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  1. A friend of mine was asking me for suggestions on dungeon crawlers for PS4, that don't have any or only very little fan service. Turns out I couldn't think of a single one, as that' seems to kind of be a mandatory requirement for japanese dungeon crawlers. I wonder how much the whole fanservice aspect actualy factors in, when it comes to sales.
  2. Game #2 - Secret of Mana - Final Impressions Time played: 6h Trophies earned: 10/38 Made decent progress since the last update and am 8 bosses in at this point. I didn't have any technical issues with the game so far, then again I never played more than two hours in one go. Visually it's alright, pretty much looks just like Adventures of Mana. Would've expected a bit of a graphical update, but am not too fussed about it.One thing that seems to be worse is the menu, as to where you switch characters and accessing spells and weapons. It seems far more clunky and is annoying to navigate. I think Adventures of Mana had something similar, but it was implemented in a better way. AS for gameplay, you walk around, kill mobs, level up and search for the next area you need to go to. NPC's generally nod you in the right direction, but it's usually fairly vague. Eventually you'll find the area, or sometimes even the pixel you need to walk in and get to move on. It seems I've completed the first region and am now told to get to the next one. There is some fast travel, which is mainly between the main plot areas and regons. It's a bit annoying as you got to remember where the fast travel spots are, as they are somewhere off the road in a dead end. Combat-wise there's weapons and spells. Different weapons have different uses, that also applies to the environment. Only slashing weapons can cut down shrubbery, an axe can break rocks and a whip can be used to traverse small gaps. Speels range from damage to buffs to heals and are often essential during boss fights. Some enemies/bosses are immune to melee damage or spells, so you'll have to adjust. Weapons can only be upgraded at a blacksmith and also require orbs, that usually drop from bosses. Armor and potions can be bought at shops. However there's only been one shop so far that sells mana potions and it's stupidly expensive. Guess someone didn't bother balancing spells, so they just made the mana refill option extremely expensive. Just so you get an idea, HP potion costs 10 gold (for 100 HP), the mana potion (walnuts in this game) costs 1000 gold. Quick edit and update. Played another hour and a half and defeated two more bosses. One thing I forgot to mention, is that hte AI si dumb as hell. Especially your friendly party AI, keeps running into things and won't move around them, if you're too far away. I've also encountered most NPC in villages running into walls. The AI programming is an absolute joke. Anyway, the game is alright, but feels a bit bland. It's still only a though.
  3. For anyone wondering, the online is still functional and stable. You'll have to boost though, as no one is playing this anymore.
  4. Game #2 - Secret of Mana - Progress Update I didn't get all that much time with this game so far, as I've been sidetracked by other games. As it stands I'm just under 2 hours into the game. It's been alright so far, and it is fully voiced, which is nice. I don't recall whether the first game was voiced or not. Anyway, I've defeated two bosses so far and have three party members. It lacks a bit of direction, just like the first game did. THere also seems to be a lot of going back and forth that is bound to happen at some later point. There are areas that you need specific weapons to access, so progress is constantly halted. I'm not sure, if I'll have any time tomorrow to get back to it, but I should find an hour or two on Tuesday.
  5. #432 - Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs This one was a pleasant surprise. Solid game overall and fantastic voice acting. Enjoyment: 7 Difficulty: 2
  6. It's Sony's marketing. The "cheap" games don't give them that much profit from the cut they receive for each sale. Naturally the mainstream AAA titles will be the most featured in the sales. It's the same reason, why Vita or PS3 sales don't tend to be advertised anymore. Always use the store on PC for browsing sales, there it is all laid out properly for the most part.
  7. Found 3 games I was interested on sale for a price I was willing to pay for them. If you like indie games, you actually get good deals out of the sales.
