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  1. No worries, welcome back! Added you and your picks to the OP.
  2. #404 - Observer A psychological scu.fi horror game, that's really more a thriller than horror. While the story and setting are interesting, the game suffer from a whole bunch of issues. The less annoying one would be the pacing being way off. A lot of sections overstay it's welcome and drag on way to long without ever being relevant for the story most of the time. More of a problem is the overall technical performance of the game. A lot of frame drops, having to wait 10 seconds or so to open some doors because the game is loading whatever is behindsaid doors and let's not forget the crashes. The collectibles (pictures in particular) are also not registering properly, which means starting a holw new playthrough from scratch. So in the end, what's left is a mediocre game. Enjoyment: 6 Difficulty: 4 (due to bugged collectibles)
  3. Elea is a walking sim, with a low review score, similar to what Eat Lead has. I'll play Eat Lead at some point though, maybe during another KYC. Yeah, it might be one of the KYC with less participants so far, but in previous itterrations, there were also about 3-5 people who ended up not participating or quitting halway through for whatever reason. So maybe in this one everyone that signed up will see it through to the end and then it'll be balanced out . Yes, that's fine. The same goes for inclusion of PS Plus titles that technically only come out after the event has begun, but were announced prior. Added. Lost Legacy is my favourite Uncharted title, even though it's the least action-packed.
  4. Alright, we're almost starting. I made a small change to my list, replacing Eat Lead with Elea. Also re-arranged the order a bit. 1st - 3rd The Legend of Korra (PS4) 4th - 6th Ghost Blade HD 7th - 9th Elea 10th - 12th Torment: Tides of Numenara 13th - 15th Yomawari: Midnight Shadows (PS4) 16th - 18th State of Mind 19th - 21st Iron Crypticle 22nd - 24th Zone of the Enders: 2nd Runner HD Edition (PS3) 25th - 27thThe Council 28th - 30th Hitman: Blood Money (PS3) Some additional info the the newcomers of the event @BlackSquirrell1 @AuroraHistoire . starting time is your local time (so whenever it's November 1st for you) just as a suggestion, try and have the games installed and patched. Occasionally some AAA titles have the habit of still going through an installation procedure after booting up the game for the first time as well. Just something to keep in mind. P.S. OP should be updated with everyone so far.
  5. Yeah, however it feels like poor marketing to some degree as well. It's clear wer're getting Nioh due to the imminent release of Nioh 2, so that there's a boost in sales of the new installmentt. It being co-published by Sony probably facilitates it being part of Plus. I think that series like Atelier would benefit in doing the same. Instead of having a stagnant audience that continuously buys the products, they could opt for putting one of the older games on Plus to potentially increase the market for the series. At the end of the day, it's all speculation. Although it would be great to know how some publishers thought process is on those things. People keep blaming Sony for the selection of games, when in reality there are more factors behind the hows and whys.
  6. True, I wonder why that is. I don't think it has to do with the genres popularity in the west, as we've been getting all kinds of less popular genres over the years. Maybe the Japanese publishers have no interest in being part of the service, as those games generally keep their price point fairly high over the years.
  7. Already own both, but the lineup is pretty good to be honest. Even if the genres are not your cup of tea, Nioh is a good game, and that's not even debatable. Outlast 2, less so. Still hoping that at some point we'll get Disgaea 5, as it was on PS Plus Asia a couple of years ago.
  8. Moving or not doesn't affect whether you collect the card or not. Just tested it, and went through the first 10 cards, didn't move at all when picking them up. When I went to the collectibles tab I only had 6/10.
