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  1. Ok it's been a busy last few weeks. Lots of plats and little patience to do an update because of it. So now it's time to play some cath up.



    #445 + #446 Just Ignore Them - Little horro point-and-click that turned out to be way too short with too much back and forth going on.


    #447 + #448 Knightin+ - A basic Binding of Isaac wannabe, but melee focused. Was Ok.


    #449 + #451 Football Game - Horrible art style, too short and just overall boring.


    #450 Bioshock 2 (PS4) - Enjoyed this one a lot. The most difficult thing was the damn research. There were the few odd bugs, which resulted in soft locks. Reloading the save fixed those though.


    #452 + #453 Red Bow - Neat little horror point-and-click. Shame it's another one of those really short games.


    #454 + #455 Distraint - Was alright. Expected a bit better for whatever reason. Also way too much back and forth between areas.


    #456 Sagebrush - This was another bust. Too dark, visually unappealing, too short and meh story.


    #457 + #458 Super Wiloo Remake - An Ok Mario clone, that lacks interesting levels.


    #459 Shadow of Loot Box - It's a a goof really. Taking stabs at AAA titles with some mediocre gameplay mixed in.


    #460 Grim Legends 3 - Less than a handful hidden object puzzles in a hidden object game. Mediocre.


    #461 Modern Tales - This was more like it. Plenty of HOPs and interesting story.


    #462 Call of Cthulhu - I had fun with it, but it's astonishing how the polish went gradually out the window. Messed up animations and eventually the lip sync s all over the place as well. Had so much more potential. If it wasn't for the story, this would've been just meh.



    !00%ed Rise of Insanity, which was a cool horror game. Somewhat predictable story and a tad too short (don't buy this at full price, it's like 2 hours long).



    I also dropped plenty of games as I just can't be bothered with them anymore. So I cut both Need for Speed Most Wanted games from my backlog, as well as Transformers Fall of Cybertron and War for Cybertron. Finished campaign on both and that's all I wanted out of those. Dropped two fighting games, which were Fighting EX Layer and Under Night. Both were decent and if I couldb be bothered to put in the time to get better at the combos I probably could've platted them. Oh well, too many other games in the backlog. Yakuza 6 was another game that I don't care to continue any longer. I got plenty of hours out of it and just don't feel like grinding XP and missions. I also hated the baseball and caln minigames. Lastly I also stopped playing Darkwood. Most of the mechanics are shit and it is just constant frustration, which makes it literally feel like a waste of time. I really wanted to finish the story at least, but in the end i just can't be arsed anymore.




    New additions:

    • Rebel Cops
    • Wizard of Legend

  2. Sold games: 64,00€



    • Just Cause 3 - Land and Sea expansion pass - 3,74€
    • American Fugitive - 9€
    • Metropolis Lux Obscura - 4€
    • Planet RIX-13 - 2€
    • Sigi - 3€
    • Darkwood - 7,50€
    • Donut County - 6,50€
    • Drowning - 1,50€


    • Undead Horde - 4€
    • Bear With Me: The Complete Collection - 7,50€
    • Stranger Things 3 - 4,50€
    • The Division 2 Gold Edition - 15€
    • Mecho Tales - 1,20€
    • Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2 - 8€



    • Beholder 2 - 5€
    • Regalia: of Men and Monarchs - 7,50€
    • Lovecraft's Untold Stories - 7,50€
    • Shadow of Mordor Season Pass - 10£



    • Detective Gallo - 4,50€
    • Harvey's New Eyes - 5€
    • Shenmue 1+2 - 11,25£
    • Erica - 5€
    • Waking Violet - 2,30€
    • Wheels of Aurelia - 3€
    • Road Rage - 3€
    • Rise of Insanity - 7€
    • hack gu last recode - 13€
    • Tokyo Xanadu EX+ - 12€
    • Impact Winter - 8€
    • Fighting EX Layer - 10€



    • Just Ignore Them - 3€
    • Red Bow - 1,80€
    • Football Game - 3€
    • Distraint - 3,60£
    • Sagebrush - 3,60€
    • Knightin+ - 4€
    • Rebel Cops - 5€
    • Call of Cthulhu - 10€
    • Super Wiloo Remake - 2,50€
    • Shadow of Loot Box - 3€
    • Grim Legends 3 - 5€
    • Queen's Quest 2 - 5€
    • Queen's Quest 3 - 5€
    • Modern Tales - 5€
    • Wizard of Legend - 8€
    • Thronebreaker - 10€


    Total: 205,30€ (rounded up)


  3. On 4/25/2020 at 5:11 PM, PerryToxteth said:


    I guess you forgot my 1f4a9.png rating of this from a KYC a LONG time ago! :P


    Curious to hear your take on Impact Winter.


    Oh, I did remember that rating. and honestly didn't expect much from it to begin with. I just had a couple of bucks left and though screw it. In retrospect I probably shoild've stayed away from it though.


    Probably won't be touching Impact Winter for a while. I'm trying to mainly focus and games I have already started, Easy and quick games are sort of the exception. Having recently played Darkwood and having been disappointed by it, I'll need a decent break before I pick up another survival game to play.


  4. uO8wFCw.png

    B1 Killing Floor 2 (finished DLC pack 2)

    B2 Seasons After Fall (platinum)

    B3 American Fugitive (finished story)

    B4 Goat Simulator (platinum)

    B5 Shenmue - platinum (was Hype - but turned out to be purely mediocre)

    I1  Linger in Shadows (100%)

    I3  Submersed (platinum)

    I4 Stranger Things 3 (finished story)

    I5 Transformers: War for Cybertron - finished campaign

    N1 New Star Manager (did 8 seasons and won all competitions, I'm going to count that as "completing story")

    N2 Drowning (platinum)

    N4 Undead Horde

    N5 Adventure Time: Pirates of the Erichidian (platinum)

    G1 Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns - platinum (took somewhere between 30-40h, which for me is quite lengthy)

    G2 Donut County (platinum)

    G3 Machinarium (100%)

    G4 Cosmic Star Heroine

    G5 Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization (finished story)

    O1 Kingdom Hearts 3 (finished story)

    O2 Uncharted 2 Remastered (platinum)

    O3 We Happy Few (platinum)

    O4 Another World (100%)

    O5 Uncharted Remastered (platinum)