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  1. #438 - Shenmue Was a decent game. Visually it's alright and hte gameplay is passable. The major problem is the hours of downtime. The game would easily be 2-3 hours shorter, if you could fast forward time. There were also some really awkward doalogues that made no sense. So it either suffers from a lot of mistranslations or some really bad writing. Enjoyment: 6 Difficulty: 3
  2. #437 - The Cursed Crusade This was a rough one. The gameplay overall is alright, even though it suffers from the occasional odd camera angles. The frustrating part is the non-existance of checkpoints, which is a real pain on nightmare difficulty even though the missions are fairly short. What's more annoying is hte number of gliches and bugs though. NPCs that needed escorting passed through a closed gate on several occasions. Character gets stuck by interacting with an items, which seems to happen at one particular spot 50% of the time. Events not triggering which results in a softlock. Enjoyment: 6 Difficulty: 4.5
  3. According to the guide on .org the servers for the PS4 version were shutdown. I have no idea what source that info comes from though.
  4. Been a while since my last update. So it's time to do some catch up. #432 Regalia: of Men and Monarchs - One of the better tactical-Rpgs out there. The voice-acting was some of hte best I've encountered in a video game. #433 Secret of Mana - I think it's slightly worse than the predecessor, still decent though. THe item grind was horrible though and almost put me off the game entirely. #434 The Witness - Lacks proper direction and explanation of hte puzzles. The challenge puzzle was somewhat annoying, but took me way less attempts than I thought it woud. #435 Lightning Returns - THis one was better than I thought it would be. It still looks great, but the time constraints is annoying. #436 Wheels of Aurelia - This was trash. It's boring and the driving is horrible. There's a lot o weird collision and clipping going on as well. Only dropped one game this time around, which was Tron Evolution. The game is alright, but has some of the worst collectibles around and the bike sections suck. Combat and platforming was alright though. New additions: Road Rage Shenmue Shenmue 2 Waking Violet Harvey's New Eyes Erica Detective Gallo
  5. Since there hasn't been an answer provided, I'm resurrecting this thread. This happened to me just now and there is a solution that worked for me. You will have to restart the chapter and progress slowly through the final area (after dropping the pillar bit). Avoid fighting close to the cutscene trigger area. I'm fairly certain that will glitch the progression trigger (if need be use the ranged weapon in case an enemy is stuck there with the AI partner).
  6. #436 - Wheels of Aurelia This one is a bust. Dull stories and the little gameplay there is, is just horribly done. Car bounces around like a pinball, there's cokkision detection on an empty road at times and sometimes there's no collision detection at all and cars just clip through one another. Enjoyment: 3 Difficulty: 2
  7. New sale hit and I spent way too much money. Oh, well... Sold games: 64,00€ January Just Cause 3 - Land and Sea expansion pass - 3,74€ American Fugitive - 9€ Metropolis Lux Obscura - 4€ Planet RIX-13 - 2€ Sigi - 3€ Darkwood - 7,50€ Donut County - 6,50€ Drowning - 1,50€ February Undead Horde - 4€ Bear With Me: The Complete Collection - 7,50€ Stranger Things 3 - 4,50€ The Division 2 Gold Edition - 15€ Mecho Tales - 1,20€ Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2 - 8€ March Beholder 2 - 5€ Regalia: of Men and Monarchs - 7,50€ Lovecraft's Untold Stories - 7,50€ Shadow of Mordor Season Pass - 10£ April Detective Gallo - 4,50€ Harvey's New Eyes - 5€ Shenmue 1+2 - 11,25£ Erica - 5€ Waking Violet - 2,30€ Wheels of Aurelia - 3€ Road Rage - 3€ Total: 77,80€ (rounded up)
  8. Final Overview This time none of the games were terrible nor great. Which I guess, isn't a bad thing. In retrospect, I probably should have included a game that I knew I was going to love. Guess that'll have to wait until next time. Worth playing: Beholder 2 - Even though it was worse than it's predecessor, it was still the most enjoyable one out of the bunch. The story is still an interesting one (I finished it btw) and mainly the "work" segments are the game's weak link. Dead Rising 4 - It's just mindless fun. It's not exceptional in any way, but it fullfills it's purpose. I'm not sure how I would feel about this game, if it had the time constraints like it's predecessors. Toukiden 2 - I've decided to put this game in this pile, because it was just more fun than the upcoming rest. It also has an option for co-op play, so it has potential to be more enjoyable, which could help overlook the flaws a bit. Get on a sale: Secret of Mana - I've platted this one since and it's an OK game overall. It feels a bit