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  1. You found the mode that makes EA 800 million a year, . Funny how you made the tradig card remark, as that's what EA used to justify their stance of the whole pack ordeal not being a form of gambling. Didn't hold up in court though, nor with the parents that suddenly hit their credit limit wihtout knowing why. Interesting to see someone approach these games , that usually isn't interested in them. FIFA is the serious, fully licensed football sim, while PES is more the budget arcade version, that literally exists as arcade cabinets.
  2. I don't own any of the systems they were released on, so It's highly unlikely that I'll ever try any of the other Burnout games unless they remake or remaster them. I enjoyed Burnout Paradise enough to keep coming back to it, although it's not a game I can play for several hours at a time without getting bored.
  3. So, I got the plat for Game of Thrones and my opinion on it didn-t change really. It's a decent game, that lacks polish.Unfotunately it overstays it's welcome a bit, as some of the chapters seem to drag on for way too long.. There's also 3 different endings and one plot twist towards the end, that I didn't quite see coming. THe final boss fight was way too easy, compared to a lot of the other fights in this game, that was a bit of an odd one. In other news, I'll also be making a couple of changes to my list. I'm replacing Battlefield 1 and Torment: Tides of Numenara with Odin Sphere Leifthrasir and Pillars of Eterntiy respectively.
  4. #379 - Game of Thrones (RPG) Wasn't great, but wasn't bad either.It reminds me of a downgraded version of Dragon Age Origins. The combat is similar, but slower and the invenotry also has some similarities. Story was interesting enough, as were the characters. It doesn't look great though and it feels a tad clunky in general. Enjoyment: 6 Difficulty: 3.5
  5. Nope, never played any of the Burnout games before trying out this one.
  6. Game #6 - Pyre - Preview So this is a game from Supergiant Games, who have a pretty good track record with me. Played a little Bastion before and it seemed good, but didn't quite grab me (still planning on getting back to that one at some point). A few KYC events back, I played Transistor as one of my games, and it was great, and have recently started my second playthrough of it. I've also seen gameplay for Hades, which is their newest one, and I'm hoping that it comes to consoles at some point. Now Pyre is a bit of an odd one... From what I've seen, I'm not sure if I like the gameplay. It's looks like some futuristic version of 3on3 basketball .Seems like a weird concept for a game, and it could potentially be my least gavourite of the bunch I've picked for this event. @PerryToxteth I recall The Invisible Hours being on my radar when it released, but then it was supposed to be VR only, and my interest for it dropped and never thought of it again. Since they've made VR optional now, I'll be keeping an eye out for it.
  7. Game #5 - Burnout Paradise Remastered - Final Impressions Time played: 3-4h Trophies earned: 25/95 Didn't end up playing it as much as I thought I would, as I've been going back to Game of Thrones. Anyway, racing games fall under the category of genres where you don't really need to play a whole lot of, to be able to form an opinion on them. Burnout Paradise is a open world racing game, similar to the NFS games in recent years. You drive through a city, in search of races or just to explore the varous beaten paths. There are several different race tupes. Regular races, stunt races, marked man (other cars try to destroy you before you get to the finish line, burning routes (time trials that reward you with a better version of the car you used), road rage (destroy other racers), regular time trials and showtime (high score mode). There are 3different car tupes to do those races with.. Winning a set number of them, will spawn a car that you can take down, resulting in it's addition to your junkyard (garage). The city is cluttered with billboards, gates and ramps that may detract you from your destination. The driving is very arcady, and feels a tad stiff as a result. To be fair that doesn't bother me too much, contrary to some other things. So there is no waypoint system, or marking events on the map. There is no picking cars except at junkyard to which you can't fast travel to. Also, having to search for events is not a design choice I would've given the green light on. Got to give props to the general traffic AI though, they actually try to get out of your way. Need for Speed needs to adapt that, because their AI (racer or traffic) is a bunch of dicks, that literally try to crash into you. I'm not much of a fan of the menuing to be honest, it's just impractical. That I can forgive though, as they at least have Killswitch Engage, Saosin and Seether on their soundtrack list, as well as some other solid stuff. ANyway, it's the first in this event. It's fun, but there is still quite a lot of room for improvement.
  8. I have my doubts about Sony switching out the games, because of the usual backlash. It probably has to do with the deal between Sony and Konami itself. Could just have picked the wrong month really. All it did was once again exemplify, how major companies are terrible at hiring PR people. I use to love FIFA games, and played them since the very first one ('94). They've been a bit like Windows OS, in that they tend to alternate beween good and bad every other installment Although personally I think they've just been bad since FIFA 16.THey're a good palate cleansier between games though. P.S. Also added The Invisible Hours to the wishlist.