  8. First pruchases of the month done. Sold games: 64,00€ January Just Cause 3 - Land and Sea expansion pass - 3,74€ American Fugitive - 9€ Metropolis Lux Obscura - 4€ Planet RIX-13 - 2€ Sigi - 3€ Darkwood - 7,50€ Donut County - 6,50€ Drowning - 1,50€ February Undead Horde - 4€ Bear With Me: The Complete Collection - 7,50€ Stranger Things 3 - 4,50€ The Division 2 Gold Edition - 15€ Mecho Tales - 1,20€ Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2 - 8€ March Beholder 2 - 5€ Regalia: of Men and Monarchs - 7,50€ Lovecraft's Untold Stories - 7,50€ Shadow of Mordor Season Pass - 10£ Total: 43,80€ (rounded up)
  9. It's time for another update. Plat-wise there's 3 additions as well as 3 games that I ended up abandoning. #429 Tekken 7 - Solid overall, but had the worst story mode in any fighting game. Not only story-wise, but also gameplay-wise, as it throws you against waves of enemies for most of the story. They also removed the brawler mode, which was kind of hte best thing in the Tekken games. The online had a bit iffy matchamking, but was at least stable. #430 The Sims 4 - This should not have been released, considering it's state. Framrate goes to the shitter on a regular basis. Characters don't register assignments or literally just turn invisible making them almost impossible to interact with. #431 Mecho Tales - This one also had technical issues, but were more in the form of crashing or clipping through the floor. Half of hte levels are cluttered with particle effects that ruin the experience as it just messes up visibility. Bosses don't have a health bar, and are utter damage sponges. Hitboxes are poorly done and the platforming doesn't feel as precise as it should be. As for the games I dropped, there were these. Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, which felt really bland and seemed like a giant tutorial, introducing new things almost until the very end. Lesss is more... and this needed a lot less. Combat was OK as it always is in KH. Also, you essentially go through the same story twice in a row, which throws the plot all over the place. It's the worst story structuring I've ever seen in a game. Main problem was that I got to the end of the game at level 25 with both characters. With one of them I had little problem in defeating hte boss. The other boss fight is just ridiculous though. Since I couldn't beat that one, I did some research and everywhere I looked it was suggested to be at least level 40. Yeah, I an't grinding 15 levels in a game that has terrible XP gain. If I am able to get to the end of the game at a specific level I should have a reasonable chance in beating it. Then there's Flatout 4, which had some promiss, before it fell apart. Quick play mode is locked off by story progression, I mean wtf? Campaign is boring, has few tracks and few cars. Cars are overly expensive compared to the winings and don't really offer a straight-up upgrade. AI are dicks and will try to make you crash whenever they get the chance. The destructible environments are interesting, but end up becoming annoying , while racing. Flatout mode is a weird form of challenge mode that has some odd mechnics that aren't explained properly. Best thing about the game is the music. Lastly there's Conception 2. I was enjoying it quite a bit, but the dumb mechanics eventually caught up with me. I made it to the last few dungeons, but needed to improve my team. Which in this game means, that you need to replace your 9 "children" with better versions, as in ones that have a higher level cap. That's where the game shot itself in the foot. The children always start at level 1, and asa result do little to no damage to higher level enemies. SO you've got to grind levels for them, which unfortunately takes way too long. This being a process that you have to do 2-3 times throughout the game, it just drains the patience and fun. New additions: Regalia of Men and Monarchs Beholder 2 Lovecraft's Untold Stories
  10. Wreckfest looks pretty good, but I have yet to try it or buy it for that matter.
  11. Game #2 - Secret of Mana - Preview Developer: Square Enix Publisher: Square Enix Genre: Action-RPG Price: 39,99€ Time for my second game of the event. I know pretty much nothing about this one, except that a the sequel is about to come out. Both originals have been on the SNES, but never played any of them. I did however play Adventures of Mana, which I think is the first game in the series. I remember it being a decent game overall. Hopefully the sequel will at least be decent as well, preferably better. I do recall this game having tons of issues when it released, from constantly crashing to corrupting saves. I do hope that all of that has been sorted by now. Furthermore, the sequel better not be coming out with any issues, or it would look like Square didn't learn anything from their mistakes.
