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  1. Welcome to the forums! Do you have any particular genre of games you prefer?
  2. Definitely not going to buy it. Haven't bought any of the previous ones either. As the previous ones never appealed to me regarding design, gamepad, and online service as in demanding payment to play online is what I consider utter bollocks. Probably not even gonna remember the date for the presentation by the time the stream goes live.
  3. Mine was Demon's Souls. If my old ps3 hadn't died on me, I would have had that plat for years by now .
  4. I bought my first ps3 in early 2008 I believe, it decided to get the ylod in 2010 though. Bought a new one in November of 2012.
  5. I watched some gameplay a few weeks ago and it looks interesting. I never managed to get much into these kind of games, I hope that'll change with this one .
  6. Incredible artwork! That first drawing with the apple, absolutely incredible. That must have taken a lot of time and effort. I think it's great that you decided to share some of your earlier work as well, it gives a glimpes of how your drawings have been evolving over the years. I tried my luck with drawing when I was in my teens, but never was very talented at it so after some time I gave up on it. I ended up trying out writing poetry / short stories, as I believe it suits me more, even though it may not incredibly good (I have no illusions about that ) nor as artistic as I find drawing / painting to be. Anyhow, keep sharing your work and may you never fall short on inspiration!
  7. Got Modern Warfare 2 and Infamous this week.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZZQPXIECU8
  9. Keep them coming! Same, especially since it's his last involvement with games as a director from what I've heard. So it better be a good one .
  10. I probably shouldn't post while I'm in a sleep deprived state, but oh well... Anyhow, the idea is interesting. For something like that to be implemented though I can only see one option, so that the profile page won't turn into a cluster fuck. Which would be to replace the individual trophy cabinet with a cabinet for completed games. Having both in the same cabinet in a mix and match fashion would look odd, and having separate cabinets for each would just clutter the page. In all honesty, I don't think it is a necessary feature. At least for the likes of me, who almost never buy dlc, which nowadays more and more games end up having, and are therefore a necessity in order to reach 100% in a game (I don't buy it because the content usually is rubbish, in terms of value for money. As well as being nothing more than milking a product dry, great idea of marketing though I must admit, but I digress,,,). Nor would those, who don't pay the completion % too much attention. I can see how a feature like that might be interesting for some though.
  11. Would be great if they'd release a demo or at least some gameplay this year, as I think it's not scheduled to come out till 2014. One more for the list of games with potential, that might be worth keeping an eye out for.
  12. Hello and welcome! Lots of great folks around here, so no need to be shy with posting . Getting a high completion rate and lots of trophies ain't everything, as long as the game's fun nothing else matters. Happy browsing, posting and gaming!
  13. Hey there and welcome to the forum! That is one hell of a game/trophy list you got there and an even greater backlog .
  14. Ok so I finally decided to share some of my artwork. Just a hobbyist with no education in art so don't be too harsh with me! I'm not great at formatting so you'll have to bear with me while I try and get this looking decent I'll just share a few examples for now and keep adding to it as and when. All my art is done traditionally with no digital manipulation (as I don't know how) People: some commissions(and some slightly NSFW): Some gaming fanart (mainly old and crappy, don't judge): Other random traditional art: Wonderful artwork, I take my hat off to you! Always keep your passion for art, it would be a shame otherwise . Your self-criticism, is even more proof that you're a true artist.
  15. A sneaky one eh ? Well hello there and welcome! Have a good time around the forums and happy gaming!
  16. You're welcome. I sort of stumbled upon it by chance .
  17. I believe you have to select a specific trophy you want, then the green [+] symbol should show up on the right side of where the "trophies, trophy guide, leaderboard", etc. tabs are.
  18. Another fine example of how well they test their products before tossing them on the market. I expected nothing less from Microsoft tbh. They only don't charge us for breathing, because they haven't found a way... yet.
  19. I think it's worth getting. I've played through it several times and the game only froze twice on me and never had corrupted save data issues or the like. It has the odd problems with framerate, but nothing that I'd consider game-breaking. I also played the pc version of the game, and personally I prefer the ps3 version.
  20. Cool stuff. Spoiling them kids of yours, eh? Good on you man!
  21. Same here. On topic, Riptide looks great to me and I believe you can load up the save game file from the original in this new installmen.
  22. I didn't watch those on purpose, because I already suspected they'd be dreadful. I didn't really feel like torturing myself more than I already had . On a different note I just realised that I forgot to add adaptations I'd like to see. The main 3 that come to mind would be a Spider-Man 2099 (prefer this darker version over the original). A movie with Deadpool as main character, gotta love that sarcastic bastard . I'd also like to see Gambit have a bigger role in one of the X-Men movies, preferably not played by the same rubbish actor that played him in X-Men Origins: Wolverine...