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  1. #255 - Teslagrad Yeah, didn't really like this. While the concept is interesting, the gameplay was mediocre and the controls weren't precise enoufg for hte type of game it is. Enjoyment: 4 Difficulty: 5 (just because one of those damn scrolls)
  2. I have another game to add, that I've been playing on the side during the other event I'm participating in. Teslagrad Rarity at this time: 29.24 Average completion time: about 10 hours = no bonus Points: 70.76 Wasn't a fan of this game. The controls lacked precision for what the game expects you to do in it. The story was trash, as was the gameplay.
  3. I used to watch a lot of documentaries, but I stopped keeping up with them more and more over the years. I think the last documentary I watched was probably Zeitgeist, which was also very good. The VIetnam War documentary was great, because it was the most genuine in it's complexity and approach that I've seen so far. No glorification of patriotism, like in so many other pictures. It was as factual and informative as possible, which is what a documentary should be. Well, Ghost Recon Wildlands sure feels a lot like Far Cry to me. Take over outpost in a tropical mountain area, gather materials/flowers, a map clustered with icons. I mean it basically could be almost any other Ubisoft game to be fair. The main differences so far are that you can fly planes and helicopters, you can't die on an elephant though. Oh and you have to babysit your 3 team mates that are completely inept. Although I guess technically you can eliminate the latter issue by playing online with others.
  4. Game #4 - Day #4 - Progress Time played: about 4 hours Trophies earned: 5/58 I'll already post my update for day 4, as I'm not sure that I'll play more of it today. I did a couple more story missions and a bunch of side missions as well as gathering a truck load of materials for upgrades. The side missions so far have been: Stop a convoy - failed this one because a civilian car decided to drive on the opposite lane just when the first patrol car of the convoy was about to get close. Convoy got the hell out of dodge Steal a plane Steal a helicopter Hack an Antenna - failed this one, as I wasn't expecting having to hack 2 of them and the waypoint route it showed me on the map sent me to the wrong location for the second one.... Defend a radio Helping out Rebels Other than that I grabbed a bunch of collectibles and unlocked a few upgrades. Also realised that you don't have to wait for the other squad members to get into the car (thank fuck for that, because that can take quite some time on occasion as the AI seems to have trouble finding the doors). It's much better to just drive off and let them teleport into their seats, because video games. I also went back to Agents of Mayhem for the online contracts. The trophy for it still hasn't been fixed... When I got the trophy for completing 30 regular contracts, I went to check the stats for them. It said I had 47 in total (counter is combined for both online and regular ones) , which means I'm already over the 15 required online contracts. By now I've completed an additional 2, so I'm currently at 19 and still no trophy...
  5. Thinking about getting Hidden Dragon Legend, Mages of Mystralia and Jamestown+ . Most of the other stuff I'm interested in is still too expensive for my liking.
  6. Because it's kind of combination between a maze and a puzzle. It involves 3 mandatory fights against several tougher enemies and if you don't go the correct way in the maze, you might end up fighting those enemies over and over again. You can check the royal arms in the equipment loadout. I think it's the last tab, which only lists the royal arms.
  7. Game #4 - Day #2 - First Impression Time played: about 2 hours Trophies earned: 4/58 My first thought was that this could just as well have been called Far Cry 5 with better customization, all they had to do was get rid of the daft AI team members. The map is massive, separated in various different sectors In each of them there's a boss to defeat, a bunch of main and side missions to do and collectibles to gather. The collectibles aren't shown on the map until you gather intel, which is done by either interrogating civilians / enemy lieutenants or hacking computers. There are supposedly over 400 collectibles, so that's a step up from Agents of Mayhem already, which only has 350... I only completed one main mission so far, the rest of the time I've been driving around doing side missions and collecting stuff. Went to an outpost that had a collectible I wanted to get, trying a non-stealth approach. That ended up being a mistake, as the area got swarmed by enemies coming in by trucks and helicopters. No matter how many I killed, more would show up. This went on for a good half hour, until my character got killed. Lesson learned I guess... seems like the only feasible approach is always stealth. The tactical aspect is very limited so far, as well as clunky. Most of the abilities are locked until you get enough skill points to unlock them, and even then you can't unlock the abilities right away as you also need to gather materials.
