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  1. Games sold: 135,50€ January LEGO DC Super Villains Season Pass - 4,50€ Those Who Remain - 10€ Operencia The Stolen Sun - 15€ Control Ultimate Edition - 20€ Children of the Zodiarcs - 5,50€ Rad - 6€ Suicide Guy Sleepin Deeply - 1€ February Book of Demons - 11,60€ Dead Cells - 12,50€ Endless Fables Darmk Moor - 4€ Ghost Files: Memory of a Crime - 4€ Infliction Extended Cut - 9€ The Secret Order Shadow Breach - 4€ Habroxia - 2€ Moons of Madness - 15€ Katana Kami - 15€ Cyberdimension Neptunia Goddess Online - 14€ Desperados 3 - 20€ Ivory Curtain - 3€ Scarlet Mysteries: Cursed Child - 2,50€ Dreamwalker: Never Fall Asleep - 2,50€ Fury Unleashed - 10€ A Plague Tale innocence - 12,50€ Daymare 1998 - 14€ Risk of Rain 2 - 10€ March Dead or School - 15€ Ashen: nighstorm Isle - 4€ Darkest Dungeon - The Color of Madness - 1,50€ Masquerada - 20€ Wulverblade - 18€ Total spent: 281,00€
  2. Game #1 - Adventure Time The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom - Final Impressions Time played: around 3h Trophies earned:8/36 I've put myself through about 3 hours of misery, which will ahve suffice for this game. Can't say I've enjoyed it. It's very similar to Zelda A Link to the Past, which by the way is not a game that I enjoyed when I played it on the SNES. That probably should've been an indicater for me generally not enjoying RPGs that are in an isometric setting and have scrolling screens. So yeah, This Adventure Time game feels like a dumbed down cartoony version of that other game. Anyway, visually it looks like a cartoon (go figure eh?) and suffers from odd graphical bugs at times. Nothing that doesn't fix itself after a few seconds though. THe audio is passable and basic. On the plus side everything is voiced. I only ended up finishing the first dungeon, which took me ages to get through, because I couldn't find the way to the next section, or died because the hit detection is kind of bad. Similar to that Zelda game, you have an overworld with hidden items and areas that you can only get to once you've unlocked or found a specific piece of equipment. In this game there are also many NPCs that give you quests and offer items in return for completing them. Then there's the dungeons, and cave areas which also have secret areas and paths blocked until you get certain items. I've never been much of a fan of that mechanic, as it's predisposed to make you backtrack, which is something I'd rather not have to do. The combat is what bugs me the most though. You have that word swipe like in Zelda, and that's it initially Sometimes it feels like it should hit an enemy abd it doesnt. Then there's enemy attacks that it you, when they shouldn't. This makes something that is already bare-bones combat quite annoying. There are some abilities you unlock through gameplay, buying items. Like being able to store dynamite to blow up certain walls, and an attack that reflects projectibles, doesn't come close to the variety that the popular game series offers. The other isue is also buying items, as they are fairly expensive and killing enemies/destructible objects only has a chance to yield 1 currency point at a time. There are the odd chests, that will sometimes offer more though. In any case... this was not for me, although I beleive most people would enjoy this game more than I did. It gets a .
  3. I've decided to switch "my pick", which was Moons of Madness as the 6th game and replace it with A Plague Tale Innocence. I'll still end up giving a recap on Moons of Madness at the end of the event, as I'll be playing it on the side.
  4. #535 - Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka With Love This ended up being a bit of a letdown. It looks great and the inventory in this point-and-click game works great. Unfortunately there are segments that and dialogues that just seem to draw out. It alsohas issues with crashing randomly. Enjoyment: 6 Difficulty: 2
  5. The idea is to stick with the same game for X amount of days before switching to the next one to avoid a mess when it comes to updates. Returning to previously played games is fine, but please try to avoid starting various games you've picked, at the same time.
  6. Added. Indivsible didn't end up making the cut. Unobtainable 100% doesn't really bother me, thanks for the heads-up though.
  7. Game #1 - Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom - Preview Developer:: Wayforward Publisher: Little Orbit Genre: Action-RPG There have been quite a few Adventure Time games released throughout the years. I've played two of them and both were mediocre at best. THey seem to try and vary in genre to some degree at least. This one being an action-rpg, in a sort of isometric view, while the preivous ones I have played were a point-and-click and a turn-based RPG. I decided to start with the game I think I'll enjoy the list, just to get it out of the way. Here's to hoping this one isn't absolute garbage.
  8. #534 - Dreamwalker: Never Fall Asleep On the plus side this one has a fair amount of hidden object puzzles, unfortunately the whole story and presentation is not that great. Enjoyment: 5 Difficulty: 2
  9. You still have about an entire day left. The 1st is on Monday 😉.
  10. Alright. Decided to close the poll. I definitely didn't expect for Cyberdimension to come first.in the poll. Subdivision coming in last, was kind of predictable though as it's a game from a niche genre.
  11. #533 - Scarlett Mysteries: Cursed Child Another decent hidden object game. Easier and shorter than most other Artifex Mvndi games. Enjoyment: 6 Difficulty: 2
  12. It's a pretty solid point-and-click game. A lot more serious than the goofy Deponia or Edna & Harvey series, that Daedelic might be mainly known for.
  13. I can't recall the last time, there were actually two games on the ps plus line-up that I wanted/didn't already have. Very pleased with FFVII Remake and Remnant.
  14. Those who still need to post their lists, please do so soon. Anyone that still wants to sign up, you can do so until Sunday. Same goes for voting in the poll