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  1. The horizontal trophies were a poorly implemented pain in the ass to navigate. A classic case of fixing something that wasn’t broken. Now if we can just get back to the nice neat rectangular boxes for the game icons….
  2. Is the patch available for both the NA and EU versions? Can anyone with the NA confirm they got the patch?
  3. Thanks for the comprehensive update. I'll probably still grab it because there aren't a lot of single player FPS only game options (that I've not already played), and sometimes you just need to shoot stuff
  4. I'm starting to think the achiever may have hacked. If you look at trophy %age, PSN itself is still showing 0% for the plat rate for the NA (but 13.3.%% for the EU version). I would have thought that PSN would be above 0% if someone had earned the plat? I assume the 13.3% EU plat rate is due to hacking. Either way, I'm less optimistic either plat is achievable
  5. Pretty sure it was the Canadian niceness that got us the working version 😜
  6. Oddly, appears the NA list actually isn’t unobtainable. https://psnprofiles.com/100-club/13485-ultra-mission
  7. Great, thanks. I'll probably pick it up, but will be a while til I start it anyway. Keep us posted 😎
  8. Has anyone platted this entirely since the MP shutdown? Any glitched trophies as an SP only game? Curious what the difficulty is as an SP only experience
  9. That's a shame. Won't be buying it if that's the case. Too bad the dev gets punished for Sony's poor decisions
  10. I'm confused around the physical releases. I know Play-Asia still has carts and releases coming, but from what I have gathered from their tweets and from EastAsiaSoft, all games coming physically have already been made, and those carts have already been printed. There are no new carts being certified and cart production has stopped in all regions, so if it hasn't been manufactured by now, it isn't coming. Perhaps Indigo 7 was already completed a few months ago and has gone through Sony's certification process and those carts have been printed? Seems odd then to not release it digitally in the meantime...
  11. This one seems like a no brainer. I'm sure there will be a Burger one eventually. I found the unicorn break tweet I must be honest I enjoy these games, although I liked the trophy list from the earlier ones where you needed to earn like 75 stars and complete all levels, and there was a bit more luck needing double power ups for trophies. The new ones are just too quick needing only 3-5 levels to plat. Still, I wouldn't complain if they went back and released PS5 stacks
  12. Sorry to spoil the fun, but he next one is going to be unicorn break.
  13. You are lucky - Gamestop is quite hit and miss. I didn't know they even still had PS3 games. Up here EB has cleared out all old gen stock. The pandemic has really impacted prices. I think a lot of smaller stores have either closed shop, or due to pandemic restrictions not been open. So sales have moved online only, with eBay being the only option for a lot of people. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=lollipop+chainsaw+ps3&_sacat=0&_sop=15 There isn't an NA version currently on eBay for less than $50
  14. Enjoy getting the game with generic case, no manual, and probably scratched to shit. Assuming it actually ships. Try finding a complete version of this game - unless you get lucky with a local independent retailer - you are probably looking at $50+. Lots of old PS3 games are going up. The Ratchet games (I still need the trilogy), Shadows of the Damned, Puppeteer (I gave my copy away when it was on Plus....damn) all are way up in price. Not Vita game crazy prices, but many are at or above the original retail price
  15. Just a tag to the 3 of you, the Play-Asia orders are now live https://www.play-asia.com/trigger-witch-limited-edition/13/70eq25 Still lots left, but as the first PA limited, probably this one will sell out soonish