  9. Got my last couple of games for the month, so here's another update. worth it / regret / meh Sold games - 448€ Purchases so far January Gwent: The Witcher Card Game - Free Hand of Fate - Wildcards (DLC) - 1.49€ Get Even - 15€ Outcast: Second Contact - 18€ Assassin's Creed Origins - 19€ Syberia 3 - 17€ February Guns Gore and Cannoli - 3,99€ Yakuza 0 - trade (Strange Brigade) Moonlighter - 18€ Mega Man 11 - 18€ Thimbleweed Park - 7,99€ Dead Rising 4 - 19€ TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan - 12€ Syndrome - 15€ March Fall of Light: Darkest Edition - 6,49€ Fullblast - 3,99€ Skyhill - 7,99€ Darkest Dungeon: Crimson Court - 3,99€ Darkest Dungeon: The Shieldbreaker - 1,59€ A Hole New World - 2,99€ Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass - 5,99€ Blue Reflection - 19€ Need for Speed Payback - 16€ Digimon Story: Hacker's Memory - 19€ Ni No Kuni II - 19€ Bendy and the Ink Machine - 19€ Vikings: Wolves of Midgard - 19€ Riddled Corpses EX - 5€ PS Plus subscription (1 year) - 45€ Path of Exile - Free April Lost Sphear - 18€ Witcher 3 Season Pass - 10€ Hollow Knight - 7€ Blazblue Cross Tag Battle - 17€ Fallout 76 - 16€ Batman: The Enemy Within - 15€ Assassn's Creed Origins Season Pass - 15€ PS3 (3rd party) controller - 15€ Indie Darling Bundle Vol. 2 - 10€ May One Word - 4€ I Am The Hero - 4,50€ The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 - 10€ Guns Gore and Cannoli 2 - 5€ Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax - 5€ Horizon Zero Dawn - trade (AC Origins) MotoGP 17 - 17€ Sniper Elite 4 - 17€ Elex - 17€ Forgotton Anne - 8€ Ruiner - 8€ Kingdom Hearts 2.8 - 18€ Gravel - 15€ Noir Chronicles - 4€ Nightmares from the Deep 3 - 4€ Enigmatis 3 - 4€ June Metagal - 2,50€ Road Redemption - 8€ Burnout Paradise Remastered - 8€ The Crew 2 - 18€ Jagged Alliance: Rage - 15€ July Pillars of Eternity -10€ Mothergunship - 12€ Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) - trade (Ni No Kuni II) Odin Sphere Leifthrasir (PS4) - 13€ Everspace Stellar Edition - 8€ 11-11 Memories Retold - 15€ August Immortal unchained - 15€ Distrust - 16€ Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor Martyr - 12€ The Occupation - 15€ Deponia Doomsday - 4€ Goodbye Deponia - 3€ Steamworld Dig 2 - 6€ The Swords of Ditto - 6€ Flipping Death - 9€ My Memory of Us - 9€ Guacamelee 2 - 9€ Assault Gunners HD Complete - 6€ September My Big Sister - 2€ Devious Dungeon 2 - 3€ Dragonball Xenoverse 2 - trade (Dragon Quest Builders) October Ghost 1.0 - 3,50€ Achtung! Cthulu Tactics - 9€ The Council - 10€ Intruders: Hide and Seek - 8€ State of Mind - 15€ Anthem - 12€ Elea - 6€ Aggelos - 5€ November Far Cry New Dawn - 15€ PS Plus subscription (1 year) - 45€ Current total = 529€
  10. Yeah, that's fine.
  11. Devil's Daughter, tried to change the gameplay a bit. Pesonally I didn't like the new direction they tried to go, as the new gameplay mechanics felt halfarsed and unnecessary.
  12. Have you played any of the other Sherlock Holmes games? (Search bar on profiles is broken, so can't check...)
  13. Jydge is a great game. It's very much Neon Chrome 2.0 with new mechanics, but improved on basically every level. Also, good on you including one of my most despised games ever with R&C Full Frontal Assault.
