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  1. I'll do my list of nominees for now and then update with the winner once then end of the month rolls in. Piece of Cake - Nominees It's Like Dark Souls - Nominees Bad Ass Award - nominees Grind of the Year - nominees King of the Internet - nominess Worst Online Experience - it's a surprise Sleeper Hit of the Year - nominees Biggest bomb of the Year - nominees Best Trophy Image - nominees Worst Trophy Image Best Female Character Best Male Character - nominees Best Soundtrack - nominees Best Plat of the Year - nominees Wurst Plat ov teh Yeer - nominees Most Anticipated Platinum of 2020 Depends on what I still manage to plat this year. To be updated once the 31st comes around.
  2. Lots of stuff happened since hte last update. A handful of plats and a bunch of games the I've checked off the list. #406 Yomawari: Midnight Shadows - It's decent enough, but could've been so much more. #407 State of Mind - It's OK. Didn't like the characters and the story was a predictable. #408 Bloodborne - Had a great time with this one, to the point of still playing it (NG++ by now). #409 The Council - It all went well, until they pulled a 180 on the story. Could've been a great game, still enjoyable though. Not returning to the following games: Iron Crypticle feels unpolished and too unprecise for the type of game it is. Kingdom Hearts 0.2 BBS is serviceable, but not worth returning to. Then there's the hot bland mess of Zone of the Enders 2nd Runner, that is no fun at all. Legend of Korra is another one that's so bland it hurts. Lastly there is Escape Dead Island, which is somewhat fun, until it starts hardlocking the system every few hours. New additions: Agatha Christie: ABC Murders The Hong Kong Massacre
  3. Final Overview Alright, it's time for me to do a roundup. 11 games in total for me (with the 2 in 1 deal) and a few more on the side. A somewhat balanced list in the end, with some highs a few lows and a lot of mediocrity. Not a single must play this time around though. Worth playing: Hitma: Blood Money - It's just a fun game with a lot of variety. The controls are a bit wonky when it comes to precision, but that's pretty much the only issue it has. Torment: Tides of Numenara - I suppose it's a good successor of Planescape: Torment. Personally not on the same level as other CRPGs, due to it being it's own subgenre in a way. It's much more focused on narration and character development and as result the combat falls falt. The Council - Starts out good and then it goes completely of the rails. Had some really cool ideas, and the character intearctions are interesting. Get on a sale: Yomawari: Midnight Shadows - It's a neat game, that unfortunately failed to improve on it's predecessor. Ghost Blade HD - It's fun while it lasts. Doesn't really have replay value, and is on the short side. Yooka-Laylee - It's a fairly generic 3D platformer, with way too many collectibles. For those who love 3D platformers, this may have ended up on a higher tier, I'm not one of those people though. Make sure you know what you're getting yourself into: Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner - Farily bland mech action with a terrible targeting system. Pure mediocrity from start to finish. Iron Crypticle - Underwhelming twin-stick shooter, with roguelike elements. Gets boring quickly, but at least there's local co-op I guess. State of Mind - Quite clunky overall. Main character is a dick and all other chracters are detestable. Plot is nothing new and was done better in a handful of other games. Don't have to worry about that one anymore: The Legend of Korra - It's dull, has no depths and also ain't got a story. Good news, you can't get it anymore. If you already have it, leave it alone. Just no: Elea - It's a waste of space that takes place in space. What I played on the side turned out to be more enjoyable, for the most part. Battlefield 1 - Very mediocre FPS. The campaign was dull and the load times were excruciating. Same goes for the MP, which is boring and poorly balanced. I booted this one up with the intentions to get thee plat, but after doing the first mission for hte collectibles I realised that I had no patience to deal with the load times. Dishonored 2 - Still great fun. Started a new playthrough with no powers and high chaos for collectibles. Trine: Enchanted Edition - A former KYC game that I only played about halfway through. Finished the story this time around. Bloodborne - Played it, loved it, platted it. Best game on the system for me. Still playing it and NG++ by now. Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep - Long ass name for a short ass game. Under 3 hours long and fairly meh I guess. It looks nice though, but the combat is kind of abysmal. Finished the story and I'm good with that. Word Search (Vita) - Just a time killer. It's meh, but does what it's there for. Far Cry: New Dawn - Fun game so far. It looks and runs great. Enemies are a bit too aggressive though. Only played little of it, but so far it's solid. Not sure what I'll be going back to from this list and at what point in time. Definitely not returning to Zone of the Enders 2nd Runner, Iron Crypticle, Ghost Blade and Legend of Korra. Those just aren't worth my time. 4 of the gamesare already finished, so that leaves 3 from this list. I might return to Yooka-Laylee first though, to see how far I can be bothered to take it. For now I'll be focusing on a few other gams though.