clunkier than hte first game from what I remember, but it's biggest flaw is the absolutely stupid item grind. I spent over 10 hours just grinding for items that have a double drop rate percentage attached to them. I hope the sequel will cut out that sort of shit, as I really hate it when games waste my time. It's a crutch that too many JRPGs lean on to make the game seem like it has more content and needs to stop as it's an outdated approah to the genre. Darkwood - Well, this one wa a let-down. I've heard so many people speak highly of this, and what I encountered was far from something worth praising. The feel of hte game when it comes to atmosphere and story presentation is pretty cool, but all the rest falls flat. The combat is clunky, imprecise and just feels bad. What also feels bad is when you can run as fast as the enmies can walk. There are some enemies, that are impossible to outrun, because they aren't bound to the law of stamina that you're tied to. When I play a horror game, and I stop caring about whether I die or not, it's a really bad sign. Flatout 4 - It's barely decent. AI lovs to rubberband in the last lap and is more focused in making your day miserable than winning the races. THe rewards are minimal and the unlockable cars aren't really better than what you already have available. Just kind of a bland experoence, that starts to recycle tracks early on (and yes, flipping or segmenting the track is still recyling it). As usual I also played some stuff on the side. Conception II - A game from a previous KYC event. I quite enjoyed it, but it has one major flaw that makes me not want to continue it. One of the game mechanics is that you need to "make" new children who can become various classes and ultimately will be your party members. The issue is, they always start at level 1 and have a cap. So this means, that eventually they'll become useless, because they stop doing decent damage. So you have to level up new ones that have a higher level cap, from level 1 all the way to that cap. It'm still willing to give it a though, as it's a neat game to pick up and play as you can save wherever. Regalia: of Men and Monarchs - This game was pretty cool and one I'd recommend. It's a tactical RPG, which fantastic voice-acting. It looks pretty good and is well-written. There are some management aspects to tackle as well,.I platted this fairly quickly and I'd give it a . Tron Evolution - This game is not as bad as it may seem. It's not great by any means, but it's an alright experience. The gameplay is solid for hte most part and contrary to a lot of people I didn't have a big issues with the platforming. The bike sections were terrible though. This one was a . The Witness - I decided to try this out, because I just felt like playing something completely different. Well, it was different alright, unfortunatly I didn't really enjoy it. It's an open world puzzle game, that I find lacks direction. I do not think it did a good job at expllaining the various puzzles and it being open world and therefore you being able to run into a puzzle that hasn't been introduced yet is an approach I do not approve of. Luckily I understood the puzzles fairly quickly and had my own approach to the infamous teris pzulles, that made them a lot easier to go though. The final timed puzzle took me a couple dozen tries, before I finally got it though. The game just getts a . Killing Floor 2 - Went back for that one DLC trophy that gets added like every three months. Still a great game. No need to say more about it, as it's like the third time I mention this game in these events. Lightning Returns - I held this one off for so long, because I really wasn't a fan of the time constraints when I first played a couple of hours of it, a few yesrs ago. During this month I started from scratch and got the plat. I'm still not a fan of the time constraint, especially because it's an RPG. I just like to explore at my own pace in those games, and this gimmick interfered with that. The boss fights unfortunately feel kind of cheap, which is a bummer. Still I enjoyed it for the most part and would give it a . Iron Crypticle - Another game from a previous KYC iteration. I picked this win-stick shooter back up, because I just wanted to play something where I could get a couple of short runs in. It's still mediocre, so nothing changed on that front . Mortal Kombat - Another time filler game. I'm not going to pretend that I'd ever intended to get hte platinum in this, so even without the server closure I'm just having a good time trying out all the characters. It looks a tad date by todays standards, but the playability is still great. It also gets a from me. So yeah, that another KYC coming to a close. I hope everyone had a good time participating and/or reading through it. Feel free to get in the remaining updates, as well as your progress throughout the coming months until the next one starts in July.