  14. I'll have my tentative list ready as well now. There's still a sale and the upcoming PS Plus offerings that could change the lineup, but it's unlikely. 1st - 3rd Eat Lead 4th - 6th Ghost Blade HD 7th - 9th The Legend of Korra (PS4) 10th - 12th State of Mind 13th - 15th Torment: Tides of Numenara 16th - 18th Yomawari: Midnight Shadows (PS4) 19th - 21st Iron Crypticle 22nd - 24th Zone of the Enders: 2nd Runner HD Edition (PS3) 25th - 27thThe Council 28th - 30th Hitman: Blood Money (PS3)
  15. Anyone else having problems with some trophies not unlocking when they should? I just finished the last level on normal, got the trophy associated with beating the level while having collected over 90% of the gold and killed over 90% of the enemies. Yet the trophy for finishing the level itself didn't pop.
  16. No worries, just checking.
  17. I'm assuming that Game of Thrones will be the Telltale one and not the RPG, right? Everyone so far is already added to the OP.
  18. New thread is up. So there's about a week for sign ups. Hoping to see a lot of you there!
  19. KYC 10 (Starts 1st July 2019 and ends 31st of July 2019) Welcome back for another exciting edition of the Kill Your Completion series. This is the 9th iteration, so most of you probably have an idea of what goes on here, but if you are new to the site or this corner of the forums, here's the previous edition of the thread.KYC 9. Those of you that participated in or followed the previous events, know by now that Hemiak won't be running this event for a while due to life being busy. He agreed that I'd take over in the meanwhile, so you're stuck with me for the foreseeable future. Now what does that mean for the event? Well, pretty much everything stays the same. I'll be largely copy-pasting the OP from the previous iterations, while essentially adding a TL;DR version at the bottom. I'm also inclined to cap the maximum number of games at 15 (which was kind of already a thing to begin with). That's pretty much it though. The Premise Participants will each choose a list of at least 5, and up to 10 0% games from their backlog and post them here so everyone can follow along. These games don't have to be pre loaded on your profile, as long as you own them already and haven't earned a trophy they count. Participants will start a new game from that list every couple days for the next month. o.O They WILL then post their thoughts on each game, and write a short review on the final day for each game. This can take any shape or form each person desires. I would prefer people do 5 games for 6 days each, 10/3, but if you have a valid reason for only being able to do 6 or 8 games, that would be acceptable. I would like if people could be a little more prompt with their reviews. I understand stuff comes up. However, if every single review is three games rolled into one, 4 days late, you're not trying very hard. I also like to see people get the minimum 3 hours per game, so I feel like more than 10 games would be cutting each one too short, The Deeds TL;DR The Peeps Ignore the tag below. Site is busted and won't let me remove it from the post....
  20. Alright, I decided to power through AC Unity, and finally got the plat. My enjoyment of the game gradually deterioated and currently sits at my least favourite of the series along with AC 3. Unity is a mess gameplay-wise, as the controls seem to fight you at every motion you take. One of the co-op missions was an absolute nightmare because of it (the flag tournament), as I did it solo and the character kept leaping all the wrong ways. I spent about an hour to finally get that one done. Most of the co.op missions were just padding as well, with no originality to them whatsoever (except said tournament). Anyway, this one is getting downrated to a , it's nowhere near the quality of Syndicate, AC2, Brotherhood, let alone Origins. P.S. New thread will be up next weekend.
  21. #403 - Assassin's Creed Unity This one was something else. What started out to be fairly enjoyable, gradually turned into a frustrating struggle with the piss poor controls. The climbing mechanic is by far the worst out of any AC game. There are still the odd bugs as well, like clipping through the floor and the be stuck in the ground. The collectibles weren't even the worst, you just need to pace yourself instead of doing all in one go over long periods of time.What was mind-numbing were the co-op missions. Most of them dragged on for too long, and then there's one that requires you to parkour and get 34 flags in X amount of time. What would probably be fairly easy in co-op. Doing it solo with the shitty controls is a nightmare. Hated eery single one of those missions. The one thing I enjoyed were the murder mysteries, which weren't required for the plat... The gameplay ended up annoying me so much, that I can't be bothered mopping up the 2 remaining DLC trophies. At least now I got 54GB of extra free space on my HDD. Quick shoutout to @Jarynix for boosting the co-op kills and revives with me. Enjoyment: 5.5 Difficulty: 4