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  1. Game #6 - State of Mind - Preview Developer: Daedalic Entertainment Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment Genre: Adventure Price: 39,99 /physical version is usually half that) The only game series I've played by this developer is the Deponia one. I played all four of them, but unfortunately their quality gradually deteriorated. The first one being by far the best, second and third being alright and the final one just feels pointless. I recently also played a game they published, which was Intruders: Hide & Seek, which was a subpar and overpriced horror game. State of Mind is one of their latest titles I'm not sure, if it's also a point-and-click gamelike the Deponia games. I'm always down for those types of games, as I tend to enjoy them for the most part. It might be a more narative driven adventure, which is set in a distopian future. Well, here's to hoping that it'll be interesting.
  2. Game #5 - Yomawari: Midnight Shadows - Review Time played: almost 9 hours on the dot Trophies earned: 23/34 Alright, so I beat the game and only have collectibles and some misc stuff to do for the plat. Now where to begin with this one... Visually it's great and not as dark as the first game. It also switches between being isometric and .2.5D I guess. I don't think the predecessor did that. It also doesn't feel like it was necessary to implement that to be honest. The monsters are fantastical and some are creepy. The story is alright, but a bit too similar to the first game. Once again it's about two girls, but this time you end up switching back and forth between them a number of times. There are a few new additions like charms and objects to use. Neither of witch are game-changing though. Now the gameplay was my major gripe in the first game, and unfortunately I must say it still is my major issue with one as well. Essentially nothing was improved. You still don't see items on the ground unless you shine a flashlight on it. You will see a question mark that somewhere in the general direction is an item, but that is very inaccurate. There is still the dreaded stamin system. This one refills at a relatively fast pace, until you cross paths with a monster. Then it drains quickly and recharges really slowly until you're out of range of the monster. It's a bad sustem, and it is only less bad in this one because it has way less enemies ganging up on you. For the most part it's way easier to bypass the enmies in this game than in Night Alone. Only in scripted segmented sections it becomes stressful dealing with the enemie. The hitboxes are another issue that seems to be off at times. I've died countless times while I did not get in contact with an enemy. Not going to lie, I'm a tad disappointed with this one, as I was hoping for it to be better than the first game. Turns out it's equally just a . I'll probably retyrn to it during the weekend just to plat it, as that shouldn't take too long.
  3. From what I've noticed, you had picked 5 games with 6 days attributed to each. You only ended up doing the 1st game that way. and then just introduced games one after another. The idea is that you get the X amount of days to play the 1 game, if you're done or finished you're not supposed to start the next one earlier. You've now introduced all the games from your list while we're still halway through the event. You could've done a 2 in1 with some of the shorter games, like I did with Ghost Blade + Elea, and add a few more games from the start. What we can do now is have you pick either 4 games and give each 4 days or pick 5 and dedicate 3 days to each. I really don't want people to start drip-feeding 1 game at a time though, so just adding the one won't do, sorry. @Mesopithecus IPersonally I think PoE is the better game, but it also has more technical issues.
  4. I've been going back to Torment Tides of Numenara and am at around 10 hours now I think. I have one final area left in the city, before I'll leave for a new area. Looking at the trophy stats for this game is quite interesting actually. Almost 25% of the owners didn't even finish the tutorial. Close to 50% gave up during the 10-15 minute section between the end of the tutorial and entering the city. Nearly 80% didn't finish the 2nd main quest. However, 50% of those that finished the 2nd main quest also ended up seeing the game through until the end.
  5. Been a while since my last update. Got a few plats and dropped a bunch of game after getting through the story/campaign. #403 Assassin's Creed Unity - Average at best. Controls like absolute arse and all the optional missions take too long. The collectible grind wasn't even remotely as bad as people made it out to be. #404 Observer - Expected more of it. It has severe performance issues and constanly breaks immersion because you need to wait xeveral seconds every time you want to open a door. Furthermore the mind jumping sections overstay it's welcome quite a bit. #405 Elea - Walking sim that tricks you into thinking that you can "run", and then proceeds to give you the message "You can't run at this time" for 70% of the game. The story is underwhelming and an ending that leaves a lot to be desired. Finished the hard playthrough on R&C: A Crack in Time. Hated the Clank sections and have no interest in going through the game again. Also, I'm terrible at the minigame. Finished the campaign in Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor Martyr, which was pretty neat. Not into the grind though. Then there's Battlefield 1, that had a very average campaign. Half of which seems to be cutscenes. The online is a bore and an excessive grind that I have no interest in. Ghost Blade HD, while enjoyable was also too short and lacks stages. Don't have the patience to get good enough at the game for the highscore nonsense. Lastly there's Grid 2, that I've tried several times over the years. First race is fine, but as soon as the 2nd race starts the vehicle starts controlling like a bathtub on ice and it all goes downhill from there. New additions: State of Mind Anthem Aggelos
  6. Game #5 - Yomawari: Midnight Shadows (PS4) - Preview Developer: Nippon Ichi Software Publisher: NIS America Genre: Survival Horror Price: 29,99 I playedt the first game(Yomawari: Night Alone) in a previous KYC iteration, which I found to be alright. I liked the setting and atmosphere, but really disliked the mechanics and the map was a disaster. So here's me hoping for improvements in those aspects. I usually prefer psychological horror games, but generally don't mind the survival kind too much either. So yeah, not much to say on this one, as I'm kind of expecting it to be very similar to the first game, as such I'd rather leave the more extensive writing for the 3rd day. I'll probably go back to Torment: Tides of Numenara as well for hte remainder of hte event, whenever I find the time.
