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  1. Just a heads up, I tweeted the dev about this and he has pushed a patch that is designed to fix the trophy. I can’t confirm it works, and I’m a bit hesitant to try it, as I was unable to get v 1.00 installed earlier.
  2. I'm totally in for another round. First one was fun and a unique twist. Plus this will hopefully help with the bonus objectives for the year long event.
  3. It was a fun game. About 3-4 hours to 100%. There are videos on YouTube, but it is doubtful you would need them. The solutions aren’t difficult, but it will take a few tries to get under the 3 star time limits. Most levels take less than 10 seconds to complete, and there 5 worlds with 12 levels in each. The hardest trophies are for completing each world with less than 10 deaths. This needs to be done in one run, and it may take a couple of tries. I would suggest doing these runs as soon as you complete each world so that the levels are fresh in your mind.
  4. Shared trophy list. You can only get the plat once.
  5. Yup, and I am worried this will happen again with the new BL2 DLC, which is apparently only for the PS4. Wouldn't be shocked to see it added to the PS3 list, even if that version doesn't get the DLC release
  6. Borderlands 2 says hello. 7 years late to the trophy party 😜
  7. I never played the first (which I guess technically is the 2nd?) I've often wondered if the Vita port was playable?
  8. When you are on long straights on a bike, press the left stick forward - this puts your rider into a tuck position, and increases your speed. Bikes was overall very easy. I have only the final Event to complete (the Canada tour, which I'm saving as my 30,000th trophy...), and I have all stars otherwise. I have some DLC left to complete, but overall Bikes is easier than DriveClub. The clean laps in time trials were the most annoying part. Now, as for the DLC - especially for the base game - that ratchets up the difficulty substantially. Venom 2 hot lap in the dark while snowing? Yeah, you can fuck right off 😡
  9. Here is my May update. Not a great month, just didn't have time to get through games that would have counted. What Remains of Edith Finch Winner of the GotY award from British Academy Games Awards Fulfills the Hardcore requirement. Started this month Spyro 3 This was on Push Square’s top 10 GOTY list for 2018 (I completed 2 as well, but I believe you indicated earlier I could use any one of the 3, since it was the collection itself that was nominated) Complete a 10 year old game Started this month End of month Stats: Platinum trophies: 676 (+51)100% completed: 969 (+61)Completion: 98.83% (-0.5%) [Driveclub....yikes!]
  10. Well, it doesn't seem like the game was from Ratalaika, which is the preferred abuse magnet on the forums these days, so it might fly under the radar.
  11. Meh. I expect an online heavy experience, with lots of microtransactions and DLC. I've lost faith in CodeMasters delivering a decently balanced game.
  12. Certainly I see a lot of references to the old GTA games. Looks interesting. I suspect it’s going to be quite time consuming. This is also a good demonstration of how to do a list well. Some great trophy names, and some unique sounding requirements.
  13. How tough are the trophies in this game? Is it a platinum list or just 100%
  14. Just a heads up, I did a full guide fo this game some years ago, which is available here https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/jimmie-johnson-s-anything-with-an-engine/258493-jimmie-johnsons-anything-engine-trophy-guide-roadmap.html I would strongly suggest people read the warning points at the start of the guide. If you use this glitch you just delete all save data afterward, as doing it on your active save will lock you out of the platinum, as you must build the karts for the respective trophies, and using the cheat unlocks them permanently, preventing you from completing the builds. It is also worth noting that the digital and physical versions of the game are incompatible with each other online, so you can’t self boost using one copy of each. If you want to boost the digital version, you must find someone else with the digital version. Likewise for the physical copy. Lastly, the rubber banding AI in this game is quite possibly the worst I have ever encountered. It is extremely difficult. There are also several very nasty difficulty related glitches/bugs in the game. It is very counter intuitive in terms of how career progress is set up. For clarity, I will cut and paste my warning section below, read it very carefully before starting career Before reading any further, there are 3 very important warnings to note.1. Cheat Codes There is a cheat code available allowing you to unlock all Karts from the start. This is accessed by pressing and holding + + + , then on the in order, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right, and finally click the Right analog stick (), then click the Left analog stick () I believe this will lock you out of both Tinkerer and Collector, as you can no longer build the cars in your garage. You will still unlock tokens for beating JJ in the duel's, but the trophy won't pop until you build the cars, which you can't do. I would recommend you avoid this code as you can't use the only useful Kart (Speed Demon) in Career Cups anyway. 2. Difficulty As I will explain in the Walkthrough, it is highly recommended you start on All-Star difficulty right away. Normally I would not make this a warning, but this game features a very unusual Cup Point System. Basically, once you start a Cup Career on a save slot, you must continue that slot through all 5 Cups. If you decide to switch to a new slot, you will have to restart the Cups all the way from Bronze. Why does this matter? Unfortunately, progress in a race is only saved if you beat your previous best finish. If you do a race on a difficulty lower than All-Star, you will have to replay the Event on All-Star until you better your previous result. If you played on Rookie and did very well (for instance, winning easily), you may never be able to beat that on All-Star, thus blocking any further progress. Since nothing carries over anyway, there is absolutely no point in playing Career on anything other than All-Star 3. Difficulty 2.0 Learned this the hard way - if Warning 2 above wasn't bad enough, every time you progress to a new Cup in your career, the game defaults back to Rookie difficulty! This is potentially a game breaker, if you get to the 3rd or 4th Cup, and have a momentary lapse, and find out several races in that you were on Rookie, not All-Star You are now faced with the daunting task of re-racing any events that are on Rookie, and having to beat them - if you can't, your save slot is blocked, and you will be restarting all the way from Cup #1 on a new slot. I cannot over emphasize, check the difficulty on Race Event #1 every time you start a new Cup during your career. Once you change to All-Star, you should be fine for the rest of the Cup, but watch this very closely.
  15. Lists aren’t live yet, but there are Vita versions coming too