  12. Game #1 - Flatout 4 - Final Impressions Total playtime: around 5 hours Trophies earned: 15/46 Alright, so while I technically still have almost an entire day left for this game, I don't plan returning to it and tehrefore I'll wrap it up now. Visually the game looks alright, and contrary to a lot of other racing games it has a lot of stuff on and off the race track. A lot of the objects on the track are destructible and refill your boost meter. Which is one of 3 ways of refilling it. The other two are jumps and bumping into the competition. The tracks are somewhat original, having a harbour area or even a frozen lake as part of a track. The tracks also tend to have various areas that have two or more alternate routes you can take. Some of them may be shorter, while others will actually take you longer. One issue I have with the visual presentation is the dust effect, that happens on sandy or snowy terrain whenever you have an opponent ahead of you. It literally covers most of hte screen to the point where you can't see where ou are going. THe sound effects are alright and fairly geenric. The music however was pretty great, mostly hard rock and metal from obscure bands, and unfotunately one of the few highlights of this game. The gameplay is where many issues larise. As mentioned before, there are several modes, MP, Career, Flatout mode and there's also quick play. From the get-go, quick play is essentially locked. Most of the custom races and race types are all blocked off, until you progress through the story. It essentially gatekeeps you from acessing a gaem mode, which is dumb as hell. Very few tracks and cars to choose from, as again they all need to be unlocked and bought during career mode. Flatout mode is the exception, because you don't even get to pick your car. Career mode consists of regular races to win cups, arena and time trials. Actual progress is only made, if you beat a cup (3-4 races each). Payout is miserable, even if you win, which makes getting new cars a chore. New cars aren't even straight up better than the cheaper ones, as their stats vary and as a result are good in some areas and bad in others. THe AI behaviour is a whole different nuisance. They are absolute dicks. Your competition will actively try to ram into you, even if they have a free path to get in the lead. I even had the opponent in front of me at the start of the race, break so I could not get past This is where the main issue comes from. Considering that several object are destructible and as such some random things can end up blocking paths on the road, lthus eading to a crash and enemies constantly trying to mess you up, it is very dependant on luck whether or not you will get on the podium. To be fair it goes both way, as the opposition also tends to crash every so often. It still becomes an annoying experience. It probably wouldn't be so bad, if progress wouldn't be hampered so much. Flatout mode is just plain terrible. Beat the bomb, is just boring and arena is an absolute mess. Then there is the stunt competition, which I stil haven't understood how that is supposed to work. There are variants to it as well. Essentially you drive a car down a ramp and need to eject the driver at a specific angle by pressing X, to launch him into an area full of blocks that supposedly can be knocked over. There a version of "beer pong as well, and it's just as bad. There isn't any indicater a to what the angle is like So half the time he just flies in a straight line into nothingness and whenever I get an angle it does nothing to the blocks. None of htem ever fell . This concludes my barely enjoyable expeirence of this game. It gets boring quickly and is poorly structured. It's not enough to be more than a , as visuals and sound alone don't cut it.
  13. Still haven't received anything. Furthermore the tracker hasn't updated since the 27th. I wouldn't be surprised if a ton of people won't get the themes/avatars even though they signed up.
  14. Game #1 - Flatout 4 - Progress Update Halfway point for this game and I've put about 3 hours in so far. There are a bunch of modes available, so there is a decent amount of variety. There is career, flatout mode and online. Flatout mode is essentially the challenge mode, encompassing stunt events like deathmatch, Beat the bomb, carnage (points for destroying things)), stunt (eject the driver), potentially more. Career mode also cnsists of several types of races. Regular races, arena mode (destruction derby) and time trial. This mode is also divided into 3 classes, Derby, CLassic, and Allstar. Which essentially means, buying a better car to be able to race in the other classes. So far I've got one car from Derby (essentially given to you at the start) and Classic mode. The cars are way overpriced compared to the amount of money you gain from winning races and competitions. Having beaten about 15 cups (I repeated one 10 times for a trophy and replayed some as well) and 2 time trials and 1 arena it took I only amassed around 40k, which was barely enough to by a car from calssic mode for 32k and upgrade the first vehicle to even be able to ebat the 3rd cup in the first tier. Flatout mode is going a lot worse, not having been able to beat a single challenge so far. Online mode I won't be trying during the event as it requires the update that I haven't donwloaded.
