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  1. Looking at the leaderboard and recent players, I’m seeing almost no one having purchased/played it through most of last year. I think there was one recent player in Aug 2020, and no one at all through the fall. I think it’s just a game that fell off the radar and hasn’t been on sale so just hasn’t been played recently.
  2. Honestly a bigger annoyance is that the rarity is adjusted for DLC to remove those that haven't played it. Especially when DLC is only a few trophies, and/or really hard, it falsely elevates the rarity.
  3. Override Mech City Brawl added DLC and you need to own it in order to plat the game (DLC has no trophies). You can get around this by reverting to v1.00 Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered requires the DLC as the DLC events are no longer separated from the base game events. The DLC is free, but the events are now wrapped into the game and you cannot get gold on all events (which is a trophy in the base list) without completing the DLC events. This is different that the PS3 version where those events were add on. There is still a trophy for completing the DLC events, but you can't skip them and get the plat. There is no way to revert to an older version, this is hard coded into the game
  4. Well, play Asia is still bringing about one or two a month, although lately the quality of those titles has been rather questionable. This one looks quite promising and I will definitely try to grab a copy.
  5. https://www.holidayscalendar.com/categories/weird/ I'm thinking July 14, International Nude Day, could be very promising
  6. It releases March 5th
  7. Good list, I’ll probably grab Pathless and Werewolf at some point and Dirt 5 looks really good. I would say though that you’ve really underestimated the time for the Spider Man DLC. I think 3 hours is on the short side unless you’re skipping cutscenes, and don’t forget you’ve also got the NG+ DLC and the Remaster has the additional challenges pack that may or may not come naturally as you play. All in, the DLC is probably an additional 15-20 to complete after the platinum
  8. Having reflected on this, the part that bothers me most is this; " People with knowledge of the matter told VGC that Sony Japan Studio simply hasn’t been profitable enough in recent years; the developer wanted to create games that appealed to the Japanese market first with hopes of having global appeal, while PlayStation wants the kind of global hits that its other first-party studios produce. " The wording on that is open to interpretation, but I read it as 'the studio made money, just not enough'. This would be easier to accept if the studio was losing money and had a string of failed games. But not every venture needs to make a massive profit. People's livelihoods and jobs should mean more than just an extra dividend to shareholders. If the studio was holding it's own, bringing unique games to the Sony portfolio and generating some amount of profit - this is so much more disappointing. If I was a long time Japanese gamer supporting Sony, I would feel very betrayed by them.
  9. Sony really hasn't been a Japanese company for some time now. Their policies are increasingly Western, and they are losing their Japanese identity. On the one had, we wouldn't have the Playstation we currently have without some degree of globalization shift. I'm not sure Sony could have toppled Microsoft while still holding on to the niche Japanese/Asian approach. On the other hand, I'm not convinced that they couldn't have maintained that heritage while also expanding to bring more mainstream offerings to other areas of the globe. I think they have lost that balanced approach. Not sure that's a good thing.
  10. I'm guessing these are Japan and Asia region stacks (since there are 2 new lists), and EAS has the game listed as coming out in Asia on the 11th of March https://www.eastasiasoft.com/games/CASE-Animatronics This is game is hot garbage though. Terrible mechanics and gameplay, and has the distinction of being the only game I know of where collectibles are randomly placed, and move location every time you die. This means that there is a good chance you have to backtrack over regions you've already been to, and are very annoying to get back to, to try to find the final few you need. And if you die in the process, any collectibles you have picked up won't count. That's right - if you get to end game and need 2-3 collectibles, you will have to roam the whole game and try to find them IN ONE RUN, because you can no longer trigger a save point and if you die, progress resets. All around a miserable experience, both in terms of being just a shitty game, but with a double down on poor game play as a bonus.
  11. Which character are you using, and are you fully upgraded? I’ve done this a few times and it’s not really too difficult compared to other games in the genre
  12. I can’t really see myself buying PS5 discs until such time as they stop offering free upgrades. The PS4 version is cheaper and gives me 2 versions if I wanted to stack it. If I don’t, I still have the PS5 version cheaper than it would be to buy it physically. I would also think that the PS4 disc would retain more value for future sale since it gives you access to both versions. Perhaps if the PS5 edition had a unique limited or bonus upgrade - like with Miles Morales, otherwise it seems like a no brainer to buy the PS4 version
  13. I'm going to try to throw out a few less obvious candidates Gravity Rush - great Vita exclusive (at least when it came out), and one of the first games I know of with trophy icons that linked together. It was also a good add on story, for what was, IIRC, quite a reasonable price LBP - I'm going to throw this in as a series - all the DLC packs across the games were really quite good. Yes, LBP2 requiring a Vita was an epic troll, but still the quality of those packs were very, very good especially for the first game Enslaved - Pigsy's Perfect 10. This might be the game that started standalone DLC story content. Brilliant pack and really deserves to be recognized as a bit of a flagship for that type of content SR IV - How the Saint's Saved Christmas. This one was probably the craziest SR story arc ever. (When is SR V coming out already??) Resogun - in terms of game changing DLC, this is amongst the best for really just bringing in new ways to play the game. It was also brutally hard, but was a great example of changing up the game from the base list. Honorable mention to Rocket League for their updates that again, just kept bringing new modes to the original content. For more recent, mainstream games, Frozen Wilds from HZD, the City that Never Sleeps from Spider Man and the Control DLC were all really well done story content DLC I will also give Borderlands a nod as a series for having one of the best DLC packs (Tiny Tiny) and arguably the worst DLC ever created (Mad Moxi's Underdome)
  14. Yeah, I got the kickstarter versions and have Skullpirates backed as well, just a shame that this is what we are getting as final Vita releases. Guess they'll sit on the shelf unopened
  15. Do any of his trophy lists work? I feel like they are almost all unobtainable due to glitches