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  1. Because along with bipolar I have ADHD and so I hyperfocus on things, just so happens that it is trophy hunting. Moving from game to game means I'm getting constant stimulation and constant reward. I also like the bragging rights. I'm not like most others in the top 200 that only play 1hr long platinums, I have so much pride in the fact that I have 69 ultra rare platinums plus countless rare and uncommon ones. Trophy hunting has allowed me to develop my twitch channel and push me onwards and upwards as I share all my trophy hunting experience. I plan to be the unquestionable leader of trophy hunting on twitch.
  2. 831 platinums currently. Few more quick ones and then streaming Darksiders Genesis until I get the platinum. If you like top tier trophy hunting come and check me out at

  3. Going to be streaming Death Stranding again today at 1pm AEST. Absolutely loving it!

    Also very very close to getting platinum 750 which will be Black Desert Online

  4. Hey guys A bit about myself: I'm a fairly hardcore trophy hunter. Been at it since day 1 although only in the last year or so have I gotten truly serious about it. I'm from Melbourne, Australia and am 26 years old. Other hobbies include training in a bodybuilding fasion at the gym and playing div 2 AFL. Trophies: I aim to play most AAA games, I'm not just a cheap whore that only plays easy things. I obviously do that as well but I pride myself on having a large number of ultra rare plats, most 'big' games and some seriously grindy stuff done. I'm also now on Twitch! Streaming all of my trophy hunting adventures. Already building a solid community of gamers of all types and a lot of knowledgable trophy hunters hang around a fair bit. If you want to check me out I have a link on my profile or shoot me a DM. As well as that I have twitter and instagram to keep you all up to date on my movements so feel free to ask me what those are as well. I've made so many good friends through trophy hunting and my stream and I hope to gain many more for years to come Much love, Blissy
  5. Yes I deleted every single save file and started completely fresh. The trophy popped as expected right after I discovered my last secret. I had no idea which one glitched for me but to me it made more sense to do it all fresh and not risk it with my original save file in case there was a larger issue at play there
  6. Just finishing finding all secrets. What I did since I wasn't sure where it might have bugged was to delete all my save data and profile data etc and start a fresh game. But this time I abused noclip to zoom to right next to each secret and as users before me have mentioned, you have to turn it off, save, close and restart the game before getting it. Finishing the level is not required, you can just go for the secrets and warping to the next level is completely fine to use and won't invalidate the trophy
  7. Mods are not glitched I had 14 unequiped and got the trophy when i got my 15th
  8. Yes I will be backing up then deleting both character and world save files. I'm pretty confident in my theory. Might even try in a few hours from now.
  9. Not true, I created a second character and did not get it. My theory I'll try tomorrow is that it has to be the very first one you do ever. So i will delete my save data and go for it completely fresh. My evidence for this is that everyone who has earnt it so far has a very low trophy completion, i.e. it is the very first time on their first character that caused it to unlock correctly
  10. Seriously just google it, thats how i found out what they all are and how to unlock them
  11. Nope all mods count, it didnt register ones i had in weapons. I had 3 in weapons and got the 5 mods trophy when i had 8 so 5 were unequiped. I then removed all mods from weapons and it unlocked at exactly 15. The traits all count too, I unlocked the 30 traits at exactly 30. The 100,000 and 200,000 scrap are still glitched I believe.
  12. Nurse, you're a beast! Within the top thousand bracket. Number 11 in your country! Wonder if you can break 500. #DareToDream