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  1. I'm not arguing that companies like EA didn't implement online passes in order to protect their product from being resold, so that they wouldn't lose out on potential profit made by selling a new copy instead. It makes sense as a company to make the most profit, it's business after all. No doubt about it. What I don't agree with, is that others that paid the full price, get screwed over by that sort of system, if due to whatever circumstance they lose their profile.
  2. People complain about it, because online passes tend to be one time use only. Now imagine your console fries and don't have a back up of your system files. Having to pay an extra 10$ to get a new pass when you paid full price for a game in the first place is just plain silly.
  3. About bloody time that they're getting rid of that nonsense.
  4. The game itself is quite enjoyable. It was nothing special for a demo though, 10 minutes of gameplay is just way too short. Could anyone who has played through the game on the 3DS, share how many hours of gameplay the full game has?
  5. Cheers for the advice, those tips already sum up the way I play on crushing and for the most part work well. The problem tend to be the areas with waves of enemies as is currently the case in chapter 4 (it's the one where the plane is hanging from the trees). I guess it's all about persistence, Eventually I'll get past that chapter.
  6. Pantera - Rise
  7. I'm still working on getting the Fallout 3 plat, but needed a change in scenery so I decided to also work on the plats of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and inFamous. Also working on the long-term project that is the FIFA 13 plat.
  8. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - Crushing Mode Trophy Stuck on chapter 4 for the last few days.
  9. Pantera - Goddamn Electric
  10. Hello and welcome to the site! If you enjoy those games, you might also like Oblivion / Skyrim / Dragon's Dogma / Kingdoms of Amalur. Dragon Age 3 is supposed to be released in the near future, if I'm not mistaken. Happy gaming and have fun browsing the forums.
  11. I thought that's what multitasking was for. On topic... You might be addicted to gaming, if you give your parents nicknames that refer to video game characters.
  12. Fifa 13... it's silly how many glitches the game has and that they still haven't been fixed. Can't play seasons cup, because for some reason connection always gets lost as soon as an opponent is found, and when chooing team the line-up is messed up, as in I choose Arsenal for example and the game shows the Barcelona players instead. Then the trophy for 25 matches in match day is glitched, as it doesn't register the number of games played. Having played about twice the amount needed and still no trophy this is turning into quite a nuisance. It's beyond me how these issues still haven't been fixed, and probably never will be for that matter... but that's EA for you I guess.
  13. inFamous blast shard s are doing my head in. Searched the map twice now and still have 2 missing... bloody hate collectables >.<

    1. voodoo_eyes


      @ Dr_Mayus: there was indeed one I had missed on the water at a broken down pier :)

      @BeautifulTorment: no luck with the prison though

      still searching for the last shard, if all fails I'll have to print out a map and get all shards on hard playthrough, meh.

    2. JadedDragos


      I downloaded a map of shards from somewhere, because I have 1 left and it's a pain to find. If ya want I'll look for the link for ya if your interested.

    3. voodoo_eyes


      Already found a map and printed it out just in case, cheers though!

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  14. The Haunted - Forensick http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2n_n5IC3Gqo
  15. It's supposed to come out for current and next gen consoles as well as pc as far as I know.
  16. About half of my collection consists of new games and the other half of used ones. Never rented any games, mostly because there is no such option where I live .
  17. Yellow light of death, which of course happened less than 1 month after the warranty had expired.That and losing all the save games... Absolutely gutting.
  18. Mass Effect 3 as well as Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
  19. Me and two friends of mine. (I'm the guy btw)
  20. Welcome to the site and happy gaming!
  21. I was about to post up mine, but then I realised that I don't have any pics of it. It's on the inside of my forearm and therefore been able to dodge pictures quite successfully . I'll try and post it sometime this week still.