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  1. I like your games as they are. Fun little distractions, and a great break from the complex AAA games. Particularly like your ongoing support of the Vita. No complaints here
  2. One of these days they are going to troll us and drop a Super Meatboy difficulty game and watch PSNP implode.
  3. Actually, this was a rare game (for me at least) where there were actually some sections that were easier on the Vita. If you have access to both consoles, the game is cross buy and cross save. Definitely for some of the predominantly on foot stages, I found the PS4 controller to be much better. For the flight heavy stages, the touch controls on the vita are easier than navigating the twin sticks. It has been a while since I got this plat, but I don't think I could have done it on the Vita exclusively.
  4. Very much enjoyed the first one. Will definitely be on the lookout for this. Does anyone know if there was a physical release for the Japanese version of the first one? I would like to play the stack.
  5. Well....I would have to say Vita wins this month. 2 games with plats, ZTD is actually a relatively big title. Space Overlords looks interesting. PS3 and PS4 lists not so much.
  6. Cat Quest was fun. Quite enjoyed it. That is a great price. I would like the Japanese stack if that every goes on sale.
  7. I don't think you understood my point. I'm not against using a CC. I use them all the time, everywhere. I'm not a fan of storing my info on the Playstation for purchases. In Canada we don't have the PS Visa so that isn't an option, and the CC I use has much better reward options anyway (2-3% back vs effectively 1% for the PS Visa). My point was that I can use my CC to buy the pre-paid cards. I can get the pre-paid cards for less than face value - I just got $100 prepaid PSN card at Costco for $76.99. That's almost $25 in free money. And I still got my CC rewards points when I bought it.
  8. Based on this thread, it would seem like an awful lot of people use the cards. Personally, I haven't purchased anything off PSN using a credit card in about 4 years now. With how insecure PSN is, I don't know why you would want to store CC details there, and certainly I wouldn't want to re-enter that every time I buy something. As it is now, if my account gets hacked, worse case scenario I might lose the $50 or so that I keep in the wallet at any given time. I could adapt back to using CC if these did get phased out, but it would shut down all out of region accounts as you can't use foreign CC's. Also, I currently get my prepaid cards through Costco, which saves me a couple of bucks (in addition to the rewards on my CC for buying them in the first place), and sometimes you can save more. I just got $100 prepaid for $80 through the buy using Master Pass promo. Why would anyone use their CC instead?
  9. Possible GOTY/Complete edition maybe?
  10. Unravel was one of the best games I played last year. This came out of left field, but I'm very excited for the sequel.
  11. Not sure, BB here didn't have anything on sale, but Walmart Ca has HZD Complete for $29.96. I price matched at BB, where it is still $60, so you get an extra 10% off the difference. Came to $27 CDN for the Complete Edition. There were only 2 copies in store (that I could see) at BB, so YMMV.
  12. Great news. Glad you got it. Was a fun game, enjoyed it on the Vita. Will do the PS4 stack at some point. Grabbed Dragon Sinker this week on sale so that will be my next Vita RPG
  13. Well, I will preface this by saying that I have no interest in 100+ hour, 4-5 playthrough games, so I won't be grabbing XCOM2, and Trials and Ghost Recon do not interest me at all. I already have Zombie Driver, and we won't talk about the Vita games. But - and this is why I would say this month is poor - the 3 main games are basically free, but not free. XCOM2 has 3 paid DLC packs, with War of the Chosen current clocking in at $53.49 CDN. When you factor in the other 2 DLCs, you are looking at over $80 for just the DLC - when the XCOM2 complete bundle was on sale less than a month ago for $65. So in actual fact the 'freebie' would cost you more than the bundle was just on sale for (taking out of the equation that it's a dick move to have it on sale just before going free anyway). Trials also has multiple DLC packs, with the bundle price of $30. The all-in, Max Edition version (game plus all DLC) was $12 last week on sale. So maybe the complaints aren't just related to the quality of the games, but the increasingly shitty way Sony goes about this. I guess if you don't care about completion, and just want to treat these as cheap trials for games to play around with for a few hours and forget - then great month. But if you actually intend to get the content and complete it, you might as well just pass on the games entirely and grab the complete editions when they go on sale. Playstation Plus - enjoy your free (not really free) games.
  14. You just have to play the game and it will generate a score for you to beat based on your friends who have played it. Once you do, beat the score and then in the next level you need to find your friend, who will appear as a dead agent hidden in the level. It shouldn't take too long or be too hard to get, although I guess it depends on the size of your friend list and how many have played it.
  15. Is the demo still open?