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  1. Mods are not glitched I had 14 unequiped and got the trophy when i got my 15th
  2. Yes I will be backing up then deleting both character and world save files. I'm pretty confident in my theory. Might even try in a few hours from now.
  3. Not true, I created a second character and did not get it. My theory I'll try tomorrow is that it has to be the very first one you do ever. So i will delete my save data and go for it completely fresh. My evidence for this is that everyone who has earnt it so far has a very low trophy completion, i.e. it is the very first time on their first character that caused it to unlock correctly
  4. Seriously just google it, thats how i found out what they all are and how to unlock them
  5. Nope all mods count, it didnt register ones i had in weapons. I had 3 in weapons and got the 5 mods trophy when i had 8 so 5 were unequiped. I then removed all mods from weapons and it unlocked at exactly 15. The traits all count too, I unlocked the 30 traits at exactly 30. The 100,000 and 200,000 scrap are still glitched I believe.
  6. Nurse, you're a beast! Within the top thousand bracket. Number 11 in your country! Wonder if you can break 500. #DareToDream