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  1. Had to grab the Japanese copy of this cause the NA one was so plain.
  2. Since it seemed to be a game everyone else was picking up (Drakengard 3) figured I might as well grab me a copy also. Skyrim cause it was $1... and sealed.
  3. Who knew it got a physical lol
  4. It is not all PS4 but it has one lol
  5. @IntroPhenom Just got mine in as well I waited forever to get this collection in. So many delays...
  6. It is not a new game, but it is the Splash Blue system I always wanted to get.
  7. and the backlog keeps growing..........
  8. Red Art games package today.
  9. Finally found me a steelbook copy for cheap
  10. I have seen lots of complaints on connection issues, but not really with this mission and only this. I can play Hitman 3 online no issue, I have completed the other 2 Sniper missions with no issues several times. But ever time I finish the Siberia level I get this screen I am lost om how to fix this, I have looked and read everything I can find for days on end about this issue with this level. I have un-installed played both PS4 & 5 versions same issue with both. Anyone else in this situation with this level? I see people getting the two trophies for this level so I know it is not broken for all which is weird to me.
  11. Sorry I am a bit later, I just restarted this game after years of taking a break from it and seen your post. If you still need confirmation of a NA copy on disc here is a picture of mine form my collection. I bought it at GameStop when it came out, I do not remember Seeing it anywhere else but I could be wrong.
  12. The quality is crap cause these are in my picture from today that had mostly PS4 games in it. But I am on a quest to buy all LEGO games this year found 2 today... I think I need 7 more on PS3. Original Photo: