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  1. Tomb Raider: Underworld クロフト邸探検 クロフト邸探検を完了
  2. Tomb Raider: Underworld 地中海遺跡調査 地中海遺跡調査を完了
  3. You're wishing poverty and ill health on people who made a fantastic tomb to send the game off with simply due to your inability to make an informed purchase?
  4. Unbolded and underlined for your convenience.
  5. It says it in the season pass description on the store...
  6. They've said ever since the SP was detailed that it would be exclusive. You only have yourself to blame here.
  7. You're a completionist and only play games you're genuinely interested in and not trash trophy bait like My Name is Mayo or Ratalaika spam.
  8. 100% - Shadow of the Tomb Raider

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    2. Lars


      Nice one! How difficult is the hardest difficulty?

    3. madbuk


      I did the hardest difficulty on my first playthrough, not NG+, and it's definitely manageable. If you've played Tomb Raider 1 on PS1, it feels a lot like that. I'd say maybe the save crystals in TR1 were better paced than the campsites in Shadow, but it's still very fair.


      It gets rid of white paint, survival instincts, and Lara talking to herself during puzzles, and that completely transforms the game. It's a wonderful, tense experience because you never know what trap could be around the corner. Combat is likewise tense and stealth is very important. I usually don't like stealth in games, but the tension that the hardest difficulty brings on you makes it so much more engaging.


      I absolutely recommend playing it on the hardest difficulty first try and the people who don't are really missing out imo. And you only get one chance at a first playthrough, it's nowhere near as tense or engaging in a NG+ run when you know everything ahead of time.


      It makes collectibles a bit of a pain post-game but you can easily do a NG+ speedrun on easy/normal and do the cleanup there. All your collectibles reset but it wont take long to get back to where you were originally.

    4. DamagingRob
  9. Oh please. Played the way they're intended to be played - actual reading - visual novels often take longer than big AAA games. Steins;Gate is 50+ hours, Danganronpa games can go into the 100+ hour mark. This is a prime example of why trophy whores are a big problem. They're ruining the reputation of actual good games.
  10. Nobody was tracking how many Goosebumps books you read and comparing that number to the amount of 500 page epics someone else has read as if they're the same thing. You also had no incentive to stop reading after the first 5 pages like you do with Ratalaika games. Trophy hunting on the other hand is extensively tracked, but unless someone looks deep into your profile, a 200 plat trophy card is the same as a 200 plat trophy card, but the profile itself could be loaded with all these shitty 4 minute stacks where as the other could be entirely games that the person bought to enjoy and got the trophies along the way. Nobody is buying Ratalaika games for enjoyment and they're in denial of their harmful addiction if they say otherwise.
  11. We may not be able to detect them or punish them, but we could at least stop encouraging this behaviour. The share play sessions need to be removed, or else monitored and everyone who uses one gets taken off the leaderboard
  12. A lot of the online saves you can find online have been done legitimately, so is it okay to use them?
  13. madbuk, Drive on the wrong side of the road for 547 yards
  14. Oh look another game that will generate more interest on these forums than games being released that have actual thought put into them and aren't just a throwaway moneygrab preying on trophy hunters with a harmful addiction. Disgusting that Sony shuts 1000 Top Rated down yet somehow lets Ratalaika get away with it despite being infinitely more harmful.
  15. Difference is Battlefield 1's trophy list actually makes you experience most of the game, and the trophies aren't just handed out like free candy. It's all contextual. A 20 trophy list can require much more work than a 29 trophy list, for example, but considering who the dev of this game is... Thanks for the compliment I guess, but how many people really look that deep? They see the plat count/completion % in your trophy card and that's generally about as far as they'll go. Ratalaika and the like have caused trophy inflation - whereas something like 100 plats may have once been a big milestone, with the amount of trophy bait thrown out there it's basically just common place, and who has time to go through a 100 game trophy list checking? See above. Inflation. There's so much shit out there now, who's going to care about a profile with 10 platinums, even if they're all Meatboy tier? Look at all those cool guys with 100+ 90% rarity plats.