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  1. Hey Misbik, I've had the same issue with Plink and Blastbeard. 200+ almost for both and no trophy. Hopefully I can just play more too for them to pop but man is it frustrating.
  2. Hey guys! Got a full platinum walkthrough here
  3. This fixes all the trophies that are glitched i.e.met the requirements but the tracking is not correct They will autopop when you load up the game. e.g I just got 'Feet on the Ground', 'From Downtown!', 'Time Flies', 'X Marks the Spot' and 'Crater's Hero'
  4. Hey trophy hunters! Got a text guide up for you all that might help out with a couple of things. Check it our at It can be a fairly quick platinum if you know what to pick up and where to go. Most things are pretty obvious but there's a bit of back tracking involved. I'll be putting out some videos as well in case you find those easier to follow and want to see something specific. Happy hunting!
  5. Sorry about that mate, there should have been a correction in the guide already so I'll sort it out. Tt must be 3 wrong answers and 1 right one. Not all 4 wrong which story ones? did you change any of the lamguage settings? (there was a game recently iirc that had a problem to do with that)
  6. Hey guys, got a guide ready and waiting to deliver to you all! Enjoy! My Aunt is a Witch 2/10 difficulty. 1 - 1.5 hour plat.Publisher: Sometimes YouDeveloper: Graven Visual NovelsThis game is like a cross between a visual novel and a point & click. Text portion of the guide done by me (Nurse_Feel_Good/BipolarBliss) and @esstee11 with the video
  7. Hey trophy hunter friends. This is an easy plat that can be done in about 1 - 2 hours. Couple of missables but can do the classic save then reload strat. Enjoy my guide xx
  8. Hey trophy hunter friends. This is an easy plat that can be done in about 1 - 2 hours. Couple of missables but can do the classic save then reload strat. Enjoy my guide xx
  9. Yes your streak remains in tack. I got 2 wins and on my 3rd I had the error message of no rewards blah blah blah. closed application and when it launched again i got my crown. Won my 4th and 5th episode after that and got the trophy
  10. In my experience and having a team mate confirm, if you leave too close to becoming eliminated the servers don't register this in time and you still count as 'eliminated'. I had left a game with too little time left (kudos went up) and my teammate who made it through to the next round said that i still appeared on the end of round screen as eliminated. It is safer to leave with 3 or 4 seconds left on the clock. Block party in particular is one of the rounds I always left immediately when on a streak. No time to recover and doesnt leave enough time to safely quit out. There may also be other reasons why kudos are awarded, I have a couple theories on this but I was so focused on going for my trophy that I didnt try to investigate these any further.
  11. This happened to me too, I assume you mean you got the failed to retrieve rewards message. All I did was completely close the game, restart it and it then successfully updated my crowns, kudos etc. This does not break a streak to get infallible as I had this happen after my 3rd win on the streak that got me the trophy. I agree that the game still has many server issues but am simply commenting to let you know this particular error doesnt break a streak.
  12. Can you add me to the looking for team please?