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  1. Thanks for your vids. Nice reference for some quick pick ups. Do you know if there were any games with regional stacks in the HK store sale? I couldn't see any at first glance
  2. The Platinum trophy better be called Catinum, or I'm not buying it. 😎
  3. The solution seems to be to replay the levels. Took me 3 tried to get 22 to pop. The battery and end game trophies did all pop when they should (you sure you have them all? - one of the levels has 2 batteries) I'm pretty sure I died on spikes well over 25 times before getting that to pop. This was my experience on the Vita version by the way.
  4. Because the games on the list are so bad, it doesn't need a name. The sale is horror embodied
  5. Yeah, a few of the games recently have done this. Very annoying and totally confusing!
  6. No, there are 3 lists. The 2 lists that were previously out are NA PS4 and NA PSVita. Although tagged as PS4/PSVita, they are not shared lists. The PSVita has a separate list from the PS4 version. I would therefore assume that the new list that appeared today is likely for the EU region. It is probable that the Vita and PS4 will again have separate lists - as only one of the new lists is here, it is possible the other list hasn't been added to Sony's servers yet. In this case, since the PS4 isn't syncing, that list probably doesn't yet exist.
  7. I saw the list and I must admit I thought this game would be total crap. I was surprised when I went and looked at some gameplay trailers. It really looks interesting, and there appears to have been quite a bit of work put into it. Whether it plays well or not remains to be seen. But clearly the devs don't care at all about trophies. The list is a total afterthought, very lazy design and a missed opportunity for sure. And to have a gold trophy serve the purpose of a plat is just a total fail.
  8. Trophy is glitched. I had the same issue on the PS4 version. Turn ON the level replay option, then repeat the boss battle. Trophy will pop when the replay loads. With replay OFF, you go straight to the credits and that somehow prevents the trophy from popping.
  9. My apologies - I honestly thought Spare Parts was EU only. And it is Kick Ass 2 that is EU only, looks like the first game is in both regions.
  10. For the PS3, a couple of other notables are Spare Parts, Wrecked:Revenge Racing and Kick-Ass There are also a lot of NA/EU regional stacks, especially on the PS4, where the game is available in both regions, but each has a separate trophy list.
  11. So I understand that the VR edition is free in the HK store for owners of the standard edition. The VR edition is also currently on sale, so I grabbed it today. But it does not give me access to the standard edition? So is it only a one way cross buy? And when I go to buy the standard edition it now tells me I am ineligible as I already own the VR edition, but I cannot actually download the standard edition? Help?
  12. I think he means Devolver Digital. Can't say I disagree entirely. They have a very poor track record of supporting their products. Thank you for taking the time to post the list. Will still have a look through. Edit - oh and hasn't played it, I would highly recommend Volume. Great game. I'm gonna grab the HK stacks (VR and regular editions) - currently on sale in the HK store.
  13. Subjective and frankly irrelevant to my point. Since any game now can have a plat, I don't understand why a developer wouldn't include one. I don't buy altruism about the integrity of a digital token that holds no real world value. Poor business decision to potentially trade that for lost physical revenue. Besides, who wouldn't want to have an awesome Bubsy plat to display in their trophy case?
  14. October 10 (today!) in NA, October 11 in EU. Price is 9.99 (US and EU - so probably $12.99 CDN) I believe the Play Asia physical LE should also be shipping today (Oct 10). I will probably wait on a price drop for the digital version. Already ordered the physical LE.