  8. Looks like all you got left is the postgame stuff 👍. The only annoying section at this point is CostlemarkTower.
  9. This is one of the reasons why I disliked it the most from all the Telltale games. Even though the choices in all of them don't tend to change the outcome too much. In this one it was like a slap across the face. I still believe that the Game of Thrones one was rushed out of the gate, which also explains the stuttering and performance issues (not as noticeable on the PS4), apart from it still running on an outdated engine. This game constantly gave me reactions on things I "picked" as a choice that made no sense. Often the choices would say one thing and then when it was outspoken the character said something entirely different. I mean, if it's meant for you to always say something the riles everyone up, then there's not much of a choice really. PS: Watched the documentary that you suggested to me (The Vietnam War). One of the best docus I've seen! PSS: Currently watching Ghost Recon WIldands installing. Thought I had already installed it several weeks ago and it also had already downloaded a ton of patches recently. Guess I had to boot up the game for it to install properly ..
  10. #252-254 - Sound Shapes After years of being in the backlog, I finally decided to pick this up again. Not that great of a game, but at least I got 3 plats out of it I guess. Death Mode ended up being fairly annoying, although not as much as I expected. Still, there's far too much randomness to it. Enjoyment: 5 Difficulty: Pure fucking luck
  11. Alright, alright... I'll add another plat Sound Shapes (PS4) Rarity at this time: 28.87 Average completion time: over 10 hours = no bonus Points: 71.13 Game is pretty meh. Some levels are cool, but Death Mode is just a piss take, as it's completely down to luck. I'll be popping the ps3 and vita versions as well, but since auto-popping ain't allowed those won't count.
  12. Game #4 - Day #1 - Preview Next up for me is a "tactical shooter", in which I'm curious to see how the tactical part fits into an open-world game. What I understand as tactical shooter is more along the lines of closed environment, breaching a building and giving instructions to squad members, like the Rainbow Six Vegas games. I hope it's not just having a bunch of squad members tag along getting in your way. From what I understand, the online is mostly optional, which suits me just fine. This being a Ubisoft game, I expect (and it also has already been confirmed to me) a shitload of collectibles and a map filled with icons. Since I'm currently also going through the Death Mode in Sound Shapes, I expect this game to relieve me of all the frustration of said mode.
  13. Game #3 - Day #6 - Final Impression Time played: a bit over 5 hours Trophies earned: 2/45 I ended up not playing as much as I intended, as I wanted to work towards the online contracts in Agents of Mayhem since those are a pain in the ass to get done. Anyway, I enjoyed Exist Archive for the most part. The story has potential and the characters aren't as cringeworthy as they are in a lot of other JRPGs, which is a welcome change really. The music is also pretty good and I dig the aesthetic. I do also enjoy the metroidvania-esque dungeon layout, however the map is just plain bad. What's also bad are the tutorial sections, which don't really explain much of anything. Furthermore the dungeons are a bit too long for my liking. Even though you don't need to fully explore them to finish the individual quests, it still encourages you to do so even if it's just to farm monsters for items/XP. I'm still on Chapter 3 and all my characters are at least level 10, still stuck with the same skills which kinda sucks to be honest. I don't think the amount of SP given for each level up (2), is enough, considering the main skills cost at least 25 to upgrade/evolve or whatever. The combat while interesting and fun overall, also has room for improvement. At least the enemies seem to vary at a reasonable pace so far, which is nice. I can definitely see this game getting somewhat repetitive after a while, especially when going for the plat. Up to this point I'd still consider this to be an enjoyable and good game though. Thus giving it a .