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  1. no, needs to be 10 different ones
  2. The USA physical copy does not stack. Just tested it out and its the same as the digital one.
  3. came out today in the USA 09/04 I don't know about other areas release dates.
  4. @Sakura_p789cs @PlatynowyKot Physical version is worth it because it has all 3 games on the disc. Your not just getting the portal bridge game you get the original one and stunts also. 6265729_sd.jpg
  5. The Platinum is fixed at the moment with patch 1.11, so if you need to finish it play it now before they break it again
  6. The platinum is not able to be gotten on patch 1.09 unless you have already won your Motogp 2 career championship. The new issue that was introduced is you can't win a race now you always come in 2nd place to Olivera no matter how far ahead you get. I have tried to uninstall game as I have the disc copy and play un patched, but the game does not even work on version 1.0 as you can not even steer the bike because the left or right stick will not work. So until a fix comes around this is a friendly waring to all that its not possible to plat the game currently.
  7. is that far cry double in a steelbook case also? could you please take some more pictures after you open it?
  8. July 19th, for me so just a little less than 3 weeks away for me. It was : Hero of Lave Arcade - Complete planet Lave From Super Stardust HD
  9. not yet
  10. This, every time I stop I always make sure I will never load on a date behind were I stopped
  11. I left the internet box checked the whole time and got every trophy for this game no problem. Only one left is 50 raider attacks all others I did use time skip and never took it off line
  12. Yea I am doing that. The boxes are just not showing up at all, it tells me I need to connect to internet just to open were they should be at Edit: I got it now, you can not hit X fast to claim all. slowly worked lol
  13. im not getting the lunch boxes, I follow your steps perfectly and it works just no boxes to open.
  14. My thing is the game is a bit more complex than others, and the guide's information is not organized very well to help out. I have used several sources to try to plat this game and nothing has came from it yet... I can only hope someone does a guide that is more effecit or organized than what we have out there.
  15. I'm sorry I had found the PST guide but for some reason I seem to be having issues following it. It doesn't help I do not know Japanese, I do not normally struggle with these games if I have a guide just have never been able to figure this one out. Thanks for the heads up with the PST guide and sorry I forgot to include I had seen it and didn't get the help I needed with it.