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  1. KYC 10 (Starts 1st July 2019 and ends 31st of July 2019) Welcome back for another exciting edition of the Kill Your Completion series. This is the 9th iteration, so most of you probably have an idea of what goes on here, but if you are new to the site or this corner of the forums, here's the previous edition of the thread.KYC 9. Those of you that participated in or followed the previous events, know by now that Hemiak won't be running this event for a while due to life being busy. He agreed that I'd take over in the meanwhile, so you're stuck with me for the foreseeable future. Now what does that mean for the event? Well, pretty much everything stays the same. I'll be largely copy-pasting the OP from the previous iterations, while essentially adding a TL;DR version at the bottom. I'm also inclined to cap the maximum number of games at 15 (which was kind of already a thing to begin with). That's pretty much it though. The Premise Participants will each choose a list of at least 5, and up to 10 0% games from their backlog and post them here so everyone can follow along. These games don't have to be pre loaded on your profile, as long as you own them already and haven't earned a trophy they count. Participants will start a new game from that list every couple days for the next month. o.O They WILL then post their thoughts on each game, and write a short review on the final day for each game. This can take any shape or form each person desires. I would prefer people do 5 games for 6 days each, 10/3, but if you have a valid reason for only being able to do 6 or 8 games, that would be acceptable. I would like if people could be a little more prompt with their reviews. I understand stuff comes up. However, if every single review is three games rolled into one, 4 days late, you're not trying very hard. I also like to see people get the minimum 3 hours per game, so I feel like more than 15 games would be cutting each one too short, I don't really care if you have no life and can do 5 hours every day. The Deeds TL;DR The Peeps Ignore This tag. Site is busted and won-t let me remove it from the post....
  2. Not too long now until we begin the 10th edition of Kill Your Completion. I'll probably put up the new thread tomorrow. Still want to try and finish HDN Rebirth 1's story before the new event starts. I've already started putting aside some interesting titles and will hopefully be avoiding games that are complete garbage.
  3. I didn't realise how much time had passed already since my last update.. So this is going to be a bigger one. #367 MotoGP 17 - Not much to it. A motorbike racing game, that tries to innovate every installment. Shorter loading times and stable online was a plus. Manager mode felt unnecessary. #368 Noir Chronicles - One of the worst hidden object games. Terrible animations, and a fairly boring story. #369 Nightmares from teh Deep 3 - This and the upcoming one are among the best HOB games out there. #370 Enigmatis 3 - The whole series is good. #371 Forgotton Anne - While the gameplay was only alright, the story, music and voice-acting saved this one from just being average. #372 Metagal (Vita) - Half-arsed Mega Man clone. #373 Metagal (PS4) - same as above. #374 Gravel - Weird cross-over racer with good variety and an uncalled for obsscene grind. #375 Army of Two: THe Devil's Cartel - Great fun and one of the better TPS games out there. That money and kill grind though... Dropped 3 games as well. Rise of the Kasai, which was barely mediocre. If I hadn't paid for it I would not have touched that one. The Last of Us was great, but the collectibles are a mess and the online is of no interest to me. Then there's The Amazing Spider-Man, which was alright, but has around 1000 colelctibles, out of which 3/4 are just scattered through the city. New additions: Raod Redemption Burnout Paradise Remastered
  4. #375 - Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel This was a lot of fun, although I could've done without the nonsencial money and kill grind.It's fun solo (because the AI isn't dumb as hell), it's fun co-op. One of the best TPS in recent years. Enjoyment: 7 Difficulty: 4.5
