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  1. Saw Behemoth and Amon Amarth last night, if they are playing a gig near you check them out, they are both on top form and putting on a great show.
  2. TLoU 100% Left behind was pretty good. Might try and complete Mafia 3 next.

    1. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

    2. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    3. ihadalifeb4this



  3. The Last of Us plat is mine, just need to complete the Left Behind DLC for 100%, I think I will play something else for a while and take a break from TLoU before I do that though.

    1. DamagingRob


      Nice work! Left Behind is pretty short, and not nearly as hard as the main game on Grounded. Personally, I'd get it over and done with while I was in the zone. Lol. 

    2. ShonenCat


      Congratz! :yay:

    3. ihadalifeb4this



  4. The Last of Us multiplayer grind is finally over! The first 12 weeks were fun, the second set of 12 were a bit of a drag. All I have to do now for the plat is fully upgrade all the weapons. Almost there!

    1. Dreggit


      What was your favorite game mode? Did you record any games? I have a short playlist of games and highlights. 


      Okay guys. Imagine, instead of 24 weeks..   1 year in LOU2

    2. ee28max


      Multiplayer was fun. Good luck on the platinum :) 


      @Dreggit 52 weeks, oh man. That would one of biggest grinds in the history or multiplayer ever.

    3. Slipknot_rooney


      @Dreggit Survivors was probably my favourite mode, then supply raid and then interrogation, all three can be pretty fun though. I didn't record any games, even after the 24 weeks I'm pretty average at the game. And 52 weeks? Nah, forget that...


      @ee28max Thank you! Got the plat this morning :)

  5. I mopped up all collectibles earlier today using chapter select and I had no problems, I also had 4 save files and that didn't cause any problems. So as far as I can tell, collecting anything you missed using chapter select works just fine.
  6. I managed to beat The Last of Us on Grounded mode, not as tough as I expected but still challenging at times. I actually think the challenge makes the game a lot better, didn't think much of my first playthrough, enjoyed it a lot more the second time around. Might actually be able to plat this thing!

  7. I can finally say I have played through The Last of Us. It was good, I wouldn't rave about it but I would recommend playing through at least once for the story, I'd give it a 7/10. Can I go straight into Grounded Mode plus? Any recommendations for obtaining 100%?

    1. Squirlruler


      There is a glitch that you can do Grounded in NG+ iirc


      Be careful with collectibles. They like to glitch :[

    2. Slipknot_rooney


      @Squirlruler I'll look into that NG+ glitch, thanks! Worried about those collectibles now though. 


      @Sir-Syzygy Do you know what part of the story you are at? I think the game is actually quite short. It's definitely a slow game, and I didn't expect as much stealth which put me off at the beginning. I like stealth, just didn't think it would be as stealth heavy. The ending was alright, nothing blew my mind, it wasn't bad by any means. I don't know, it's just an okay game for me, I'd encourage you to finish the story though.

  8. The season pass is on sale again until May 1st for €11.99. How does the DLC work? Is it extra missions as you play through the story? A whole new area? I want to avoid another playthrough if possible so any help would be appreciated.
  9. So in Destiny 2, are guided games for the Leviathan raid not a thing? I can see it for the Last Wish raid and nightfall strikes. 

    1. Rowdi


      I haven’t heard anything about guided games not being available for leviathan, but it’s not something I keep up on. You may find the100 or r/fireteams to be much more helpful. There’s a sub for sherpas linked somewhere in the r/fireteams subreddit too. 

  10. The Destiny 2 grind is no joke. Nearly two hours farming the escalation protocol boss tonight, on top of the farming I did last night, for an SMG which won't be used much... Progress is being made though.

    1. NERVergoproxy


      I remember farming months for a weapon back in my MMO days.

    2. KingGuy420


      Farming for the SMG is annoying. Mostly because the sniper and the shotgun are actually useful lol.


      Just be happy it starts at wave 6 after you beat the boss. It used to go back to wave 1 >.<

    3. Slipknot_rooney


      Yeah if it went back to wave one I wouldn't have bothered at all, wow, I tip my hat to those that did it. Getting the Braytech weapons are pretty annoying too, having to collect four stems and then find the sleeper nodes... I just keep getting the AR...

  11. Make a boosting session to find people to help.
  12. Dreading these God of War collectables... really want the platinum though.

  13. "Collect 10 Forsaken Exotic weapons or armor" Unfortunately it has to be forsaken exotics.
  14. Pretty sure you will have to restart the mission, sorry. Glitches like this are a massive pain, especially that far into a mission/level. People still get the platinum because this glitch isn't guaranteed to happen every time. I played through this many times and never came across this glitch.