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  1. I just picked this game up as well, although I did have a copy previously for ages and never got around to playing. Unlikely Splatterhouse, which is very expensive, and Wolverine which is moderately priced, Saboteur is fairly inexpensive. I only paid $15 (Canadian) for a complete like new copy. Definitely worth picking up if you can find a reasonably priced offering.
  2. Respectfully, doubt it. Not saying it was malice, but the programming that would need to go into calculating it the way they did, isn't really easily attributable to a simple oversight. Maybe someone didn't understand the plan, but you can't come up with this result as an unplanned accident. Perhaps more backlash than they expected, and they have backtracked, but it really isn't logical to believe it was all just an honest mistake.
  3. Can you elaborate? There is more and more information coming out to support that this is in fact correct, at least for the Asia region. Do you have something to confirm otherwise?
  4. I think that would be counted fully, but if you got the promo cards (15 mo for price of 12), Sony is discounting the credit for the extra 3 months and you'll have to pay those
  5. This report is coming out of Asia, and the source is on Reddit, so take it with a grain of salt, but other sites are picking up on it. Essentially it is going to impact those who have pre-stacked Plus subs and intend to upgrade to the new Plus tiers. You will have to pay the difference for the entire remaining duration of your sub. So if you have 5 yrs pre-paid, you will need to pay a single lump sum upfront payment to convert to a higher Plus tier. While that in and of itself doesn't seem totally unreasonable, it is being reported that you will also have to cover the difference between a regular Plus sub and any discount you had when you purchased it. So if you bought PS Plus for $20 off each year, and have 5 yrs left, you will have to pay that $100 PLUS pay the additional $50/yr to upgrade. In other words, it seems like they are converting your current sub to a credit and you have to pay the difference. Instead of saying a Plus subscription is $50 credit per year, they are only crediting you with the actual price you paid, and you will have to pay the entire difference. Seems like bullshit to me. A lot of bad PR for a few extra bucks.
  6. My backlog is so massive at this point, that I have started just buying more games. Instead of trying to figure out what I want to complete, I put that energy into deciding what I should buy. I'm sure there's a psychological disorder in there somewhere, but I haven't got the time to figure out what it is.
  7. Yeah, this is basically my position as well. I've played a lot of these, but would certainly play some again - Syphon Filter, Hot Shots. But I'm not keen on upgrading tiers for a few games that I'll probably want to play. I'm also fairly slow getting through games, so with my luck I'll be working on one only to have it removed from the service.
  8. So can we just straight up purchase these, or are they only on the enhanced Plus service?
  9. This is the way
  10. ^This. It would also be helpful to know what system (PS4 or 5) you are talking about. Typically installed game data is the same whether loaded from the disc or downloaded digitally, assuming the physical and digital games are from the same region. The other alternative here is to keep the physical installed, and just download the DLC add ons. Typically the Digital complete versions are just a bundle and the base game and DLCs are still separate downloads. Once you purchase the complete edition, if you boot up the physical copy it should recognize that you have purchased the add on content and download what you need.
  11. Raisins and chocolate are also quite toxic to dogs. And marijuana edibles can make them very sick. This game looks relatively harmless to trophy hunters though.
  12. I'm not sure I understand the logic around redeeming PS Plus cards. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but as a current PS Plus subscriber (but NOT PS NOW), I will move to the PS Plus Essential (the entry level tier) come June? I just don't understand why I can't stack a decade of Plus cards if I wanted to, since the new price is the same as the old price and I'm not getting anything else? I can understand them closing the PS NOW loophole, but why Plus?
  13. @breathofwater Play-Asia limited physical planned? I have all the other physical editions….
  14. This was absolutely brilliant, thank you for the text guide.
  15. Did this part yesterday, and it is quite annoying. You need to do them all without losing all your health or falling off the track. Failing the race time is fine, you can keep re-running the track, but if you die or fall off, all snowmen will reset. Super annoying when you get to 7/8 and miss a jump.