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  1. We are having trouble right now in my co-op group with the missable "Oh No You Don't" trophy for completing 10 contracts from friends/Syndicate members. Our contracts for some reason are routinely not completing when we get to the end of the mission and see the mission summary or look in our activity log. We have been trying to farm the contracts in the beginning of the level by letting the enemies down us or hurt us and then having teammates sit behind cover to reboot/heal each other for the required amount of times that the contract stated before we began the mission. But then the end of the mission comes and it doesn't say we completed any contracts in the mission summary or activity log even though we counted out what we needed. For example, I had a contract for 3 team saviors. So, at the beginning of the mission my whole team went down 3 different times and I rebooted them to get the team savior scores. Other teammates also farmed their contracts immediately after mine. We get done farming them and then kill the enemies and move on to complete the mission. But at the end, nobody got any contracts completed in the mission summary. Now I know that the team savior score stat saved/updated because at the end of the mission I got the trophy for completing a mission with a team savior score ("Employee of the Month") but then when I go back to my contracts page, the contract is still there from the same guy for doing 3 team saviors. Does anybody have any idea why this is happening? Is it necessary to try and farm the contracts or is it safe to just try and play naturally? I've heard conflicting things. Some forum posts or trophy guides say to concentrate on Oh No You Don't and try to get it out of the way immediately and then other posts I've seen say to just play naturally and you get it without really trying.