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  1. If it's a racing game, you probably have to just deal with it. Try a different lobby. It may be that they aren't very good yet at the game. It can also be that the game is t well designed for online play. I know in a lot of racers the first couple of corners are just chaos due to poor design. If someone is really going out of their way to ruin the experience for everyone, you can try filing a grief report with Sony. Pretty sure he isn't referring to trophies. So no, you can't use the premium membership to report poor gamesmanship.
  2. Sounds like a typical CodeMasters game
  3. Based on the list, which looks entirely MP based, I'm not even convinced there is a career?
  4. Depends on a lot of factors. I have a busy job and life, but still find the time to get gaming in. I tend to choose shorter games - while I do have a few 50+ hour games, that is not the norm. I prefer a variety of games and to be honest, many of the new AAA titles with hours of MP or multiple replays, I just avoid. There are so many games out there, it is quite possible to focus on 10-20 hour games and gain levels more quickly. For me, there are very few games that after about the 20 hour mark still feel fresh and interesting.
  5. I believe there is also a spend $100 get $15 back promo, so may be worth grabbing another year to bump purchase total to $100
  6. Maybe they meant 9 Days of Epic. Sales. And someone missed the extra punctuation. I mean, E3 is usually exciting. Maybe even epic. And these are sales. But they definitely didn't mean epic sales 😜
  7. Did it a while back. It isn't too bad. I'd say 3-4/10, there are a couple of tricky levels. Quite enjoyed the game, so I would definitely recommend it.
  8. You need to play in local multiplayer. Have your 2nd controller discard pieces (circle button), and place them with your main controller
  9. Asia region includes HK, so almost all of the games are multi-language, including English.
  10. $13.99. Seems like a lot for a short game with very little content. Kinda torn on this - on the one hand, easy plat. On the other, would definitely rather wait on a price drop....but that runs the risk of it getting delisted like in the UK. Decisions, decisions.
  11. I grabbed 1 mo of Plus on JPN to play the 2 Stein's 0 games. When does the June JPN lineup get revealed?
  12. Honestly, I'm a bit surprised that production has stopped. There are still some new PS3 games coming out, and lots of games around. I would have thought that sales would still warrant production. I may have to pick up a new PS3 to have around as a backup.
  13. A new list is now out, most likely for the NA release tomorrow. Odd that they would remove it from one region while releasing it in another. Maybe just temporary?
  14. I know who to look up when I finally take on Terramorphous.....been in my backlog way too long Like others, I'm always happy to help if someone asks and I have the game still. I've had great experiences with most folks on PSN, and have made some great friends along the way.
  15. Not familiar with Savage Moon....gonna have to look into it. Final Horizon is great. The Castle Game (not to be confused with Castles), is another tower defence game on PS4