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  1. KYC 13 (Starts 1st July 2020 and ends 31st of July 2020) Welcome back for another exciting edition of the Kill Your Completion series. This is the 13th iteration, so most of you probably have an idea of what goes on here, but if you are new to the site or this corner of the forums, here's the previous edition of the thread KYC 12. Those of you that participated in or followed the previous events, know by now that Hemiak won't be running this event for a while due to life being busy. He agreed that I'd take over in the meanwhile, so you're stuck with me for the foreseeable future. The Premise Participants will each choose a list of at least 5, and up to 10 0% games (or any number in.between) from their backlog and post them here so everyone can follow along. These games don't have to be pre loaded on your profile, as long as you own them already and haven't earned a trophy they count. Participants will start a new game from that list every few days for the next month. They WILL then post their thoughts on each game, and write a short review on the final day for each game. This can take any shape or form each person desires. I would prefer people do 5 games for 6 days each, 10/3, but anything between would be acceptable. I would like if people could be a little more prompt with their reviews. I understand stuff comes up. However, if every single review is three games rolled into one, 4 days late, you're not trying very hard. I also like to see people get the minimum 3 hours per game, so I feel like more than 10 games would be cutting each one too short, The starting time is hwnever the 1st of July begins for you. The Deeds TL;DR Participants
  2. I hope everyone enjoyed participating and found the odd gem here and there and maybe some games for the wishlists after reading some reviews from other participants. Next one will most likely be in November as usual. Will need to finish up a few games until then, as at least my PS4 is full. Maybe we'll be seeing some PS5 games being part of hte event, as it's likely to launch in November.
  3. Final Overview Another KYC event is coming to an end, which means it's time for me to make short summary on the game I played. Worth playing: Mark of the Ninja Remastered - This was a lot of fun, a few frustrating bits here and there, but very enjoyable overall. The gameplay is good and there is some replya value to it. God's Trigger - I did not expect to like this one as much as I did. It would've been at the top, if it didn't start to have fps issuesin the later part of the game. This one also looked great and sounded great and the gameplay is a blast. Get of a sale: Bendy and the Ink Machine - I have a weak spot for original concepts. THe art style is really cool, the music and story are solid. If only the gameplay was up to par. Shining Resonance Refrain - It's a decent enough JRPG. The problem with party--based RPGs, in whic you can't control the other characters is thath te AI needs to be on point. In this one it's not. I'ts not bad, it's just passable with a hint of dumb as fuck. The poor balancing kind of turned me off,but I'll probably at least go back to try and finish the story. Trine 4 - Great graphics and decent music and voice acting. Unfortunately another game that has subpar gameplay. There are some cool changes to it. Thing is, it didn't need anything, it needed optimizing. Ghostbusters Remastered - This was kind of a bust. It was way below expectations, after only hearing good things about the original. It's clunky, the shooting contorls like arse and is overall just passable. Other games I played during the event: Torment: Tides of Numenara, - The game ended up putting several walls infront of my path (literakky(, and to actually be able to finish it I'd have to go back and redo many hours of the game. Scheming Through the Zombie Apocalypse - A decent little game. It's more of a westernized VN that is quite crude. Funny at times though. Random Heroes - THis was essentially Devious Dungeon with guns. Citizens of Space - Intersting RPG, that has the South Park combat style. It's not as good as those games though. Days Gone - Got the platinum in this. It's a good game, that has severe pacing issues and overstays it's welcome by quite a bit. Expected it to be better to be honest. Root Letter - A decent VN, that has you play through too many similar segments to get to the various endings. Steins Gate 0 - I skipped through this one tbh, as I had just finished the other one, and am still annoed of the 15h Steins Gate wastted, before it got interesting. Ride 3 - Worst in the series by far. The AI is broken and the time trials are absolutely insane.