  4. Game #10 - Hitman Blood Moneu (PS3) - Final Impressions Time played: around 3h Trophies earned: 4/25 In case I don't have time to return to the game today or write about it, I'll do so now. Graphics are fine for a PS2 title. It's not the prettiest game, but it doesn't need to be. Animations are a bit odd at times though. Anyway, this game shines with the gameplay. As an contract killer you are put in a location and need to figure out a way to kill the target. For that you get your standard loadout of coin, poison/sedative syringe, bomb, detonator and fiber wire. Additionally you can take weapons with you as well, having to keep in mind that larger weapons can't be concealed. Since I've been going for the Silent Assassin ratings on the highest difficulty, I haven't even been taking weapons with me. Speaking of SA ratings... to get that rating you can only kill the assigned targets, can't be detected, bodies can't be discovered (unless accident), don't leave weapons behind that you took with you and you need to exit the level with your suit. You also can't save at any point during a mission and there are no checkpoints, which means doing it right iin one go. Having followed the guide on PSNP, for the first mission, it never gave the me SA rating, but specialist instead. Conclusion guide on here is absolute arse, maving me waste over an hour by trying it the indicated way and giving me a different result every time. I went with another guide instead, and it worked first try, and have had little problems getting consistent SA ratings since. Sometimes the interactions of taking someone out or fiddling with a potential accidental death get a bit fiddly. This can become a problem as every character in the missions is on a rotation that htey repeat eventually. Missing your first opportunity will have you wait at least 5 minutes for another shot at it. So far I've finished the first 3 missions with SA rating on professional difficulty (+ tutorial). I'm still going to try and get a couple more missions done today, we'll see. The game itself still holds up fairly well today and has a decent amount of replay value, as there are several ways to take out your targets. Definitely a and if it was a bit more polished in a few areas, it would get a higher rating. So that concludes this KYC round for me. I'll do my usual summary tomorrow.
  5. Ginal purchasess of November done. worth it / regret / meh Sold games - 448€ Purchases so far January Gwent: The Witcher Card Game - Free Hand of Fate - Wildcards (DLC) - 1.49€ Get Even - 15€ Outcast: Second Contact - 18€ Assassin's Creed Origins - 19€ Syberia 3 - 17€ February Guns Gore and Cannoli - 3,99€ Yakuza 0 - trade (Strange Brigade) Moonlighter - 18€ Mega Man 11 - 18€ Thimbleweed Park - 7,99€ Dead Rising 4 - 19€ TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan - 12€ Syndrome - 15€ March Fall of Light: Darkest Edition - 6,49€ Fullblast - 3,99€ Skyhill - 7,99€ Darkest Dungeon: Crimson Court - 3,99€ Darkest Dungeon: The Shieldbreaker - 1,59€ A Hole New World - 2,99€ Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass - 5,99€ Blue Reflection - 19€ Need for Speed Payback - 16€ Digimon Story: Hacker's Memory - 19€ Ni No Kuni II - 19€ Bendy and the Ink Machine - 19€ Vikings: Wolves of Midgard - 19€ Riddled Corpses EX - 5€ PS Plus subscription (1 year) - 45€ Path of Exile - Free April Lost Sphear - 18€ Witcher 3 Season Pass - 10€ Hollow Knight - 7€ Blazblue Cross Tag Battle - 17€ Fallout 76 - 16€ Batman: The Enemy Within - 15€ Assassn's Creed Origins Season Pass - 15€ PS3 (3rd party) controller - 15€ Indie Darling Bundle Vol. 2 - 10€ May One Word - 4€ I Am The Hero - 4,50€ The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 - 10€ Guns Gore and Cannoli 2 - 5€ Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax - 5€ Horizon Zero Dawn - trade (AC Origins) MotoGP 17 - 17€ Sniper Elite 4 - 17€ Elex - 17€ Forgotton Anne - 8€ Ruiner - 8€ Kingdom Hearts 2.8 - 18€ Gravel - 15€ Noir Chronicles - 4€ Nightmares from the Deep 3 - 4€ Enigmatis 3 - 4€ June Metagal - 2,50€ Road Redemption - 8€ Burnout Paradise Remastered - 8€ The Crew 2 - 18€ Jagged Alliance: Rage - 15€ July Pillars of Eternity -10€ Mothergunship - 12€ Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) - trade (Ni No Kuni II) Odin Sphere Leifthrasir (PS4) - 13€ Everspace Stellar Edition - 8€ 11-11 Memories Retold - 15€ August Immortal Unchained - 15€ Distrust - 16€ Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor Martyr - 12€ The Occupation - 15€ Deponia Doomsday - 4€ Goodbye Deponia - 3€ Steamworld Dig 2 - 6€ The Swords of Ditto - 6€ Flipping Death - 9€ My Memory of Us - 9€ Guacamelee 2 - 9€ Assault Gunners HD Complete - 6€ September My Big Sister - 2€ Devious Dungeon 2 - 3€ Dragonball Xenoverse 2 - trade (Dragon Quest Builders) October Ghost 1.0 - 3,50€ Achtung! Cthulu Tactics - 9€ The Council - 10€ Intruders: Hide and Seek - 8€ State of Mind - 15€ Anthem - 12€ Elea - 6€ Aggelos - 5€ November Far Cry New Dawn - 15€ PS Plus subscription (1 year) - 45€ Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization - 10€ God of War - 15€ December Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders - 5€ The Hong Kong Massacre - 8€ Prey Mooncrash DLC - 8€ Tekken 7 - 10€ Shadows Awakening - 17€ Shadow of the Tomb Raider - 16€ Kingdom Hearts 3 - 16€ Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet - trade (Family Guy, State of Mind, Warhammer Inquisitor Martyr) We Happy Few - trade (Titanfall 2, Battleborn, GI Joe Rise of the Cobra, Inversion) Secret of Mana - trade credit + Battlefield 1 Yakuza 6 - 5,50€ + trade credit God's Trigger - 6€ New Star Manager - 8€ Current total = 645,50€
  6. Had to get them digitally. SOA physical copies are still overpriced and GoW was sold out everywhere.
  7. Another quick update, this time regarding The Council. Finisehd the game and got the plat. Story does a complete 180, as I feared. Which bummed me out quite a bit to be honest. Another thing I forgot to mention previously, is that the accents are very poorly done. Nevertheless it's still a , just because it averages out that way. Episodes 1-3: Episodes 4-5: It really feels like they ran out of money from Episode 3 onwards. It gives the impression, that they went in a completely different direction than what was planned.
  8. #409 - The Council First three episodes were good and then it started to decline. The story unfotunately went completely off the rails and stopped being intriguing. It's still a solid game overall, even though there are some graphical bugs and the voice acting isn't the best when it comes to using accents. THe whole skill system and interactions with the other characters were pretty neat, which is essentially what keeps it above mediocrity. Enjoyment: 7 Difficulty: 2.5
  9. Having issues with Blood Money SA ratings. Just finished the first mission, had 0 witnesses, 0 notoriety, only both targets killed, put suit back on before leaving mission and yet only got specialist rating. Followed the video in the guide to the letter. Yet the difference in the statistics menu shows mine with 2 kills (1 accident and 1 close combat kill) and the video has stats at 1 kill (1 accdent and 1 close combat),

  10. Game #10 - Hitman: Blood Money (PS3) - Preview Developer: IO Interactive Publisher: Square Enix Genre: Stealth Price: 9,99 (just get the bundle with all 3 games for 14,99 instead) This is definitely not my first go at Hitman games.I'm fairly certain that I've played all of them except the very latest Hitman 2 reboot. However I played the HD ones, when they first released on PC over a decade ago. I remember those games being pretty good, so I have high hopes for that to still to be the case. I also remember, these games being quite difficult, if you went in guns blazing. So I'll probably stick to stealth throughout. I'll probably try my luck at the professional difficulty with silent assassin rating from the get-go. Thankfully I don't remember to be timed sections, so with patience it should be possible to get those done. This being my last game for the event, hopefully it'll still hold up quality-wise. If not, it would've been a pretty mediocre list of games for me this time around.
  11. Seems like more games are being added, but it's mostly been the PS2 Classics regurgitation so far. Might take a while before the actual sales page is updated properly though.
