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  1. Despite earning every single other trophy, the ‘collector’ trophy (= the platinum of this game) will not pop. I finished another game, played it on another PS4, reinstalled it... All to no avail. Anyone that has the same problem (or even better, a workaround)?
  2. I had a blast doing all of this stuff, only the gold medals to go. I would definitely recommend going for the platinum!
  3. Just got to level 100 and bagged the platinum! I did the 1.000.000 score attack method while watching some movies. Got it without feeling even the slightest bit of a grind (Was level 61 when I had all other trophies). Best of luck my fellow skaters!
  4. A 'Saving....' icon pops up fairly often so I am assuming those are checkpoints! The story isn't as good as Modern Warfare imo but they have an interesting take on collectibles and it's worth scouring the levels for them.
  5. It's probably the easiest veteran difficulty I've come across in any COD game. I think I died about twice now and am halfway through the campaign, I even went to settings to make sure I wasn't playing on regular. Really easy if you are used to shooters/COD.
  6. I only need the last DLC trophy, marraffanator, so would appreciate the help and would gladly help with other trophies you guys might need in return. The trophy is doable solo but it’s been ages since I’ve played the game and it is easy the more people you try to tackle it with. So PM me if you are game!
  7. Don’t you mean 210 losses? 😅
  8. I got the trophy by doing the 5-3 level in coop. It was really easy as the requirements dropped to 14 seconds and we finished with 26. So if you are struggling just do it with a friend (share play in my case).
  9. I completed all levels without any flops and with three hourglasses except for 5-3! It’s practically impossible for me to finish within the time limit, let alone with 28 seconds left?! Whatever task I try to do first, I never come close to the 28 second mark. I am doing these solo by the way, is this one only possible in coop?
  10. The original Weekend League closed a week after I posted the method and I got it in time. But some people on here have said there is a new Weekend League that is open (or will open?) ten years from now so everyone that wants the trophy would be able to get it. But I am not sure if it’s achievable already, someone else will need to verify that...
  11. Woohoo! Thanks man! Going to do it starting tomorrow and winning ALL 5 games. How many accounts did you end up using?
  12. Dang! My intel was indeed off. Let's hope it's temporary... And if not, looks like I'll just need to bring my A-game.
  13. Why do you think so? You basically need a lot of accounts on both of the PS4’s and then match them during your qualification games. You would need 5 wins with your main account, but you can only get matched with people with the same amount of qualification games/wins. It’s easy but takes a REALLY long time because you have to play a lot of games with the secondary accounts so they have the exact amount of wins. There is another topic explaining the exact matchups so if you are going for it try taking a look there :-) I did it in FIFA18 for the draft trophy, and will be doing it for the Division 4 trophy on 19 and 20. And then some more tinfoil grinding for the 19 weekend league! Edit: you will have to delete your entire UT club/progress in order for you to replay the qualification games again, so make sure you have all the other trophies first.
  14. Glad to hear my friend! I had a blast and laughed out loud when I first tried it myself. Hope you can nail that stupid trophy soon! If you have two PlayStation 4’s, you can ‘easily’ boost the Div4 trophy as well. I’m going to do it sometime next week.
  15. You need to find the wires in the actual camp (the ship/boat) you are at when you start the mission, they are all next to Chum :-)