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  1. Finally got Dangerous Driving, it's not as good as I hoped it would be though. Bought me a second Playstation Classic as it was on sale for $15 at a local shop lol Wish it had Final Fantasy 8 on it instead of 7 though...
  2. Hope it's fun, but who knows when I will get to it.
  3. Some late evening pick-ups from GameStop, Taking advantage of there sales. Mass Effect, Injustice & Just Deal With it! were all part of there 3 for $15 deal
  4. Yay, finally get to play this game. Had to track down a physical copy of this for the shelf ++Plus its always a bonus to get in some new Phone games.
  5. Latest Limited Run PS4 game. Gotta Have all the FMV's I can get
  6. One of my favorite metal cases made. Thank goodness it was for the better of the two games also lol
  7. Grabbed SCVI during the gamestop July sale for only $50, Finally found a Playstation Hits game I have been hunting down for a few days...
  8. Always a good day to get a new vita game, Plus a easy trophy list as well.
  9. The Quest counties... Only 5 Playstation Hits left to collect in the first batch. Sadly there are 9 new titles coming out this month. So close and Sony decided to move the bar on me a little further away LOL Anyway here are my latest two new ones to the set.
  10. The set is sadly coming to a end... I will be sad when it comes to a end. I have loved collecting the Limited Run Vita Games
  11. Loved this game so glad to be able to have it in the collection.
  12. Two new RED's Added to the collection. I am just a little bit obsessed with these RED Playstation Hits games lol
  13. Love me some Resistance for the price why not lol
  14. My latest Playstation 4 games are in my two favorite Sub-Sets to collect. Limited Run Games and the new Playstation Hits Line.
  15. My wife grabbed bloodborne for me as a surprise, she didn't know I had picked one up already lol.