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  1. This was my final trophy and I could not get a penguin to fall in the water, whatever I tried. ...and then it hit me that this trophy isn’t about the penguins taking a swim, it’s about you taking a swim. So if you miss this trophy, just ‘submerge’ your face in the water.
  2. I just did the first ten levels, all under a minute, scoring all three eggs on them and got the trophy!
  3. I have played over 100 games, countless of hours trying and trying to get this trophy and after reading your comment and establishing a colony in the US (I moved my original colony to Canada as there was an airstrike and never bothered to move them back), I finally got it. Thank you so much.
  4. Popped it today, took me about 5h of tinfoiltime to get it. Now to boost Div 4. Best of luck to everyone that’s going for this one!
  5. No because all matches will end in a draw which will result in an eventual relegation. There is another method to boost the Divisive Figure discussed in another thread (you need to boost the placement matches with a second PS4/a friend and multiple accounts). You can always reset your fut team in order to do the placement matches again, so if I were you I would do the Weekend League trophy first, reset, and boost the placement matches for division 4 (as the weekend league calls it quits next week, but there is a chance they prolongue it like they did with Fifa 19 this week).
  6. Damn that blows, sorry to hear buddy.
  7. Can I ask how you won those? In regular games or also boosted?
  8. How do you grind xp afk? Sorry if the method has been posted here somewhere else :-)
  9. If you are like me, you probably haven't unlocked this trophy yet and might've given up hope: the last weekend league is next week and after that the trophy will be unobtainable. You might've also given up hope after seeing everyone with the most badass cards while you are stuck with your 82-83 squad. But fear not, fellow trophy hunters, as there is a way to score this trophy in time (yes, even if you are reading this post two days before the final weekend league). I bumped into a video with the method in another thread, but figured it deserves its own post. I also tweaked it a bit so it works better (at least, in my case). What you need: - A phone that can make a mobile hotspot - Tinfoil (yes, tinfoil) What you need to do before you do this method: - Finished your 5 placement matches (even if you suck or rubberband the five games this method still is easy, it will only take you a bit longer) The method: - Close down Ultimate Team - Make a mobile hotspot on your phone - Connect your PS4 to the mobile hotspot - Launch up Ultimate Team and go into a Rivals game - As soon as you (or your opponent) kicked off, wrap your phone in the tinfoil sheet - You will notice that your game will freeze, wait 3-4 seconds and take your phone out of the tinfoil (the audio in the game also lowers) - After a few more seconds you will get a 'opponent disconnected' message, alongside with some FUT coins - In the next screen you will see the points you earned towards the Weekend League - Go into a new Rivals game right away, wait until the kickoff and repeat the tinfoil process That's it. The tinfoil blocks your mobile signal for a few seconds, and that's enough to disconnect the match but not to disconnect your PS4's entire internet access. This way the game will think there was a server issue and awards you with the draw/coins/weekend league points. The better you do in your placement matches, the more Weekend League points you will earn. I was placed in division 5 and earned 30 Weekend League points per game. If you don't uncover your phone fast enough (or if your mobile hotspot decides to call it quits) you will lose your internet connection and also won't earn any coins/points. If this happens a few times you will be placed in a lower division and will earn less Weekend League points. But, it still is faster than playing a full game (the method takes about 2-3 minutes). I only discovered this method this afternoon and played for an hour and a half. I currently am at 760/2000, so I will probably get this one done on friday. But I am certain you can do this within a day, even if you are placed in division 10 (I believe you get 8 Weekend League points in division 10, so that's 250 games at 5 minutes each so a cool 20h). This method will not make you very popular nor is it the most legit way to earn you the trophy, but hey! The end justifies the means I'd say. I hope this helps at least one of you guys, good luck!!!
  10. Let’s gooooooooo!
  11. If I was Sony I’d charge $5 per trophy you wanted to delete and see the cash rolling in mwuahahaha
  12. YEET let’s get it. Need me some HULK SMASH
  13. I would go for a hex final if I was you. Royal fumble (even with a team) is just too risky to lose it in the final second. Mountain is safe-ish if you are able to quit and keep your head cool.
  14. x3 ultra rare trophies and ratalaika games or not, in the end he has the infalliable trophy though 😊
  15. There's an exploit where you can just collect the same few collectibles over and over again by closing the app before the game registers which collectibles you took - while still saving the exp. It's the trick I've been doing these past few days and easily went from lvl 21 to 50 today. It's still grindy, but you can earn around 500 exp every 5 minutes (and earning a lot of cash for the other trophies). The theory: - Find a place where there's a few collectibles within the same area - Stay around that area for a few minutes so the game autosaves and spawns you there everytime you open freeroam - Find a drawer/chest and open & close it - Pick up each collectible - When you pick up the last collectible, close the application once your character has done putting it in his pocket/when you see the exp+ on screen - Restart the game and start over with the drawer/chest thing As the game has different cycles, the collectibles don't spawn at the same spot every (real life) day. You can find a good spot using this map (just pick out a spot where there's 3-4 collectibles near eachother): https://jeanropke.github.io/RDR2CollectorsMap/ Here's a video to show the technique (but be aware that this exact spot might not be the same for you, as the cycles change): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJrBcAK2s5c Every ten times you do this you need to look for Madame Nazar to sell your stuff (you can only carry 10 max of each item), which will in turn give you loads of money. Her location of that day is also found on the Collectors Map. Hope this will help out some of you on this grind! Like I said, still grindy, but it beats riding your horse for 10 minutes to earn a mere 100exp. Oh and shooting every animal you see along the way earns you another 10exp if you have the naturalist role unlocked. Fuck Hariette.