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  1. Let me know how it works. I’m in the same boat - played the PS5 version only, base game was great. I’ve held off on the DLC as I don’t want to have to restart from scratch if it glitches. I’d also prefer to not have to wipe my entire profile to use the workaround
  2. 2nd Orange completion for me, with Knights Retreat completed
  3. I finished Kandagawa Jet Girls for my first completion (Orange)
  4. It's already long gone. There were 800 copies sold through Play-Asia and about 200 Kick Starter copies. Copies went ridiculously fast on this - I think the stock sold through in about 3 minutes. Any Vita games that arrive from here on out are going to be physical only, and I think only Play-Asia has a few games left. These were all made months ago as Sony is no longer certifying new Vita releases, and all physical cart production stopped months ago.
  5. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/224521276689?hash=item344682cd11:g:DZQAAOSwGOpg4dKc I'm not sure what you consider a reasonable price. This copy is $50US.
  6. Phone dies at 10:53 PM, before you pop the plat
  7. Thank you for posting this. Not sure how Sony can call this 'hidden gems', when it's the same games in every sale though 😜
  8. Well, the attainability is rather subjective…technically the game will always be attainable, but in reality it is a pretty tough plat.
  9. Kudos for the Ted Lasso trophy reference. Jawhson Brody one also made me chuckle. Looks pretty straight forward, but I’ll be waiting for all the DLC trophies. Hopefully no NG+, that was obnoxious on FC5, and I’m just done with NG+ in general.
  10. I'll go on the record as saying this likely means TLOU II as a Plus game shortly. I'll say Nov or Dec. Fallout has enough DLC to be a prime Plus candidate going forward, and lots of THQ games have also gone on Plus. So think of this as an advanced preview of upcoming Plus line ups. Full price release -> add DLC -> release digital bundle -> discount bundle in sales -> put the game on Now -> add to PS Plus. Just remember, discount price for the complete bundle should always be lower than the price for the DLC alone. Winning formula brought to you by Sony.
  11. Thank you for clarifying. That is what I assumed - so can a game be started prior to the event? As long as the plat is popped after Oct 8?
  12. Sounds fun, I’ll see what I can get done. I have a question about the 80% completion - do you mean no games with a plat rarity above 80%, or no games on your profile that were above 80% complete prior to the event? Like, I have been working on Kandagwa Jet Girls which should qualify for orange, but I’ve started it prior to Oct 8. Is that an issue?
  13. I think it’s almost certainly EU and NA. All owners of this list are NA, and all but one of the other list are from EU regions. I really doubt it’s a physical/digital stacking list.
  14. I agree with this. I liked the original 2-3 hour plat trophy lists. I felt I was getting my money's worth. I do enjoy these still as a fun distraction. Like my morning cup of coffee.
  15. How are you working on a guide without a PC? Like, what device are you using to create the guide? There may be a few other options, but the easiest way by far is content manager to a PC.