  9. Game #6 - Darkwood - Final Impression Time played: 9h Trophies earned: 3/16 I'm still going to play some more of this tonight, but I'll get the writing about it out of the way. First off, I'll need to make a rectification, this is not quite an isometric, but rather a top-down game. This is actually quite an important diffference, as it makes the game worse Since it's top-down and the NPCs are in the same color as the floor they're standing on, it makes it an absolute pain in hte ass to find them. One of hte big things in this game is the sound and music. It tries to be very atmospheric, but for me it misses hte ball in two extremes. The music seems to randomly pick up at times, which just seems odd.When it comes to the sound effects though, it's a bigger problem. So everything in this game makes a sound, walking, iambience sound dragging things across the room makes the corresponding sound,. The latter only works one way though. If you drag or push it there's sound, but when you're blocking the way for unwelcome visitors, they push past it without making noise. I've been caught off guard numerous time because of this. Due to hte fact that this game tries to go so hard on immersion, that's a major flaw Now let's talk about hte gameplay. The concept is somewhat similar to This War of Mine, you go out (during the day) to gathe rmaterials, do quests and craft items, and then hunker down at night in a safe house that is completely destroyded. preferably you managed to barricade the doors and windows ppreviously or you'll have a really bad time. There are enemies that will break in eventually and you'll have to fight them with whatever weapons you have available, and let me tell you the combat absolutely blows. You also need to have fueled the generator so you have light, because there are also ghosts who will kill you if you don't have light. Basically night, time, is shitshow time. There are also skills that you can unlock by collecting mushrooms, but the skills come with a negative effect to counteract them. I have unlocked 3 positive and 2 negative traits so far and have come to the conclusion that it's better to completely ignore the upgrades, as none of htem are good enough to justify the attached downsides. The game does not hold your hand at all, so a lot of time is spent, trying to figure out what to do and where to go. There are the occasional nudges from NPCs (the ones that are easily missed), but for hte most part going one way and hoping for hte best. I've spend several hours on the latest objective, because I couldn't find the NPC, even though I knew the location. Found her eventually, but I don't know hwether or not I had been walking past her all the time or doing some other seemingly unrelated stuff made her show up. When you die (and you will die), your invenotry contents will be left on the ground where you died. They seem to not disappear even if you die several times in a row. That's kind of nice, but also makes it so that I stopped caring about dying. It is just a nuisance that I have to go back to pick up my stuff, but that's it. The locations and story seem interesting and the eerie, creepy and even vile atmosphere fits it well. That part of hte game is great, but then there's everything else that drags it down. There's also a technical issues, namely frequent lagspikes out of nowhere. Personally I think this game is way overrated. as I can't give it more than a .
  10. Game #6 - Darkwood - Progress Update This is going to be a short one, as I only managed to put 3 hours into it so far. It's a survival horror game, from an isometric perspective. I've only done the prologue so far and am now on day 4 of the actual game. I'm not sure what my objective is, ewell except for surviving obviously. The prologue has eactly the problem, that I was worries about. It's way too dark. I spent over 30 minutes, trying to find the exit (it was covered by a cabinet that you had to drag (which wasn't visible on screen). The actual game fairs a little bit better in that regard. During the day most of the surroundings are visible. However, as soon as night time hits, it's literally lights out. Your starting point (which is an abandoned house) has lights in it, but needs a generator to be functional. So it's either searching the woods and it's locations for gasoline and other thigns or hide in a corner and hope for hte best. Because when it becomes night, scavengers have a tendency to invite themselves into your house. I'm not too confident in my survival past the 4th day. Guess I'll end up finding out whether or not the areas are procedurally generated or not.