  12. Game #9 - The Council - Final Impressions Time played: a bit over 9h Trophies earned: 25/44 I'm currently nearing hte end of episode 3 (out of 5), So I'm a bit over halway through I'd say. With that in mind and with this bein an episodic title the quality of each episode may very by quite a bit. So far the first 3 episode have been good, although it's been starting to go in a weird direction. Not going to get into it, as the whole game is essentially spoilers. It starts out as a mystery novel in which your mother disappeaers and you're invited to a mansion where she was last seen. While searching for her, you'll be gradually introduced to more and more characters (some of the mquite recognizable). It's an interesting setting with an intruiging story developing , that will keep you interested in what might happen next. At leat up until the end of episode 3, where the story seems to go completely off the rails. It's still interesting, but sort of is starting to lose it's intrigue. Visually it's good when it comes to the environments and the mansion's interior. It becomes passable when it comes to the characters. Exaggerated features make them look quite silly. The animations are a bit wonky as well. Then there are a few glitches as well. So far I've found a glove floating in the air and then disappearing all of a sudden. There are also some audio issues, that apparently haven't been patched. There are two situations where the dialogue slows down into slow motion, when interacting with an object. It's always only those specific objects though. Gameplay-wise, you'll be walking around the mansion alot, exploring several floors and rooms. Part of which is also solving puzzles and picking up clues and collectibles. The main shtick though, are the RPG elements. There are different personality traits that you can put points in, in order to become knowledgeable in it. Evenutally applying said knowledge in conversations with the other people habitating the mansion. Some will not be affected by a few traits, while others end up giving you new information . It's an interesting mechanic that's a bit tricky to balance, especially at hte beginning. You'll be locked out of a lot of potential dialogues, because you may not have the skills required. You'll get skill points after every chapter (3 per episode) and can find and read books to improve the stats as well. They also gradyally increase by interacting with people and objects though. I'm enjoying it so far, but am becoming wary of might lie ahead. As for now it's definitely a .
  13. OK month I guess, assuming this is true. Already own Titanfall 2 so that's a bit of a bummer. The milestone motocross games tend to be fairly mediocre, and most of the times the only change is the grind for the plat being extended. Furthermore Milestone games are notorious for having absolutely trash servers, so get ready for that one if you're interested in platting it.
  14. As others have said. Every country has it's own pre-paid cards associated to it (be it Ps Plus or store credit). They will only work for that specific country.
  15. Just giving a quick update on Zone of the Enders 2nd Runner, as I've finished the game now. It took under 4 hours to complete, and my opinion didn't really change on it. There is little variety in environments even later on. Most of the game is either in barren canyons or corridors/hangars and their colour tone is still held in grey and brown. The only good mission was one that took place in the air where you had to take out 5 massive battleships. The rest was just slashing through hordes of similar looking mechs and the odd boss battles. Those while having some interesting mechanics on occasion, are still underwhelming.
  16. That's what I heard too, which is why I picked the supposedly better one. Considering the first is sitting at 78 and the 2nd at 82 on metacritic (for whatever that is worth) , both should be equally good (or mediocre when it comes to my view on them). To be fair, I have not yet finished the game, so at least when it comes to the environments being bland, it could change depending on what is still to come. Thing is I actually ended up watching a few reviews on 2nd Runner, and none referred to how bad the targeting system is, which I find very odd. That's not even opinion based, as it's a problem with the game mechanic. Funnily enough most also referred to the first one being a lot worse, yet the scores for both aren't too far off.
  17. Yeah, I wasn't sure if I wanted to include that one at first, as it's more of a strategy game with mechs. Not to mention that it's even older than the other game, which is even sadder.
  18. Game #9 - The Council - Preview Developer: Big Bad Wolf Publisher: Focus Home Interactive Genre: Interactive Adventure Price: 24,99 Alright, so this one I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy. I saw about an hour of the first episode when it came out and it looked right up my alley. The only thing that worries me somewhat, is that the episodes seem to drastically drop in length halfway through the episodes. Could mean it lacks content or was rushed, or both. As someone who enjoys mistery tories and investigations in games, this should be great. Looking forward to starting it sometime later today.
  19. Game #8 - Zone of the Enders 2nd Runner (PS3) - Final Impressions Time played: close to 2h30m Trophies earned: 7/25 This game isn't doing it for me. I need to get that out of the way right away. There have been few games where I've struggled to keep pushing forward, as it has been the case with this one. It is just so incredibly bland and boring. Let's start with the visuals. Anime cinematics, which are fine. The lip sync is all over the place though, making it quite distracting. Graphically the game itself is decent enough for a PS2 game. Not really going to complain about the fact that it's pretty much just shades of grey and brown. The menus are subpar. Lacks controller mapping, and it's not possible to load a game from the pause menu. Having to quit the game to the main menu in order to load a save is not the way to do it. The story is alright, but nothing to write home about. While the gameplay is OK overall, it's a bit bland. All you have is a melee attack a ranged attack and then charged variations of those that are situational. Grab is just an ability among a bunch of others that needs to be cycled through in order to use it. Grab is also the most powerful ability, as it destroys 2 or more enemies in one go. My major gripe comes from the absolutely daft lock-on system. It locks on automatically on the nearest target it also locks on to frindly targets - why? Changing target uses the right thumbstick. You know what also uses the right thumbstick? Moving the damn camera, that's what. Deselecting a target requires holding a button pressed - Why not just hit the button once to deselect the target? it's not used for anything else after all I can't think of a worse implemented lock-on system. Now considering that this game constantly throws multiple enemies at you, it becomes an absolute mess. One of the missions has you defend structures and allies, while throwing a bunch of enemies at you. While trying to change targets, it kept selecting friendly units (there's friendly fire btw). There were times when the camera actually seems to throw a fit, because it keeps selecting a new target once the current enemy is destroyed. Even during boss fights, the targeting gets in the way. Since all bosses have a gimmick to them, and as a result you need to use items from the environment to defeat them. Can't pick up items while targeting something, so the ordeal of deselecting target, picking up item, then re-selecting target begins. It's not a good game, and it doesn't deserve the high scores it got under any circumstances.. It's a at best, and that's only because Assault Gunners exists, which is actually worse. Conclusion... there still isn't a better mech game than Mechwarrior 3 from 1999 (and Mechcommander from 1998, I guess).
