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  1. #427 - Word Search (Vita) It's nothing special, but does what it is supposed to... kill time. It's a fairly long one so doing it all in one go would be an awful experience. In short bursts however it's enjoyable enough. Enjoyment: 6 Difficulty: 2
  2. #426 - Undead Horde Had I known this was a 10tons game, I robably would have bought this one sonner than I did. As usual they didn't let me down and provided a solid game. Kind of reminds me of the Overlord games. Fun game overall and the trophies prtty much come as you play. Glad I ended up picking this up. Enjoyment: 7 Difficulty: 3
  3. I've returned to one of the older KYC games that was still on my list. In this case Okami from KYC3. Unfortunately my good initial impressions started to dwindle the furhter I got into the game. Fast travel unlocks too late into the game and is impractical and the jibberish instead of voices is something I can't stand. What ended up puting the nail in the coffin though were the minigames, they're all absolute shit and control like ass, because more often than not the brish strokes aren't getting registered properly. The game has charm and is original in it's concept, but the gameplay is just OK and the nuisances are just way too many. If it wasn't for the minigames I wouldv've at least bothered to finish the story, but as it stands I can't stand another mnute of this game. Dropping it down to a . On a different note, I'll be making the new thread for the next event in about a week. So you might want to start having a look through your games .
  4. KYC 11 (Starts 1st November 2019 and ends 30th of November 2019) Welcome back for another exciting edition of the Kill Your Completion series. This is the 11th iteration, so most of you probably have an idea of what goes on here, but if you are new to the site or this corner of the forums, here's the previous edition of the thread KYC X. Those of you that participated in or followed the previous events, know by now that Hemiak won't be running this event for a while due to life being busy. He agreed that I'd take over in the meanwhile, so you're stuck with me for the foreseeable future. Now what does that mean for the event? Well, pretty much everything stays the same. I'll be largely copy-pasting the OP from the previous iterations, while essentially adding a TL;DR version at the bottom. I'm also inclined to cap the maximum number of games at 10. That's pretty much it though. The Premise Participants will each choose a list of at least 5, and up to 10 0% games from their backlog and post them here so everyone can follow along. These games don't have to be pre loaded on your profile, as long as you own them already and haven't earned a trophy they count. Participants will start a new game from that list every few days for the next month. They WILL then post their thoughts on each game, and write a short review on the final day for each game. This can take any shape or form each person desires. I would prefer people do 5 games for 6 days each, 10/3, but anything between would be acceptable. I would like if people could be a little more prompt with their reviews. I understand stuff comes up. However, if every single review is three games rolled into one, 4 days late, you're not trying very hard. I also like to see people get the minimum 3 hours per game, so I feel like more than 10 games would be cutting each one too short, The Deeds TL;DR The Peeps
  5. #425 - Stranger Things 3 Nowhere near worth the initial launch price of 30 bucks, but for under a fiver it was an OK game. It does however get kind of boring after a couple of hours in. Most missions follow the same routine of navigating through a maze of closed doors to eventually get to the one that leads to the exit. Enemy variety is essentially non-existent and the game suffers from minor stuttering quite often. Enjoyment: 6 Difficulty: 3.5
  6. Couple more games finished. So an update is order. B1 Killing Floor 2 (finished DLC pack 2) B2 Seasons After Fall (platinum) B3 American Fugitive (finished story) B4 Goat Simulator (platinum) I1 Linger in Shadows (100%) I3 Submersed (platinum) I4 Stranger Things 3 (finished story) N1 New Star Manager (did 8 seasons and won all competitions, I'm going to count that as "completing story") N2 Drowning (platinum) N5 Adventure Time: Pirates of the Erichidian (platinum) G2 Donut County (platinum) G3 Machinarium (100%) G5 Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization (finished story) O1 Kingdom Hearts 3 (finished story) O2 Uncharted 2 Remastered (platinum) O3 We Happy Few (platinum) O4 Another World (100%) O5 Uncharted Remastered (platinum) Ended up gettings the plats for Uncharted 1+2 Remastered. Still want to get the plat in Stranger Things 3 even though it's a tad tedious.
  7. I keep going back on forth whether I'm to buy them or not. They're currently on sale for 13 bucks I think, but that still seems to expensive to me. I'll probably end up waiting until they're available for a tenner or less. I just have a feeling I won't like them, but am intrigued enough to be interested in trying them out.