  7. Game #4 - Torment: Tides of Numenara - Final Impressions Time played: 6h51m Trophies earned: 10/53 While this game is certainly in the CRPG genre, it is actually quite different to other games of the genre (Sword Coast Legends, Pillars of Eternity). It feels a bit more complex and seems to lack some structure. It has a lot of layers to it, and the tutorial onlu covers the very basics. This game seemes to be much more focused on the interaction with NPCs than combat. While games like PoE tend to have a good balance between exposition, character development and combat, this game made it's prime focus character development. This isn't necessarily bad, but it just isn't as gripping. Visually it looks great. The view is isometric, as it generally is with these games and you can zoom in and out . All the NPCs that have something to offer are named, and there's a ton of them. There is very little voice-acting and a lot more reading htan in any of the other titles mentioned in the paragraphs above. So you better like reading. While you can technically skip through the dialogues and just read and pick your prefered answers, on accasion you will miss out on extra bits of infomration if you choose to do so. As an example I was doing on quest that had me go talk with an NPC, who ended up mentioning another NPC, who was not really related to the quest and as such the quest log did no mention of him. When I happend to come across said other NPC, I was able to get an item from him due to having that one conversation prior. The first major flaw I came across is a game mechanic that is referred to as Tides. Essentially your answeres determine what type of person you are and how NPCs will react to you. This is done by getting a coloured notification whenever you pick an answer that qualifies for a Tide shift. The issue here is that it doesn't give you an indication on what tide will be affected by which answer. You can kind of guess from the phrasal structure of the answer, but since there are many different types of Tide, it makes it tricky to steer into the direction you want to go. So far thre's gold, silver, blue, purple, red Tides. This should've had it's own tab in the character menu, as it's literally impossible to keep track which Tides are dominant. Another gimmick for this game is that you actually use your attribute points (might, speed, intellect) to increase the chances of success on specific actions. Be it searching rubble, or deceiving an NPC. The more points you use, the higher the chance of success. Those used points will be gone though, until you rest. The caveat to resting is that events may progress and thus result in you missing out on certain quests. The gameplay is pretty much like other games of the genre. You explore a map, interact with NPCs and transition to another map. Which brings me to another small gripe I have with this game. There doesn't seem to be a fast travel option between areas, like PoE has. Which means a whole lot of walking and additional loading screens to go through. There also isn't an option to increase movement speed, which is a shame. The combat is another thing that seems a bit flawed. It seems strucutred in a really basic manner, but then becomes unnecessarily finicky. Moving and attack will take turns. Holding out on a turn may grant you two turns in a row. Things like that feel completely out of place for this genre. Being almost seven hours in, all I managed to do was the tutorial, get 3 companions (which the game kind of throws at you from the get-go), and clear 2 out of 4 areas in the very first city. That's without even counting the various additional zones in all those areas. There are just so many NPCs to talk to and quests that make you run back and forth between areas multiple times. It's definitely a game that has potential, and maybe once the game opens up more it'll improve on some of the issues I've had with it. For now it's a , but it's running iwth scissors.
  8. Game #4 - Torment: Tides of Numenara - Preview Developer: InXile Publisher: Techland Genre: CRPG Price: 49,99 (again, it's way cheaper as a physical version) For those who don't know the dev team, they're some of the former Interplay employess that were behind the original Fallout games, as well as Baldur's Gate. As a result I'm a fan of their work, so I might be biased to some degree. This game was on the list for the previous KYC, but I ended up replacing it by another game of the genre. This one is a spiritual successor of Planescape: Torment, another staple of the CRPG genre, one which I've never finished. As per usual with these games, I expect great writing an character development. A good story and solid combat. Not much more to say about it really. It's a game in one of my favourite genres, so I have high expectations.
