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  1. Game #3 - God's Trigger - Update I'm about 1 hour in (feels like more) and boy this game is difficult. Thankfully there are a decent maount of checkpoints spread out through the levels. With each level my death count tend to double in comparison to the previous one.I'm 5 missions deep and from what I can tell, there seems to be a good amount left. I There is also local co-op, which could be interesting for this kind of game.. Then tehre's also upgrades for each character and each character is limited to one perk as well /need to find them in the levels), which can alter the playstyles slightly. There's also a few colelctibles, which don't really add anything to the game as far as I can tell. I might not actually have a lot more time to play this, but I'll try to get a few more hours in today.
  2. You'll either love or hate this genre. If you don't like reading, you're in for a rough ride. There is no in-between. Prepare yourself for a lot of loading screens, which is the only thing I didn't like about this game and the bugs, (nothing game-breaking though).
  3. There was some online trophy at the timethat was broken, if I'm not mistaken. It might have been fixed since then though.
  4. Game #3 - God's Trigger - Preview Developer: One More Level Publisher: Techland Genre: Top-down Shooter Price: 14,99€ This is a top-down shooter and seems to be similar in gameplay to Hotline Miami, but not pixelated. As far as developer goes, I've heard of them, but don't know any of their other games. The publisher I only know from Dying Light, and well the second one if that ever releases. Anyway, I tend to be bad to mediocre at these types of games, but am looking forward to it nonetheless. I do tend to have fun with them, even if it's just for a little while. Not much more to add really. From the little I've seen of the game it looks great and seems to have gotten good reviews as well.
  5. I tend to only buy games that I think I may enjoy, that unfortunately doesn't always happen though. And since I paid for them I try to get my money's worth out of them, even if they aren't great. If some of the games I disliked were longer than a couple of hours, I'd probably wouldn't bother finishing them at all.
  6. #482 & #483 - Random Heroes Decent little indie game. It's essentially Devious Dungeon, but with guns. Quite a bit shorter though. Enjoyment: 6 Difficulty: 2
  7. Game #2 - Trine 4 - Final Impressions Time played: around 6h Trophies earned: 14/40 First off this game, like all of the previous games in the series, looks gorgeous. This has also been teh main strong point of the series, at least for me. The music is also solid, and so is the voice acting. I got through about 8 of the 17 levels, although I spent quite a lot of time going back to previous levels to get the collectibles I had missed. and boy are there many collectibles. The usual experience orbs are back, that unlock you skills. Defeating enemies also gives you some sort of experience, which upgrades seperate abilities. As in the other games, you control and switch between 3 characters. A mage and archer and a warrior. The mage can create physical object that hel with puzzles, the archer can use ranged attacks against enemies and has elemental arrows, and lastly the warrior that is the meat shield. You have plenty of platforming, some combat segments and a ton of puzzls and hidden areas with collectibles. Unfortunately, very micj like it's predecessors, Trine 4 feels clunky control-wise. The combat feels a bit rough and isn't really fun nor challenging. The platforming is alright, but becomes worse whenever puzzles become part of it. Those become annoying very quickly due to the clunky controls when palcing/ moving objects with the mage or trying to use the archers rope arrow to connect things. It's something that I've not liked since the first game, and three games later it still doesn't seem like there was any improvement. Trophy-wise, it's fairly easy and similar to the third game. Essentially just beat the game and collect everything. This one is another from me. If the gameplay was as good as the visuals, this would be higher up.
  8. I was ging to make an update on Trine 4 today, but I'm not sure I'll be able to get any more time to play it during the next couple of days. So I'm going to save my feedback for the 5th day. All I'll say at this point, is that I got about halfway through the game.
  9. #481 - Scheming Through the Zombie Apocalypse Short and easy, but overall better than expected. Had some funny moments, even though there's barely any gameplay. Enjoyment: 6 Difficulty: 2
  10. Game #2 - Trine 4 - Preview Developer: Frozenbyte Publisher: Modus Games Genre: Action Platformer Price: 29,99€ This franchise isn't new to me, as I've played the first and third entry in the series. They tend to be gorgeous to look at, but the gameplay hasn't been the best. I'm actually surprised that a 4th game has come out, as the deves supposedly went broke while making the third entry ot the series. Which was generally not well received, because it had an unfinished ending. I'm expecting a lot fo puzzles, hidden collectibles, platforming and some combat. Hopefully it'll improve on the predecessors, as these games have so much potential.