  8. #424 - Bear With Me Fun point-and-click game. Has some dark humour and no moon logic. Still need to play through the remaining episodes, but so far it's been great. Enjoyment: 8 Difficulty: 2
  9. A lot of games crossed off the past few weeks, in one way or another. #415 Seasons After Fall - Pretty, but boring. Glad I never boughht it and played it through PS Now instead. #416 Drowning - Was alright. Very confusing and contradicting for hte first half of the game, then it became a bit better. Tons of spelling and grammar mistakes. #417 Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchidirion - Another PS Now title, and another game I'm glad I didn't pay money for. Bland and boring and me not caring for the TV show probably didn't help. #418 Sigi: A Fart for Melusina - Fun little action-platformer that was very short. Speedrun was also easy and only took 23 minutes. #419 Planet RIX-13 - I liked this one. It's very basic and short though. #420 Metropolis Lux Obscura - This one is a bit of a mixed bag. Art style is cool and the concept original. Execution is a bit so-so. It also gave the impression that it excessive with the nudity in the hopes that "sex sells". #421 Donut County - Not as good as it was hyped up to be. Not a new concept really and also quite short. Has some funny lines, but nothing to write home about. #422 Uncharted Remastered - Still a fun and good game. Had a good time with it, even when playing on crushing. $23 Uncharted 2 Remastered - Not as much fun as the first one and more difficult imo. Dragged on a bit too long. As for 100%ed games. Linger in Shadows was an odd thing, which was courtesy of the PS Now trial. Never would've actual bought htis, cause it's utter shite. Machinarium was better, albeit a bit clunky to control. Lastly there was Strong Bad's Good Game for Attractive People which was the most enjoyable of these games. It also wasn't the best control-wise, but the gameplay itself was kind of fun. Among the bunch of games I won't be returning to are the following. 2Dark, which isalmost a neat game. Unfotunately the game is literally too dark, which makes seeing wholes in the ground and other traps a pain. Atelier Escha & Logy started out fun, but compared to other Atelier titles, it seemed to have poor balancing. Stuck on one of the bosses that apparently is easy, if you managed to pull of perfect traits in alchemy. I still find the alchemy system confusing as hell and just good items didn't cut it for the boss. Then there was Assassin's Creed Black Flag...one of the most boring games I've played, so much so that I couldn' bring myself to even finish the story. It's the same follow/tail mission over and over again and I fail to see how anyone would actually have thought of that experience as enjoyable. American Fugitive started out fun, but eventually game-breaking bugs crept up. The story isn't all that great either and the gameplay gets a bit old fairly quickly. I also played through Fallen Legion Flames of Rebellion, which was not a great experience overall. The game is all about timing attacks and blocks and when the enmy attacks are consistently covered by special effects or the health bar at the bottom of the screens it screws up the whole mechanic. I also won't be returning to Shadows of the Damned, mainly because it's really tricky to play it when you controller's analog stick drifts off while aiming. The game itself is fun, but has some sections that are terrible (auto-scroller, running and turret sections). Also can't skip cutscenes. I also tried out Sims 4 on an alt account. It's not a good port. Poor performance, game-breakiing bugs and it's just a boring going through the motions on a daily basis sim. New additions: Bioshock Collection Bear With Me Undead Horde Stranger Things 3
  10. Well, there it is... After long consideration and having been on the verge of creating one of these, I finally caved and decided to make a trophy checklist of sorts (no fancy banner from me sorry). My intent for this list is for it to cover the following points. platted games 100% games games I stopped playing and have no intentions to go back to updates on what I'm working on backlog I'll be giving each game a personal rating, using the system below: PS: Due to the limit of 75 emoticons per post. The ranking system was changed to a max rating of 5 Plats 1-50 Plats 51-100 Plats 101-150 Plats 151-200 Plats 201-250 Plats 251 - 300 Plats 301-350 Plats 351-400 Plats 401-423 100% - 1-78 (last update: 4th of February 2020) The games that are dead and buried 1-178 (last update: 6th of February 2020) The Backlog TOP 10 of worst games played
  11. Made my frst purchases for this month. Sold games: 24,00€ January Just Cause 3 - Land and Sea expansion pass - 3,74€ American Fugitive - 9€ Metropolis Lux Obscura - 4€ Planet RIX-13 - 2€ Sigi - 3€ Darkwood - 7,50€ Donut County - 6,50€ Drowning - 1,50€ February Undead Horde - 4€ Bear With Me: The Complete Collection - 7,50€ Stranger Things 3 - 4,50€ Total: 53,50€ (rounded up)
  12. Generally there shouldn't be a flag, unless the times between missions are completely unrealistic. The mission order is non-linear as far as I remember, so that shouldn't be a problem in itself. On a different note, you should have a read through this . It seems that doing missions in regions that you haven't previously visited, may mess up your save file. Just something to keep in mind.
