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  1. Is there a reason why some numbers never got games assigned to them?
  2. There's very little confusion and typically it is sorted out very quickly after the game launches. I'm not sure what the rationale would be to consolidate the lists. Gamers can get a plat two (or three or more) times if they want, and companies can generate more sales. I'm not advocating that every game should have a dozen stacks, but at the same time I really don't see this as being a major inconvenience.
  3. Is your PS4 console activated for the primary account?
  4. Not all games need a walk through. I think OP means a full written step by step walk through for a game not a simple video guide. There are a number on .org. I have done a few and @themindisacity often does them, especially for point and clicks and the Artifex Mundi games. i think this would be a good addition as it is quite different than a typical trophy guide.
  5. @MarkusT1992 Question regarding supernatural...are aliens in general considered supernatural? What about alien spaceships (for example, in a SHMUP?)
  6. The responses here have all obviously missed the point of this avatar. Sony needs to have a product that they can heavily discount for their epic flash sales. $100 Avatar for 99% off, putting it at $1 means one epic "99% OFF FLASH SALE ON PSN"
  7. 1. Defunct - I’m good at racers, but this is insane. The mechanics are just weird so either you get it or you don’t. I don’t. 2. Rogue Legacy - I just can’t do it. The remix bosses are beyond me. Maybe when I was younger. 3. Touhou Double Focus - I hate speed runs 4. Fort Defense North Menace - I love these games. Great fun on the Vita. PS4 game is very different than the Vita. You need to buy the add ons. I would cave and do so, but I got the EU stack. Won’t work on my NA account. I don’t think you can get 100% without buying micro transactions. 5. GTA Vice City - I don’t think I ever finished the game when I played it on the PS2. Why did I buy it again 🤦‍♂️
  8. How do you know this? You post in every thread with no substance at all other than it has a plat or doesn't have a plat or it's going to be long/short/grinding.... Do you have any clue about any of the games or are you just running up a post count? Neither ATV nor Moto Racer 4 (the previous racers from Microids) were particularly easy, both with 1% completion rates. So I'd love to know how you know this is going to be the 'easiest'? Regarding the game itself, it was on my watch list but not buying it at $40 with no plat. Waiting for it to hit the bargain bin.
  9. You are doing God's work my friend Hopefully UC2/3 can get on that list
  10. This doesn't seem likely to be enough of a pay wall to actually sell well. More likely PS5 online and free game will be PP Premium, and continued PS4 online and free game will require current PP.
  11. The white arrow appears as a semi circle around the green bar that encircles your character. It points you in the general direction of where the next mission pack will drop. You may have to go around things to reach it though, as frequently there are buildings or fences in the way. The map isn't terribly big, fortunately.
  12. I'm fine with some relatively ribald humour, but it has to be done well. I found Randall's just immature and boring. It's like they tried to be edgy and controversial and used all these shock factor phrases, but ended up coming off as lame. The character wasn't funny or smart or endearing in a hopeless kind of way. He was just an ass. Others may have found it funny, I just found it dull. And when the character isn't really likeable, I don't care about the story, but there was no way to really speed through it. At the end of the day the game just over stayed its welcome by a good 5 hours. Which isn't great for an 8 hour game.
  13. I'm going to offer 3 games that I very much did not enjoy. I will leave out games like Little Adventure on the Prairie that everyone knew would be awful. Amazing Spider-Man 2 horrible game, probably only 4-5 hours of game and 10 hours of mindless grinding for XP for the suits. Just a miserable experience Randall's Monday I'm not a huge point and click fan, but often they are reasonably short and cute. I have no issues with games like Deponia or Broken Age. There is humor and they don't wear out there welcome Randall's was not funny, and was well beyond it's expiry by the time I was done. Way too annoying to move around. Really there was an hour of game, 3 hours of mindless drivel that passed as story and another 5 that was clicking to move from one end of the map to the other to pick up that item that was sitting there but not able to interact with until you did this other random thing over on the opposite side.... Fe This one just annoyed me. Too many collectibles, confusing map, awful camera. Not terrible, but I was looking forward to it and it just game me a massive headache. Was so glad to be done with it. Maybe this was more of a disappointment than 'worst game' worthy
  14. This works exceptionally well. I did it with 3 others in local play, had them do the heavy work and I just ran around and stayed out of the way. EZPZ
  15. Summary for me for the month 1. DriveClub Bikes Complete a game that counts towards a different PSNP event. (used for Bingo Bonanza) Complete all currently released DLC of a game I'm not going to use this as HC (even though it probably is over 30 hours) as most of it was done before the month started 2. Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Complete a game that counts towards a different PSNP event. (used for Bingo Bonanza) Complete a game that fulfills the Hardcore requirement of that month. (this would clock in right around the 30 hour mark) Complete a game that you started this month 3. Randal's Monday Complete a game that fulfills the Hardcore requirement of that month. (definitely over 5 hours...felt like 100...game is awful) 4. Krinkle Krusher Complete a game that fulfills the Hardcore requirement of that month. (just over 5 hours for this one) Complete a game that you started this month Complete 4 games within one month. 5. Retro City Rampage DX Complete a game that you started this month This game was over 2 hours but just under 5, so no HC for this 6. Costume Quest Complete a game that fulfills the Hardcore requirement of that month. (about 8 hours for this one with the DLC) Complete all currently released DLC of a game Complete a game that you started this month I would like to say Costume Quest was one of the best games I've played in a while. Lotta fun. Will be starting 2 soon. Also year to date stat update: Platinum trophies: +103 (625 start, 728 current) 100% completed: +122 (908 start, 1030 current) Completion: +0.02% (99.33% start, 99.35% current) Finally back in the green on Completion %. DriveClub has a LOT of DLC 😜