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  1. Latest LRG
  2. here is my latest Steelbook addition
  3. Had to double dip on this game when I found out it had a Collector's Edition.
  4. I buy a lot of them new mostly. I wait for sales on some of the ones I miss due to lack of money. Yea about to hit 900 total PS4 physical games. (that was the goal for the Year)
  5. I love looking at all these pictures of steelbooks. I went and rounded up all mine to share as well... I put 15 in each picture so I could tell you all which ones are my favorite ones. So in this one above... The RE7 and Ghost Recon are my favorite in this batch Final Fantasy XII from the CE on the top right Star Ocean 5 and Skyrim I love the UC4, but I was so happy to find a physical of Thomas was alone Ether one here was so excited to see it had a Steelbook Halo Wars hands down I loved that one since the day I seen that Limited Edition Oh man I don't even know where to start here... Splinter Cell, Doom 3, New Colossus, Breakpoint, Primal, & FC5 Nothing here to say, but... simply ALL OF THEM lol It is the same here these are some of my TOP Favorites!!! And finally the last 16 these are the best of the best out of my 151 steelbooks here and the small amount of Switch ones I have collected. Hope everyone enjoys these and I can not wait to see others. I all ready have a running list of new steelbooks to hunt down from the short time this topic has been up.
  6. My two newest LRG Here they are with all there friends lol complete set as of now.
  7. 4 for $10 at GameStop can not beat that.
  8. A hard to track down PS4 game. This is a Walmart exclusive game...
  9. Finding this on Disc was actually hard in my area. This game has sold out everywhere around here. Thats what I get for waiting on a price drop I guess.
  10. Yea so I went a little overboard on That's you!, But Best Buy had a nice clearance sale for $.99 and if I need replacement cases I know which games will be getting gutted.
  11. Finally got some of my kickstarter stuff in from the bloodstained campaign. Picked up Ghostbusters and found the other one for $4 at Best Buy on clearance. Only 47 more PS4 games to hit my goal for 2019.
  12. A little late with these, they are from Tuesday pickups. Hitting the bid milestone of 850 PS4 games after adding these two here, only 50 more to go for my goal of 900 total for 2019. Love this steenbok, but damn you can see the smudges on the case from just setting it up for the pictures
  13. Next batch of games, been wanting Aces for some time finally found it for a good price. Hope AI is good, but it is going to the backlog for who knows how long.
  14. Latest LRG vita releases at this point I am just buying these to complete my set, I have sadly moved away from gaming on the vita these days.
  15. Newest LRG release in. Loved this back on the OG Xbox not sure when I will get around to it on PS4 though.
  16. Still clearing out some of the cheaper games I am missing while GameStop is still running there 4 for $20 deal and a new Limited Run VR game. Bringing the total to 844 PS4 physical games.
  17. I was able to get all the difficulties to unlock using cheats all the way through the game. As long as you save with all cheats turned off and close the game then restart it you can unlock anything when you reload the game up.
  18. The cheats still work after update. You can turn them on, get to levels end, turn them off and save before level exit and close out the game, reload it and walk out and it unlocks the trophy no issues
  19. I do post them on my Twitter account. Today's new games put me at 839 Physical PS4 games. Those random Xbox games I got at a yard sale for a quarter each LOL So glad to finally get some new RED Hits games in:
  20. Well... I have ran out of space at this point. I am in the process of rebuilding my game room. I do not know how I am gonna do it fully, yet. I am just at the moment slowly boxing up and storing everything in that room until I empty it out. Then I am gonna get someone in there to build wall to wall shelves and a new wall coming out and make the room U shaped. Thats the plan anyway, I am in no rush though, just gonna do it right and take my time lol
  21. 5 more games to the PS4 set, did not know the made a physical copy of Heavy Fire on PS4. When they have the 4 for $20 offer it always is a good time to stock up on games for less than $5 each
  22. I love getting new PS3 games these days, I hope Limited Run Games keeps releasing new ones to collect. Can not really tell it is a PS3 game LOL
  23. Should Only have 4 or 5 Limited Run Games Vita left to buy if they have 102 in there set. Kinda glad at this point to be at the end, buying these games are becoming a pain with how fast they sell out.