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  1. One more for team A. MXGP 3 Rarity at this time: 42.15 Average completion time: 12 hours = no bonus Points: 57.85 Another racing game that's just ok. A bit boring as time goes on as it's limited to 18 tracks and all the bikes feel the same way.
  2. #327 - MXGP 3 A decent motocross racing game that's pretty much the same as the previous installment. Good thing is there are no online trophies. Gameplay itself can get a bit tedious after a while as it's the same 18 tracks you got to go through twice. There's also a free roam mode, which I don't see the point for. Enjoyment: 6 Difficulty: 3
  3. It's a great game, albeit a bit clunky control-wise. It has a certain charm to it, despite the fairly dire thematic. There is a text walkthrough on pstrophies.org, but it's a bit of a mess when it comes to event order.
  4. Since this is the final KYC of the year, I'm going to do a full recap on my KYC progress since the beginning. No progress made since being played in the event Some progress made since being played in the event Completed since being played in the event No intentions of ever getting back to it KYC 1 KYC 2 KYC 3 KYC 4 KYC 5 KYC 6 KYC 7 Not including KYC 8, because well it's just come to an end. Howerver Yomawari: Night Alone is the first game I'll be getting back to as it's the most intriguing.
  5. It's been a while since my last update, so let's get this up to date. 8 new plats: #319 The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk - Decent point-and-click game, that plays just like the first game. It seemed to be a bit shorter though. #320 One Piece: Burning Blood - A fighting game that seemed to have an identity crisis. It's a 3D anime tag team fighter with a subpar story mode and a stupid leveling system. Fantastic roster though. #321/322 Jack N' Jill DX - Endless runner meets older Mario game. Was decent enough at half price. #323 Lost Grimoires - What's cool is that the devs try to put something new into each series. Bad news is that in this case it was potion craftin, which was just boring. Also not enough HOPs. #324 Lost Grimoires 2 - Same issue as above. The need to stop moving away from including HOPs. Lately there's onöy been a handful of them in each game and instead they put in the same type of stupid puzzles. #325 The Evil Within 2 - Grat game that was a ton of fun. It's a bit buggy and glitchy though. Definitely one of my favourites now. #326 The World of Nubla - Just a boring experience. Wouldn't have picked this up, if it wasn't offered on PS Plus. Also dropped one game from my backlog, as I wasn't enjoying it all that much. That one was Fairy Fencer F. A shitload of new additions: Little Nightmares: Complete Edition The Last Guardian MXGP3 Senran Kagura: EstivalVersus Observer Crossing Souls Next Up Hero Battle Chasers Nightwar Ys Origin
  6. Crappy PS Plus game plat incoming. The World of Nubla Rarity at this time: 97.32 Average completion time: under an hour = no bonus Points: 2.68 It's just boring to go through, but at least it's quick.
  7. #326 - The World of Nubla This was boring and I wouldn't have bothered with it, if it wasn't free on Plus. Enjoyment: 2 Difficulty: 1
  8. It's that time of the year again eh? Well, I guess I'll put down my list of "winners". I still plan on platting a few more games before this year comes to an end, but I don't think any of them will replace the current picks. Piece of Cake Award Couldn't be anything else than a Telltale game. It was an alright game, that's about it really. It's like Dark Souls This one is completely down to luck. There are patterns that are literally impossible to do, so you got to keep trying until a reasonably pattern shows up. This might actually not be like Dark Souls, as Dark Souls never feels unfair, this one fucking does. Bad Ass Award In one of the dungeons almost the whole party wiped at a boss, except me (playing a caster) and one other person who was also playing a ranged class. We managed to take down the final 40% of the bosses health by kiting him between us by balancing the aggro when he would start to damage one of us. Not sure how we managed to pull that off without communication, but we did. Grind of the Year This was one boring and long grind. The world bosses are completely down to luck and have set spawn times from when they were last killed. If I remember correctly I ended up waiting for 8 hours (could've been more) for just one for the bosses to spawn. All of them took me a good 30 hours to get. King of the Internet Well, that's 3 in a row. Was the most fun I had in an online game in a while. Then again I don't play a lot of online games, so yeah... Worst online experience While boosting the online portion, we would get booted of the servers every 2 races or so. Sleeper Hit of the Year Beholder: Complete Edition, was one of the biggest surprises this year. I didn't expect much from it, but after having played it I've got to say that it's phenomenal. Biggest Bomb of the Year Everyone has been praising this to the high heavens, and it turns out it's barely mediocre. Visually it looks appalling, the story is a fucking mess and the only thing that saved it were the puzzles. Best Trophy Image E.T. Phone Home (The Solus Project) Worst Trophy Image Every single trophy in Black Mirror. As they just were lazy and used the same image for all of them. Best female character Best male character Best Plat of the Year It's Nier Automata. Pretty much everything about this game is fantastic From the soundtrack, story, characters right to the smoothest combat you'll ever experience in a game. Worst Plat of the Year The Count Lucanor is broken mess that should be removed from the store. It crashes more often than any Bethesda game ever will, it deletes your saves when it crashes and corrupts the save files you got in the cloud. Best Soundtrack (bonus) Most anticipated plat of 2019 I want to get back to this next year. Did my first blind playthrough last week and want to get back to it next year.
  9. #325 - The Evil Within 2 As soon as I started it, I knew I was going to love this game. It is a great blend between Resident Evil. Silent Hill and Layers of Fear. Even though it has a few bugs, clipping issues and crashes, it was an incredibly fun game. Enjoyment: 8.5 Difficulty: 7
  10. The Evil Within 2 Rarity at this time: 9.14 Average completion time: around 35 hour = x1.25 Points: 113.58 Enjoyed this one a lot. Even having to do 4 playthroughs in the end didn't make it boring at any point. Nevertheless it has a few bugs and clipping issues.
  11. This should be my last short game for a while. Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery Rarity at this time: 87.40 Average completion time: around 3 hour = no bonus Points: 12.6 This one was quite boring. Something I kind of suspected, since the first one was pretty mediocre as well. Going to be focusing on Evil Within 2 for now. I'm going to have to do 4 playthroughs.because I didn't realize that I could get locked out of the crafting trophy, if I already had found a specific weapon.