  11. Game #1 - Ghostbusters Remastered - Review Time played: around 6h Trophies earned: 36/41 So I've beaten the game and wrapped up all the collectibles. There are still a few trophies missing for the platinum, but honestly I can't be bothered with the hassle. Would it not be for the one trophy which is dealing less than 100k colateral damage, I might go back to it. Having tried to get it in my first run, I was already over 199K by the 3rd mission and that was playing really carefully. So it just seems a tedious endevour to try and go for it. Anyway, about the game. It's a third person shooter within the Ghostbusters universe, that has the original actors do the VO and I beleive teh writing was also done y Dan Aycroyd. All the ghostbusters are there, the secretary and even slimer, albeit only for hte first mission. There are 7 missions in total, not counting the training level. One of the locations gets revisited though. THe levels are also fairly linear, and there are only the odd areas that you can explore and on rare occasions actually find secrets. The missions are reasonably long for the most part, although there are two that drag on quite a bit. Visually the game is alright. It's very minimally improved over the original, which is disappointing already, as usually that's the one thing remasters do enhance the graphics. The VO and sound effects are solid. There is a decent variety of ghosts, but for the most part the way you tackle them tends to be the same. Even though you end up having 4 different versions of the proton pack, you'll rarely use two of them at all and one of the three ends up being mostly used on puzzles. The gameplay is as clunky as expected. The beams are somewhat annoying to control when you try to capture a ghost and reminds me of the shitty fishing mini games many JRPGs have, that I hate. There are also some technical problems, that still remain since tthe original. Resulting in a softlock. At least the checkpoints are frequent and there's chapter select after you beat the game. Oh and let's not forget, the friendly AI is pretty daft Overall it's an OK game. I don't think it justifies the 30€ price tag, considering it's a 10 year old game that had little to no improvements implemented with this remaster. Having paid 12€ for it, I don't feel too bad about the investment. On the other hand, I also wouldn't have felt like a missed out, had I not bought it. It's a
  12. Game #1 - Ghostbusters Remastered - Update I've only played a couple of hours so far and finished2 missions. THe levels are pretty linear with a few collectibles scattered around. Some sections get artificially extended in length, because the ghosts disappear for several seconds. The whole busting ghosts system takes a while to get used to, as it is nowhere near precise and quite jank. I'll probably only get back to this on the weekend, but maybe I'll squeeze another hour in tonight. So far it's been as I had expected... fairly mediocre.
  13. Can't update my profile at all, keeps saying I'm in queue. What's up with that?

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  14. Sold games: 132,00€ January Just Cause 3 - Land and Sea expansion pass - 3,74€ American Fugitive - 9€ Metropolis Lux Obscura - 4€ Planet RIX-13 - 2€ Sigi - 3€ Darkwood - 7,50€ Donut County - 6,50€ Drowning - 1,50€ February Undead Horde - 4€ Bear With Me: The Complete Collection - 7,50€ Stranger Things 3 - 4,50€ The Division 2 Gold Edition - 15€ Mecho Tales - 1,20€ Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2 - 8€ March Beholder 2 - 5€ Regalia: of Men and Monarchs - 7,50€ Lovecraft's Untold Stories - 7,50€ Shadow of Mordor Season Pass - 10£ April Detective Gallo - 4,50€ Harvey's New Eyes - 5€ Shenmue 1+2 - 11,25£ Erica - 5€ Waking Violet - 2,30€ Wheels of Aurelia - 3€ Road Rage - 3€ Rise of Insanity - 7€ hack gu last recode - 13€ Tokyo Xanadu EX+ - 12€ Impact Winter - 8€ Fighting EX Layer - 10€ May Just Ignore Them - 3€ Red Bow - 1,80€ Football Game - 3€ Distraint - 3,60£ Sagebrush - 3,60€ Knightin+ - 4€ Rebel Cops - 5€ Call of Cthulhu - 10€ Super Wiloo Remake - 2,50€ Shadow of Loot Box - 3€ Grim Legends 3 - 5€ Queen's Quest 2 - 5€ Queen's Quest 3 - 5€ Modern Tales - 5€ Wizard of Legend - 8€ Thronebreaker - 10€ Days Gone - 15€ MotoGP 18 - 9€ June PS+ Subscription 1 year - 42€ Vampyr - 13€ Streets of Rogue - 9€ Milo's Quest - 2,50€ Access Denied - 2,30£ Paradox Soul - 2,50€ Daggerhood - 2,50€ Cybarian - 2,50€ Mekabolt - 2€ Mark of the Ninja Remastered - 5€ Shining Resonance Refrain - 13€ King's Quest The Complete Collection - 7€ Deep Space Rush - 2,30€ Seven Enhanced Edition - 8€ Bart's Tale IV - 12€ July Unruly Heroes - 10€ Ghostbusters Remastered - 12€ Trine 4 - 12€ Citizens of Space - 6€ Scheming Through the Zombie Apocalypse - 2€ Close to the Sun - 13€ Random Heroes - 3,50€ Chasm - 6,30€ Total: 384,00€ (rounded up)