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  1. Yeah, its also showing up on my screen too. Time to claim it!
  2. I got it during the winter sale when it was 1/2 off (50%), waiting for the upgrade too. BluNectarine (one of the staff members) from the official Forever Entertainment discord said they're working on it with Sony to fix the cross-buy and free upgrade issue with those that bought the PS4 version previously before the PS5 version release (with cross-buy of PS4 version included). Yeah, I assume physical is different in this regard and is the same like other PS4 physical games that include a free PS5 upgrade. Its the digital version though that's having issues currently.
  3. Yes, the list is easy enough, however, even on the easiest difficulty, the AI might get slightly aggressive (then more agressive). Though yeah, here's hoping the difficulty trophies stack if you set the difficulty to Level-7/8 (though chances are, I'm guessing no, and you'll need 3 playthroughs on the set difficulties). The difficulty does get ramped up agressively on Level-4 and higher in later matches. As for cross-buy, it is.
  4. Yes, let me bring it up. And its actually the number of trophies you've acquired, not specific ones. 8: Infinite Ammo - , , , , , 16: One Shot - , , , , , 24: Unlock All Weapons - , , , , , 32: Infinite Continues - , , , 40: God Mode - , , , , , Once you unlock the Infinite Ammo Cheat for "reload gun with bullets in its chamber" trophy, you can easily get that no problems. As for joining a second player mid game, yeah, that's was an issue I had to do on other platforms, its possible, but its wonky to do as well. Its just you have to start co-op in a specific way with the second player on, but you have to make sure 2P doesn't have the "Ready" prompt on their screen. Then start mid-game with player 2 with probably the button pressed or something. I just need to see how I did it on other platforms and probably answer for that.
  5. Well, its a fairly easy platinum once you unlock a specific number of trophies, which in turn, unlocks specific cheat codes. And if you're wondering, they do let you unlock trophies with the cheats enabled (or disabled, if you wish) as they aren't disabled as well in other platforms that I've tried too.
  6. Doesn't seem that Move support is available at launch and the devs mention that it'll be patched in post-launch. Also, if its anything like other platforms, you can easily unlock the "Full Armory" trophy once you unlocked 24 trophies, then press , , , , , from anywhere in the main menu and its selections, except in-game.
  7. Yeah, I was wondering why this one wasn't unlocking, despite doing specific throw actions (normal and commands). But yeah, throw breaking from the CPU isn't easy unless you know when its coming. Though I suppose its easier to do this one online with a boosting partner. That and they might need to change up the trophy description. (Doubtful...)
  8. Yep, just be glad that at least there's no achievement to (in the first game) face/defeat Bloody Jitterbug on normal MBL in Lv.999 rank without getting hit once on all stages. However, in the first game, changing the option settings disabled achievements (based on the X360 vesion), but the second game didn't, at least. Hopefully its the same around here (unless they changed it in this release). Since DS 2X was easier to get all achievements previously. But yeah, the tough ones like DS Virtuoso (DS1) and Merry Christmas (DS2) will be a bit tough to get. But yeah, the list is a bit challenging enough.
  9. As a trophy, no, but more or less, I assume there will be per character like the last game. Either way, yes, another easy ASW list considering GBVS and BBTAG previously.
  10. I know the answer is about 3 or so years late, but since getting it digitally on sale for a decent price, I can confirm buying digital Future Tone DX does give you the DX trophy list with a platinum. However, sadly, buying this does not entitle to the original JP version Future Tone bundle or individual packs (Colorful Tone and/or Future Sound) or any of its Season Pass content (as a bundle and/or packs 1, 2, and 3 and possibly the Extra Encore pack), as all of that was delisted prior to Future Tone DX's release. (Unless those that were lucky to buy said DLC's previously, though expensive.) You can still however download the JP version of Prelude, but is impossible to 100% fully for new players since the original Future Tone DLC's are no longer available, since only the base trophy list (Prelude) is possible to complete. This does not affect the English/Overseas (NA/EU) release of the original Future Tone as all of its contents are still available.
  11. In short, yeah, cheats do not lock trophies, espeically the $50 coins suicide code (which they changed it up a little bit in the complete edition). Rather, you just put a couple of these, the rest of the button codes are just for novelty. Sword of Love: At the title screen, press x3, , , . $50 coins for 1 life: During gameplay, hold , then press x2,,x2 ,,,, . (Better if you do this in the shopping district in stage 1 with a snack bought to go so that you can keep going without losing lives and then pay scott's late fees at the No Account Video to buy the first, second and 4th options at $4.95 each to make the game easier. So that you max out with 9 lives, all your stats at 100, and max your level to 16.)
