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  1. Got it, thanks!
  2. I couldn't find the answer online for this but simming races counts towards the trophy. To begin with, you need to get as many resource points as possible to upgrade the Aero department for "As good as it gets" trophy. Once you have fully upgraded, start on the Powertrain department and you should start finishing behind your team-mate (2nd) in most of the simmed races. This will make getting 41 podiums a lot easier. Hope this helps
  3. That's really unfortunate for you but I'm sure you're nearly there. I think durability is needed for the trophy so just keep at it. I decided not to do much of aero as it's the most expensive. Hope this helps!
  5. It has to be the Epic Word Search Collection, definitely GOTY for me.
  6. Just to add some more information to this trophy. I popped the trophy with the following upgrade percentages. - Durability 83% - 19/23 - Chassis 100% - 21/21 - Aero 46% - 12/26 - Powertrain 100% - 15/15 - Competencies 75% - 9/12 Looking back I think I would start with Aero, Durability, Chassis then finally Powertrain if the trophy still hasn't popped.
  7. Does anyone else have a problem with this game freezing? I just began playing it again on PS3 and it was fine for like the first day but then I've had constant freezing on loading screens. I can't even load the first loading screen without it getting stuck. The disc has no visible scratches, deleted some games off the hard-drive, cleaned the inside of the PS3 and I'm still having problems with the game. The only thing that improves the loading is by leaving the ps3 off for a few days. I've tried other disc games too and they work perfectly too. Any ideas?
  8. Just managed to get this trophy using two controllers and accounts. I held the options button and kept leaving and rejoining as second player in an online lobby and it eventually worked!
  9. The Australian league is the best one I've found recently for continental cups. You can play in your first season and the teams aren't very good either so you can win with a bad team.
  10. 1. Black Ops 3 (PS4) - 0.80% 2. Black Ops 4 - 0.82% 3. Fifa Street - 0.93% 4. GTA IV - 0.95% 5. 7 Days to Die - 0.96%
  11. The game should start when there are at least two people in the lobby. I have seen quite a few odd randoms around when I was boosting about a week ago and I had no problems with the servers either.
  12. I just went to search for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare on the store and it has been delisted.
  13. Thanks! Yeah that would be good! I have two ps4's over Christmas so I plan to self boost most of the game but I think there are a couple of trophies which require 3 players so a boost group would good.