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  1. Game #5 - Beholder 2 - Preview Developer: War Lamp Games Publisher: Curve Digital Genre: Sim Price: 14,99€ As far as I know, this is a russian developer has only made the Beholder games Unfortunately it seems that this game isn't selling well, as it has been on sales for a fiver shortly after release. I've played the first one a while back and loved it, after having some initial trouble getting through it due to the time constraints.THe first game was seomwhat of a management sim that had you spy on/denounce/help your neighbours as you wore working for a totalitarian government. I'm assuming this one is going to be in a similar fashion, which owuld be great. If there are no more time constraints, that would be a bonus. Looking forward to jump into this one.
  2. Game #4 - Toukiden 2 - Final Impressions Time played: about 14h Trophies earned: 11/50 I'm still going to play a few hours tonight, but I'll wrap my views on the game already regardless. Visually it looks alright. Better than most JRPGs, but still not great. The enemies are the weakest link in that regards as the enemy models don't look great, except for the boss monsters. When it comes to the sound it's fine for the most part, although sound effects are way too loud and pretty much have to be adjusted. There is very sporadic voice acting and it's only in japanese. There are english subs, but there have been several occasions, where they didn't provide any subs for what was being said. I'm only in Chapter 3 and up until now I've been drip-fed tutorial after tutorial. I think they put too much stuff in the game to be honest. Tutorials for each weapon, tutorials for each Mitama type, how to craft or reforge weapons/armor, how to send a minion out to gather materials, how to synthesize, cleanse areas, take baths, assign abilities. It seems like it never ends. The gameplay boils down to completing missions. 3 variants of side missions and the story mission will keep you busy for days. You objective is essentially to push the demon invasion back by defeating the bosses in each area and closing demon portals. This makes the regions safer allowing for more and better equipment to be sold by vendors. So you run across the lands with 3 companions (more unlock throughout the story, but only can be active at one time) kill a ton of demons until you eventually reach the boss. Those boss fights tend to take a while, as there is no leveling you have to rely on upgrading your weapons. Problem is you need materials to upgrade those and said materials drop from enemies and of course the bosses, You are encouraged to sever the boss enemies limbs to get them as materials. Unfortunately those limbs grow back almost instantly, which kind of eliminates the potential for funny moments. There also a relationship building aspect with each of the companions, which you need to take on missions in order to form stronger bonds. The bosses, will eventually become regular enemies walking around the map, but they will remain absolute damage sponges. That's something that could get old really quick, due to the whole necessity for the material farming. There is also a special vision mode, which is the only way to see how much HP an emeiy has left and how damaged their limbs are. That's a terrible design choice. You can't alway be in that mode, because it won't regenerate the meter you need for stronger attacks. Furthermore it's not pleasant to look atfor long periods of time anyway. I have encountered one glitch so far. Occasionally, the mission targets don't spawn forcing you to restart the mission to fix it. It's a fun game so far, but definitely worse than a proper Monster Hunter game. Too much fluff in the story, too much crap to keep in mind and some questionable design choices end up holding this game back. Im still giving it a at this point, but that may quickly change if it becomes tedious. Update: I've decided to drop my score for this one to a , because the game shafted me twice just now. Which reminded me that it had been screwing me over a few times by now. Alright first things first, I forgot to mention that hit detection is off quite a bit in both ways. I've had enemies still hit me when I wasn't even remotely near them and I haven't been able to hit enemies on several occasions (keep in mind the enemies in question are massive). Anyway, I just had a boss fight that took me 20 minutes (as most bosses do), then the story progressed with cutscenes and then it threw me into another boss fight. During this fight I died and my AI companions started ressing me, but then they stopped because they had some weird collision detection going on. To revive you don't need to be on top of the person that died, as there is actual a fairly large radius. Yet they kept trying to position themselves where the path was blocked. So instead of them ressing me, the timer ran out. Now who wants to venture a guess where the last save was registered (there's manual and auo saving)?
  3. I thought this was about Gamestop management telling their workers that they'd have to remain open, because they see themselves as an "essential" retail store. Who cares about a price hike? Those go up and down all the time. The fucked up thing is that they're putting employees and customers at risk, because it's a company run by absolute fucking morons.
