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  1. Well... I have ran out of space at this point. I am in the process of rebuilding my game room. I do not know how I am gonna do it fully, yet. I am just at the moment slowly boxing up and storing everything in that room until I empty it out. Then I am gonna get someone in there to build wall to wall shelves and a new wall coming out and make the room U shaped. Thats the plan anyway, I am in no rush though, just gonna do it right and take my time lol
  2. 5 more games to the PS4 set, did not know the made a physical copy of Heavy Fire on PS4. When they have the 4 for $20 offer it always is a good time to stock up on games for less than $5 each
  3. I love getting new PS3 games these days, I hope Limited Run Games keeps releasing new ones to collect. Can not really tell it is a PS3 game LOL
  4. Should Only have 4 or 5 Limited Run Games Vita left to buy if they have 102 in there set. Kinda glad at this point to be at the end, buying these games are becoming a pain with how fast they sell out.
  5. Some good pick ups this go round, found a CE I have been looking for. It was less than the game costed used so can not beat that. Finally cashed in my B2G1 free code at GameStop and Metal Gear was on clearance at Target
  6. Newest Limited Run Vita Games... Only a few more to go before the set is complete.
  7. newest Limited Run games came in, some easy Platinums
  8. My newest pick ups from Tuesday. Loving NASCAR Best one this generation, Greedfall was a let down, it will be thrown into the very back of my huge backlog... Maybe I will get to it again someday lo l
  9. I do have it, It is in the storage room with the first titanfall CE with the huge statue. I also have the Titanfall 2 CE that came with the bust statue.
  10. Get you and 2 others and you can vote to kick anyone that joins the room. 3+ friends can keep out anyone you don't want in there
  11. CTR and the final season of the Walking Dead for me.
  12. Some dirt cheap PS3 games from the thrift shop, just fillers for the collection The whole lot of games from Friday...
  13. I grabbed these on Friday, just getting around to posting them. Can not wait to play Control and Dark Pictures: MoM The others got for cheap at the local thrift store.
  14. Took advantage of the 3 for $25 deal at GameStop and finally got wreckfest.
  15. This is one of the best looking CE that Limited Run has made, Well worth the wait.