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  1. That's actually not entirely true. I think NeverEnd is either quite long or difficult, Spiral Splatter and Save the Ninja Clan are quite a bit harder on Vita, and one of the Energy games was also a real pain to do as the levels are random and some of the later ones are really quite tough
  2. Overboard was a fun game. I feel like I've played something since then that was similar, but I can't think what it was at the moment. This one will be on my radar. The trailer was really not terribly revealing for what the game will entail.
  3. Thanks for the heads up. Last year registration never worked for me. I think it has been successful this time šŸ‘
  4. I messaged them again yesterday in that thread, and someone else also tweeted them that the game isn't showing. They appear to be aware, but it's not clear if there's a plan to fix it. I'm not sure if this is a sale, or a permanent price adjustment, since you can't do Vita sales anymore. I grabbed Pantsu using the PS3 store. For a buck, (or a buck fifty CDN because Sony completely fails at calculating exchange) you can't go wrong grabbing all these games. There's a few gems and lots of decent games that will give you a few hours enjoyment.
  5. Always one of my favourite events. Iā€™m totally in. Thanks for running it again!
  6. Probably means it will be a Plus game for the month of June
  7. Yeah, I got crickets on twitter so I don't know what to say. There is no cross buy, but you can buy the game using the PS3 store - the version you purchase on the PS3 store is the Vita version, this was never released on PS3. So at least there is a viable work around.
  8. Yea, this can be boosted with just 2 people in private.
  9. I'm at the 1000 save file limit and can't upload anymore PS3 save files. I don't believe I have anywhere near 1000 PS3 saves. I actually deleted a bunch recently so I could upload current PS3 games I'm working on. I believe the data is separated between consoles, but the 1000 save file is a combined limit.
  10. I've tweeted EAS and Sometimes You. I'll update if I hear back Not cross buy
  11. Iā€™m confused, is PSNP CRT using Exophase to pull time played stats?
  12. I'll throw my name in for the really enjoyed Rogue Aces crowd. It does take a bit to get used to it, but once you get over the very initial learning curve, it's a lot of fun. I played it during a holiday a few years ago and it ran fine on the Vita. You will need to use save back up for the 100 missions in a single game, but most of the rest of it was fairly straightforward.
  13. That's what I originally tried to do, but the DLINK doesn't specifically have an AP mode. I turned off DHCP, but when I tried to give the router a static IP, it was giving me grief, and the DLINK and ASUS have different default IPs (ASUS 192.168.50.xxx, DLINK 192.168.1.xxx) I'm wondering it that's why there was conflict. I don't know for sure, but the laptops connecting to the DLINK were not getting an IP and wouldn't access the internet, while the Vita (oddly) was functioning better. As I said, undoubtedly I have something configured wrong, but at this point it may be easiest just to create a network for the Vita only and leave everything else, which is working, on the current ASUS Wifi.
  14. I'm going to try that and let the 2nd router just work as a separate network with it's own ID - in that case, does the ethernet cable need to run directly from the modem to router #2, or can it run, as currently configured, from modem to router #1, router #1 to network switch, then network switch to router #2 - will that still allow the 2nd router to act as it's own network?
  15. Just as a few more details - the 2nd router was attached via ethernet cable to the first router (when we moved, we reno'd a lot of the house so I ran ethernet cable everywhere...that was 10 yrs ago and of course now there are way more devices so I should have run even more, but I digress). I had the second router broadcast the same SSID and password. I'm not sure the 2nd router, which is a more recent DLINK, really works as an access point. I had an old WRT54 that we used and it was a breeze to set up. Again, I'm going to say I configured something wrong as I don't think the DHCP feature was fully disabled. I think this is why it worked for the Vita, as that is the only router the Vita was accessing, but the other upstairs tech was getting both wifi signals and getting conflicts. I tried to find some info about the DLINK, but there were contradictory statements - some said to connect the ethernet cable to the WAN port, others to use one of the numbered ports. I probably need to play with it more, mainly I was just wondering if moving a PS4 closer would help. I don't really want to use a laptop and DS4 controller as that kind of doesn't work for laying in bed at the end of the day and unwinding with a handheld