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  1. I'd guess that it still will be significantly faster. You'll have to search for monsters to kill in some lower populated zones (and it can be tiring on longer play sessions). Didn't check myself but read online that players 1 terror zone is better (xp wise) than players 8 non-terrorized Baal minions + Baal.
  2. I've levelled two hardcore characters from 93 to 99 during this month, both hammerdins, one on ps4 d2r version and one on ps5 version, singleplayer players 8, terror zones. I've used clock set method to get desired terror zone. And I used backups to recover if my character died. It took about 8 hours from 96-97, 12 hours from 97-98 and 15-16 hours from 98-99. I've used respective item duping methods to get high runes and got powerful runewords like Enigma, Call to Arms, Heart of the Oak (additional time was needed to get perfect stat rolls on those items). I've also farmed materials for respec tokens and organs for Uber Tristram torches farming. Farming spots Since I played hammerdins I wanted to avoid places which can spawn magic immune monsters. So Tal Rasha Tombs and Worldstone Keep was out. I also wanted to minimize downtime between runes so act 2 and act 3 terror zones were out due to long run times from spawn point to waypoint. Because my gear lacked some good unique items (like Shako or Arachnid Mesh or Stone of Jordan) I needed terror zone with act boss. Farming act bosses is the best way to get unique items and because of terrozones all act bosses can drop all unique items. That requirements left me with two viable farming spots: Act 1 Catacombs + Andariel Act 4 Chaos Sanctuary + Diablo I measured time for couple runs for both places with and without killing main boss and found out that best exp/time ratio went like this (from best to worst): 1. Catacombs lvl2 without killing Andariel 2. Catacombs lvl2 + killing Andariel 3. Chaos Sanctuary without killing Diablo 4. Chaos Sanctuary + killing Diablo Diablo has more hp than Andariel and there is small downtime between popping last seal and him spawning. My measurements maybe wrong for other builds, for example Lightning Sorceress will probably have better xp in Chaos Sanctuary because she can mow down large numbers of monsters pretty quickly. I used hammerdins as champion/unique monsters snipers, more so from level 97 onwards. Sniping/telestomping with Hammerdin is rather hard on console/controller so use running to reposition your character and get most of your hammers. There is also D2R version to consider. Loading game on ps4 is considerably longer than on ps5 so on ps4 it is preferable to make longer runs (for example <Chaos Sanctuary + killing Diablo> was quite long for me) and minimize loading penalty. I installed Playstation 4 version of D2R on my ps5, on external ssd drive. It took about 20-25 second to quit to menu and load game. If you have D2R installed on hdd it can take a little longer than that. Loading time on ps5 version were very short. During Chaos runs one must be careful when dealing with Lord de Seis minions and Infector of Souls pack. Although <Catacombs lvl2 without killing Andariel> was the best I've done most of my runs on <Catacombs lvl2 + killing Andariel> because I wanted to gear my characters. And the gear dropped (mostly by Andariel) was quite good. On those two characters combined I got 2 Griffons, 3 Shakos, 4 Arachnid Meshes, 5 Stone of Jordans (which also enabled Uber Diablo farming for +10% xp Anni charm), 4 Maras Amulets. I got many sunder charms and some skillers too. Your mileage may vary due to RNG gods but it should be possible to get nice gear during levelling to 99. You may have to reset map few times to get nice layout (change difficulty to other, enter game, quit game, change difficulty to Hell, enter game, new map should be generated). After couple of runs you may notice that there are boss and champion pack which have fixed spawn points between runs on Catacaombs lvl 2 and lvl 3. Example of one such run: There were couple of times when my characters almost died in Catacombs due to usual suspects: Fanaticism and/or Might Aura on boss packs so be aware of those. Backups There were couple of times when I lost progress due to character dying or strange menu glitch. Sometimes when I quitted game to backup save games to cloud I noticed that my progress wasn't saved. I think it might be related to dupe method which uses that glitch. Shared stash is saved but character inventory and progress is rolled back. Encountering that glitch during levelling is annoying. I advise to backup progress once in an hour (and also reset system clock to get desired terror zone). On ps4 version of the games it is possible to transfer saved games to cloud (if you got ps+) or to usb drive. On ps5 it is possible only to transfer saved games to cloud (if you got ps+). There is an option of backing whole ps5 to another ps5 console but it takes time and you have to own 2 consoles. Character list glitch Character list sorting/order is also tied to clock/time (last characters used are on the top of the list). When you change clock time to set terror zone you may notice that you can't choose character and instead other character is chosen. It happens when you enter game with other characters (for example you move items to mule characters) and then turn back time. To avoid this glitch don't change characters during levelling. If you want to fix this situation temporarily: 1. Close the game app. 2. Set current time in console settings 3. Launch D2R. 4. Choose your desired character on the list but do not enter the game yet. Your character model should now be displayed on center of the screen. 5. Go to dash without closing game and set date and time to set terroz zone. 6. Go back in game and enter game with your character. You will have to repeat those every time you launch game (eg when you backup saved games). Alternatively you can find new time and date after you switched characters which sets chosen terror zone. I wouldn't set future dates to avoid further complicating character list. Thanks I'd like to thank you all for helpful info in this topic.
