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  1. No, this means the decision that would have essentially been the final blow for the Vita has been reversed. It is a positive sign if you want to see the Vita continue to get new titles.
  2. Some great suggestions in here. I’d give another plug for Headlander and Stick it to the Man. I still have to play Flipping Death. In terms of a few other suggestions. I really enjoyed forma.8 A shorter metroidvania style game. Too bad the Limited Run Vita release never got the stacking trophy list added. Song of the Deep was also a little hidden gem that I really enjoyed. While maybe not as obscure, the older Tales of a Blob releases from Drinkbox studios (who also make Guacamelee & Severed) are great, and I’d also plug the FuturLabs games (Velocity and Velocity 2x)
  3. This may be up there with the all time worst PS4 games. And yes, I have probably played most of those. If life ot tiger was a space game, this would be it. This is pure shovelware garbage. Much worse than any of the Rat games, many of which have decent game behind the suboptimal trophy lists. I don't even know where to start with this. Dull graphics, poor gameplay mechanics, clunky controls, non-existent story. Game even crashed on me, which is an accomplishment in and of itself for a 1 hour long plat. I guess it does take some effort to fuck up a space shooter. I mean, these have been pretty much impossible to screw up since Space Invaders. Fly ship. Shoot stuff. For the masochists out there, the plat is a joke. There are 4 game modes, which are really just the same 5 levels played in a different way. Trophies come for completing each level in each mode. Only the obstacles are slightly annoying due to the horrible controls/cameras. The rest are just 2-3 minutes of flying and low res explosions. Do yourselves a favor and save the $10 and get your balls waxed instead.
  4. I think you have really missed my point. I'm not saying this should follow criminal justice system. What I am asking, if the CRT says they can't distinguish between late sync and CFW, what proof would be reasonable by the flagged player? Since you have to prove innocence. I get the challenge here - as i said, I don't envy the CRT. They won't make everyone happy. But can we, as a community, come to a decision that most people can live with, and offer that as a suggestion to the CRT? Something better than either every late sync is ignored (which seems to be the decision in the first dispute I posted, despite clear evidence to the contrary), or sorry, CFW because reasons (which was the decision in the second dispute). Is there a happy medium? A set of expectations for the person disputing? If there isn't anything that can be offered as proof as it is entirely impossible to distinguish late sync from CFW, then I think the CRT is going to have to accept the late sync excuse, even if that means some illegitimate users remain on the leaderboard.
  5. I'd like to throw my 2cents into the ring. I think the CRT has a thankless job. I'm sure it isn't an easy task, as most of the time you are dealing with difficult people, and I know this isn't a full time job. That said, I think most of the time you guys/gals get the flags right. The number of disputes that are legit are few and far between. The problem comes around the legit disputes and how the rules get defined. My opinion is at the end of the day, it should be the community that determines those rules. It's never going to please everyone, but if the community that uses this site, supports this site, pays the subscriptions for this site, by majority is in favor of a particular rule, that should probably be adopted. The leaderboards won't ever be perfect. I think the CRT does a great job of removing the worst offenders. Certainly most other sites don't bother to try. But if the leaderboard can't be completely clean, is it better to remove a legit user wrongly, or let a cheater stay? - I think the latter, while not ideal, is better than the former. If any doubt, err on the side of lifting the flag. Regarding the OP, I think that there can be a number of reasons for a late sync. Some may be legit, based on how someone games. I don't have any significant late syncs, with the exception of a couple of games I played before the trophy list was live. I understand others, for a variety of reasons, prefer to keep certain games offline until finished and they sync then. Perhaps the fair compromise is to allow a late sync other than for situations where the servers are offline. Once that happens, maybe there is a 3 mo grace period to finish the game and sync it. After that, it gets a flag. Is that something the community could live with? It allows folks to get on that 'old console in mom's basement' and sync, without being more likely to be CFW. After that, the onus shifts to the user to have concrete evidence. Which leads to a separate point - we need some extra transparency from the CRT. The burden being on the person disputing may not be reasonable. How does one 'prove' innocence? In law, the burden is to prove guilt, beyond reasonable doubt. How would one prove they didn't use CFW? If wrongly flagged, I'm not sure that there could be proof. It is very difficult to prove a negative. In the case of the initial dispute - If I understand, the use synced the game with the online trophies earned now - which is impossible. But then fixed it by syncing 'an old console' with the correct trophy time stamps. That flag should not be lifted. The 'oh I used CFW to pop the trophies, but went back and used an old console, so it's actually legit....'. Well, no. That's not a late sync, that's a case of fixing CFW, and there is no dispute that the original trophies were popped with CFW. User should remain flagged/banned. On the otherhand, a dispute like this I would think the CRT needs to be a bit more transparent than we found a discord with a similar user name, you are someone else, CFW, closed....I don't see that as a valid response. The CRT should not be subject to abuse. That's not fair, and that's not reasonable. But the CRT should be transparent, and clear regarding rules and how they are enforced. The CRT also shouldn't be expected to be perfect, and can make a mistake. There needs to be an open mechanism to work through disputes without reprisal.
  6. I guess that's an improvement over the $100+ worth of DLC for Cities. At this point, Plus games are basically a free demo. In most cases you are better off just buying the digital complete editions than to take the free base game and buy the standalone season pass, which almost never gets discounted.
  7. I have been emailing all the devs and telling them "@BlindMango hates it when..." It is surprising how much influence I have (or maybe it's the $$$ I stuff in the envelope) Anyway, you're welcome, and enjoy the weekend 😜
  8. So I have Mafia III from Plus and I do not own Mafia III Definitive Edition. So it does not seem that you are automatically upgraded. The Mafia III DLC Content Pack was available for me to download for free, but it seems to be free for everyone - I just check on my NA Alt account which does not own Mafia III, and that DLC Bundle Pack is free. It is worth noting that the original Mafia III is no longer on the store, so you will need to download it from your library. Has anyone tried the free DLC with the free version of Mafia III that they got from Plus? I'm wondering if you are going to need to repurchase the Definitive Edition in order to use the DLC
  9. Anyone know if these codes work for any NA store? Like can I redeem it on my Canadian account?
  10. Yes, just direct it into the vents. Does a great job of clearing dust which often causes fan noise. I would try that as a quick solution before disassembling, although the ifixit guides as posted above are also solid if you do want to do a more thorough cleaning.
  11. Try compressed air first. Should get out any dust that has collected and unlikely to cause any damage.
  12. Looks quite interesting. Really like the visuals. Seems like a modified twin stick type game. Trophy list looks straightforward as a bonus too. Depending on price, this is definitely on my radar.
  13. As a future PS Plus freebie, it is important to keep those stand alone season pass prices high. Gotta make sure people think they are getting value while ensuring that you can actually recoup the money from the DLC
  14. I tweeted them several times. LRG just ignores you. I don't think they care. Game has been sold out so it doesn't matter to them anymore. I wonder if contacting the developers might have more success?
  15. But I understand the fee changes are significantly less of an impact for PS4 titles - there is some work around for indies, but that only applies to PS4 not Vita?