  9. Game #3 - Yooka-Laylee - Final Impressions Time played: around 6h Trophies earned: 19/36 One of the visually most appealing 3D platformers, due to it's vibrant colours. It definitely is nice to look at. Playing it however isn't the smoothest experience. First thing I had to do was submit myself to listening to the gibberish for about 10 seconds, before I made the decision to set the voice slider to 0. I suggest anyone who inted to play this, to do the same. Something else that felt immediately obvious was it taking things from every platformer imaginable and wanting it to make their own. There's a spin move to defeat enemies, that I'm pretty sure even has the same sound effects as the one in Jak & Daxter games. THere are minigames like in the Sly Cooper games. There are several abilites from Mario games like spitting fire and gliding. Then there are also sidequests that you need to complete in order to progress the game. SO yeah, the basic jist is, you get to a hub from which you will be able to access the various worlds you need to colelct items from in order to progress the story. The worlds you unlock are fairly generic so far. I've only unlocked 3 though, as it takes quite a lot of time to get the required number of collectibles to unlock the next one. One of the gimmicks is that you only have access to half of each world and then need to expand it to reveal new areas, as well as the boss location. Progress also gets hampered by requiring specific abilities, which may only be purchasable in the next world. As such, you better be prepared to backtrack a whole lot. Speaking of a lot of walking, the levels are too big for their own good, with entrances littered through them that lead you to other new areas it's a pain to keep track whre you've been or where you need to go back to. Another thing that's annoying is that the somecollectibles aren't tracked per world, but total amount aquired in the game. So it tells you that you've collected 400 something feathers of 1001, with no way of knowing whether or not you've gotten them all in world 1,2 or 3. The controls are where most of the issues lie. Once again the camera is absolute arse more often than not. Although I've seen far worse in other games of the genre. Some other things are annoying in their mechanic. For example, the little green shite can't walk up a slope, but it can roll up instead (because that makes sense). If you're not rolling, it'll slide you back down. Now while sliding down you have no control over your character, so it'll hit every hazard on the way. First boss fight is a perfect example of this. It's really just a medicore platofrmer in the end. One that looks good and has a decent amount of different abilities, even though those are mainly used to solve puzzles. Should've spent more time polishing the gameplay aspect instead of wasting time and resources on putting the gibberish in the game. A bigger variety and more condensed levels would've been preferable as well. Therefore it's only a .
  10. Game #3 - Yooka-Laylee - Preview Developer: Playtonic Games Publisher: Team 17 Genre: Platformer Price: 39,99€ (or get the physical edition for like half the price) First and until recently the only game made by this studio. Guess what the 2nd game is... Anyway, at least the publisher has been known to put out some solid titles, so there's hope yet. Still, I'm not sure if I should be looking forward to this one. Thing is, I don't have much love for 3D platformers, which this is. The only ones I thoroughly enjoyed were the R&C reboot, R&C Into the Nexus and the first Sly Cooper game. The rest I found to be very mediocre to bad. I already know that there's at least one thing in this game, I'm going to absolutely hate. I'm talking about those annoying noises the devs put into the game instead of voiced dialogue. These were so annoying in fact, that they had to patch it to tone down the nonsense. Problem is, it's still in the game... I'm not sure what's so difficult to understand in the common sense that is, either have stuff voiced or don't. Don't put goddamn gibberish in instead. I mean, that should be a no-brainer, right? So yeah, I'm expecting mediocrity and hopefully it's at least better than bloody Ginger.
