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  1. Nope, not yet. You can be forgiven for not realizing we had the sale, since this month has been so disappointing, it feels like we did have the Flash. So, we have one more opportunity to get our hopes up, only to have them crushed.
  2. I don't believe it was intentional to lock the platinum to only the deluxe edition of the game, but it wasn't an accident either. As I understand it, the game was sourced out to a different studio. They would have been the ones that designed the game and implemented the trophy list. Clearly the bonus episode was worked on, and intended to be, part of the core content. Someone at marketing undoubtedly then got the brilliant idea to sever that content, and market it as bonus material. Obviously this is supposition on my part, but it seems highly unlikely this is a case of the game being finished, then extra material being worked on while the original content was being certified. Gamers have long complained about day 1 DLC, and companies often argue that they worked on the DLC after finishing the content, certifying it, sending it to print etc. If that was the case here, that trophy would not have been part of the base list. This time the company just got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. They would have gotten away with it if they had added it as DLC. And had there not been media and consumer backlash, I don't imagine we would have seen such a quick response promising to resolve the issue.
  3. So someone has all but one trophy from the new retail Vita version, and they have all of the previously glitched trophies. This certainly looks promising for the new release. I hope that means we might see a patch one day. Edit - and he has the plat. So the retail Vita version would appear to have resolved the glitched trophies.
  4. And, reached 164/165 - yes, it is glitched. Pacman cannot be completed. I have done it dozens of times, and it never registered. There are no duplicate words, so you can't get past 164/165. Looking at recent players, no one has the plat after Aug 15, and no one has earned Antonymizer since that date either, so I believe patch 1.03 has indeed broken it again. If someone else finds otherwise, please let me know. If you have the game and are NOT on patch 1.03, I would suggest not installing it. (although it does fix the massive amount of crashes, which is a good thing otherwise). The game is now patched on the store, so you can't download an unpatched version.
  5. Sounds very promising, and full credit to Square for a quick response to this. It shows that there is value to the community putting pressure on them so quickly. Guess the trophy hunting community isn't such a small and insignificant demographic As for possible solutions - the easiest would probably be to release the exclusive episode as free DLC to anyone purchasing any edition of the game.
  6. It isn't hard. Its a very easy (and short) twin stick shooter. Try out the PSN version on PS4 if you want to see what it's like. Looks like this will have a PS Vita and PS4 physical release, available through Play Asia, limited to 2000 copies. Reasonable price ($30). I assume there will be a PS4 list popping up soon.
  7. Cool! Thanks for the info. May have to import this if its physical. Looks like there might be a PS4 version? I'm skeptical about the fixed trophies though. Douche move if they did fix them but not bother to patch the exiting versions
  8. New list has popped up for this game - Vita only. Maybe Asian region? I wonder if this will be like Semisphere where the Asian list had a plat. Unfortunately it is Vita only at the moment, so won't help us if that is the case. Also, to date the Vita 100% list still hasn't been patched, so it remains impossible to complete. As for this list, it seems identical to the 100% version, just with 10 trophies added for completing the levels. Would be a very easy plat if it is released world wide. Did a guide for the base game on .org https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/tachyon-project/288245-tachyon-project-trophy-guide-roadmap.html
  9. This isn't a trophy issue. It is a shady business practice issue. Not sure why you can't comprehend that. No one is saying they won't buy it because of trophies. They are unhappy about the way Squeenix has paywalled off part of the game. You have an issue with 'holier than thou' opinions, then call other people peons. Hypocrite. Google it.
  10. Fair, but then release the game with the base trophy set for the standard version, and add the bonus episode as a single DLC trophy. I can't think of another game where DLC was required for the platinum. Basically Square Enix are testing the waters for releasing a 'lite version' of the game, which allows access to some of the content and trophy list, but not the whole thing. As it stands, the bonus ep is not available as a standalone purchase. So if you buy the standard version ($25 CDN), then realize you don't have access to the full game and, you would have to purchase the entire Deluxe Edition ($35 more) in order to get the bonus ep.
  11. Yeah, this is a brilliant idea. In future developers should release racing games where you need the deluxe edition of the game if you want to drive a car, and shooters with no guns unless you get the deluxe edition. This is NOT how you promote a deluxe edition. It isn't about the money, although I believe the game is $24.99 (CDN) for the full season, and $34.99 for the Deluxe Edition. So that is a $10 difference (40% of the complete season price) just for the bonus episode. That is a lot of extra, and the only reason they are doing this is that I can't think the content is enough to justify $10 as an add on. It looks greedy, because it is greedy, and it's a shitty way to release a game. But I guess if there are enough idiots that will fall for it and think it is a good thing....
  12. No. I will see if I can get this as a rental, or borrow it, just to screw Square Enix. No money from me.
  13. Thanks. I will persevere and see how it goes. Pacman is the one that worries me since I keep getting it and spelling it, but it doesn't register. Hopefully it will either finally clear, or I will get there are extra words. I'll post back once I hit 165
  14. 1.03 just dropped in the past couple of days, as it updated me yesterday, although I started the game last weekend (and it updated to 1.02 at that time). So this is a new update for sure. Do you recall, was there exactly 165 words? My counter is going up, I'm just not sure why Pacman won't register. Also, did you skip words, and did previously completed words complete, or once done, are they cleared from the queue?
  15. So this just got a 1.03 patch, and I'm worried about the Antonymizer game. Is there 165 words, and only 165 words? Cause I'm sure I'm getting the same word repeated, although I don't know if it's cause I skipped it and now it's popping up again (sometimes you get a better letter mix than others, so if I'm missing 3 or more letters, I skip the word). Also, I have spelled Pacman twice - I get the Pac head, so I know I spelled it, but the word doesn't register and pop a new word up? If there are only 165 words, I think this is glitched again