  13. #423 - Uncharted 2 Remastered Not as much fun as the first one and definitely felt a bit more difficult getting through crushing. There were a lot more frustrating sections in this one and maybe that's why it felt like it dragged on a bit. Enjoyment: 7 Difficulty: 5.5
  14. Plat isn't too difficult, but takes a good chunk of time and has several things that need to be kept in mind throughout various stages of the game. There is also a luck-based trophy, (The Storied Adventurer). If you don't constantly micro-manage the adventures and pay attention you'll miss it entirely, requiring you to get through a fair bit of the game again. If you have bad luck, you may not get some of the required adventures at all There are also some technical problems. The game may crash every once in a while, and has plenty and fairly long loading screens, There are two bugs in the game that I noticed, none are trophy-related though.
  15. #422 - Uncharted Remastered Still as much fun as the original. Felt a little bit easier in terms of difficulty from what I remember playing though. The additional speedrun trophies were kind of fun for a change. Still holds up fairly well overall, which is nice to se. Enjoyment: 7.5 Difficulty: 4.5
  16. Hot my first Bingo row filled out. B1 Killing Floor 2 (finished DLC pack 2) B2 Seasons After Fall (platinum) B3 American Fugitive (finished story) B4 Goat Simulator (platinum) I1 Linger in Shadows (100%) I3 Submersed (platinum) N2 Drowning (platinum) N5 Adventure Time: Pirates of the Erichidian (platinum) G2 Donut County (platinum) G3 Machinarium (100%) G5 Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization (finished story) O1 Kingdom Hearts 3 (finished story) O2 Uncharted 2 Remastered (finished story) O3 We Happy Few (platinum) O4 Another World (100%) O5 Uncharted Remastered (finished story) That's probably going to be it for a while, as I'm going back to Uncharted 1 and 2 to plat them.
  17. Thank god the leak was wrong. Personally I don't like the Crash games, so I'll much rather double up on the Bioshock games. Never heard of Firewall Zero Hour, but it's a solid lineup in any case. EDIT: Turns out Firewall Zero Hour is a PSVR only game.
  18. If the leak from over 5 hours ago is true, it's Crash Bandicoot Trilogy.
  19. #421 - Metropolis Lux Obscura Interesting game with a neat concept. Borrows a lot from Sin City, but loses itself in the excess of everything. A bunch of luck-based trophies, which dragged the score for this down a notch. Enjoyment: 6.5 Difficulty: 3
  20. #420 - Donut County After having played it, I still don't get what the hype over this is about. Its an OK game, but that's pretty much it. While the sucking up things with the hole, may seem original at first, it essentially is just a reversed Katamari game. yes, it's satusfying, but that's hardly enough to make this game good. Furthermore it's way too shrot, barely scratching the 2 hour mark. Enjoyment: 6 Difficulty: 2
  21. #419 - Planet RIX-13 This one was quite enjoyable, even though a bit simplistic. Shame that it's so damn short. Enjoyment: 7 Difficulty:2
  22. #418 - Sigi - A Fart for Melusina Was more fun that I thought it would be. Kind of reminded me a bit of Ghouls & Ghosts, but a lot easier. Quite short though, which was a bit disappointing. Enjoyment: 6.5 Difficulty: 2
  23. Got another two games done, so I'll post another update. B1 Killing Floor 2 (finished DLC pack 2) B2 Seasons After Fall (platinum) B3 American Fugitive (finished story) B4 Goat Simulator (platinum) I1 Linger in Shadows (100%) I3 Submersed (platinum) N2 Drowning (platinum) N5 Adventure Time: Pirates of the Erichidian (platinum) G3 Machinarium (100%) G5 Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization (finished story) O1 Kingdom Hearts 3 (finished story) O3 We Happy Few (platinum) O4 Another World (100%) O5 Uncharted Remastered (finished story) Kind of plowing through this card, although there've been everal easy games among them. It'll probably slow down once I get to the co-op, isometric, and sports tiles.