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  1. Well, it's time for my usual wrap up. From best to worst: Bloodstained Ritual of the Night - It's just fun and offers a lot of variety. - 8/10 Marvel's Spider-Man - It's a solid game. Personally I expected more out of it, and felt it was a bit too "filler" heavy. 7/10 Devil May Cry HD - Was just ok to me. Didn't expect much of it, didn't get much in return either. - 6/10 Yakuza 3 - Again, just passable. Constant interruption with random fights and whole chapters of "slice of life" stuff really knocked the enjoyment down for me - 6/10 Commandos 2 HD - I couldn't get used to the controls, those that can are likely to get something enjoyable out of it - 5/10 Splinter Cell HD - Another one where the controls don't feel great, and the aiming is complete arse. - 5/10 Now regarding all the other games I've played on the side: Ghost Recon Breakpoint - This game has grinding all over it. Almost every mission feels the same, and is on a 3-4 mission loop of finding waldo. Target moved from point A to B, when you get there and tehn from B-C and so on. It's the blandest mission design of all time, but the gunplay is kind of fun - 6/10 Dead or School - Well this ended up kind of getting featured in KYC. Solid metroidvania, with satisfying combat. - 7/10 Assassin's Creed Odyssey - A lot of fun, if you enjoy the type of game it is. It took me 70' hours to beat the game and another 20 to do the first 2 DLC«s - Still need to finish the last DLC to finally be done with this game. Had a great time though, but it has it's issues nonetheless. - 8/10 Worse Than Death - a neat indie horror game. It's pretty alright in all aspects, but there are better indie horror games out there - 6/10 Wolfenstein The New Order - This was another great one. It was a ton of fun, has lots of weapons and still looks great on PS3 - 8/10 The Church in the Darkness - This is essentially a top-down stealth gome where you need to find people without getting seen. Camera is zoomed out enough to adequately plan for a route and not zoomed in enough to be able to identify what is what. - 3/10 Do not buy this, it's 20 bucks for one map that randomly generates it's layout Shadow of the Beast - It was a decent enough game, although a bit short. - 6/10 Spaceland - Budget X-Com. It's decent enough - 6/10 Ziggurat - rouguelike FPS, that feels somewhat chapat times - 5/10 Plague Inc Evolved - As messed up as it may sound, considering the ongoing situation aroudn teh world, this game is fun - 7/10 DMC Devil May Cry - I returned to this on account of the HD games, boy is this one fun, it just feels right - 8/10
  2. Game #6 - Devil May Cry (PS3) - Final Impressions Time played: 2h Trophies earned: 2/34 I didn't end up getting to the 3 hours with this one, as I eventually just got bored to be honest. I ended up trying out both DMC 2 and 3 on an alt account for about 30 minutes each, so kind of got to the 3 hour total xD. I think I got to mission 4, beat a miniboss and couldn't figure out where to go next, whcih brings me to the main issue with this game. The camera angles are fixed, they jump around, and don't show you the area well. I know this is a thing of the PS2 era for a lot of games, but damn is it annoying. What's also annoying is how the game or rather the trilogy is set up progression-wise. I keep coming across locations to upgrade and buy things at, but whenever I do I don't have enough red orbs, to buy almost anything (especially upgrades). I don't see why the game would put shops at these points, if there's no way I'd be able to buy things at them. This pointlessness transitions over to saving the game as well. You can save at any time. Do you start from where you saved? No. Do you keep the orbs, etc that you got until your last save? No. Then why the fuck do you let me save at all, if I have to start the mission over anyway? This nonsense also applies to the 2nd game, while the 3rd one you get to choose to do it this way or start back at the room you left off I beleive (not 100% sure), maybe that's just how dying works. No point going much into the visuals, it's PS2, so it's not great-looking by todays standards. Gameplay is just passable honestly. I know this is a lot of people's favourite, but I don't have any nostalgia for PS2 games, as I didn't own or play that system. So to me this is just not great. The aforementioned camera issue, then there's also the really weird way of dodging. For like the first 30 minutes of the game, I even thoguht tehre was no way to dodge. Turns out you need to aim with your guns, and press another but and direction at the same time. DMC2 got better in that regard having a separate dodge button, and feels as an overall improvement to be honest. At least gameplay-wise, from the little I played. DMC 3 seems to be the best out of the trilogy to me. It looks better, and combat feels more fluid, but they reverted the dodging back to Oh right, you probably wanted to know about the game, so you go through mostly narrow hallways, that lead to bigger rooms and killthings or get killed. I might end up going back to DMC3, but the first and second game have lost my interest. 6/10 for the whole trilogy. Here's something that's going to trigger people. DMC is better than any of the games in this trilogy, by fucking miles.
  3. This is Alfred I got him at 2 and a half months. This is him about a month older
  4. I still have plenty of games to catch up with, but as it stands my Top 10 would be as follows: Bloodborne Pillars of Eternity Fallout 4 God of War Dishonored: Death of the Outsider The Evil Within 2 Until Dawn Nier Automata Assassin's Creed: Origins Final Fantasy XV The last two spots will easily get replaced by games I have in my backlog.
