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  1. Just to check: the wording of the trophy implies that it’s actually total earnings. As in: I don’t have to have 100 mil on hand, I can spend it as I please. Is that correct?
  2. The guide lists ‘they grow up so fast’ as unmissable and part of the story. However, I’ve finished the game and don’t have the trophy. Anyone know what triggers it?
  3. It's fine enough as a time waster. The game is gorgeous and there's plenty to do in its open world. None of it is very good, however. As many people mentioned, the story is just terrible. Let's not fool ourselves: most FF games don't tell an amazing story, but they at least feature interesting characters. It's usually complexity for complexity's sake masking an otherwise banal story about angst and self sacrifice. That said, FF XV's story doesn't even have that. What is there is a shallow, fragmented mess. Characters change allegiances on a whim, or just show up and disappear forever, despite their importance to the story. It's just a bunch of setpiece moments VERY loosely tied together, if at all. Even having watched the film, you'll lack any sort of context. The four main characters are total stereotypes, but at least their social dynamic is sort of interesting. The combat might be even worse. People complained about FF XIII's combat being a button masher (and they were wrong), but in FF XV you can just hold down the attack button and maybe parry every once in a while to win literally every fight. There's hardly any strategy to it, other than maybe using the right element of spell - if you can be bothered crafting them, that is. Previous FFs turned boss battles into their own little puzzles. FF XIV just makes them a battle of endurance. If you have enough HP potions with you, you can't lose. I had fun with the game for sure, and played quite a bit of it (would've gotten the platinum if I could be bothered maxing fishing). But rarely has a game left such a bad aftertaste.