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  1. May be mis-tagged - which game?
  2. That was basically my point. We aren't playing those AAA games, and the folks that are now, will probably find their tastes change. And I don't think the next generation of gamers is as attached to consoles as the current peak gamer demographic. And I'm not afraid of those games changing. I don't find them appealing. There is lots of other stuff out there. But if I look at the AAA market, as a whole, I could probably avoid the entirety of it and not feel a void. And I don't think I am alone
  3. I think the industry is evolving though. I've been gaming since the Atari 2600, and while I realize I am not the common age demographic, I do believe the industry is headed towards another crash (or rather, and adjustment is coming). I think the majority of gamers are now in their 20-30's. They grew up with consoles in their house, and this was a part of their lives. As they age, their disposable income for gaming, and their available time, will start to change. They will have families, jobs, lives (wives ) and gaming will shift. AAA titles will need to change. You will either have consumers that buy 3-4, 100 hour AAA games a year, or you will have people shifting to games that make more sense for them personally. I no longer have interest in massive titles. I don't want to play them, I don't have any interest in competitive MP, and I don't have interest in 100 hours of repetitive crap. Despite playing and finishing over 100 games this year, my AAA list is small - I went back and cleaned up Borderlands 1&2, I played Gravity Rush 2 (disappointment), and have just started Titanfall 2 (a bit of an outlier, with minimal MP at least in terms of trophies, and a relatively short campaign overall). Otherwise I have a few 'tier 2' games - some Telltale stuff, a couple of older PS3 games I've had kicking around like Spiderman, and the rest is indies. And you know what, I love them. As much as the AAA games have fallen off my radar, this is the golden age for indies. Some of the best games I've played this year are smaller, under the radar games. Yes, there's been a fair amount of crap in there, but I love to find those gems. Gaming will evolve. I look at my kids, and while a couple of them will jump into a co-op game (gonna start Lego Star Wars with my son over the weekend), mostly they don't have much interest in console games. They play on their phones or mobile devices. And that is where I see gaming going for the younger generation. As the peak age of console players age, it will be the AAA titles that will need to evolve or die.
  4. This stat is tracked on TrueTrophies. Not trying to promote another site. I do agree that it would be a very cool feature. I'm currently on a 419 day streak
  5. Good games. Have played them years ago on the Sega CD. Never bothered with the PS3 versions. Really not sure this game requires another re-make/re-release, but they are definitely classics. From a trophy list perspective, this is just an awful list. While certainly easier than the PS3 standalone lists, the fact that they put all 3 games into one list and didn't make it a platinum is very disappointing and a definite missed opportunity given what was available to them. Purely looking at the trophy quality of the list, the separate PS3 lists are better.
  6. I'm in agreement with this. Digital only is fine for smaller indie games, but it always feels like a rental to me vs owning a physical copy. The game is on sale here too, but $29.99 CDN. I'll keep my eye on it for down the road.
  7. And the award for the worst sale of the year goes to.....
  8. I am the only one that worries, when they call this the holiday sale and it runs to Jan 9, that this might be all we get for the month? I mean, Sony totally screwed the pooch on the NA Black Friday sale (perfect weekend of the year for a Flash, and not only didn't we get one, but they didn't bother with a Nov Flash at all)
  9. I don't think so, but I may be wrong. I believe it is the host that must be able to accept the connection, not the other way around. I know when I helped a few people with this, the solution was typically me hosting, and having a direct connection to the modem - which bypasses the router entirely. I do believe you are correct about the UPnP, and the port forwarding/DMZ. If you can manage a direct connection, then you don't have to worry about port forwarding, or having you PS3 in a DMZ range. I believe the last time I tried it, and was not successful, I had disabled UPnP - as it interferes with PSMediaServer functionality. In any case, I may be wrong, but I'm reasonably certain it is only the host who creates the session that needs the above set up to allow incoming players to successfully join.
  10. The info I provided was all for Eastasiasoft releases, no Limited Run games. And yes, RM is getting another release on PS4 and Vita https://www.play-asia.com/games/play-asia.com_exclusives/14/712g3
  11. If you have the disc version, delete the game and play without the patch to get the 3 win trophy, then install the patch for 2000 miles.
  12. And a little Screw Sony for allowing shit like this on their Store, a little Screw Sony for allowing this to make it to PS Plus, and a big Screw Sony for not forcing the devs to fix their product - and in fact, continuing to allow them to sell it for $20.
  13. I'd be ok with Darksiders II. I own the PS3 version but did not start it prior to the online shutdown, so I won't be playing it. I almost bought II in the humble bundle, so I'd be happy to finally play it. Kung Fu Panda can just bite me
  14. Been a while since I've played a good brick breaker game. Will probably grab this on the Vita if its less than a fiver.
  15. No platinum is supposed to mean that the game has limited amount of content. Given that 1-2 hour games are routinely getting platinums, then this is either a very basic game, or the devs are incredibly lazy and couldn't be bothered to create a plat list (which they could have done with just golds and a couple of silvers). So based on the above, $30.00 seems over-priced.