  12. Speaking of trophies and all, a few are locked if you don't have a "Ubisoft Connect" account logged in, which I thought to myself..."Why?" Cause getting the platinum is unobtainable without it, since network fetaures such as online co-op and leaderboards (even with PS+) and also the character Knives are locked behind it. Hopefully they update it to where you don't need it, even with an LRG physical release (unless those get fixed before they ship it). But I know Ubisoft has made some dumb decisions before, so its not the first time.
  13. Krispy Kaiser fron SNK is looking into it. Also red_tyrant, SamSho 2019 never had a steam release, only EGS.
  14. Well, to be fair, the list is fairly easy, and yes, you can use the save state and option settings to your liking, especially using the save function mostly since you can use them to get the character specific trophies on each games last stage. (Though you'll have to intentionally lose and continue to pick a different character.) That, and you'll want to map the Heavy Slash to a face button in SS1, 2, and V/SP (3 and 4 already maps it to a face button), since you'll be using that a lot to deal high damage. That, and most of the time, the CPU is susceptible to jumping HS (and close ranged throws), unless they don't block/evade it, that is. Some of the misc. trophies may have complex conditions, but they can be usually found either in the character's move list, or through the game history and usually there's a hint section on how to do certain things such as how to fight Kuroko in SS2 or how to perform a Link Slash in SS4. Oh, and BTW, vanilla SS 5 is easier to get the Lv.8 (hardest diffculty) trophy considering some cheese strats, saving at specific times, and you can set the rounds to whatever you like. (1 for you, and 5 for the CPU, lol. Though you'll have to win 2 rounds in the final stage in that one.)
  15. Sadly, those getting the update from the PS4 version of UNIST will not get a separate trophy list. You have to buy the standalone (physical/digital) version of UNICLR unfortunately if you want a trophy stack.
  16. Would be nice though, but this collection is mostly covering the NES versions. I don't think some of the titles on here don't have the option of the Arcade version either.
  17. Well, other than the trophy list being the exact same as UNIST's (besides the slight name change), yes, it'll be an easy plat. And yes, it'll be a free update to those that own UNIST on PS4 (sorry PS3/Vita players). However, I'm suspecting that this list will end up working on its standalone (physical/digital) version and not the updated/patched way if you already own UNIST. (Unless by some miracle you can stack easily, lol.) --- Edit/Update: On second thought, it does seem to be the standalone version of UNICLR. Also, it includes DLC Colors 31-40 and all of the Round Call DLC voices for everyone minus Londrekia from what I see lately of streamers' ealy copies of the standalone release.
  18. I would if I could (until since playing the demo), but no, it plays nothing like previous Contras...period (Even though I've never actually played the 3D type Contras, so...). Also, to be fair, what Contra game, besides this one, has overheating weapons? None of them! The weapons of previous contra games always had unlimited ammo with no cooldown period. Besides, Konami isn't what it used to be anymore.
  19. Easy...there's barely any music resembling old contra themes. Its also twin stick, but doesn't even use proper twin stick controls (Left Stick to Move, Right Stick to aim, which should be shoot and aim. Which that is relegated to a button.), also...weapons a Contra game which never had that in the first place and usually have unlimited ammo too. Otherwise its similar to that of the old PS1 Contra games in a sense how bad it was.
  20. Yeah, it did, "restore licenses" will, if usually, fix your DLC if they don't work properly the first time around. However, this does not work if the games' region and DLC don't match, it has to both be the same. (Example: US game and US region DLC.)
  21. Sadly, no, if I tried to change the link to "en-US", it gives me a 404 error.
  22. You may want to "Restore Licenses" from your PS4 in case the DLC isn't working properly, the DLC is automatically installed as soon as you launch Driveclub again. Also, make sure the DLC is the same region as the game itself too.
  23. Yeah, its already midnight pacific time (as of post), and the Driveclub content is still up, but probably for a couple more hours, lol.
  24. At the moment, the delisting for all Driveclub content (both the digital versions [DC+DC:VR] and the DLC [Bikes and all of the expansions, liveries, early unlock vehicles and fame boosters]) has already happened everywhere (which includes EU/PAL and also JP/Asia) except on the NA PS Store. Which will be within the next day or so.
  25. Also, if they don't show up on your game, despite already bought and have them installed, you may have to "Restore Licenses" on the PS4 to get them to work properly the next time you launch Driveclub.