  3. Funny enough that's how terrorized zones worked at the beginning. They were available as soon as character started each difficulty. It was possible to beat Nightmare and then do some Hell terrorized zones to get sunder charms which would make Hell playthrough a little bit easier. But popular youtubers said that terrorized zones should be locked behind Baal and here we are (youtubers have a lot of sway on Blizzard nowadays). I did some additional testing and it is possible to change date&time/terrorized zone even when character is in active game. It is not necessary to leave game or close game app.
  4. I don't understand what you mean. Could you clarify please?
  5. Didn't checked myself but from what I've read and watched: FoHdin is suitable for players3-players5 setting (also animal type enemies are troublesome for him). Hammerdin is player8 viable although it is kinda hard to telestomp enemies with controller. FoHdin plays better with controller and it is safer build, just shoot from afar. New D2R patch just went live on psn. Just checked on ps5 and offline terrorzones rotation is related to system clock/date and time (Setting->System->Date and time). So by setting date and time manually on console it is possible to change terrozones. Meaning it is possible to play Chaos Sanctuary with Hammerdin 24/7 (with small break once an hour to change system clock). I didn't play long enough but sunder charms should also drop offline. Unique monsters and champions in terrorized zones on Hell difficulty should drop sunder charms now. To unlock Hell terror zones you have to beat Hell Baal (once per offline character I think).
  6. I would guess 2x-3x faster. Popular youtuber made it last season under 100h in online mode (p8). But he was fed experience shrines. Time to make it solo will heavily depend on ability to somehow choose terror zones we want to play. Online terror zones are chosen server side. I wonder how it will be implemented in offline/singleplayer. If offline terror zones rotation will be system clock related then it should be possible to play great terror zones just by setting console clock to specified date/hour. Best terror zones xp-wise are Tal Rashas Tombs, Chaos Sanctuary and Worldstone Chambers+Baal Throne. I'd like to point out that (contrary to popular belief) terrorized cows are really bad xp-wise. Cows are spongy and give little xp.
  7. So terror zones are coming to singleplayer in a week or so: https://news.blizzard.com/en-us/diablo2/23899624/diablo-ii-resurrected-ladder-season-three-coming-soon
  8. Fist of Heaven was faster on /players 8 Chaos Sanctuary than Hammer? From what I read online FoH starts to get weak above p3. On the other hand I really like that it's not required to aim it (on consoles anyway) and it's safer than Hammer (damn you De Seis!).
  9. Yeah, it is mind numbing. I refuse to do it! I'm waiting for Terror Zones. Still boring but at least you get to see different monsters than CS/Baal/DClone/Ubers and better xp in terror zones after 94-95. I was counting on single player terror zones patch before end of the year but I think they will release it after season 2 (which is supposed to end January-February, but it's Blizzard so could be March-April)
  10. If they implement new terror zones feature to singleplayer will it be faster on /players 8 than killing Uber Diablo (and Clones)?