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  1. Do you still have your PS4 save? Can't you transfer that and just pop the outstanding trophy that you didn't get?
  2. Had a crash yesterday. Turned off the whole system and I had to pull the power plug to get it to restart. System database had to be repaired. Console is fully updated, and I have been completely closing the game and powering off the console each time instead of using sleep mode.
  3. Does this work for the ultimate trial trophy as well?
  4. So I just looked, on the Canadian PSN Store, right now the Complete Edition, which includes all DLC, is $23.37. This includes the base game. The stand alone Expansion Pass is $39.99. So it would actually cost $16.62 MORE to take JC4 as a free game and buy the DLC. Thanks Sony, keep on being awesome.
  5. So essentially the base game is already available for next to nothing. Not the first time this has happened.
  6. I didn't think this ever had a physical version
  7. I think the enemies are less aggressive on the lower difficulty settings, but you may be right. I will try a base towards the end once I have a good number of upgrades.
  8. I'm just starting and still early in the game, but thank you for these tips. Couple of questions - can you replay a base after clearing it? Is it possible to reset them, or is this trophy missable? Also, can you lower difficulty when attempting this, or are you locked in? I'm on the higher difficulty as I enjoy the combat challenge, but this is obviously going to be a pain in the ass on that setting.
  9. My 1427 games played says it is not. I realize I can delete saves. Many of these games don't need archiving. Not the point. I am at just over 10 gigs of data used. This is Sony BS. Number of saves costs them nothing, it is data used that is the issue. No server has a limit to the number of files saved. It's even more annoying because no one would ever be able to hit the 100 gig cap. Each and every save file would need to be 100mb in size to reach 100gigs. Most are 10mb. So really this is false advertising.
  10. The cloud save feature is a mess. Not only is it harder to access - unlike PS4 where you could access it to download/upload right from the game launch icon - now you need to go into your storage to access saves. I'm not sure there is any other way. It's another annoyance in the new UI, which still feels like a frustrating downgrade of many features. As an aside, it seems that manually uploading/downloading a save DISABLES automatic uploads/downloads. I have no idea why they would implement this. I used it on Bugsnax before I went into the point of no return - just in case something glitched. It does warn you that uploading your save will disable the automatic feature. I guess it gives you the option to back up a save and not risk it being overwritten. But once you do manually transfer a save, there seems to be no way to turn back on the automatic upload later? WTF?
  11. Just wanted to thank you for these tips. This DLC was very difficult. It would have been basically impossible without the kick trick. Still took me a lot of hours to finish. A lot of cheap deaths and a number of glitches with enemies getting stuck. Being too aggressive attacking as they spawn would force them back into the door and they will get stuck - animals seem to be the worst. Makes the DLC even harder, but you really do need to let the enemies out and then slowly chip away. The tip to stack taunts really helps for the last few waves. I finished this with no weapon upgrades - armour first 2 rounds, then kick fully, then armour fully. After that I upgraded the taunt, thrown weapon, stamina and shield (which gives you more health by a bit). It is DLC like this that really exposes the problems with DLC rarity calculations on this site. It’s free, so everyone has access to it. The actual rarity is 8-10% The wonky calculation where people don’t have any DLC trophies so they get removed from calculating the rarity makes this seem much easier than it is.
  12. Developer
  13. If it's any consolation, the entire trophy format on the PS5 is shit. If this site goes the route of exophase, then we can have some nice rectangular icons for our lists here, and you won't ever need to look at your trophy list on the PS5. As an added bonus, PS5 trophies aren't able to be seen on the PS4, Vita or PS3, so at least those consoles will still have a nice neat trophy system
  14. This is not entirely accurate. UK pricing (and I think much of EU) includes VAT in the price. US (and Canadian) pricing does not include tax. Depending on region, add 5-10% (or more) to the NA price. In Canada, it is 13% added at the till on top of the list price, so there isn't as big a gap. Not saying there's no difference, buy your UK 20% VAT is a big part of the price difference you are seeing. If you want to compare directly, the UK price is actually 40 pounds plus tax, vs 50 US dollars plus tax
  15. Then keep it as a status update. If you choose to open a thread, then expect debate/discussion. Starting a thread to state an opinion, then wanting to shut down discussion with the 'I'm entitled to an opinion' is a cop out. The OP posted nothing to justify the statement other than the game was too short. Not that it wasn't well made, or that the story wasn't good, or that there were glitches. Just that 3/4 price is too expensive for a 20 hour plat. So the response you quoted is quite a reasonable counter argument - if they had added 10-15 hours of filler - more side missions, collectables, repetitive hub activities - would that have justified the price?