  4. Game #6 - Bendy and the Ink Machine - Review Time played: between 6-7h Tropheis earned: 18/26 I managed to finish this one today. Took me longer than I expected. The game consists of 5 chapters and consits of defeating enemies, puzzles and finding items you need to progress. I like the art style of this game a lot, even though it is essentially only yellow/brownsih and black. It gives a bit of a feel of really old cartoons. It also gives me a few Bioshock vibes and there are a few references to it. Although the only thing they have in common are probably audio logs making up for most of the narrative. Speaking of audiologs, there's a shitload of collectibles and those logs are some of them. They also seem to be somewhat buggy, as I know I got all the cans, but the trophy didn't unlock. Anyway, your enemies are ink monsters and your weaponry is limited and mostly non-existent. Which is good I suppose, because the combat is clunky as hell and feels really cheap. The hit-detection is brutal in this game and you can be relatively far away from the enemy and they will still hit you. THe gameis supposed to be survival horror, and it is creepy, but only during the first 3 chapters. after that it kind of becomes a bit of a slog. Chapter 4 has some mini games, and sort of a hide and seek section if I rememebr right. The final chapter is fairly bland though and the last boss fight is one of the most unimaginative ever. There are some really frustrating paths in chapter 3 and 4. One of which is the reason why this plat is ultra rare. It's sort of an arena fight with lots of enemies and you need to kill more than you two NPC allies. Problem being, they can kill most enemies in one hit, while you can only kill one of the enemies in one hit. So it seems to be down to pure lucj for the most part. Also you die in 3-4 hits which makes that segment a nightmare. The game has an original and cool concept to the survival horror theme, but unfortunately loses it halfway through. It's a shame, as this had potential, but needed quite a bit of fine-tuning. I was tempted to give this a until I hit chapter 4. In the end it's only worth a though.
  5. #487 - Steins Gate 0 Yeah, I'm not even going to pretend I read this one. I started it after finishing another VN, and realized that I couldn't be botehred reading anymore. ENjoyement: N/A Difficulty: 2
  6. Game #6 - Bendy and the Ink Machine - Preview Developer: Joey Drew Studios Inc. Publisher: Rooster Teeth Games Genre: Survival Horror Price: 24,99€ This is one of those games that intrigued me as it has a sort of old school cartoonish art style, while also being a horror game. That was essentially the only selling point this game had, and it's enough for me. The studio behind the creation of this game, was involved in some controversy last year. Where the studio essentially fired the vast majority of it's employees without notice. Weirdly enough there's a sequel scheduled to release some time this year. Which kind makes it seem, like the studio waited until most of the development was done to then get rid of their staff. In any case, I'm looking forward to this, what I'm sure will be a weird experience.
  7. #486 - Root Letter Was a decent enough VN. The stories were too samey though, only the latter chapters providing something different. Half of the endings I could've done without to be honest. Gald I only paid 4 bucks for it. VN's will never be a genre I'll fully enjoy I think, I keep trying some every once in a while, but most of the times the result s the same. Enjoymnt: 6 Difficulty: 2
  8. This month turned out quite expensive overall.
  9. Game #5 - Mark of the Ninja Remastered - Review Time played: about 7h Trophies earned: 15/29 I managed to beat teh game and am fairly pleased with it overall. It is solid on both the visual aspects as well as the sound. Although the voice-ating wasn't anything to write home about, but at least there is some. It is a 2D side scroller with many paths , although a lot of them lead to dead ends with some sort of treasure. There are also some challenge rooms, in which the room is a puzzle itself. As you progress through the game you learn new abilities, among them are throwing knws, smoke bombs, etc Some of htem are categorized and you can only bring one item of each category with you on a mission. There are 12 missions in total of varying lengths. You get new objectives the further you progress, until you eventually reach teh end of the level. You also have access to a grappling hook, which is very useful to bypass enemies or kill them in a different manner. Speaking of killing, there's a lot of that. Although you have the option to try and bypass a lot of areas without engaging combat, the more fun approach is just to stealth kill everything. Be it from vents, behind doors, from a ledge or from the cealing.. you can climb most wallk, assuming a bigger ledge wond block your way. The game does get a bit repetitive after a while, and even with new enemies and mechanics it doesn't change too much. THe new enemies are just more annoying to deal with. I have yet to try out new game plaus, which is apparently more difficult. So far it's a
