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  1. This is just a sign in his secret base, I don't think it will get any attention throughout the rest of the game...
  2. Reviewers (like me) often receive codes and copies earlier, that's why there's a few guys (like me) that got the trophy so early.
  3. You have to press 'delete cross-save' first, then press 'sync cross-save'. After that go on your other console and press 'sync cross-save'. That should do the trick.
  4. I played all levels above, could you do me a favor and play my level? I only need 14 more plays to get my second to last trophy... PSN: kapitein level name: 10 trophies Thanks a bunch! Be sure to drop your name here so I can play your levels as well!
  5. Edit: Got my 50 plays and the plat as well! Thanks guys!
  6. Probably because someone else already used it...