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  1. System Of A Down - Toxicity http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUa5yJNaLBs
  2. No, graphics aren't the only thing that matter in a video game, it doesn't change the fact that those particular games look bad graphically. I've seen extended gameplay of both though and they seems boring and monotonous. Hence why stick to my previous statement. Tastes are different, if you enjoyed it fair enough. It still seems like a fairly poor setup of games given to xbox users nonetheless.
  3. How either of those had a metacritic score of above 70 in the first place is beyond me. Both look awful and dull. As far as I know the service in general has been average at best. Guess it's still better than paying for the service and getting fuck all, as it was previously.
  4. Orgy - Re-Creation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DremWOQl03w
  5. And there we have another sore loser, who can't find any other form of coping with a loss in a game .than resorting to cursing and name calling. Oh FIFA community. how I love thee...

    1. Masamune


      One of the reasons I keep away from sports games.

    2. voodoo_eyes


      It's pretty much the only sports game that I play and have played since '95. The community keeps getting worse with every year that passes though. I have gotten used to just blocking those who have the tendency to throw about insults.

  6. For me it's Bioshock. Borderlands and Max Payne series are awesome as well though.
  7. Incubus - The Warmth http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4XQMEMQE94
  8. 7 in common, which ain't too bad Jak & Daxter Uncharted Far Cry 3 FIFA 13 FIFA 14 Infamous War in the North
  9. War in the North - plat #12 Pain in the ass this one... glitched beyond belief and having to play through it thrice is just an insult to injury. Still the best LotR rpg out there up to this date, and yet only average. 1st playthrough - easy, smooth, no problems 2nd playthrough - glitch in chapter 6, boss didn't spawn, neither did chests or loot for that matter, had to join a game online to sort it out again. 3rd playthrough - glitch at end of chapter 7 (the defence of the fortress), game crashes and after loading back up, there is no quest and can't continue story,..thank fuck for cloud storage with ps plus, loaded save game from there. Had to do chapter 7 all over again, but at least I got to finish the game this time around. This is why games that only use autosave are a bad idea, one glitch and you're stuck and if unlucky you'll have to start from scratch.
  10. Adema - The Way You Like It
  11. Welcome back! Going for Dead Space plat again I see. Very good choice, bloody love that game .
  12. Hatesphere - Picture This
  13. Tool - Lateralus
  14. Fear Factory - Linchpin
  15. Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, out of the way. Easy plat, average game (yes I'm keeping in mind that it's originally from 2001, doesn't make it less average though). It suffers from the worst problem a platformer can have, which is Tomb Raider syndrome. In other words an utterly shite camera control. The camera is frequently awkwardly positioned or locked in place leaving only faith jumps as option. The sensitivity for the googles is terrible, which doesn't help with the mini games throughout the game. Not quite sure if I should give Jak 2 and 3 a go, as I really can't be arsed going through another game with awful camera settings.
  16. Static-X - Cold
  17. Got the Far Cry 3 one as well a few hours ago, which brings the plat count to #10 now . After playing Far Cry 2, which I considered to be more of a driving simulator and a bad one at that than anything else, I had mixed feelings about this one. This time round I didn't get disappointed though, as I really enjoyed the campaign and the co-op was fun (at least for me), even though it has some gliches. Great game this one indeed. A big thank you to: Aragorn_Elite homer_snake helder-paulino who were my co-op partners, cheers guys.
  18. Godsmack - Awake