  5. Another dive into the wallet. worth it / regret / meh Sold games - 301€ Purchases so far Gwent: The Witcher Card Game - Free Hand of Fate - Wildcards (DLC) - 1.49€ Get Even - 15€ Outcast: Second Contact - 18€ Assassin's Creed Origins - 19€ Syberia 3 - 17€ Guns Gore and Cannoli - 3,99€ Yakuza 0 - trade (Strange Brigade) Moonlighter - 18€ Mega Man 11 - 18€ Thimbleweed Park - 7,99€ Dead Rising 4 - 19€ TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan - 12€ Syndrome - 15€ Fall of Light: Darkest Edition - 6,49€ Fullblast - 3,99€ Skyhill - 7,99€ Darkest Dungeon: Crimson Court - 3,99€ Darkest Dungeon: The Shieldbreaker - 1,59€ A Hole New World - 2,99€ Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass - 5,99€ Blue Reflection - 19€ Digimon Story: Hacker's Memory - 19€ Need for Speed Payback - 16€ Ni No Kuni II - 19€ Bendy and the Ink Machine - 19€ Vikings: Wolves of Midgard - 19€ Riddled Corpses EX - 5€ PS Plus subscription (1 year) - 45€ Path of Exile - Free Lost Sphear - 18€ Witcher 3 Season Pass - 10€ Hollow Knight - 7€ Blazblue Cross Tag Battle - 17€ Fallout 76 - 16€ Batman: The Enemy Within - 15€ Assassn's Creed Origins Season Pass - 15€ PS3 (3rd party) controller - 15€ Indie Darling Bundle Vol. 2 - 10€ One Word - 4€ I Am The Hero - 4,50€ The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 - 10€ Guns Gore and Cannoli 2 - 5€ Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax - 5€ Horizon Zero Dawn - trade (AC Origins) MotoGP 17 - 17€ Sniper Elite 4 - 17€ Elex - 17€ Forgotton Anne - 8€ Ruiner - 8€ Kingdom Hearts 2.8 - 18€ Gravel - 15€ Noir Chronicles - 4€ Nightmares from the Deep 3 - 4€ Enigmatis 3 - 4€ Metagal - 2,50€ Road Redemption - 8€ Burnout Paradise Remastered - 8€ Current total = 339,50€
  6. #374 - Gravel Was alright overall. A bit of a different type of racing game which I can appreciate. A fairly large variety of cars and tracks, or at least the illusion of them several are just variations fo the same track. Best thing is the soundtrack though \m/ Enjoyment: 6 Difficulty: 3,5
  7. #372 + #373 - Metagal A bit disappointed with this one. Looked like more fun than it actually was. Occasionally unresponsive controls. all enemies having knockback effects on touch don't help. Overall a subpar experience. Enjoyment: 5 Difficulty: 2
  8. Metagal and Road Redemption for me. Still considering World of Final Fantasy and Burnout Paradise Remastered as well.
  9. Streaming some Army of Two Devil's Cartel on insane difficulty https://www.twitch.tv/voodoo_eyes

  10. In a couple of weeks I'll be putting up the new thread for the next KYC event. Time to start contemplating on what games to pick .
  11. It looked very bland and generic and the character ran as if he shat his pants. I've also never seen an Ai that passive. Supposedly it's an Alpha build, which makes me wonder why a company would think it would be smart to show something that's that early in a development stage. Especially when the most recent titles were somewhat flops, you'd think they'd come out of the gate guns blazing.
  12. Without wanting to offend anyone,I'm going to be really blunt here. It's a lazy as hell way of bypassing an implementation of an actual rarity leaderboard. I'd rather not have cut corners just to put something out, that appeases people that are more obsessed with other people's profiles than their own. If other sites can do a variety of leaderboards, then there's no excuse that this site can't do it as well. It may not be accurate, but then again none of these leaderboards are as they don't include every single profile to begin with. Furthermore there should be an option to vote against this system. Not to mention there shouldn't be any new stuff implemented until other things that have been on the to-do list have been checked off. New gimmicky nonsense gets added, while things that should be higher priority keep getting pushed back. There's still stuff to be done from when the server was switched and broke half of the features on the site... and that's been years ago by now. Once all that is done, then start thinking about implementing new things, not before. For those who don't know what I'm referring to, here it is, burried in the forums somewhere. (This should actually still be stickied btw... as it's far from being done) Also, when it's implemented (as it's clearly not a matter of if, but when), don't clutter the profile with them things, and instead chuck them where the premum member "P" and the hidden games "H" are on the profiles. Considering that there's already a thought on adding more than those inital two, it'll be only a matter of time until the profiles look like a collection medieval of banners.