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  1. I would like to be added just applied, Thanks
  2. I enjoyed it. I had a rough start though Friday I could not get it to work and Saturday I was to busy, but Sunday I finally got to play. I agree with most on that it feels like destiny, a little division mixed in as well. I like the iron man feel to the suits though and will definitely get on launch if my friend gets it cause it is very fun with someone else. I put up a clips video of some things I thought was cool/crazy/funny/weird
  3. Just a quick video of me showing the CE contents off and comparing it to the RE7 CE. Thanks for watching
  4. I subscribed to your channel, cool content. I myself am starting up a YouTube, any helpful tips and stuff would be great thanks My channel if you wanna stop by and have a look. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7U9d5OaS3LDshtHVsxY9UA
  5. I'm in huge fan of these movies and sadly I've not seen the new one and the one before it.
  6. I think it's fun with friends, I don't think I would play it alone. EA has made so many mistakes over the last few years with there big titles that I think its starting to catch up with them a bit. The game overall looks great though and plays like one of the best shooters I have played. I have even put up a few videos of battlefield V on my youtube, I mean this video here alone shows just how cool and realistic it can be.
  7. Turn off or sale the Hadron Collider you can not have it for the stats to count for the unlock
  8. Glub Glub Glub Drown 3 enemies using a water finisher 12/31/18 @ 11:43pm
  9. just sitting on the main menu for a little bit will pop the trophy for level mastery. I replayed the level did new challenges and all that nothing happened. quit the game rebooted it sat on the main menu did other things and it popped with me doing nothing
  10. no, needs to be 10 different ones
  11. The USA physical copy does not stack. Just tested it out and its the same as the digital one.
  12. came out today in the USA 09/04 I don't know about other areas release dates.
  13. @Sakura_p789cs @PlatynowyKot Physical version is worth it because it has all 3 games on the disc. Your not just getting the portal bridge game you get the original one and stunts also. 6265729_sd.jpg
  14. The Platinum is fixed at the moment with patch 1.11, so if you need to finish it play it now before they break it again
  15. The platinum is not able to be gotten on patch 1.09 unless you have already won your Motogp 2 career championship. The new issue that was introduced is you can't win a race now you always come in 2nd place to Olivera no matter how far ahead you get. I have tried to uninstall game as I have the disc copy and play un patched, but the game does not even work on version 1.0 as you can not even steer the bike because the left or right stick will not work. So until a fix comes around this is a friendly waring to all that its not possible to plat the game currently.