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  1. Very cool, thank you!
  2. Pretty sure you get scaled down. Just have to talk to Xur for that now...
  3. Do you have a milestone objective for completing three patrols? If so, do that. Edit: You should have the Flashpoints unlocked after that. If that fails, I'm not sure what else is required.
  4. This week the Flashpoint is on the EDZ, so if you go to the map while on the EDZ and hover the cursor over Devrim, you should see the Flashpoint along with a progress bar, fill this bar by completing activities (public and heroic events etc), once the bar hits 100% talk to Devrim, collect your reward and you will unlock the trophy.
  5. You can't as far as I know, the event is over and you need tickets. On Steam you can buy it through the market place.
  6. KingGuy420 has said in another thread that Bungie confirmed the patch to fix the problem will be available on December 4th.
  7. It has a bit of both in terms of difficulty and grind. It's not fun, I don't think it is anyway. Earn all Campaign Weapons, Attachments, and Camos. So 650 kills with each weapon. Complete every mission in the game at least once on Veteran without restarting from a checkpoint. Skill based. Complete all Accolades for all Missions. Accolades meaning challenges, I found them boring and tedious, a few can be difficult. Complete all Campaign Challenges. Farming kills with abilities.
  8. Check out the roadmap, plenty of content will be added in the months following the games release. If it was as difficult as they claim to want it to be, they would make petitions and complain...
  9. In Destiny 2 all the gear drops are at 260 power for legendary and 255 for rare. Is this a cap for the base game? Do I need the DLC to advance further and get more powerful gear? 

    1. SlimSanta94


      Yeah the max power level is 600, which you need all DLC's to be able to reach.

    2. Slipknot_rooney


      The guide for the raid in the base game recommends level 300, how is it possible to complete then without DLC? Or have Bungie just screwed up?


      Thanks for letting me know anyway!

  10. After reading this thread I expected I wouldn't get the trophy but it did pop for me and a friend today (November 1st 2018) so the trophy is fixed, thankfully.
  11. I could rarely complete the first level as a kid. Fun times, even to just listen to the music. Got it on Steam a while back for nothing but didn't like it without a controller.
  12. I really hope they add NG++ along with a trophy for all the whiners on here.
  13. Destroy All Humans platinum, as fun as I remember it and just as difficult too, the grind at the end wasn't bad and it only crashed once, even then that was just from blowing up lots of vehicles. What to plat next 🤔

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Slipknot_rooney


      Just got the Titanfall 2 plat done, two plats in one day, that is a very rare thing for me. That should clear up some space for RDR2.

    3. DamagingRob


      Nicely done! I need to play both of those games, one of these days..

    4. marvelboy10


      Great job! 👍

  14. So the Darksiders 3 Apocalypse Edition is... €400... wow. The contents look cool, but not quite €400 cool.

    1. Vanilla


      i think it's decent for the price, i'd love to have all that but i dont have the space for the statues

    2. Slipknot_rooney


      I'd like to have them too as I love this kind of thing but they are just cheap plastic statues really, the wall scroll looks cool, I just can't see how this is worth €400.


      I might just go for the collectors edition, depending on how my money situation is over the coming weeks.


      Have you seen this one?