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  1. This is one of the best looking CE that Limited Run has made, Well worth the wait.
  2. Crap list since NASCAR Heat 2, just copy and paste... The challenges are the only thing that requires any skill
  3. Aliens Vs. Predator Hunter Edition, been waiting to find this for a good price new and finally did. one of my favorite games of last generation.
  4. So I saw this on the Playstation Twitter account. Figured I would ask it here to see what games everyone here likes to replay. Myself I replay Castlevania: Symphony of the Night every year, I beat it some years and others I do not.
  5. I wish I could add it into my backlog, sadly it may be something I never get to. I wish I still had my original PC games. I loved both of these games... man it is like I forgot about them. This thread has been awesome so far. I love seeing so many classic games I loved playing so long ago from you all.
  6. Thanks, It is under construction at the moment. LOL
  7. That is more RE4 than I thought I would see. You are just talking about my early days of gaming there. I love all those games, but I sadly never beat Legend of Dragoon. Seeing Legend of Legaia there though only makes me feel the need to go back to it for another play through its been, it has been close to 20 years since I have played it. Love those as well wish we could have gotten the last episode or at least HL3. These need to be ported to PS4 I never could go back to that one myself, I got the PSP remake of it and put many hours into it never beat it though. I just can not get into SRPG's like I could 20+ years ago, it is sad cause they used to be my favorite games to play. I put more hours into Final Fantasy Tactics Advance than any other one in that series though it was by far my personal favorite game.
  8. Newest Limited Run Game to the collection, Can't wait for Jak X to complete the set.
  9. A better lot of games finally found Doom 3 complete and the others was just to cheap to pass up on.
  10. Not much to look at, but hey two new games I do not have for the wall of playstation 4 games (BTW these were bought with the 3 for $15 deal)
  11. Honestly I do not know, I bought 32 games from that store that day for like $27 I did not even mean to pick up the MLB game because of it's price lol. It just got mixed in with the other 30+ games in my cart. It worked out though in the end I did not have 14 so It is whatever.
  12. Not much to look at, but they was cheap and I can not pass up on a copy of Resistance. Think I have a problem that is my 7th copy...
  13. Added some sports games to the collection today, do not think I will ever get around to them but for the cost I could not leave them on the shelf lol also waiting on a sale for the Limited edition of little dragons cafe paid off.
  14. It's More than PS4 games today... but The Occupation is the newest Playstation 4 game added to the collection.
  15. Been wanting Strange Brigade since it came out, waited for a deal and finally got it. The other two games was to good to pass up, but I do not have any plans to play them anytime soon lol
  16. Newest Vita games. Looking forward to getting into these two, I enjoyed the First DD game and Back in 1995 looks good to.
  17. I finally got A-Train, I used to play this on the PS1 as a kid. Excited to see how this one is, it has been over 10 years since I last played one. Sad that the trophy list has not been added to the server on Sony's side I can only see them in offline mode
  18. Finally got Dangerous Driving, it's not as good as I hoped it would be though. Bought me a second Playstation Classic as it was on sale for $15 at a local shop lol Wish it had Final Fantasy 8 on it instead of 7 though...
  19. Hope it's fun, but who knows when I will get to it.
  20. Some late evening pick-ups from GameStop, Taking advantage of there sales. Mass Effect, Injustice & Just Deal With it! were all part of there 3 for $15 deal
  21. Yay, finally get to play this game. Had to track down a physical copy of this for the shelf ++Plus its always a bonus to get in some new Phone games.
  22. Latest Limited Run PS4 game. Gotta Have all the FMV's I can get
  23. One of my favorite metal cases made. Thank goodness it was for the better of the two games also lol
  24. Grabbed SCVI during the gamestop July sale for only $50, Finally found a Playstation Hits game I have been hunting down for a few days...