single elimination. Basic scoring M-S with scoring and set up for following round on Sundays. 2.) 3-Man Relay - Similar to a race, the second can't start earning till the first finishes. Once the first person gets 25 trophies, the second players trophies start to count. Once the second gets 25, the anchor can start and needs 50 to win. Different... But possible. 3.) Platinum only. A 2 team comp (5 ppl or so) where only plats count and their weighted against how many don't have it. If the percentage is 90%, the trophy is worth (100-90)*150 = 1,500 Points... But if only 10% have it... (100-10)*150 = 13,500. Thoughts?
  13. I need a little something as well. I get frustrated when I don't hear a ding after sinking in significant time with a game... It's probably why I have like 7 games that I'm about 10 hours from a platinum but can't focus enough to play.
  14. I thought the same thing! It felt like Tim Burton made a video game... I voted for the Wedding as well!
  15. I had a PS2 for a short amount of time but all I played was the GTA series. TONS OF FUN!