  10. Sold games: 150,00€ January Just Cause 3 - Land and Sea expansion pass - 3,74€ American Fugitive - 9€ Metropolis Lux Obscura - 4€ Planet RIX-13 - 2€ Sigi - 3€ Darkwood - 7,50€ Donut County - 6,50€ Drowning - 1,50€ February Undead Horde - 4€ Bear With Me: The Complete Collection - 7,50€ Stranger Things 3 - 4,50€ The Division 2 Gold Edition - 15€ Mecho Tales - 1,20€ Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2 - 8€ March Beholder 2 - 5€ Regalia: of Men and Monarchs - 7,50€ Lovecraft's Untold Stories - 7,50€ Shadow of Mordor Season Pass - 10£ April Detective Gallo - 4,50€ Harvey's New Eyes - 5€ Shenmue 1+2 - 11,25£ Erica - 5€ Waking Violet - 2,30€ Wheels of Aurelia - 3€ Road Rage - 3€ Rise of Insanity - 7€ hack gu last recode - 13€ Tokyo Xanadu EX+ - 12€ Impact Winter - 8€ Fighting EX Layer - 10€ May Just Ignore Them - 3€ Red Bow - 1,80€ Football Game - 3€ Distraint - 3,60£ Sagebrush - 3,60€ Knightin+ - 4€ Rebel Cops - 5€ Call of Cthulhu - 10€ Super Wiloo Remake - 2,50€ Shadow of Loot Box - 3€ Grim Legends 3 - 5€ Queen's Quest 2 - 5€ Queen's Quest 3 - 5€ Modern Tales - 5€ Wizard of Legend - 8€ Thronebreaker - 10€ Days Gone - 15€ MotoGP 18 - 9€ June PS+ Subscription 1 year - 42€ Vampyr - 13€ Streets of Rogue - 9€ Milo's Quest - 2,50€ Access Denied - 2,30£ Paradox Soul - 2,50€ Daggerhood - 2,50€ Cybarian - 2,50€ Mekabolt - 2€ Mark of the Ninja Remastered - 5€ Shining Resonance Refrain - 13€ King's Quest The Complete Collection - 7€ Deep Space Rush - 2,30€ Seven Enhanced Edition - 8€ Bard's Tale IV - 12€ July Unruly Heroes - 10€ Ghostbusters Remastered - 12€ Trine 4 - 12€ Citizens of Space - 6€ Scheming Through the Zombie Apocalypse - 2€ Close to the Sun - 13€ Random Heroes - 3,50€ Chasm - 6,30€ Far Cry 5 - 10€ Root Letter - 4€ Steins Gate 0 - 5€ Judgment - 12€ Dragon Ball Fighterz - 14€ Remothered - 10,50€ Ride 3 Gold Edition - 15€ Just Cause 4 - trade (several ps3 games) Total: 427,50€ (rounded up)
  11. Will keep it going for as long as I can, or until @Hemiak wants to take the reins again.
  12. Game #5 - Mark fo the Ninja Remastered - Update I'm about 4 hours in now and completed 6 levels. I've been taking my ime with them as there are a lot of hidden areas to explore.Which essentially makes this somewhat a metroidvania-style game. The gamplay is mostly focused around stealth. Each level gives you objectives that reward you with sscore bonus and upgrade points for your character. There are a few puzzles as well, although most have been relatively simple and either require you to use or disable switches, or bush some boxes on pressure plates. I'll play some more today and maybe try to finish of the 6 remaining levels.
  13. This sale will hurt my wallet quite a bit. Already bought Root Letter and Steins Gate 0. Still going to buy Ride 3 Gold Editon, Judgment, Dragon Ball FighterZ and Remothered
  14. My August Predictions are: Devil May Cry 4 Life is Strange: Before the Storm
  15. #485 - Days Gone This one was a bit rough. While enjoyable for the most part, some of the mechanics weren't great. Wasn't a fan of the whole bike and fuel thing, same goes for the hordes as they went overboard with it. The XP grind also felt unnecessary and half the skills were crap. Worst part was softlocking the game half a dozen times. Had to do one mission several times over, as it wouldn't spawn the story segment. Voice-acting and story are solid, as are the visuals (if you don't look at the hair). That and the gameplay being quite fun saved it a bit. Enjoyment: 7 Difficulty: 4
  16. Game #5 - Mark of the Ninja Remastered - Preview Developer: Kiel Entertainment Publisher: Kiel Entertainmentt Genre: Side-scrolling action game Price: 19,99€ This is the game I know least things about and at the same time am looking forward to the most. I only know that it's a side-scroller with stealth and platforming elements. I don't even know what I could compare this to, as I haven't played many side-scrollers in recent years, that weren't either metroidvania or action-platformers and this game seems to be neither of those. Guess I'll know more tonight.