  11. #435 - Lightning Returns Had a good time with it overall. Didn't care much for hte story, but I liked the gameplay. The garb system was pretty neat and offered a good amount of variety. I would've preferred , if there had been no time constraint. Most of the game wa fairly straightforward, but some of the bosses were poorly balanced. It's one thing to have a difficulty spike, but it's another if bosses have an attack that insta kill you even iif you have 20k HP. THe grinding was minimal, yet still boring to do. Enjoyment: 7 Difficulty: 5 (would've been a 3 had the 3 main bosses not been utter dicks)
  12. Game #6 - Darkwood - Preview Developer: Acid Wizard Studio Publisher: Acid Wizard Studio Genre: Survival Horror Price: 14,99€ It's time for another game I don't know much about. Don't know the dev/publisher and all I saw of the game was a few minutes of gameplay. So I know, it's a horror game, it's isometric and you walk around in dark woods (hence the name?). I d like my horror games, so I'm looking forward to this one. There is however one thing that worries me. I've made the experience that some horror games like to go overboard with the whole "darkness" thing. Having played 2Dark a while back, the game was so dark in some sections, that it wasn't possible to see what was on the ground (the game had traps...), I'm all for atmosphere, but in a reasonable realm. If this is going to be similar, and it just places you in a dark wood where you can't see shit, well then I'm out.
  13. Game #5 - Beholder 2 - Final Impressions Time played: over 14h Tropheis earned: 12/53 Alright, so there are some similarities and some major differences between the first and the second game. Ufnortunately the changes and gameplay mechanics are mostly for the worse. The art style is still the same, it's still sort of a 2D sidescroller (2.5D at times) and is still mostly black and white. Once again there also is no voice acting, with the exception to the endings. Speaking of endings, there are seemingly several again, as I already got one by accident. THe premise is also still quite grimm and arguably a bit more brutal than the predecessor. As mentioned in my previous update, you work at the ministry and have to do "work" to get money in order to pay bills. Since my last update I found out that you actually end up doing different types of work each time you get promoted. Not going into any specifics here, but let's say all of them feel unintuitive and kind of boring after a while. Furhtermore there's one job that more often than not doesn't seem to be properly fine-tuned, as options given at times don't seem to add up at all with what's requested. This is also the worst part of the game, as it pays so little that you kind of have to spend a good amount o the available 9h doing the work just to pay the bills. These bills also do not stop coming in. There's always at least one random bill that shows up, no matter what. This whole part of the game feels like a chore. To get promoted to the next floor, youl need 15000 authority points, which you mostly get from completing quests, the main quest alone yields 10000 each, and performing the job correctly also gives a small amaount. I've gotten two promotions so far and am now in the third segment of the game. All of the except for the first one have the same routine going on. There's 3 co-workers that you got to get rid of in any way possible, the supervisor who gives you the rundown for your job and eventually a quest and lastly there's the boss of the current floor. There are still interesting quests and the side objective that is finding out what happened to your father, is intriguing. Most quests have two different possibilities to be completed, so there's some replayability. A new addition is fast travel (which wasn't needed in the first game), which lets you teleport from floor to floor. Sine the area of choice for this game is an office building, there's usually a bunch of NPCs walking around. Unfortunately that becomes a problem at times, ebcause those NPCs have collision. Guess what, collision in a 2D environment is kind of a problem. I think that I'm fairly close to the end, so I'll probably still play this tomorrow to wrap up my playthrough. Regardless this will be a . It's not as good as the first one, but it's still a solid game overall.
  14. On Day 10 in Lightning Returns, and still don't have 300 battles let alone the 500 one. Already have 2 species (gremlins and niblets) extinct though. Not sure where or what  to farm kills next :/

    1. Sir_Bee


      I am pretty sure that the arena does not count, and it would not be fastest as each battle takes 10 minutes in game time and stops Chronostasis.  You would quickly run out of time in game.  


      I did like the garb aspect, it was nice to be see gear changes on your character.


      I agree about the time constraint.  I think it was an interesting mechanic, and if you know what you are doing, you have plenty of time to get everything done, but it is not blind play friendly.


      All in all I enjoyed the game, wouldn't be in my best FF games list, but at no point was I disappointed to be playing it (other than having to use a ps3 controller, which I hadn't held in a long time, and i forgot how much I prefer the Dualshock 4's bigger size.)

    2. voodoo_eyes


      That's right, I completely forgot about the 10 minute caveat for the arena. Oh well, guess I'll hang out in WIldlands for the upcoming 2 days.

    3. Sir_Bee


      If you are constantly using chronostasis, you should be able to hunt most things to extinction if you put in the time, the in game timer won't be of consequence.  If you are able, you could always hunt on the highways to guarantee you always have the EP to cast it.

