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  1. Not sure if you ever bought it, but the game is on ”stealth” sale. Doesn’t show up in the weekly list, but if you go on the Vita store it’s 50% off. $6.74 here in Canada, so presumably $5 US. Cross buy, so you get both versions.
  2. While each person should form their own opinion, I will honestly say I hated the game. I posted more in the Fe forum thread, but getting the plat in this was a miserable experience. If you just want the story experience and don’t care about completion, it’s a fun 3-4 hours. But the backtracking to collect crystals is excruciatingly painful and really highlights the poor controls, camera and game mechanics. I typical enjoy this type of game, and was actually looking forward to playing it, so that only increased the disappointment. As for this sale itself, on the Canadian store, it actually listed the sale as running through October 15. Probably explains why it feels like such a lame rehash. Pathetic they repeat this so often that they can’t even bother to update the sale banner
  3. Not exactly. You are given only one mission at a time. You must complete it, and come back to base/carrier/air field to get the next mission. However, you can sometimes complete the next mission pre-emptively. As an example, let’s say the misssion is defeat 6 planes, and on the way to the encounter you destroy the next air field, and a weapons depot and POW camp. When you turn in the planes mission, if your next mission (and I believe these are random), was destroy the weapons depot, you’ll get a message “way ahead of you sarge” and automatically complete that mission. I think I’ve had 3, maybe 4 missions simultaneously completed. This is a bit random though, so more likely you’ll be doing missions one at a time.
  4. Sorry, but you hurled an inaccurate and inappropriate comment out at a dev that is one of a small number than continues to support the Vita. For NA/EU, there is virtually no one bringing games out. Ratalaika, Sometimes You, POWGI, and P Qube are about all you've got. Everyone else has dropped Vita support, including Sony. So to say that having these games is driving the Vita into the grave is absurd. Furthermore, the Ratalaika games have been of good quality, particularly the Wobblyware ports. To my knowledge they all work, the trophies work, prices are reasonable, and the dev frequently posts here and supports his products. They are far from dumpster fire quality. You may not enjoy the games (although from your profile you still play them....) but many others do, and would rather see someone supporting the console than have it completely ignored. Your comment was inappropriate and you got called out.
  5. Guide got pushed into the backlog and I can't guarantee I'll get to it. If you need specifics for any of the trophies, ask here or shoot me a PM
  6. All accounts I have read seem to suggest that trophies aren’t working properly on Vita. I did not try it myself. I did remote play it, but that was using the PS4 version obviously. Its not a very long game. 5-10 hours max. I swear though, the 8k in gems took way longer than my mental tracker suggested it should have. I did video guides for the levels showing all letters after completing a full easy and medium play through, collecting all letters myself, and doing all the characters final level trophies. I then did several hard runs for fun (managed 4th on the global leaderboard) and still didn’t have 8k. It it has popped now though, but I really feel like it doesn’t track well.
  7. @MarkusT1992 Sorry, it was a crazy month with Vita plat anniversary, a valentines event on .org and life. Which has been too busy. Its still Feb 28 here, so I forgot about the time zone difference. I did plat Skykanders Imaginators early in the month, which I think should count. You create a custom character that you equip with gear. There are actually 3 trophies for doing this. i had other games that I started - GTAVC and Wanted - but couldn’t finish them. I did get more than 4 games completed this month though, for that bonus challenge. Sorry for the late update. I will be prompt in March I promise!
  8. Thanks. This was a great event idea. Thanks to @eigen-space for the initial plan, and thanks to you and the there’s who stepped up to fill in. Looking forward to the next one!
  9. Final update I think. Been sitting on this for a while, mostly because I was holding Rose in the Twilight for the Vita Plat Party. Anyway, I believe I am now done Category Game (With Region/Version) Qualifier EZPZ One Word by POWGI ✓ 96.80% Ultra Rare Atomine ✓ Completion 3.92% Platinum-Less Escape Plan ✓ Unpopular The Wardrobe ✓ 381 Owners DLC Guacamelee STCE ✓ Frenemies Character Pack Difficulty Nightmares from the Deep 3 ✓ Expert Gamer Speed Run A Rose in the Twilight ✓ Speed-of-God Star MP RocketsRocketsRockets ✓ Quite a party Peripherals Skylanders Imaginators ✓ Requires a physical base and figures Bad Rep Rogue Trooper Redux ✓ Metascore 59%
  10. I've got mixed feelings on this. I actually do appreciate the increase in Cloud space, as I have a few ridiculously large save files. As for the games, this doesn't seem like a value added upgrade from what we were previously getting. Although the PS3 and Vita titles have been crap, occasionally there were some cross buy titles thrown in, so you were getting more than 2 PS4 games per month. If this is reflective of the new Plus offerings, it is a significant reduction in value from what was already a rather disappointing service. On the other hand, for the first time in a while there is a game I actually wanted to play in CODMWr. I already bought Witness on sale way back. And, as a bonus this is the first time in a while that the PS4 games weren't simply the base games free as a way to encourage you to buy overpriced DLC. If that trend continues, it will be a decided improvement.
  11. Late to the game here, but no the difficulties do not stack. That said (and the guide here doesn’t really make much of this clear), after you finish the game on easy, you can choose level select then replay the last level on medium and hard for the trophies. Clearing it on hard will not pop the medium trophy though, just the hard one. Also works for the different character trophies. Just redo the last level. Lastly, for collecting letters you can again use level select. Note that the game doesn’t track which levels you have collected all 8, so you have to track this yourself, but you can replay just the levels you didn’t get a complete set. You do not need to replay the game and collect all letters from all levels in one go. You do need to complete the level fully though, without using a continue. Letters (and gems) only register at the end of a level.
  12. Finished my Vita birthday celebration contributions. Ended up with 10 games. Rose in the Twilight was by far the best. I'm going to track down the HK/JPN stacks to play later on. I also really enjoyed Access Denied. Would recommend it as a cheap plat, but don't use a guide as most of the solutions can be worked out with a bit of creativity. League of Evil was the hardest of the bunch, and for an EZPZ, really isn't. The only really bad one from the list was Drowning. It is a steaming pile of crap. Even for an EZPZ. Looking at my games, I think it nicely reflects the current Vita lifeblood - Japanese VNs and indies from Sometimes You/Ratalaika. Hopefully the Vita lives on for a few more years with more new games. Platinum Thief - Daggerhood No more League of Evil - League of Evil Drowning Platinum - Drowning Reborn - Dying Reborn Okunezato Master! - 7'Scarlet Does This Mean I Can Go Outside Now...? - Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds Chizzy Chizzy Bang Bang - Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms Planet RIX-13 Platinum - Planet RIX-13 Platinum Hacker - Access Denied A Rose in the Twilight - A Rose in the Twilight Thanks @Crimson Idol for hosting this event and celebrating our beloved Vita!!!
  13. There isn't a way. As the poster above noted, you have to select 1 hour. Obviously when the guide feature was implemented, no one reasonably anticipated that there would be a need to consider sub-1hour completion times. In the PS3 days, this was virtually unheard of. Now it is a weekly event. 😜
  14. Just a heads up that the PS4 version is now also almost out of stock (less than 50 remaining per the email I received this morning). I'm still on the fence about this game, but I went ahead and grabbed a PS4 copy. There are also some $3 off coupons available, so it came to $31.99 US shipped.
  15. I had no problems with the performance of the game. No crashes at all. And the weapons don't freeze - that's just you reloading. Game was ok. Nothing special. About an hour to get 100%, and for $3, it was fine.