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  1. Is the taxi service still going strong? I added you as a friend @iamthedotcom as I couldn't send a message :-)
  2. These sound like the most tedious ones imo: - Score a left foot volley against Coventry City in The Journey (missable?) - Score on the basketball hoop at Venice in The Journey (missable?) - Get A grade across all Skill Games (only if it means you'll have to score an A at the hardest version of each skill game that is) - Achieve Gold 3 Rank in Ultimate Team Squad Battles (bit grindy if it's online) - Achieve a Rank 3 or better in FIFA Ultimate Team Rivals (don't know the game mode) Rest of the trophies aren't difficult at all. Even the above ones aren't thát hard compared to the Draft one that was a deal breaker for a lot of players.
  3. I recently started doing this for myself. I have 400+ games in my backlog and I try to platinum/100% 2/3 ones I already have on my list first before starting on a new game. Good luck guys!
  4. Ah man, seriously? That sucks. It was the only reason I picked up this game again and pushed through til level 42. Would've been superbummed as well if I discovered it on my own, thanks for the heads up. As english isn't my mother tongue it certainly is a grind for me, not sure if it's worth the trouble going to level 100...
  5. This is just a sign in his secret base, I don't think it will get any attention throughout the rest of the game...
  6. Reviewers (like me) often receive codes and copies earlier, that's why there's a few guys (like me) that got the trophy so early.
  7. You have to press 'delete cross-save' first, then press 'sync cross-save'. After that go on your other console and press 'sync cross-save'. That should do the trick.
  8. I played all levels above, could you do me a favor and play my level? I only need 14 more plays to get my second to last trophy... PSN: kapitein level name: 10 trophies Thanks a bunch! Be sure to drop your name here so I can play your levels as well!
  9. Edit: Got my 50 plays and the plat as well! Thanks guys!
  10. Probably because someone else already used it...