  4. My picks for April are: Dishonored 2 GRID
  5. Speaking of Falling behind. I've jst barely finished the first chapter in Toukiden 2 and still feel like I got very little prgoress done after 10 hours. I'll be swapping out my other RPG with a less time-consuming game. (As such Beholder 2 will take the spot of Moonlighter.
  6. Game #4 - Toukiden 2 - Progress Update I'm going to get this out of the way early. This is essentially a Monster Hunter clone. You create and customize your character (a fair amount of options for that btw), pick 1 of 12 weapon types and then you're off doing a basic tutorial. The story is kind of meh. You wake up and have amnesia, because of course you do. Now you're in a foreign village, become a member of said village and go out to rid the world of demons You can change to a different weapon before each mission and the same goes for the Mitamas (it's a class system). Those offer active and passive abilities, that boil down to buffs for the most part. There is the option to buy, craft, reforge or improve weapons and armor. That is probably going to be essential, as there is no leveling system. The only thing that levels is the Mitama, whenever it's being used, which only unlocks new abilities. The game has an option to play solo or in a multiplayer lobby, I chose the former. So I have AI companions instead of actual people in my party. The party consists of up to 4 members who are assigned a Mitama type. MP doesn't offer story progression, so all you have available is sort ofbounty missions, which run on a timer (usually 90 minutes, which is plenty of time). It seems that materials carry over to your single player game though, so that's pretty neat. IN single player you also have open world missions as an option, so theres quite a lot to do. It does however seem like the missions are all farily geenric. It's been either kill X amount of enemies or find X amount of items. I've put almost 7 hours in by now and feel like I've made no progress. I've still been doing tutorials until now, because the game decided that I wasn't qualified to learn game mechanics, before I finished several missions that didn't teach anything. I'm hoping tthat I actually get to make proper progress today.
  7. It's generic sale time. I could almost swear that this is a carbon copy of a sale that happened like a month ago, but the prices are almost all a couple of bucks higher than before.
  8. #433 - Secret of Mana Was just an OK game in the end. The Ai is incredibly bad, but at least the whole crashing issues seem to have been fixed by now. The item grind is fucking absurd and has the worst item drop generation I've ever seen in a video game. That shit has got to go in the 3rd game, or I'm not buying it. I can't be bothered wasting 10+ hours on 20 items with a shit drop rate. Enjoyment: 6 Difficulty: 3.5
  9. Time to continue farming those goddamn weapon orbs in Secret of Mana. If Trials of Mana also has this utter nonsense, I'm going to skip it.

  10. Game #4 - Toukiden 2 - Preview Developer: Koei Tecmo Publisher: Koei Tecmo Genre: Action-RPG Price: 59,99€ I've played a little bit of the first game on Vita, so I kind of know what to expect from this. It seems to be Koei Tecmo's answer to Monster Hunter. I've played my fair share of their games, but most ittles are mor miss than hit for me. While the Atelier series is probably my favourite by them, most of the rest of their catalogue is just OK, as it consists almost entirely of the Dynasty Warriors games or any imaginable spin-off variant. Lokking forward to this, as all I've been doing since finishing Dead Rising 4's story, is grinding items in secret of mana.
