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  1. Been making good progress in AereA (I still have no idea how to actually pronounce that bloody name). I'm nearing the final third of the game, and then all that's left is an obscene amount of grinding. From what I understand, I need 25000 currency with each character to upgrade all skills to level 3. On average you get 1-5 coins per enemy/pot... fun times ahead.
  2. Another quick update. #278 Aer - An artsy game, that has excessively long loading times and very floaty controls. Similar to Rime, but worse. #279 Alone With You (Vita) - It's a decent game if played once, but going through the 5 playthrough makes this game a bore. Also has frarate issues, where it's guaranteed to drop below 1 in two specific sections of the game. #280 Life is Strange: Before the Storm - Meh. That pretty much sums it up. Voices from support cast lacked emotion and sounded as if they were bored are half asleep. Not much care was put into the appearance of those characters either, who look incredibly bland. Evolve - Pretty much done with messing about on this game. It's generally ok, but it's not enticing enough to warrant grinding the hell out of it. It just gets boring to quickly. Wished they hadn't locked half of the content behind a paywall, that might have prevented the game from tanking the way it did. I might still play a couple of matches here and there, but I'm pretty much over it. New additions: Fe Injustice 2 Fate/Extella Final Fantasy XII Currently focusing on Aerea and probably going to give Fe a try as well this week. Might also get back to Exist Archive, which I probably already forgot how to play.
  3. #280 - Life is Strange: Before the Storm Not as good as the main game. This one had bad voice acting for a bunch of the characters, who sounded bored whenever they spoke. Several of the characters also looked unpolished and bland. The story didn't grab me all that much either. Enjoyment: 6 Difficulty: 1
  4. One more to add to the count. Life is Strange: Before the Storm Rarity at this time: 59.78 Average completion time: about 9 hours = no bonus Points: 40.22 Was somewhat disappointing to be honest. Some of the characters had terrible voice acting and sounded bored whenever they spoke. Also most of the characters that weren't main characters had really bland facial expressions and seemed also downgraded in their visual presentation.
  5. Fair enough, I'll keep checking in to see what's up . Well it could be, I know I'm up for it . I'd probably only go the 5 game route again, as I'm still in the plat race until the end of the year. I'm currently a bit uninspired though, not knowing what to sink my teeth into. This event might help with that. I see you've been busy with Tales of Berseria, which I recall playing during one of these as well (still need to get back to it one day...). How are you liking it so far?
  6. #279 - Alone With You (Vita) It's a decent game, if you only do one playthrough of it. Thing is you'll need 5 for the plat, which makes this a drag. It boils down to rinse & repeat, which just doesn't offer enough variety to keep this game interesting. The Vita version also has some nasty performance issues. There are two sections in the game, that are almost guaranteed to drop the framerate to 1 or less. The only way to prevent that from happening, is to quit out of the game beforehand after an autosave occurs. Otherwise the game will stay in that state until you forcequit. Enjoyment 3 Difficulty: 2
  7. Decided to power through Alone With You to be finally done with it. Alone With You (Vita) Rarity at this time: 17.68 Average completion time: over 16 hours = no bonus Points: 82.32 Not a bad game generally speaking, but it does overstay it's welcome. 5 playthroughs to get all endings turns a decent game into a boring one. Also finished episode 2 in Before the Storm and it hasn't gotten any better. Seems like it'll be another mediocre game. I'll probably wrap that one up tomorrow night.
  8. @Hemiak Any plans for another round of KYC in the upcoming months? My backlog keeps getting out of hand, and this event generally helps me kick games in the don't touch again pile.Not to forget all the reviews that end up making my backlog grow. We can't disrupt that natural balance .
  9. #278 - Aer One of them artsy games, that didn't really cut it for me. It felt like a worse version of Rime and has imprecise controls as well as horrendous loading times for a game of this size. Enjoyment: 4 Difficulty: 2
  10. I ended up platting a short game even though it's barely worth any points. Aer Rarity at this time: 81.29 Average completion time: under 3 hours = no bonus Points: 18.71 Wasn't really up my alley. It's a very artsy game similar to Rime, but felt a bit lackluster. It also suffers from excessively long loading times and imprecise controls. Started Before the Storm yesterday, and to be honest it doesn't grab me so far. I'm hoping it gets better in the remaining episodes. I've also been playing Aerea, which is sort of a top-down action-rpg with 4 player co-op.
  11. I've kinda been slacking as well. Haven't really stuck with a game lately and probably won't plat anything before next week. Until then I'll probably try to finish the 4th playthrough of Alone With You.
  12. Currently selling/trading 4 games for PS4: Chaos on Deponia Akiba's Beat Rayman Legends WRC 6 For PS3 there's just one: Mugen Souls Z Depending on the amount offered, shipping costs may be included (this would be national only I'm afraid, as in Portugal). I don't mind shipping internationally, but the shipping costs would have to be covered by the buyer.