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  1. I'm sure and getting a PS5 game on the shelf I'm sure adds more sales. As a collector I would've bought it with or without trophies lol
  2. God damn! You’ve got quite the physical game collection!

    1. Corrosivescott




      Yea over 10,000 Games, been collecting since the late 90's

    2. shxrpay


      Holy shit! 10,000?!?

  3. I played it last night, did the collectibles and this is Game of the Generation. PS5 has already peaked lol For real though it is playable crap another easy plat, 3-5hrs
  4. Quality releases here
  5. it is a special type of points.
  6. You can get all with just the 1 or 2 games free. The CapcoMaster is just points you earn each time you play, you need 100,000,000 total to reach that rank. If you are good you might earn 30-50k per run so its a hella grind.
  7. EDIT not glitched, you must hit the gopher with the key each time, must also be all levels consecutive
  8. NASCAR: Dirt to Daytona Smuggler's Run 2: Hostile Territory Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Twisted Metal: Black Fatal Frame
  9. I got them from a Return Pallet warehouse. I don't know why these were there it is mostly opened games, but these were all sealed so I grabbed them all up.
  10. This Weeks additions