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  1. #218 - Late Shift Was alright overall. Definitely better than The Bunker. The acting in this one was a bit of a mixed bag as well. The female protagonist was fairly good, while the performance of the male one was good on some occasions and weak during others. The subtitles also didn't reflect what was actually said on occasion and the music/effects were recorded too loud that it almost makes the voices inaudible at times (lowering the music volume did bugger all and general volume lowers the voices as well so it's useless). Enjoyment: 6.5 Difficulty: 2
  2. #217 - Dying Reborn Didn't expect much from this game, and that's exactly what I got. Graphically it was alright as was the little music that played. The story was very predictable and not well elaborated. The worst were the sound effects and the voice of the main character, who sounded like he was grabbed from the street, dragged to a studio and asked to say a bunch of stupid lines. Sony needs to start implementing quality control or PSN will end up like steam. Enjoyment: 4 Difficulty: 2
  3. I'm adding another game to my list (Tales of Berseria) Season IV Earth's Dawn - plat Apotheon - plat (started in S3) Ray Gigant - make some progress Okage: Shadow King - finish story Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart - try out the game Dishonored 2: Death of the Outsider - finish story Tales of Berseria - Play through it once I've been making good progress in Okage.and am in chapter 5 now. THe remaining chapters will probably be spent mainky with grinding to level 70 (about 35 levels to go) and farming for the rare drop.
  4. Plat #2016 is in the bag with Dark Arcana. Had been a while since the last time I played an Artifex Mundi game. A bit on the short side this one, was enjoyable nevertheless. Time to start considering what plat 225 is going to be... In addition, some more purchases: Iron Crypticle RWBY Late Shift Dying Reborn How to Survive 2 Butcher Fahrenheit Tales of Berseria The next couple of plats are probably going to be Dying Reborn and Late Shift as those games are quite short. I'm also closing in on the Okage plat though.
  5. Traded in two games (Earth's Dawn and Town of Light) to get: From the current sale I got:
  6. Pretty much what I suspected. I'm thinking of sticking to Rosalyn (got her quest weapon) and Kisling. Although the latter depends a bit on how good the final character is. I read that Linda would get good skills at high level, but she's at 38 now and none of her spells seem worth it so far. Big Bull also seems very limited so far, but he's still under level 30 I think.
  7. #216 - Dark Arcana: The Carnival These seem to be getting shorter with each release, still fun though. Enjoyment: 7 Difficulty: 2
  8. I've sort of decided on my tentative list. Resident Evil 4 (if it arrives in time) Let It Die Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 Aragami Mafia 3 Battlefield Hardline Tomb Raider Legend GTA San Andreas Tales of Xillia (I already started this one a couple of years ago but it's still at 0% as I only played a few hours of it) I'm still considering swapping out 1 or 2 games, but for the most part this should be it. EDIT: Made a decent amount of progress in Okage in the meantime. Just started chapter 5 and it seems like I'm in the final third of the game. On the other hand this also seems to be where the grinding begins. My characters are around the level 30 mark and I still have to get 3 of them to level 70... The guide I'm using says I should keep all 6 characters around the same level. Anyone know how necessary that actually is? It seems to me 3 should be enough, if I plan to stick with them.
  9. The Artifex Mundi games are actually pretty good and enjoyable. They are hidden object/mahjong games with a few puzzles mixed in. Contrary to generic hidden object games they also narrate a story (usually fantasy stuff). The plats are easy and take 2 playthroughs. I wouldn't recommend playing several of those games back-to-back though, as they get somewhat tedious then. If you don't like the genre though, you might not get a lot of entertainment out of these games. Personally I'll be getting: Dark Arcana (already bought this) Late Shift Butcher Iron Crypticle Fahrenheit How to Survive 2 RWBY Dying Reborn
  10. I had it crash about 6 or 7 times on the same chest. The sporadically throughout the game whenever it felt like crashing. It's not too bad as you can save at any time, that doesn't make it any less annoying to.
  11. IGN is known for promoting about to release AAA titles in exchange for early review copies and "first looks" which increase traffic to their site/channels. and/or monetary values. If IGN is anything, it's being loaded as fuck.
  12. About halfway through the game, it becomes quite easy to go through the missions, even the bosses are easy enough to get S ranks on for the most part. It took me less than 20 hours of playtime to get the plat and I idled a few times, so the game isn't overly long.
  13. Got a good amount of progress done by getting the plats in Apotheon and Earth's Dawn. I'm adding Dishonored 2: Death of the Outsider to the list, for a bit of genre variety. Season IV Earth's Dawn - plat Apotheon - plat (started in S3) Ray Gigant - make some progress (currently in chapter 2) Okage: Shadow King - finish story Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart - try out the game Dishonored 2: Death of the Outsider - finish story With that out of the way, I made at least some progress in 4/5 of the games. There isn't really too much to say about the games, that I didn't say before. Earth's Dawn was more enjoyable than I thought it would be. The art style was what made me skeptical about it, but once I started playing it, it didn't really bother me any more. Had a good amount of fun playing through it Most missions are fairly short, taking between 5-10 minutes each, the main missions usually take longer. There are about 100 missions, most of which you'll need to play through 2 or three times to get the skills tied to the missions. Only things I didn't like about the game was the skill system, which ends up in a clusterfuck later on. The mandatory boss fights after every 5 side missions are annoying a well, as often enough you won't be able to get high enough rank for the rewards due to being underleveled/undergeared . Apotheon was pretty good, but riddled with minor annoyances. The hit boxes are all over the place, with attacks often not connecting for some arbitrary reason. Then there are the constant crashes and the issues with getting stuck in the environment. Other than that, the art style is neat, the story is alright and the game is fun. The boss fights are all interesting and original as well. Didn't make a lot of progress in Ray Gigant. I'm currently in the chapter 3 dungeon and already found the location of the boss. I'm aiming to clear out the remaining enemies in the dungeon before taking on the boss though. Kind of starting to be in two minds about this game, as there are a few mechanics that I really dislike. In Okage I also only made minor progress. Just got the 3rd party member in chapter 3 and been hunting down collectibles for the most part. This is another game that I only find to be decent so far. There's too many things I don't like about it unfortunately.