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  1. I would if I could (until since playing the demo), but no, it plays nothing like previous Contras...period (Even though I've never actually played the 3D type Contras, so...). Also, to be fair, what Contra game, besides this one, has overheating weapons? None of them! The weapons of previous contra games always had unlimited ammo with no cooldown period. Besides, Konami isn't what it used to be anymore.
  2. Easy...there's barely any music resembling old contra themes. Its also twin stick, but doesn't even use proper twin stick controls (Left Stick to Move, Right Stick to aim, which should be shoot and aim. Which that is relegated to a button.), also...weapons a Contra game which never had that in the first place and usually have unlimited ammo too. Otherwise its similar to that of the old PS1 Contra games in a sense how bad it was.
  3. If anyone needs to do the online specific trophies, send me a message and I'll see what I can do. (PSN ID is the same as my PS Profiles username.) Also looking for an open lvl 10 or higher club.
  4. Yeah, it did, "restore licenses" will, if usually, fix your DLC if they don't work properly the first time around. However, this does not work if the games' region and DLC don't match, it has to both be the same. (Example: US game and US region DLC.)
  5. Sadly, no, if I tried to change the link to "en-US", it gives me a 404 error.
  6. You may want to "Restore Licenses" from your PS4 in case the DLC isn't working properly, the DLC is automatically installed as soon as you launch Driveclub again. Also, make sure the DLC is the same region as the game itself too.
  7. Yeah, its already midnight pacific time (as of post), and the Driveclub content is still up, but probably for a couple more hours, lol.
  8. At the moment, the delisting for all Driveclub content (both the digital versions [DC+DC:VR] and the DLC [Bikes and all of the expansions, liveries, early unlock vehicles and fame boosters]) has already happened everywhere (which includes EU/PAL and also JP/Asia) except on the NA PS Store. Which will be within the next day or so.
  9. Also, if they don't show up on your game, despite already bought and have them installed, you may have to "Restore Licenses" on the PS4 to get them to work properly the next time you launch Driveclub.
  10. Be aware that if you bought certain DLC's prior before its delisting, and if it doesn't work properly, even after it was installed, then you'll have to "restore licenses" from the PS4. That's what happened when I got the DLC's that weren't part of the Season Pass, for example.
  11. If you mean for the EU/PAL region, then yeah. DC (digitally), DC:VR (digitally), the Bikes expansion (Add-on) and the rest of the DLC are still up though on the US PS Store, but not for long, I suppose.
  12. Unsure that you might have to do this VS CPU on no-star difficulty if that's the case, but we'll see if you need to do VS player. Also, its not just all the characters in the base roster though, Ryuko and Satsuki have dual wield forms that also have different Fiber Lost finishing moves, so I suppose you have to do theirs as well.
  13. Mako is a (Free) DLC character (which she and DTR [also free] have no specific date for their release yet), and I don't think DLC characters count towards certain trophies. If anything, I think you also have to use the Fiber Lost moves on the Dual Wield versions of Ryuko and Satsuki if that's what you're missing, other than the whole base roster as well.
  14. Well, waiting on the specific spots does trigger them, with the gesse and the beetle, hmm. Already checked the JP PS Store, 9.63 GB, almost 10 GB to install.
  15. Yeah, but that won't keep me down from unlocking stuff post-game.