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  1. Looks interesting, but based on the EU version there may be 2 glitched trophies. Either that, or two are very grindy compared to the rest. As for the platinum, it seems that it is basically up to the devs these days. If better games don't have plats, that is on the developer for being lazy or not caring about implementing trophies.
  2. Which trophy does this help with?
  3. Thanks for sharing. I will guess Venom
  4. And I'm done. Got the plats for Sir Eatsalot and Unholy Heights today, so MAYUS has officially been spelled. I was rather disappointed by Sir Eats. The story was funny, but the game play was quite boring, and when coupled with an absolute ton of back tracking and no in game map, it became frustrating. In the end I just used the .org walkthrough. Unholy Heights on the other hand was absolute hell. Ended up taking me almost 20 hours to plat, which is ridiculous given the leaderboard here has someone doing it in 3. I clearly did not use the most efficient route. Game is not designed for a single playthrough, so I wasted an eternity trying to grind affinity for the various monsters. In the end I never could get the demons to like me, so I had to revert to an earlier save. Had the guide here been more accurate and a bit more clear, I could probably have saved a good 10 hours. 😒
  5. I would suggest that his teammates, and anyone who is a fan of the Steelers, are definitely getting screwed by Bell. Hope the team owners pull the contract and let him sit and waste the season.
  6. Anyone know if there are any tricks to get this to spawn? I have been using Elementals throughout, and have them at 100% affinity, but I have still never had a Cragmax spawn. I am almost done with the game, just need to get Abysmals and Demons for the bestiary, but I can't start working on Abysmals until I remove all my Elementals, which I can't do until I get the tier 4 Cragmax. So frustrating...
  7. Are there any examples of this actually happening? My understanding was that the trophies are earned legit with legit time stamps, but those stamps are transferred to your main profile when you sync the trophy data. This isn't a save file transfer, this is waiting to sync the trophies until you have completed the game. Accordingly, I am not sure how this would be any different than playing your Vita offline - lets say on a plane for example - then syncing your trophies once you have internet connection again. Again, I haven't done this yet, but probably will down the road as I have a number of Vita cross buy games from other regions that I already own, so I might as well play them. I'm aware it is a subject that is controversial, but if I understand the process properly, I don't see why, other than fear mongering, anything should go wrong and look improper on your profile?
  8. So, I can confirm that the issue is you must adopt the Grass Fox. Although there are 6 other Fox species, none of them count. You also don't need the rare animal that spawns at the end. The trophy is quite misleading in this case. I assume the additional animal types were patched in later. Thanks to @Cassylvania I will tag @RizzleAbbey12 on this post, as it may be helpful to add this clarification to the otherwise excellent guide.
  9. Nicely done! Any tips for Unholy Heights? I seem to have hit a road block and am just grinding generations to level up my monsters. I'm not sure how someone could complete this in 3 hours?
  10. Finished Yonder, so I now have MAY complete. S is already underway, and will begin Unholy next. Yonder was difficult to rate. On the one hand it was a bit addictive, on the other, there was so much walking around that it took forever at times to make progress. Definitely needed a better quick transport system. Oh, and a season change option would have been great. Had to idle for over an hour waiting for winter for the last of the cats to show up.
  11. Limited Run Games is US based. This release is Signature Games. It does appear that they are EU, as packaging has the PEGI ratings, so I suspect you are correct that these will share the EU list.
  12. Yes, I'm 100% sure I have them all. I went back around the farms and can confirm all the animals are there. It seems the issue is the Grass Fox - I don't have that specific variant, I have Silk and Soot Foxes. Apparently the trophy will only pop with a Grass Fox, and the 8 other animal types. I will try this tonight and post an update. Seems like a silly criteria, but an easy enough fix if that is the case.
  13. So I am not sure if the requirements for this trophy have changed or if it just glitched on me. The guides all reference 9 animals, but there are now 16 in the game. 15 common animals, of which 7 are variants of the fox. There is then 1 rare animal which only spawns once you have reached 95% happiness in all regions (which will be a pain in the ass I you would need to search around for, and plant trees, in all the planting spots). In any case, I have all of the base animals, including 2 fox variants, and no trophy. I don't have Grass Fox though, I got the Silk and Soot Foxes. Maybe the trophy only unlocks with the Grass Fox? So does anyone know, do you now need all 7 fox variants in your farms? Or do you need to get the rare animal now? Or did this just glitch on me? I will try later to go back around and get a Grass Fox, then a second of each animal into my farms, but if anyone who recently played this can comment, that would be great.
  14. I agree on this. I don't see PS4 being anywhere near end of life cycle yet. Certainly I haven't heard a lot of complaints about the hardware aging from devs yet. I'm also not sure, given how much Sony has dominated this generation, that being first out of the gate is necessarily a benefit. Gives MS time to launch a better product.
  15. Overall, this is about as lenient as the trophies could be. I don't see anything that would be overly difficult. MVP would be the only one that really could be a challenge if someone had no RL skills. Otherwise a decent list that shouldn't be too onerous. I mean, they could have required you to reach the new XP cap or something crazy!