  11. Here's mine. 2013: 17 plats FIFA 13 - 0.81% Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (PS3) - 38.45% 2014: 23 plats Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 - 5.39% The Walking Dead (Vita) - 66.69% 2015: 47 plats FIFA 15 - 1.89% Megamind - 76.73% 2016: 65 plats Star Trek - 5.49% NCIS Game - 85.47% 2017: 78 plats Apotheon - 6.23% Her Majesty's Spiffing - 91.57% 2018: 103 plats The Solus Project - 3.23% Jack N' Jill DX (PS4) - 99.41% 2019: 77 plats Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition - 2.49% FullBlast (PS4) - 98.36%
  12. #405 - Elea It's a walking sim with poor sound mixing, mundane tasks, subpar story that has no proper conclusion and a delay on every interaction promt. Enjoyment: 3 Difficulty: 2
  13. Game #2.5 - Elea - Review Time played: around 4h30m Trophies earned: 20/20 I was right in saying this would be a walking sim. When I think of an adventure game, I expect there to be more interaction and depth. I'll keep this one short, as it's a story focused game. Although there's actually little story to be discovered. The game is divided in three sequences and tells the story of a woman looking for her husband who went on an expedition into space to find a new planet for the human race to habitate. Spoiler alert, none of the plot gets properly resolved. Anyway... the first sequence has you walk around your house, while being given trivial tasks. The second sequence is an acid trip, which is supposed to be a memory. Whatever it was, it didn't make sense. Lastly there is exploration of a space station, revolving in doing some less trivial tasks. The conclusion is lacking in answers and doesn't really tell us, if we succeeded in our goal nor what happens after. Visually it was alright, the sound not so much. This is another example of porr sound mixing. While there are slidrs for music volume, which I appreciate. There is only one other slider for general sound. This one regulates both sound effects and voice-over., and that's a problem. What happens is that the voices will always be muffled by other sound effects. While the game is fully voiced, it gets little credit for doing so due to this issue. The gameplay is another issue. Like most of you may know, walking sims have a dislike towards being able to move faster. Funnily enough the controller mapping gives you two different buttons to "run". I thought great, until I actually played the game. Now guess what it won't let you do for 70% of the game. Yup, that's right... it won't let you use the run buttons. There also the option to crouch (again two buttons for it, because fuck knows). You'll crouch exactly once in the whole game, it's a completely pointless "feature". My final gripe is with the delay whenever you want to interact with something or pick something up. Everything has a 2-3 second delay, or doesn't register inputs at all. Speaking of delay... trophies popping also has one, some of the times 30 seconds or more. This one gets a , as in not recommendable. It's way down at the bottom of the walking sim list.
  14. Game #2.5 - Elea - Preview Developer: Kyodai Ltd Publisher: SOEDESCO Genre: Adventure Price: 12,99€ (currently on sale for 5,99€) Another developer I'm not familiar with, the publisher however I know well enough and not necessarily for the best reasons. Most of their titles have been mediocre at best, including Truck Racer, Aerea, World to the West, Adam's Venture Origins, Ether One and Teslagrad. I didn't particularly like any of those titles, with World to the West still being the best of them by far. Anyway, this is about Elea. A Sci-fi adventure game, that I'm pretty sure will be more of a walking simulator similar to Tacoma that anything else. I'm expecting to walk through linear hallways, uncovering the story by interacting with items. I'm not the biggest fan of the genre, only having liked The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and What Remains of Edith Finch. There is one thing, that's bothering me a bit already about this game. On Metacritic, there are 2 entries for this title, both having the same description. One Is simply titles Elea, while the other is Elea - Episode 1. Now I'm wondering, if they chucked out an incomplete game, with future episodes to reveal the full story, or if I'm actually getting the finished product. This would also be the first episodic game that got a platinum for only the first episode.
  15. Game #2 - Ghost Blade HD - Review Time played: around 1h30m Trophies earned: 25/38 As expected it took me a bit longer than an hour to beat hte game on easy mode. Got through on my 4th attempt, which was the attempt where I realised that I could've beaten it on the first go, had I not forgot about a certain mechanic in the game. Anyway... there's 5 stages total in this vertical schmup ,each takes about 20m. You start of by picking 1 of 3 ships and get 3 continues on your first couple of runs. The amount of continues will gradualy increase, the more time you spend in the game. Each continue gives you 3 lives, which is pretty much the standard for these games. There is a co-op mode as well as a score attack mode, of which I only tried the latter. The gameplay is boils down to shooting things, while dodging a crap load of projectiles and enemies. Each stage will have a boss at the end for good measure. There are only three actions besides moving, which are shooting, using a bomb to clear projectiles and the one I forgot was a think a focus mode. This mode concentrates your damage to a single beam, dealing way more damage than the reguler spread shot attack. Once I used that, it was easy enough to get to the end of the game with the 3 continues. I've given the hard mode a try as well, and only got to about halfway of stage 3 (that's with the 6 continues). You can get the continue count up to a maximum of 9, which might make it more manageable, but it'll still be tough. Now there are a couple of issues with the game. First off, on easy mode your bombs get triggered automatically whnever you get hit. Not a fan of that, as it left me without a way to clear the area when I actually needed to. Then there's the hitbox for your ship. I still have no clue what actually counts as hitbox as sometimes I get touched by bullets and it does nothing, while other times it does damage. One thing it certain though, the hitbox is definitely smaller than your ship. While that is generally a good thing, it bothers me quite a bit, because it feels arbitrary. This one was a fun game, but these types of games always feel lacking in some way. There's very little content and I don't really find a lot of replay value in it at all. I mean sure you can play the stages again for a better score, but you can technically do that with any game. Under defeat was visually less appealing, but that one at least had an extra mode that mirrored the stages of the campaign, providing a bit more content that way. Therefore it's a . P.S. Elea preview tomorrow. It'll be replaced as game #3 by Yooka-Laylee.
