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  1. It seems to be advancing the story in auto mode so far. I've not been paying to much attention to it so far though. Thats the biggest issue just not understanding what the trophies are for doing.
  2. easy so far yes, I fell asleep playing this last night and the game played itself while I slept. I unlocked two trophies while I played it, but now after leaving it running alone playing itself I have a total of 20 trophies unlocked. So it seems as you can just let the game do the work for you
  3. I grabbed it before it was delisted Red Faction Does Have a Plat. 44 total trophies
  4. Anyone bought this to see if it has trophies yet?
  5. I got the game on the day it hit the store. (Tuesday here in the USA) * The first card I pulled was the cards show up more often, so the game is pure luck based. Stage 6 is by far the best to farm cards I learned that from my iPhone days with this game. * that's right I forgot to note that the 5% health one is missable if you pull the regeneration health card so it's best to get that trophy done early. * I did every trophy on the vita except the level 8 trophy which I did on PS4 You are right about the lag on the vita, it's bad on the later levels especially on insane and nightmare difficulty
  6. in the first level you must shoot the big green plane early enough to let it crash into the light house
  7. No not no where near it I played it a few hours each day, I played this game on my iPhone a few years ago I already knew what to do. The game is a short 100%, the only hold up is the cards. Now that I figured out that you need to get the other trophies without closing the game down everyone can get this game done quick. it's a 5-10 hour 100% (Luck Dependent on the cards) ** important get the 5% health trophy out of the way to avoid getting the card that regenerate's health ** Tips to speed it up 1st - Farm Cards on Level 6 Insane 2nd - Farm kills on level 8 Normal 3rd - Farm stars on Level 5 Insane This order will save everyone time and get you your 100% quickly, I messed up closing down the game over my 3 days playing it.
  8. they are in the patch today
  9. I have the US edition, just wondering if others are having a problem with this as I have seen people showing up on here.
  10. Thanks just had to ask since others have it showing up
  11. The more figures you have the easier the feats will be. I bought them in lots on eBay for cheap. easy games defiantly look up a guide for 1.0 some challenges are easy for ones not in the pack
  12. Pirates is by far the easiest one, only 9 of them most are collect just figure out pattern most are easy and only take 1 try. Cars is way to much I think it has 18 or 20 to do in it and much more challenging
  13. can you tell me which one you did to get the trophy so i can try that one? thanks
  14. So you have to get all the challenges to 5* for one whole town? Cause I've 5* several in different towns where they are no challenges at 1*
  15. Same happened to me I have done a few with 5* now no trophy
  16. is the menus in english or does it have a option to make them in english? thanks
  17. I was wondering if any one got any tips for this. Here is the run down: Beat it over 3 years ago with disc version (never got to 10hrs.), now I got the PSN version and had to start over save didn't work from disc. So here it is I've got one save on my PSN thats at 18hrs and a second one at almost 11hrs??? anyone got any tips or whats wrong a fix for this issue? Thanks
  18. Yes very, I went back to playing on my iPhone where it never crashes
  19. Thanks for the Tips guys, I had to un-install the game and re-install it. I tried my two saves that was over 10hrs each with no luck, I had to start a new save and it unlocked with no problem after 10hrs of just sitting there. (On another note I deleted all my old saves before I made new new one)
  20. I have left this one running for awhile, I've got a save at over 18hrs and another close to 11hrs Yes the one from the disc is on another PS3, so this is not even the same Playstation 3 I played that one on all those years ago
  21. I've not tried that yet, I will have to give that a try. Thanks
  22. I got the same thing to me been that way for days
  23. Can anyone give some tips on this trophy "Seven feet under the keel!" i've done everything I know anyone got tips for this one? does it have to be the first 3? thanks
  24. I have both USA PS 3 Retail, Europe PS 3 and Vita Retail What one is this one for? Thank You for the help
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