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  1. True, that might take some time. My digital games are mostly indies, so downloading them is fairly quick. Still I wished Sony wouldn't cap the download speed on their consoles.
  2. Installing is the fast part, patching is the real nightmare .
  3. In that case stay tuned for the next event. I'll be posting a link to the new thread in here once it's done. The rules will for the most part be the same as in this one, with the exception of the maximum games allowed being reduced to 10.
  4. Knocked one more game off the to-do list. Got the plat in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and once again it's still as good as it was when I played it for one of the earlier KYCs. Exo survival solo was a bit of a pain, but at least Veteran difficulty was manageable. All the nano-tech gimmicks made this game very enjoyable overall. No mandatory MP was a bonus. I've been going back to Drive Girls on and off as well, but that game has become quite stale. Heads up. Going to post the new event sometime during the 20th of this month.
  5. #344 - Call of Duty: Advamced Warfare Even though there are a ton of cutscenes it is a lot of fun. Mainly it's down to all the tech gimmick stuff in this game, with the jump boots, exo suits and so on. I'm one of those people who play COD games for the campaign, that's where I get my enjoyment out of. This not having mandatory MP stuff attached to it, makes it better than any other COD by default. Exo Survival was a bit of a pain to do solo. Especially without glitches the flip flop trophy sucks to get done, but I got it on my 3rd try in the end. Grinding the matches also was annoying to unlock the riot map. Veteran is overall easier than in other COD games, mainly due ti the checkpoints being more generous. Enjoyment: 8 Difficulty: 6
  6. Used ot have more, but now I have only these (EU store):
  7. Streaming some COD Advanced Warfare at https://www.twitch.tv/voodoo_eyes

  8. Update Sold games - 158€ Purchases so far Gwent: The Witcher Card Game - Free Hand of Fate - Wildcards (DLC) - 1.49€ Get Even - 15€ Outcast: Second Contact - 18€ Assassin's Creed Origins - 19€ Syberia 3 - 17€ Guns Gore and Cannoli - 3,99€ Yakuza 0 - trade (got it for Strange Brigade) Current total = -83,52€
  9. Currently selling/trading 3 OS4 games: Tales of Berseria Outcast: Second Contact Syberia 3 and 1 PS3 games: One Piece: Unlimited World Red Only national deals (Portugal).
  10. B1 Hitman I1 Syberia 3 I2 Outcast: Second Contact I5 One Piece: Unlimited World Red N2 Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star N3 Get Even N5 Strange Brigade G1 Crossing Souls G3 Ghost Recon Wildlands G4 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare G5 Tales of Berseria O1 Yomawari: Night Alone O3 Mafia 3 O4 Fear Effect Sedna Two more crossed off the list. Hitman (can be completed in one sitting). which was a lot of fun, but it felt like half the game was missing. Especially the ending was a letdown. Granted it has a lot of replayability, taking into consideration it being an episodic release makes it far less appealing. Having 1 mission for a whole month, if not up to 3 months where the only thing you can do is replay the same mission over and over is still lacking in content in the end. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Hype), was also a blast. Probably my favourite COD campaign so far. Jetpacks, Exo suits, Hoverbikes, Mechsuits were all fun to use. Campaign seemed to be a bit on the short side though. I've also still been working on Arc the Lad, and I just hit the part where I need to grind for a few hours. I think I'm about 27 hours in and I'm expecting 3-5 hours of grind ahead of me.