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  1. The Australian league is the best one I've found recently for continental cups. You can play in your first season and the teams aren't very good either so you can win with a bad team.
  2. 1. Black Ops 3 (PS4) - 0.80% 2. Black Ops 4 - 0.82% 3. Fifa Street - 0.93% 4. GTA IV - 0.95% 5. 7 Days to Die - 0.96%
  3. The game should start when there are at least two people in the lobby. I have seen quite a few odd randoms around when I was boosting about a week ago and I had no problems with the servers either.
  4. I just went to search for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare on the store and it has been delisted.
  5. Thanks! Yeah that would be good! I have two ps4's over Christmas so I plan to self boost most of the game but I think there are a couple of trophies which require 3 players so a boost group would good.
  6. Just wondering if anyone could give me feedback on whether the servers are working normally as I've seen posts on them only working on the same internet connection. I would like to boost this game before the servers shut down but I don't want to start it if they are buggy. Also, can you boost this game with just two people or do you need a set amount of players to start a match? Thanks!
  7. Destiny 2 is actually on the store for free right now on the uk store.
  8. No but I changed the difficulty to hard because it allows for longer drifts.
  9. I still haven't even received the email I'm pretty pissed
  10. I think only quests, dweller level ups and exploring the wasteland only count towards the trophy.
  11. No problem! Just hope it helps
  12. Yes it's doable. The only hard trophy is place in the top 16 in qualifying in Pro Season mode 5 times. I'm not the best at F1 but I managed to do it with a controller and a bit of practice.
  13. @Cursed Heart Crash Bandicoot. It can be annoying but I think the platinum is rewarding.