  11. Game #3 Dead Rising 4 - Review Time played: about 10h Trophies earned: 14/58 I ended up finishing the story sooner than I expected. Turns out that the furhter you get into the game, the shorter the cases become. Sure, there's a tons of side stuff to do, but as far as story content goes it's a tad weak. Story is just stupid and somewhat funny, as expected. THe really odd thing is that at the end of the game, the in-game timer said I had played for 21 hours. which is very inaccurate, as I know for a fact that I played for less than 11 hours (30-40 minutes were waiting for the game to install, as it apparently only does so when you boot it up...). Graphics and sound are going to be my biggest grpes. mean there's a lot of detail in and around the environment, which is nice. However it's a lot of copy-pasted stuff. This isn't helped when 90% of the zombies are dressed up like Christmas elves, because the game sets place during Christmas time. Then there's something that looks a bit off during the cutscenes and I can't quite put my finger on it. The faces look like they've all received some sort of plastic sugery. It's passable overall. The sound though is a rough one. Generally speaking it's fine, but there's one issue that has bothered me throughout the entire game. So every once in a while you can hear zombies doing noises or survivors yelling for you. The direction of where the sound comes from is switched. I've played with headphones through it all and when I heard a survivor yelling for hte first timeI went into the direction of the voice, turns out there was nothing in that direction. So I head the other way and there he was. It's like that from start to finish. The worst is there's stealth, so it's essential for the sound to work properly. The gameplay is what you expect. A lot of zombies, tons of items to find and craft and a whole lot of corpses left in your wake. It's an open world setting of a small town, so you get to drive around and explore while running over zombies. That's the meat of the game, go from one locations to another, pick up weapons, blue prints for special weapons and cause havoc. THe mount of weapons and health items you can carry is limited and can expand when you earn skill points. You can even combine two cars to create one that's ready for hte slaighter. Then there's exosuits you can hop in. These are very powerful, but only last a limited amount of time before htey run out of juice, excet in story segments, where they last until that particular bit is over. The mini golf mode is just a tacked on silly extra that has several courses It's funcional, but not great and I got bored of it after a few courses. It's a fun and entertaining game overall, which is why I'm still giving it a .
  12. I love Layers of Fear, but didn't find the DLC as enthralling. To me it felt more like an acid trip, and thus felt a bit out of place.
  13. Game #3 - Dead Rising 4 - Progress Update I've put about 6 hours into it so farand only completed the tutorial and the frist two cases. There's six cases from what I've heard, and if the average of 2-3 hours per case maintains, it'll be a story with decent length.So essentially THere's also side activities to do, like rescuing survivors, ffree safe houses which have fast travel between them. There's also tons of collectibles and panic rooms to find for new weapons or plans to craft new weapons. I've mostly only been freeing the safe houses and freeing the odd survivor. Something I may refrain from doing, because the last one was an escort quest, which well sucks. Since the protagonist is a reporter, you'll also get to us a camera which has nightvision and an analyzer mode. The latter detects fingerprints and opens locks that are closed by keypads. There's also multiplayer, which sounds like fun, considering the type of game it is. Then there's also mini-golf, which I may try out soon I'm not going to add much more to this update, or I'll end up having nothing to talk about on the final day Quick heads up for @Fnee2000 and @Psy-Tychist regarding Bear With Me. The Lost Robots is a prequel to the Episodes, so I'd advise to start with that one first.
  14. PS4: We Happy Few Flatout 4 Yooka-Laylee PS3 Ni No Kuni All items are in excellent condition. Shipping will have to be covered by the buyer, if from abroad. National (PT) shipping is on me, if the amount offered is reasonable.
  15. Yeah, I've heard that the story in the 4th game is still as silly as ever. I'm all for a game that's just mindless fun.
  16. Game #3 - Dead Rising 4 - Preview Developer: Capcom Publisher: Capcom Genre: Survival Horror Price: 49,99€ Well, this is a completely new series for me. I've never played any of the Dead Rising games and even though I have the frist and 2nd one as well (don't have the third one because it's an Xbox exclusive), I went with the last installment. Main reason is that this one doesn't have the time constraints anymore.Funnily enough a lot of hardcore fans dislike this game for that very reason. As someone who generally dislikes time constraints in games, because I prefer to take my time and explore, Dead Rising 4 is a lot more appealing to me. Anyway, this is one of those zombie games that has you craft all kinds of silly weapons and then mow down hordes of zombies with said weapons. I also beleive this game is open world, so maybe it'll play somewhat like Dead Island without the parkouring. As for the developer/publisher, well it's Capcom and that speaks for itself. It's still one of my favourite game companies and I've been neglecting way too many of their games.
  17. A friend of mine was asking me for suggestions on dungeon crawlers for PS4, that don't have any or only very little fan service. Turns out I couldn't think of a single one, as that' seems to kind of be a mandatory requirement for japanese dungeon crawlers. I wonder how much the whole fanservice aspect actualy factors in, when it comes to sales.