  20. #408 - Bloodborne I kind of wanted to save this one for a milestone, but it'll take forever until I reach the 450 plats. So I just got it over with now. Best game on PS4 by miles and pure fun from start to finish. DLC was great as well. The Chalice Dungeons were a bit of a pain, not so much because of the bosses, but the whole having to gather materials to create the chalices. I'll probably end up returning every once in a while to this game and just play it for the hell of it. Enjoyment: 10 Difficulty. 6.5
  21. Game #8 - Zone of the Enders 2nd Runner (PS3) - Preview Developer: Konami Publisher: Konami Genre: TPS? Price: 14,99 (bundle only) Another game I essentially know nothing about. Kojima was partially involved though, so it might be a wild ride. I haven't played the first game, so this game better be able to do it's own thing, wihtout relying on referencing the predecessor all the time. If a sequel can't stand on it's own, it's not a worthy sequel, simple as that. I know that it's primarily a mech third-person shooter with some hack-and-slash elements in it as well. I'm really curious about how it controls though. Whenever flying is involved and fights in the air in particular, the controls tend to go to hell, because the camera can't keep up with the action and just tends to swirl around. Has potential to be fun, but it could also be an absolute disaster.
  22. A lot of these games seem to just have the regular sale price. I was interested in A Way Out, but it being at hte exact same price as it was a month ago, kind of rubs me the wrong way. The only reason I might end up buying it, is that the physical copy is expensive as balls. Tempted by God of War at 15€ though. It's only a 25% price drop, but I don't expect it to drop much lower than that.
  23. Game #7 - Iron Crypticle - Final Impressions Time played: a bit over 3 hours Trophies earned: 25/39 This game turned out to be more than just a twin-stick shooter. It also has 2d platforming and at it's core, it's a rogue-like. Had I realised that this was in the rogue-like genre, I would probably not have bought it, as I am not a fan of the genre. (rogue-lite I do enjoy though). My problem with this genre is that I dislike it when a game nullifies all my progress, effort and time I've put into the game. While it's similar to the schmup genre in that regard, the major difference is that you at least get credits to continue progressing in that one and there is no character build-up of any kind. Anyway... In this game you select out of 4 available charactes, that seem to have no notable difference except the colour. It has pixelated graphics with a top-down view. The levels consist of various paths that you can go, after you've cleared the room you're currently in. Essentially you have one start point, thatgives you 2 ways to go, then you get another 1 or 2 choies in the next path and so on, until you eventually reach the boss chamber. All the rooms in.between the start and the boss are randomly genereated, or at least their location on the map is. The rooms can either be enemies, a 2D platforming level, a mini-boss or a shop. The stock at the shop is random and you only get 4 items to pick from. Each cost gold, which you earn from defeating enemies anddestroying breakable objects. The items range from stat upgrades to objects that have no use until they are combined gems and runes, each of which needs 5 to do a thing). Now the gameplay is something I've had an issue with right from the start. The thing is, you can't shoot in a 360 degree angle, like it's usually the case with twin.sticks. You can only shoot in the following directions + and x. Anything in.between is not happening, so you need to adjust the line of fire by moving your character as well. The issue is that sometimes you just can't adjust the position, because the path is either blocked by enemies, projectiles or a blockade. Enemies will be dropping weapons and items that help you out, as well as food and treasure, which is mainly used for points (that have nomeaning) or increase your XP, resulting in a health increase. Once you die, you lost all of those and have to start back from the very beginning of level 1. There are a total of 6 levels which may not seem like a lot, but will feel like they take forever to get through. There's also up to 4 player local co-op, which is a nice option to have, but at the same time I'm not sure how the balancing will work, if there is any. In the end, this was another bust for me.