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  1. I know, mate, damn covid-19 is even messing with us trophy hunters lol I only need "For Honor" to plat and 100% the game. FYI you can get "Reservist" during the off season, don't know why it counted as one campaign, but I got it and a friend of mine did too.
  2. Actually it's a 25 day event now, because each battle takes 11 hours. What I did was keep counting my deploys on paper, unfortunately there's no other way to know your progress besides that. I don't know what to tell you besides keep playing at least 2 matches (to make sure it gets registered) every 11 hours.
  3. Looks like the servers in North America are working considering the last online trophies' achievers are from there. Anyone from North America can confirm this? Edit: It's possible to 100% this game, I just did it myself. The problem is that anyone really interested in completing it wil need to buy the 2017's version of the game in PSN US ($10), because that's the version where the online part of the game is working.
  4. You're right, this game is not bad at all. I really enjoyed it, as a big fan of the series and as a gamer! I'd say it's a 9/10. If it weren't for the repetitiveness aspect, I would give it a 10/10 no doubt. Despite this flaw, the bending styles are great and fluid, the avatar state is nice and the variety of combos is awesome. Also, the Fire Dash and the Air Scooter are so freaking good to use, especially the Aang's iconic airball lol Finally, one of the things I loved the most was the easter eggs as the vanity items, and what's really cool is that they are not only from TLOK but also from ATLA, like the "Water Tribe Necklace" from Katara and the "Blue Spirit Mask" from Zuko. I think it was a well-made fan service 😄
  5. This game is definitely the weakest of this rebooted trilogy, but I still enjoyed somehow, despite the Deadly Obsession no checkpoint bullshit. As a die hard Tomb Raider's fan, i'd say it's a decent trilogy, they improved the gameplay, humanized Lara (she finally has flaws and isn't a badass all the time) and brought the aspect of ruthless deaths (which was pretty intense). The major crime, in my opinion, is the lack of dual pistols. TR: 8/10 Rise: 9/10 Shadow: 7/10
  6. This particular part looks really broken. What I did, after dying like 8 times in a row, was smash circle like crazy as soon as Sam breaks the window. Luckly it'll work in the first few tries for you. PS: I don't think the suit makes any difference whatsoever, just stick with the stealthy one. Good luck!
  7. I personally don't think this problem will be solved ever again, but it still is a major flaw from Ubisoft not updating new challenges without a warning to the community. Despite the game being 6 years old, Ubisoft is the only one to blame here.
  8. Well, I wasn't that engaged on this platinum anyway, but this is bad nonetheless. Doing this without warning the community is unacceptable and if they don't fix this for at least some period with a new announce date I won't buy Ubisoft's games anymore. I'll write them an e-mail telling they are about to lose a faithful client (played more than 10 Ubisoft's game lol). Won't do a thing but I'll feel good 🙃
  9. Maybe they'll fix it for one reason and one reason only: they didn't let us know that the challenges would not be updated anymore. Probably they'll bring it back eventually and announce a date of servers' shutdown, it's the right thing to do anyway...