  15. Hve you noticed whether the load times are excessively long or not? PoE has that issue, while Torment managed to do it a bit better. Yeah the controls made me delete the game after 5 minutes of playing, because for some reason the directions while using dash were reversed. so right was left and left was right. No way to change it either.
  16. It's past midnight over here so I'll go ahead with my first preview of the event. I'll probably be doing updates on days 1, 3 and 5 due to there being larger gaps between the games for me this time around. Game #1 - Flatout 4 - Preview Developer: Kylotonn Publisher: Bigben Interactive Genre: Racing Price: 19,99€ (about the same price as physical) The developer didn't ring a bell at all, until I checked up on them and noticed that they make the WRC series. I've played my fair share of those games and enjoyed most of them. The publisher I know a little better and they don't tend to have a good track record. Some may know the PS Plus game Truck Racer and the aforementioned WRC games. They published the godawful Outcast reboot and the Devil's Daughter Sherlock Holmes game, which pretty much killed the series. Anyway, Flatout 4 is a game with less than stellar reviews. It's supposed to be a stunt racer, so I'm assuming there'll be a lot of jumping and crashing. I'm really curious how the controls will turn out, as those have not been very consistent in their racing game titles. Something of note, is that the digital European version of the game is broken and can't be platted. I happen to have the disc version, so I'd be safe on that front (even though there's no guarantee it'll keep me interested long enough for me to even consider platting the game). So yeah, looking forward to T-bone someone into a wall.
  17. Alright, I'll add you to the OP as well. As for games that I enjoyed from the KYC events, there have been a few. Favourites: Other games that I enjoyed: There are still Dishonored 2, Torment Tides of Numenara, Slain Back from Hell, Conception 2 and Hitman Blood Money, all of which I've enjoyed but haven't gone back to consistenly to from a better opinion on them. Although I've been playing a decent amount of Conception 2 lately, I am still on the fence about it. Funny thing is that it wasn't event a game I played for the event, but happened to play at the same time. Since the game I was playing for the event was kind of bad (can't remember which one it was), I ended up talking more about Sexy Brutale than the other game .
  18. Alright, OP should be up to date now with the respective links and lists. In case anyone wishes to switch games still tag me so I'll have an easier time finding the post. Welcome back to the regulars and welcome to the newcomers as well. Hope everyone has a good time, and may there be the odd rant even if only for entertainment purposes.
  19. Created a boosting session for Tron Evolution here https://psnprofiles.com/session/199503-tron-evolution


    If you want to get the MP trophies done,, consider joining.

  20. #431 - Mecho Tales (PS4) Visually kind of neat looking, it ended up far less enjoyable than I had though. THe game soft locked twice and killed me once by clipping me through solid ground into an abyss. That's only the technical issues this game has. While visually appealing, it turns intoa clusterfuck, because someone decided it would be cool to put in continuous particle effects that distract and block the view, throughout half of the levels. The hitboxes, especially on spikes are way off and bosses are absolute sponges that don't have a visual health bar. Enjoyment: 5 Difficulty: 3.5
  21. #430 - The Sims 4 Thanks to the guide it was fairly smooth ailing. THe game itself is utterly awful due to the very poor port and the resulting technical issues. Not only does the framerate drop to single digits way too often, but characters completely disappear quite often. Not to mention that they don't always do the actions you tell them to do. Whoever gave the go for this to be put on consoles in this state, should be ashamed of themselves. Enjoyment: 4 Difficulty: 3 (because characters kept disappearing)
  22. A couple more days until event begin. So get in your lists, if you're interested in participating.
  23. I really enjoyed Jydge, but yeah there were a handful of missions that were really hard on the highest difficulty. Still my favourite 10tons game to date.