  16. Game #2 - Ghost Blade HD - Preview Developer: Hucast Publisher: 2Dream Corporation Genre: Schmup Price: 8,99€ Well, it's already past midnight for me so I'll get this one going. An indie schmup that is the only game that this developer made. Never heard of the publisher either. Well, if that ain't a recipe for disaster. Who knows though, it might actually be a solid title. As far as schmups go, I haven't played all that many. Under Defeat and Fullblast are the only ones that come to mind. I'm also not very good at them, so this is going to be a fun experience. It's not among my favourite genres, but they just look enjoyable, until I actually play them . P.S. I read that this game takes about an hour to beat. Me being bad at it, might make me actually get 3 hours out of it. If that's not the case, I might end up merging Elea into this one and make it a 2 in 1, because that game is supposed to be relatively short as well. I'd add another game to take the vacant spot should this scenario occur.
  17. Game #1 - The Legend of Korra (PS4) - Review Time played: between 5-6h Trophies earned: 16/31 I now played and completed the game on medium, so I'll wrap this one up. It's a very lukewarm experience overall. The whole game feels like as little effort as possible was put into it. The story is basically non-existen, the environments are boring, the combat is only serviceable at best. Anyway, let's start with the good-ish, I guess. Visually similar to the Naruto games, but less detailed. The few and very short cutscenes are presented in the expected anime form. Unfortunately the game cycles through about 4 environments in total (there's 8 chapters). All of them with little to nothing in them, consisting mostly of corridors or platforms. They really put zero effort into the enemies though. Essentially just giving the same model a different colour, to specify the element. There are also mini-boss versions of them. Then there's giant Mechs, because video games? Lastly there are shadow creatures, because those don't need to be coloured at all, I suppose. The gameplay consists of sort of 3 different categories. It's main focus is being a beat 'em up with some light platforming elements. Then there's endless runner sections, which happen like 3 or 4 times throughout the story. Let's just say the game could've done without them. There's also a pro-bending mode (also represented twice during the story). It's kind of like dodgeball with a twist. It's boring and fiddly and no fun. The combat is just OK. There isn't really a combo between elements, instead each elements just gets stronger the more it gets used. Which doesn't really matter, because once you unlock the air element almost at the end of the game, the other elements become subpar no matter what level they already are. It's just that broken. You can dodge and counter attacks, and against the mini-bosses you get put into a quicktime event nonsense when you do the latter. This just deals a tad more damage and knocks them back. Other than that, there are random collectibles and a shop where you can buy potions and trinkets that help during battles. It's a playable game that lacks any sort of depths. It's barely a though.
  18. People need to start watching more movies from Southeast Asia.
  19. That'll do, yeah. I'll add you to the OP. Tag me once you got your list ready, so I can include that as well.
  20. Game #1 - The Legend of Korra (PS4) - Preview Developer: Platinum Games Publisher: Activision Genre: Beat 'em Up Price: Priceless, because it's actually been delisted In typical Activision fashion, their licensed games won't live to see their fourth year on the market. Whether or not that remains to be a loss when it comes to this game, remains to be seen. Generally poorly reviewed, it's not the most enticing title Platinum ever made. To be fair, I haven't played a lot of Platinum's games, but the ones I did play were fun. So maybe there's some hope for this one. I guess, the game is based on an anime that's a spin-off from another anime. I remember watching The Last Airbender, which was solid overall... the live action movie,not so much. Never even thought about watching the Korra anime though. Here's what I'm hoping for. Solid combat that is relatively fluid. All the element bendings integrated, maybe even the possibility to mix and match them. A story that holds it together and visuals that are in the anime style. I wouldn't mind good music either. Oh, and please don't let the controls be shit.
  21. No worries, welcome back! Added you and your picks to the OP.
  22. #404 - Observer A psychological scu.fi horror game, that's really more a thriller than horror. While the story and setting are interesting, the game suffer from a whole bunch of issues. The less annoying one would be the pacing being way off. A lot of sections overstay it's welcome and drag on way to long without ever being relevant for the story most of the time. More of a problem is the overall technical performance of the game. A lot of frame drops, having to wait 10 seconds or so to open some doors because the game is loading whatever is behindsaid doors and let's not forget the crashes. The collectibles (pictures in particular) are also not registering properly, which means starting a holw new playthrough from scratch. So in the end, what's left is a mediocre game. Enjoyment: 6 Difficulty: 4 (due to bugged collectibles)