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  1. It's a mixed bag. Once you get the hang of it, the game itself is pretty easy. Plus you can cheese your way through. Despite being a rogue-lite, it creates an autosave at the start of each level. If you get a level loadout you don't like, or are doing poorly in the level, you can quit to the main menu and continue, putting you back at the start of the level. Furthermore, if you die, you can close the game completely at the game over screen (just don't advance forward) and relaunch the game, and the death doesn't count. This makes getting through the game pretty easy. There are only 12 levels (plus 4 boss fights) so a run only takes about 30mins, give or take. But, the difficult part comes in the weapon combo trophies. Not only is there a lack of available info out there, some of it is wrong. I read through a number of sources to compile a list of requirements for the version unlocks and weapon combos. Some of the info wasn't quite right. If I have time I will put up a guide here which should make it much easier. If you don't want to do that research, it is unlikely you will get the correct weapon combos for some of the rare trophies. Take the Shotgun trophy as an example - this requires you to use the Alpha weapon (which is the default on a number of starting versions) then equip a Quadruple Shot upgrade and an Average/Slow rate of fire modification. There are a number of Quad Shot variants, but only one A/S modifier, which must be purchased as an unlock, and then in goes into the mix. These are dropped at random as you progress through a run. At the end of most runs you will have about a dozen or so upgrades, out of several hundred. There are about 30 fire mods - so you are looking at a 1 in 30 change each time you get an upgrade that it might be that one particular mod - and you might not even get a fire modifier, it could be a weapon or an attribute. And you can get the same mod as a duplicate in a given run. Now, fortunately this can also be cheesed - you can go through to the end of your run, then if you are one part short for a combination, go to the upgrade location on the last level and see what you get - if it isn't the part you need, quit to the main menu and continue. Each time you get a different part. Still could take an hour of reloads (or more) to get lucky. So this is a long answer to your question - I would say about 4/10 difficulty, but that factors in some luck. You also need to be willing to deal with the random luck factor, and throw in some grinding. I would estimate about 15 hours for the plat (I would have been done in a couple of days, but I held back on the plat for the 10 Things I hate about gaming event)
  2. Sorry, but there is a difference between playing bad games, and supporting a developer who steals the work of others. i have played lots of crap, and at the end of the day I typically don’t bother to fight with people who look down on specific games. Even games designed just for trophy purposes can be fun, and many of them are playable. But this douche puts out knowingly broken shit that he has no intention of fixing, charges an exorbitant price and steals the actual assets. Why would you knowingly and voluntarily support this practice?
  3. No stack. Vita and PS4 share a list.
  4. Well, actually there is the EU stack of SWAP Force that you could do. Starlink would presumably also work, and has been really cheap. I managed to snag it for $30 (CDN) at Christmas. @eigen-space thanks for the rulings. I think I'll use Guac for the DLC and Bioshock for the speed runs instead. I didn't look forward to Touhou πŸ‘Ž
  5. @eigen-space For Guacamelee, I was basing the co-op on the PS4 edition. The DLC has a trophy for defeating an arena with 2 players (Dream Team trophy). https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/2704-guacamelee-super-turbo-championship-edition But, I may switch it up - if I use Guac as my DLC game, would Rockets Rockets Rockets count as the MP game, since it has all those 4 player match trophies? https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/5190-rockets-rockets-rockets For my peripheral game, it was Skylanders Imaginators. I assume that would be ok as I don't think you can play without the physical portal and characters? https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/5430-skylanders-imaginators Lastly, if the above are ok to switch around, would any of the time based trophies from the Bioshock DLC count for speed runs? https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/5289-bioshock/56-the-i-in-team-expert Oh, and I completed Escape Plan for my No Platinum game Category Game (With Region/Version) Qualifier EZPZ Completion % Ultra Rare Atomine βœ“ Completion 3.92% Platinum-Less Escape Plan βœ“ Unpopular ? # Owners DLC ? Guacamelee STCE DLC Pack # / Name Difficulty ? Trophy Name(s) Speed Run ? Bioshock Challenge Room DLC Trophy Name(s) MP ? Rockets Rockets Rockets Trophy Name(s) Peripherals ? Skylanders Peripheral Used Bad Rep Rogue Trooper Redux βœ“ Metascore 59%
  6. Thanks πŸ‘
  7. Looks cool and all, but the real question everyone should be asking is, does it have any games?
  8. How long does a full playthrough take for this game?
  9. Alright, got my first 2 done today - Atomine for the UR and Rogue Trooper Redux for the Bad Rep. Category Game (With Region/Version) Qualifier EZPZ Completion % Ultra Rare Atomine Completion 3.92% Platinum-Less ? Escape Plan Unpopular ? # Owners DLC ? Bioshock PS DLC Pack # / Name Difficulty ? Trophy Name(s) Speed Run ? Touhou Double Focus Trophy Name(s) MP ? Guacamelee Trophy Name(s) Peripherals ? Skylanders Peripheral Used Bad Rep Rogue Trooper Redux Metascore 59% My DLC game will be finishing Bioshock PS4. Escape Plan will be finished for Platinum-less. I may go back and try Touhou Double Focus for the speed run. I plan to do Skylanders for the Peripherals category and Guacamelee for the MP. Planning is going well
  10. PaySafeCards essentially work as pre paid credit cards. You now have a 50PLN credit available. If the digital codes for your store only come in 40 and 60 denominations, your options are either get the 40 and have 10 left on your PSC for later use, or get another 50 PSC and buy a 40 and 60 digital code now.
  11. More like a soldout man. This is loser is the very definition of a twatwaffle.
  12. Perhaps delete the game and redownload it?
  13. A belated thanks to @eigen-space for the fun event, and @BigHonkingOne for the spectacular badges!
  14. I would like to join this event please. My starting stats as of today 625 Plats 908 Completed Games 99.33% Completion
  15. The bonus level was miserable, but the no-death run is only one level....it wasn't that bad (I did it twice 😜) Question for the UR - I have Atomine that I'm working on. It has a 4% plat right now (only 2 people have it). However, since only 50 people own the game (which is a shame, it's pretty good), when I get the plat the rarity will go to 6%. Will that count? Otherwise I'll probably use Escape Plan, and use Atomine for the unpopular category.