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  1. Sound Shapes needs another 4 regional auto-popping stacks. Of the main AAA games, I actually would be interested to go back to Control and maybe HZD. I still have a big backlog of PS4 AAA games to play, so I'm not really chomping at the bit to replay many yet. I wouldn't turn down a remaster of Ratchet and Clank though. I'm also still hoping for an MW3 campaign remaster. It's the only one of the 3 that I didn't get to on PS3, and given I just did the first 2 remasters this year, I'm hoping to see that shortly.
  2. Japan isn't always a 2 in 1 option. Games listed as AS are not always available on the JPN store, and even if they are, the JPN store version may have a separate list, or may not give you the AS list. The best option is really to have both a JP account and an HK (or other Asian region - like Indonesia) account.
  3. Trophies seem to be working better now, but I’m reasonably certain the souls trophies only count in infinite mode. I had over 7000 with death chan with no trophies but after playing a few rounds of infinite the 3500 notification popped in game, then the trophy once I went back to the menu
  4. Thanks - I'm probably going to pick it up this week. I had mostly been waiting as the cross-buy wasn't working, but since it seems they are dropping that, and Vita games won't ever go on sale again, no point in waiting. On a side note, how are you liking Criminal Girls? I went it with no expectations and really ended up enjoying it.
  5. Thanks for the info. I will pick this up soon. Sounds like difficulty is on par with DriveClub. Some of those time trials were pretty tight too.
  6. congrats on being the first plat achiever. So were there two glitched trophies? This is on my radar - overall what would you say was the difficulty?
  7. It’s up in the Canadian store https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/product/UP4291-CUSA18659_00-7610352465603845
  8. Amazon ca has the pulse headset still. Why do we need the camera? I feel like I rarely use my PS4 camera. I guess it isn’t compatible? I have a PS5 and extra controller from Source. No games presently.
  9. I loved Panzer Dragoon. Still have my Saturn copy. I have no idea if my Saturn still works, but this was a fun time waster. That said, 100 hour trophy is criminal. I probably won't get this. Something seems wrong about putting this type of trophy in a list while we are dealing with climate crisis and global warming. Maybe it isn't much, but tens of hours of wasted electricity on gamers idling for this is rather unconscionable.
  10. While I agree this was a complete clusterfuck, I don't think having earlier pre-orders would have worked. You can't pre-order when you don't have console options. Sony hadn't announced what the models were going to be. You can't do a generic open pre-order and let the consumer then pick which SKU later as that would be a disaster - "I was the first to pre-order but now the SKU I want isn't available?". You also can't really have retailers taking pre-orders with no idea about stock amount. Would lead to a lot of pissed off customers who had a pre-order confirmed, but then told by the store that they didn't get the expected stock. Anyway you look at it, opening up pre-orders before announcing the console options, price and estimated stock would have been a total disaster - worse than this. What should have happened is Sony should have dropped the bull shit 'we aren't telling you when we're going to tell you or what the price will be' secrecy. It was childish. They knew that there would be demand and that consoles would sell. It has been years since I can last recall a mainstream console that bombed at launch and didn't sell out. What they should have done is said we will have the official reveal on Sept 16 and we will be accepting pre-orders through our store and partner retailers starting on a specific date/time. Any retailers that jump the shark will have all allocated stock retracted. Make the pre-order dates firm and announce ahead of time. This was an absolute shit show with retailers all over the map, a number selling out after going live in the middle of the night, and as usual websites crashing everywhere. At the end of the day, most of the stock will end up with scalpers who had bots set to scoop everything up in seconds.
  11. This is absolutely not the way to do a launch. I’ve got to give Microsoft credit for what seems to be a much more controlled environment with the pre order live date announced ahead of time. Retailers were all over the map with this. I can’t believe the number that opened up online in the middle of the night. And any retailers allowing in store pre-orders during a pandemic are horrible. Putting people, in particular their employees, at risk that way is shameful.
  12. I'm really not trusting Walmart. They either have a massive amount of stock or are just going to accept a ton of orders and cancel what they can't fill. I just ordered a back up at The Source. They still have disc stock. Also got an extra controller. Never could get through on EB site
  13. Best Buy is already sold out. Got a pre-order in at Walmart but I'm not sure I entirely trust them. Trying to get one through EB as a back up, but I may have to wait for Amazon.
  14. Since this still doesn't seem to be clear - your EU prices include VAT. The 500 Euros is the final price. The US (and Canadian prices) are pre-tax. Depending on the state/province there will an addition 5-10% (or more) added to the US price. For the most part, you are NOT paying more in EU than US.
  15. I've done Guac 1&2, and the STCE release of Guac 1. They are do-able for sure, but there are tough spots. I did the first one on Vita and I would say that was harder that STCE on PS4. The 2nd is harder than the first (IMO) - don't let the plat rarity fool you, the first one being on Plus drove that rarity down. The platforming parts aren't super hard - some of the battles are tougher. But both games have a few very long, very tricky sections - it's not so much about the platforming as it is learning your timing for powers. Honestly it's a bit hard to really rate this game - it isn't a pure platformer. You've got a decent metroidvania with part brawler with platforming sections. I will say these are great games though, and I highly recommend them. But you definitely want to watch some videos of the tree tops section if you want to get a good idea of what you're in for.