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  15. Good point, I meant the new GRID game, yeah xD. So for the sake of keeping it accurate. My April picks would be Dishonored 2 GRID
  16. Game #5 - Beholder 2 - Progress Update This is somewhat different from what I was expecting..It's still a 2-5D sidescroller, and it still has the look that characterizes Beholder, the gameplay feels quite different. In the first game you'd be a building manager, that had to spy on tennants, search their apartments, potentially denounce them for illegal activities. and help them with their quests. All of this would lead to you getting money to pay your bills and sustain your family. All of this was on a timer that almost never stopped ticking down. Beholder 2 has a different premise.You geta job offer to work for the government, which happens to be in the same building your father worked at who"fell" out of hte office window and died. So now you are presented with the quest of finding out what exactly happened, while also doing your duties for the government. What surprised me is that we end up playing a version of papers, please as our job. We attend people that want either request something, denounce someone, , complain about something or just ask for information. You'll have to categorize their demands properly and send them to the proper ministry and respective department culture, patriotism,, order, etc.). THen the game opens up more and more, as you get objectives, like get a promoton by eliminating your colleagues some way or another. There are quests to complete to get extra money (again you'll have bills to pay) Like in the first game you get moral choices, that influence how the overall game may go. This time however your ctime constraint is different. You get 9 hours a day to do stuff. 2 hours takes a work shift, so you can do 4 shifts a day tops. Speaking to the boss will take an hour, searching things takes 1 5-15 minutes, evesdropping takes 10 minutes and the there's also stuff you can do outside of the office. Watching TV takes an hour, reading a book that gives you perks takes 2-6 hours, visiting someone in the apartment takes an hour and lastly visiting another location takes 3 hours. Visiting locations is done iin a text adventure kind of way. That's it so far. I'll put more hours into it, and maybe there's even more stuff to do in this game by the final day.
  17. #434 - The Witness Not really my type of game, and I really didn't like some of the design decisions they made. The final challenge turned out less difficult than I expected it to be. That's not to say it wasn't difficult, because it was to some extent. It's about working out what works best for you in order to solve the puzzles. For example, I've seen a lot of people say they're having problems with the Tetris puzzles. So did I at first, until I stopped looking at them as individual tetris blocks and combined them mentally into one shape. From then on most of them were very easy (just keep in mind they both need to be inside the seperation lines then). Enjoyment: 4 Difficulty: 5
  18. Game #5 - Beholder 2 - Preview Developer: War Lamp Games Publisher: Curve Digital Genre: Sim Price: 14,99€ As far as I know, this is a russian developer has only made the Beholder games Unfortunately it seems that this game isn't selling well, as it has been on sales for a fiver shortly after release. I've played the first one a while back and loved it, after having some initial trouble getting through it due to the time constraints.THe first game was seomwhat of a management sim that had you spy on/denounce/help your neighbours as you wore working for a totalitarian government. I'm assuming this one is going to be in a similar fashion, which owuld be great. If there are no more time constraints, that would be a bonus. Looking forward to jump into this one.
