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  1. I picked it as one of my two freebies when Sony went down and I just learned I have to buy DLC right off the bat as the only mode available is arcade, rendering half of the trophies impossible.
  2. I wanted to see of any of mine were 100%, but my closest was "It's Hazard Time", which you get by simply starting a game (only single player mode for Eat Led). Figured everyone must have it but only 99.13% do. What's yours?
  3. I just hit level 14 on new years day with this trophy from LBP: I have a long way to go to level 15. What is your next level and how close are you?
  4. Have you gotten the platinum in all games of a series? If so, which ones? I only have Resistance 2 and Resistance 3. I hope to do the Uncharted, God of War and Borderlands by the end of 2012!
  5. I have 20 platinum trophies out of 40 possible games (I have 42 games... but two are PSN). I feel like 50% is pretty crappy... So I wonder... what is your percentage?
  6. Im watching Campus PD and thinking back to the trouble I got in when in college with underage drinking. Luckily Hofstra had "public safety" so nothing was ever brought to the REAL polices attention. Worst I ever got was probation and a scolding from the dean. So I wonder... What's the most trouble you've ever been in? Ever enjoyed steel on your wrists or a night in the drunk tank?
  7. I am really into Arms Cartel right now. It's a standard mobile RPG similar to Mafia Wars. Other than that, I play words with friends often too.
  8. It's interesting to see how quick some people catch up/climb. duck360 as been atop the leaderboard for quite some time but isn't nearly as known as 360's Stallion83. BIELERIC is within 5K points (4 platinumed games) of taking the lead. I just thought it was interesting...
  9. Anyone else Gavin trouble with this? I can't even get past the forest level. I must have tried 20 times and I am losing patience.
  10. Fired it up and it's not bad so far. Only got through the first two Sections of races
  11. So I am running out of room on my HD and figured I'd delete game data of titles I have the platinum on and don't intend on revisiting. Resistance 3 was one of the titles but the process was not so simple. Making a long story short, this particular game data can take close to an HOUR to delete. Just be patient and wait it out as its a pretty well documented issue.
  12. Good to hear! Welcome!
  13. I have a 80GB fatty... I'll be upgrading to a slim before adding more HD space in an older model.
  14. I usually get buffalo chicken which covers the pizza and wings craving, but I'd like to try one topped with steak and fries... Might be interesting!
  15. I'm up for it!
  16. I think I might have to jump in as well. I fired the game up and never played it... I'd like to turn the 0% to a plat if possible!
  17. Very interesting take on the acquisition!
  18. So... I have to ask how the Jets fans feel about Tebowmania in the Meadowlands. Thoughts?!
  19. I agree. I also think it should require information about the edit so the reader knows what changed and for what purpose.
  20. I'm in the mood for a comp. I don't mind hosting, but I would like suggestions as how to run/score. I like the idea of doing something different. 1.) In the spirit of March Madness... Doing a bracket style single elimination. Basic scoring M-S with scoring and set up for following round on Sundays. 2.) 3-Man Relay - Similar to a race, the second can't start earning till the first finishes. Once the first person gets 25 trophies, the second players trophies start to count. Once the second gets 25, the anchor can start and needs 50 to win. Different... But possible. 3.) Platinum only. A 2 team comp (5 ppl or so) where only plats count and their weighted against how many don't have it. If the percentage is 90%, the trophy is worth (100-90)*150 = 1,500 Points... But if only 10% have it... (100-10)*150 = 13,500. Thoughts?
  21. I need a little something as well. I get frustrated when I don't hear a ding after sinking in significant time with a game... It's probably why I have like 7 games that I'm about 10 hours from a platinum but can't focus enough to play.
  22. I thought the same thing! It felt like Tim Burton made a video game... I voted for the Wedding as well!
  23. I had a PS2 for a short amount of time but all I played was the GTA series. TONS OF FUN!
  24. I don't mine the "eventually" since games will naturally run their course. It's the whole early thing. Didn't MMA just come out in 2011? Edit: Late 2010... Still early IMO
  25. No surprises here. I can't wait to see the backlash when they start closing servers early after charging people $10 to use them.