  18. Game #2 - Secret of Mana - Final Impressions Time played: 6h Trophies earned: 10/38 Made decent progress since the last update and am 8 bosses in at this point. I didn't have any technical issues with the game so far, then again I never played more than two hours in one go. Visually it's alright, pretty much looks just like Adventures of Mana. Would've expected a bit of a graphical update, but am not too fussed about it.One thing that seems to be worse is the menu, as to where you switch characters and accessing spells and weapons. It seems far more clunky and is annoying to navigate. I think Adventures of Mana had something similar, but it was implemented in a better way. AS for gameplay, you walk around, kill mobs, level up and search for the next area you need to go to. NPC's generally nod you in the right direction, but it's usually fairly vague. Eventually you'll find the area, or sometimes even the pixel you need to walk in and get to move on. It seems I've completed the first region and am now told to get to the next one. There is some fast travel, which is mainly between the main plot areas and regons. It's a bit annoying as you got to remember where the fast travel spots are, as they are somewhere off the road in a dead end. Combat-wise there's weapons and spells. Different weapons have different uses, that also applies to the environment. Only slashing weapons can cut down shrubbery, an axe can break rocks and a whip can be used to traverse small gaps. Speels range from damage to buffs to heals and are often essential during boss fights. Some enemies/bosses are immune to melee damage or spells, so you'll have to adjust. Weapons can only be upgraded at a blacksmith and also require orbs, that usually drop from bosses. Armor and potions can be bought at shops. However there's only been one shop so far that sells mana potions and it's stupidly expensive. Guess someone didn't bother balancing spells, so they just made the mana refill option extremely expensive. Just so you get an idea, HP potion costs 10 gold (for 100 HP), the mana potion (walnuts in this game) costs 1000 gold. Quick edit and update. Played another hour and a half and defeated two more bosses. One thing I forgot to mention, is that hte AI si dumb as hell. Especially your friendly party AI, keeps running into things and won't move around them, if you're too far away. I've also encountered most NPC in villages running into walls. The AI programming is an absolute joke. Anyway, the game is alright, but feels a bit bland. It's still only a though.
  19. For anyone wondering, the online is still functional and stable. You'll have to boost though, as no one is playing this anymore.
  20. Game #2 - Secret of Mana - Progress Update I didn't get all that much time with this game so far, as I've been sidetracked by other games. As it stands I'm just under 2 hours into the game. It's been alright so far, and it is fully voiced, which is nice. I don't recall whether the first game was voiced or not. Anyway, I've defeated two bosses so far and have three party members. It lacks a bit of direction, just like the first game did. THere also seems to be a lot of going back and forth that is bound to happen at some later point. There are areas that you need specific weapons to access, so progress is constantly halted. I'm not sure, if I'll have any time tomorrow to get back to it, but I should find an hour or two on Tuesday.
  21. #432 - Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs This one was a pleasant surprise. Solid game overall and fantastic voice acting. Enjoyment: 7 Difficulty: 2
  22. It's Sony's marketing. The "cheap" games don't give them that much profit from the cut they receive for each sale. Naturally the mainstream AAA titles will be the most featured in the sales. It's the same reason, why Vita or PS3 sales don't tend to be advertised anymore. Always use the store on PC for browsing sales, there it is all laid out properly for the most part.
  23. Found 3 games I was interested on sale for a price I was willing to pay for them. If you like indie games, you actually get good deals out of the sales.
  24. First pruchases of the month done. Sold games: 64,00€ January Just Cause 3 - Land and Sea expansion pass - 3,74€ American Fugitive - 9€ Metropolis Lux Obscura - 4€ Planet RIX-13 - 2€ Sigi - 3€ Darkwood - 7,50€ Donut County - 6,50€ Drowning - 1,50€ February Undead Horde - 4€ Bear With Me: The Complete Collection - 7,50€ Stranger Things 3 - 4,50€ The Division 2 Gold Edition - 15€ Mecho Tales - 1,20€ Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2 - 8€ March Beholder 2 - 5€ Regalia: of Men and Monarchs - 7,50€ Lovecraft's Untold Stories - 7,50€ Shadow of Mordor Season Pass - 10£ Total: 43,80€ (rounded up)