  19. Game #4 - Toukiden 2 - Final Impressions Time played: about 14h Trophies earned: 11/50 I'm still going to play a few hours tonight, but I'll wrap my views on the game already regardless. Visually it looks alright. Better than most JRPGs, but still not great. The enemies are the weakest link in that regards as the enemy models don't look great, except for the boss monsters. When it comes to the sound it's fine for the most part, although sound effects are way too loud and pretty much have to be adjusted. There is very sporadic voice acting and it's only in japanese. There are english subs, but there have been several occasions, where they didn't provide any subs for what was being said. I'm only in Chapter 3 and up until now I've been drip-fed tutorial after tutorial. I think they put too much stuff in the game to be honest. Tutorials for each weapon, tutorials for each Mitama type, how to craft or reforge weapons/armor, how to send a minion out to gather materials, how to synthesize, cleanse areas, take baths, assign abilities. It seems like it never ends. The gameplay boils down to completing missions. 3 variants of side missions and the story mission will keep you busy for days. You objective is essentially to push the demon invasion back by defeating the bosses in each area and closing demon portals. This makes the regions safer allowing for more and better equipment to be sold by vendors. So you run across the lands with 3 companions (more unlock throughout the story, but only can be active at one time) kill a ton of demons until you eventually reach the boss. Those boss fights tend to take a while, as there is no leveling you have to rely on upgrading your weapons. Problem is you need materials to upgrade those and said materials drop from enemies and of course the bosses, You are encouraged to sever the boss enemies limbs to get them as materials. Unfortunately those limbs grow back almost instantly, which kind of eliminates the potential for funny moments. There also a relationship building aspect with each of the companions, which you need to take on missions in order to form stronger bonds. The bosses, will eventually become regular enemies walking around the map, but they will remain absolute damage sponges. That's something that could get old really quick, due to the whole necessity for the material farming. There is also a special vision mode, which is the only way to see how much HP an emeiy has left and how damaged their limbs are. That's a terrible design choice. You can't alway be in that mode, because it won't regenerate the meter you need for stronger attacks. Furthermore it's not pleasant to look atfor long periods of time anyway. I have encountered one glitch so far. Occasionally, the mission targets don't spawn forcing you to restart the mission to fix it. It's a fun game so far, but definitely worse than a proper Monster Hunter game. Too much fluff in the story, too much crap to keep in mind and some questionable design choices end up holding this game back. Im still giving it a at this point, but that may quickly change if it becomes tedious. Update: I've decided to drop my score for this one to a , because the game shafted me twice just now. Which reminded me that it had been screwing me over a few times by now. Alright first things first, I forgot to mention that hit detection is off quite a bit in both ways. I've had enemies still hit me when I wasn't even remotely near them and I haven't been able to hit enemies on several occasions (keep in mind the enemies in question are massive). Anyway, I just had a boss fight that took me 20 minutes (as most bosses do), then the story progressed with cutscenes and then it threw me into another boss fight. During this fight I died and my AI companions started ressing me, but then they stopped because they had some weird collision detection going on. To revive you don't need to be on top of the person that died, as there is actual a fairly large radius. Yet they kept trying to position themselves where the path was blocked. So instead of them ressing me, the timer ran out. Now who wants to venture a guess where the last save was registered (there's manual and auo saving)?
  20. I thought this was about Gamestop management telling their workers that they'd have to remain open, because they see themselves as an "essential" retail store. Who cares about a price hike? Those go up and down all the time. The fucked up thing is that they're putting employees and customers at risk, because it's a company run by absolute fucking morons.
  21. My picks for April are: Dishonored 2 GRID
  22. Speaking of Falling behind. I've jst barely finished the first chapter in Toukiden 2 and still feel like I got very little prgoress done after 10 hours. I'll be swapping out my other RPG with a less time-consuming game. (As such Beholder 2 will take the spot of Moonlighter.
  23. Game #4 - Toukiden 2 - Progress Update I'm going to get this out of the way early. This is essentially a Monster Hunter clone. You create and customize your character (a fair amount of options for that btw), pick 1 of 12 weapon types and then you're off doing a basic tutorial. The story is kind of meh. You wake up and have amnesia, because of course you do. Now you're in a foreign village, become a member of said village and go out to rid the world of demons You can change to a different weapon before each mission and the same goes for the Mitamas (it's a class system). Those offer active and passive abilities, that boil down to buffs for the most part. There is the option to buy, craft, reforge or improve weapons and armor. That is probably going to be essential, as there is no leveling system. The only thing that levels is the Mitama, whenever it's being used, which only unlocks new abilities. The game has an option to play solo or in a multiplayer lobby, I chose the former. So I have AI companions instead of actual people in my party. The party consists of up to 4 members who are assigned a Mitama type. MP doesn't offer story progression, so all you have available is sort ofbounty missions, which run on a timer (usually 90 minutes, which is plenty of time). It seems that materials carry over to your single player game though, so that's pretty neat. IN single player you also have open world missions as an option, so theres quite a lot to do. It does however seem like the missions are all farily geenric. It's been either kill X amount of enemies or find X amount of items. I've put almost 7 hours in by now and feel like I've made no progress. I've still been doing tutorials until now, because the game decided that I wasn't qualified to learn game mechanics, before I finished several missions that didn't teach anything. I'm hoping tthat I actually get to make proper progress today.
  24. It's generic sale time. I could almost swear that this is a carbon copy of a sale that happened like a month ago, but the prices are almost all a couple of bucks higher than before.