  5. All good. it also happened to me in one of the first KYC, where Star Wars Republic Heroes disc stopped working after the frist few missions. It's the one risk when buying games used 😅.
  6. If you got anotehr game to play, you can just pick that to replace GT with.
  7. Game #6 - Devil May Cry (PS3) - Preview Developer : Capcom / Ninja Theory Publisher: Capcom Genre: Hack & Slash Well Capcom games tend to be a mixed bag for me. Some I enjoy, others not so much. As far as Devil May Cry goes, well I only played DMC. For what it's worht, DMC was actually one of those games I enjoyed. So I'm quite late to the party "starting" this franchise now, but it is what it is. I'm planning to incorporate these HD games into future KYC events as well, Here's hoping the Devil May Cry one still holds up and isn't trash like the Splinter Cell one.
  8. Game #5 - Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - Final Impressions Time played: 5h Trophies earned: 5/45 I did not play as much of this as I had intended. I played a decent bit though and have been enjoying the game so far. I only defeated 3 bosses so far I beleive, so I didn't get all that far into the game yet and am still only in the second major area. Thankfully there's some sort of fast travel so it's not too bad of getting around, as some areas are fairly big. Visully the game looks great, althoguh I wished the armor would actually show on the character. T some extent it does, but only the accessories, so that's a bummer. Sound design is decent and didn't really blow me away. There is decent enemy variety and lots of items to pick up, be it armor, ingredients or weapons. Killing enemies may also ulock abilities that are tied to that enemy. These can be either an attack they have, or you get to summon some of the enemies. Passive abilities are also a thing, and there are othes that will be unlocked through progression. THe most recent one I unlocked is to be able to move certain abstacles to free up paths. The combat is solid, and thanks to the different weapons and abilities it has a good variety to it I do not like how the dodging works though, which essentially is just a little backstep. Also sliding along the ground, is faster than the regular walk that the character has. So I've been sliding everywhere obviously. Plenty of coridors with dead ends and treasures are to be found in this game, as can be expected for it's genre. The map is always shown and can be zoomed in, and will also indicate treasures that you may have uncovered, but not been able to reach yet. There are also sidequests for NPCs, which usually want you to either kill something for them or bring them something. One of them wants you to cook her favourite meals that she doesn't remember the name of. So that's been interesting. Solid 8/10 game so far, might bump it up depending on how it continues. On the other hand I've been playing more Spider-Man as well, and Im going to lower that rating to 7/10. I've come to the realization, that it's inferior to the Batman games (at least worse than Arkham Asylum), as it almost exclusively sends you into an area to fight a shit ton of enemies, does some mild story progression, back to more enemies, more story,and so on, until there's eventually a boss fight. It being open world, makes it so that there are actually no interesting levels or areas to explore. Furthermore my map is now plastered with side stuff I don't really care for. So yeah, honestly the game's overrated imo. My intention of getting the DLC, has dwindled completely as I figure it's going to be more of the same.
  9. Game #5 - Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - Preview Developer : ArtPlay Publisher: 505 Games Genre: Metroidvania Price: 39,99 € From what I understand, this game was made to be the spiritual successor to the Castlevania series. I have only played Super Castlevania IV briefly on the SNES when it came out, so it's been a hot minute 😰. EDIT: I actually remembered the other day, that I did play Castlevania Mirror of Fate a few years ago, which was pretty good. So there is that. I have played a decent amount of games in this genre though. Shantae Half-Genie Hero and the most recent Dead or School were the ones that I enjoyed the most so far, followed by Apotheon and trying out the Guacamelee games which I didn't like all that much. Anyway, I heard very good things about this game. Very excited to try it out tonight.
  10. Oh I know, it's already been accounted for and added another 42,50€ to the tally 😂
  11. This will probably wrap up my month of July, unless there is another sale happening, or I'll find physical games for a decent price. July Resident Evil 3 - 18€ Bloodstained Ritual of the Night - 15€ Marvel's Spider Man - 15€ Death Stranding - 17€ The Outer Worlds - 18€ Sekiro Shadows Die Twice - 35€ Hellmut - 19€ Dragon Ball Z Kakarot - 25€ Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - 13,50€ Sinner Sacrifice for Redemption - 19€ The Church in the Darkness - 20€ Dragon Age Inquisition GOTY - 6€ Bound By Flame - 2€ Warhammer Mechanicus - 16€ Nioh 2 - 18€ Doom Eternal - 20€ The Last of Us Part 2 - 35€ Twin Mirror - 15€ Mordbid: The Seven Acolytes - 12,50€ The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope - 15€ River City Girls - 21€ Trials of Mana - 25€ Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire - 30€ Ghost of Tsushima - 40€ Current total from games sold: 369,50€ Total spent: 1.342,00€ I definitely spent a lot more than I intended to this month. I'll have to cut down somewhat next month.as I've already spent more in 7 months than I did the entire last year.
  12. #550 - Wolfenstein The New Order (ps3) Even though I played this on PS3, this still played and looked great on that system. Furthermore it was quite a lot of fun. The gunplay was great, and there are plenty of weapons to keep things fresh. Collectibles and perks progress saving is a huge plus as well, when it comes to the cleanup after beating the game. Enjoyment: 8 Difficulty: 5