  17. Game #4 - Shining Resonace Refrain - Final Impressions Time played: about 8h Trophies earned: 14/48 Again, I'm getting the final update for this game out of the way, in case I don't have time later today. This game started out quite enjoyable, and had I stopped playing yesterday, this would've turned out quite different. This is an Action-RPG similar to the Tales of games. You have a party of 4, of which 3 you can replace with other members. So far I've got 6 party members, although 2 are not supposed to be part of your team at this point, at least not if I was playing the original version. Since I'm playing the upgraded one, those two characters are available and feel very out of place, as they foreshadow what direction the plt may go at some point. That's a really bad design choice, and a lazy way of giving the played something "new" in an updated version of your game. Anyway, there's voice-acting for the main story bits, which is a plus, and the music is decent as well. Graphically it's all right, but worse thanthe Tales games. There's all sorts of crafting, potions, gems, songs. There is also dating of oyur party members, although I'm not sure what the purpose will be. I'm assuming that it might be ending related. There are side quests to be done, which renew every time you go to sleep. Unfortunately some of those side quests start to cycle through fairly soon. So that's bound to get boring quickly. Lots of shining objects are scattered around the town and overworld as well. Your weapons are instruments (althoguh some don't look like them at all), which can be "tuned", which is where the songs come in. These can be dropped by monsters or gotten as quest rewards. There are also vendors that sell materials and items and one NPC let's you create your own dungeons, well to some degree. THe level of the dungeon is based on your main cahracters level, which sucks because party members that aren't in the party don't get any XP. Those dungeons can be modified with negative effects for you, so that you get better rewards at the end, as well as differernt bosses. So far those dungeons have consisted of 3 floors, the last one being just a boss fight. Another major bummer, apart from the no XP for you reserves, is no fast travel. There is so much back and forth between the town and teh overworld, that fast travel should be a given. The combat is alright overall. Your basic attack regenerated MP, which is used for all other skill attacks. As you level you unlock more skill, but you can only have four active skulls at any given time. The party AI is a bit of a mixed bag. On the plus side, the healer heals when necessary. However they get often hit by enemy attacks, ebcause ythey don't block or dodge them. There are a couple of extra mechanics during fights as well. You main character can transform into a dragon and fight until the MP is slowly drained. Once MP runs out, you go berserk and attack friends and foes alike. One ability from you party members is to perform a "band" move, which will calm the dragon and prevent it from going berserk. Now what put this game into the mediocre category for me, is that it's another JRPG that requires you to grind to progress. It's perfectly fine when fighting regular mobs, but as soon as you have to fight bosses, the balancing goes out the window. I'm at the 2nd main boss of the game in chapter 3. My party was level 19, and the boss one shot two of my characters at the same time. Bosses hit hard as hell are absolute damage sponges and have ridiculous abilities. I don't mind hard fights, when they seem fair. This feels like it was made hard for the sake of making it hard. Which means grinding time. Furthermore healing potions are damn expensive to buy and the materials to craft them aren't common enough to make that a viable option. It's a shame really, as I was having a good time, until more and more layers came off .It's not going to be the RPG I had hoped for after all. .
  18. Game #4 - Shining Resonance Refrain - Update I've put about 3 hours into it so far. Shortly after starting I realized that I had played the demo, which I enjoyed, so I'm glad that I ended up buying it. Althoguh that might change. So far i's been enjoyable, although it's the usual bombardment of tutorials JRPGs have, which I don't really have the patience for. We'll see how much of all the stuff they throw at you I actually end up remembering down the line. So far it's grabbing me more than Hack Last Recode was, which was bland as hell. There's already 5 party members, and I'm not sure if there will be more later one. You can only have 4 in your party any way though. One thing that confuses me is that one of hte party members is essentially the main villain that got introduced in the opening scenes of the game. I'm assuming that's because I'm playing the Refrain version and not the original. Still it seems like kind of a nonsensical development choice to make that character availabel to you, just because.
  19. #484 - Trine 4 One thing I always liked about htis series is the visual presentation. That is still true iwith this iteration. Unfortunately the gameplay for me is still sibpar. It feel clunky and imprecise, which all the rpevious games was also the case. I keep hoping they'll finally improve upon it, but that won't be happening it seems. Enjoyment: 6 Difficulty: 3
  20. There will not be an indicator regarding tides progress. There is one way to see what response will raise what tide before selecting he dialogue option though. Personally I was not a fan of the game and ended up not being able to finish it, because it froced me into combat segments, that 1 shot my characters. Didn't have an item that would've made the segemnt easier, and didn't feel like losing +5 hours of progess to try and obtain it. It's my least favourite CRPG, as i really didn't like the skill check system, leveling system, and combat at all. Great to see someone enjoys it though!