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  1. As I said, it is extreme rubber banding, probably one of the worst AI I have dealt with in a racer. There is no point trying to run fast, clean laps. Hang back and stay close, then unload your weapons and hit the short cuts on the last stretch. Fortunately you can re-race the events you do poorly in, and try to earn more points. You don't need to finish first in each race, just first overall, so sometimes getting a second or third can move you up in the overall standings if the leader finishes last or well down.
  2. He means rare from th perspective that not many people own the game (just over 1000), and there are fewer than 50 with the plat to date. I have both the physical and digital version platinums, and did a guide on .org https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/jimmie-johnson-s-anything-with-an-engine/258493-jimmie-johnsons-anything-engine-trophy-guide-roadmap.html If you are going to pick it up, please note a couple of things. As noted, you cannot self boost between a digital and physical version of the game - they will not connect. The AI in this game is brutal. I'm not sure I've seen worse rubber banding ever in a racer. It is absolutely unforgiving. Please read very carefully my warning about the difficulty and the way the game saves progress. Do not play events on anything other than all-star if you want the plat, or you may well end up with a progress blocked save.
  3. Not at all - I think you missed the reference in the post I was quoting. I fully understand the potential problem this creates. What I was pointing out is that the issue is not that these revived servers would make it difficult to detect CFW users - as that problem already exists. I don't think these would be any more or less problematic in that regard. on topic - I think this is an evolving area and should be watched. Personally I would be in favour of allowing this if the process can be verified and if there is evidence that the revived server is emulating the original, and not introducing mods/hacks. Probably going to need to be a game by game decision, but I hope that this site will at least keep an open mind and see how this plays out, how many games it would effect, etc.
  4. How is that any different from the present situation with a legit functioning online server? I mean, anyone with CFW could pop the desired trophies and as long as the time stamps are done properly, there would be absolutely no way to differentiate that from someone who has done it legit. i think there is a massive underestimation of the number of people with hacked trophies. Obviously those who have hacked dozens of games and have crazy time stamps are easy to flag. But smart hacking where a few trophies are unlocked via CFW are probably much more common and completely undetectable.
  5. Yes it was. Still have my copy around somewhere, but it was definitely not on the Genesis. Wonder if my Master System would still power on 🤔
  6. By my count, 53 games. So basically 1 trophy per game - make em all for finishing the respective game, and you'll have one hell of a plat 😜
  7. But only in the US. We in the North don't get nice things.
  8. Quite enjoyed the first one. Nice that this has a plat - I will finally be able to finish my A-Z list! I'm sure this will be easy enough once a few videos are out. A few of the puzzles in the first one were pretty tricky.
  9. Honestly it seems like more PS4 games are crashing and burning with the MP going off a lot quicker than the old PS3 games. There are still a lot of PS3 games with online still functioning. But, it also reflects just how over saturated the MP feature has become. I wish that more AAA games would focus on the SP and drop MP altogether. It is tacked on in far too many instances, and is expensive to implement and maintain. I understand the rationale that it gives at least the illusion of more content/replayability, but I'm not sure it generates sales in most instances. As more games do go offline, it would be nice to see a third party step up and take over the online maintenance. Maybe they could purchase the rights from the IP holder then charge a monthly subscription for access to some of the legacy MP games.
  10. Bought it and played it at launch. First 2 were hard but great games. This was hard due to bugs and glitches. Had a my data corrupted and wiped several times. Still I think the fact that you need 4 controllers and more than 1 actual person due to the co-op levels is what makes this such a rare plat
  11. I played and didn't dislike Jak I and III> I skipped II. While I played most of this era of games at the time they came out, I didn't play the Jak series, so maybe I was expecting it to be more than it was. I enjoyed the Spiro and Ratchet and Sly games more. Now, when Spiro comes out later this year, I will probably find it too hasn't aged as well as my memory of the game would have suggested it would. So, back to this - since I own the game series on disk, I would probably clean up Jak II if the debug mode made it less of a chore in some way. I am interested in the collection for PS4 as I'd like to play the Kart game, so might debug through the games again, if this does make the plat quick and easy. As crashratchet says, why not?
  12. Well, if I took a shit on a plate and brought it out as an extra course for your meal, you probably wouldn't consider yourself lucky, would you? I realize this was an extra. I don't think you appreciate how bad Yasai Ninja was. And the platforming sections were the worst part. Which they then turned into this game. And tried to sell for $20.
  13. I can only assume it is because Sony hates Portugal and Spain. Yasai Ninja was a miserable game. I doubt this is any better (and it appears the plat is either unobtainable or ball-bustingly hard). Or maybe just so terribly shitty that no one kept their sanity long enough to attain the plat. Either way, I am sorry for Portugal and Spain. You guys deserve better.
  14. I used the tips in this thread https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/knack/217345-diamond-crystal-farming-method.html In particular this post was very helpful https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/5826400-post183.html This does assume you have used the companion app before starting the game to get a good chunk of the gadget parts and all the other knack gems, other than Diamond. This lets you focus on just farming Diamonds at the key locations listed. Really any chapter that has a chest close to the start can be used.
  15. Dude - farm the chests. I mean, more power to you if you want to keep playing over and over, but I got all 10 diamonds on the first playthrough by using the farming method. Don't think it took me longer than an hour in any single location.