  9. Alright , got a few more plats since last time and dropped a whole bunch of grindy as hell games. #376 Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor (GOTY) - Was a lot of fun, although the final boss was very underwhelming. The story was kind of meh though. #377 White Night - It's a little gem. Has it's issues with the camera and controls at times, but it's originality and story make up for it. #378 Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk - I'm not sure what it is about he Atelier games, but they're a good time.Synthesis system is still overly complicated and there is a ton of missable stuff. Now as for dropped games, there's a bunch. I'll bundle them up a bit, as it's partly the same series that has the same issues in each installment. HDN Rebirth, HDN MK2 and Megadimension Neptunia all have the tendency to block your progress fairly early on in the game and make you grind. Since I can't stand grinding for the sake of progressing the story or for pointless nonsense, this series is pretty much dead to me, even though the gameplay is fun. In similar fashion, Battle Princess of Arcadias, One Piece Pirate Warriros 3 and The Which and the Hundred Knight 2, suffer from becoming a mind-numbing grind at the end.. Then there's Tomb Raider Legend, that I didn't enjoy as the camera and controls were a constant struggle and lastly Ni No Kuni II, which is solid, but has some gameplay mechanics that are just crap. It also wants you to grind at the end. So yeah, that's a bunch of games off my backlog. New additions: Shadow of the Colossus The Crew 2 Jagged Alliance: Rage Pillars of Eternity Mothergunship
  10. Done. Can't go wrong with Suda51.
  11. Game #5 - Burnout Paradise Remastered - Preview Well, I almost forgot to post a preview for this, as I was focsed on getting the Atelier Ayesha plat. Only now I realised that the next game is up for hte event. So, it's an arcade racer. That's all I know, as I never played a Burnout game. It's a game I've always wanted to try out, and then it got "remastered". So I bought it when it was on sale. Most racing games I've played were more of the sim genre, and mainly involved motorbikes, orthe odd NFS game.
  12. #378 - Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk Was a fun one, although there are way too many missible events in these. It's just a chill series to play, even though there was a time constraint in this one. With a guide it's relatively easy to get things done within the limit. Still not a fan of the synthesize system, and never will be by the looks of it. Enjoyment: 7 Difficulty: 4
  13. Game #4 - Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars - Final Impressions Time played: 3-4h Trophies earned: 3/51 I didn't get too far into this, so it'll be a bit tough to evaluate this. I made it as far as comleting the first dungeon, which took a decent while. Not to mention the abundance of cutscenes. Anyway, let's see how this one did. I don't know what it is with JRPGs, but they have a tendencies to put in 3-4 different art styles into the same game. Chances are at least one of the clashes. There are 3 different styles of cutscenes. Fullly anime-like, The stationary image during dialogues that looks as if it as drawn, and the ssame type of image, but with the characters sticking out into the foreground. There was no need for the latter, so don't do it, it looks weird. When in dungeons, the visuals are actually terrible to look at. The dungeons are just a bunch of corridors (similar to P4G), but colour-wise they look really bad and the enemies are largely the same or similar colour. I've also have had my fair share of trouble with the interface. I accidently skipped several pages of tutorial, because contrary to most other games it doesn't prompt you to check out the next page, instead you need to cycle through it, if you see more than one little box in the top-right corner. I also accidentally skipped cutscenes, because I wanted to save. Someone apparently thought it was a good idea to bind "skip cutscene" and "open save menu" to the same button. There was also an issue with the combat, in which you can choose to enable auto-combat. This might have been one of the things I missed during the tutorial thing. Didn't realise I had enabled it, and couldn't figure out how to turn it off again for several battles. That was fun, seeing the Ai wasting all the mana to destroy trash mobs. Combat is similar to P4G as well, you run into enemy, and the battle begins. You can choose from which side you'd like to attack the enemy, the back usually being the weak point.. You got your regular attacks, skills, specials and of course your children. You're introduced to the whole "classmating" thing really early on, and apparently we have the god's gift, because we have the highest "ether count", so we're sure to produce blood thirsty offspring, with a selection of suitable females. So far there hasn't been any fan service at least, but the story is pretty much worthless either way. Anyway, you pick a girl, create a child (or several) by holding hands, give them a class and bring them to battle. They level up, as do you and both can also get gear. The leveling is another thing I have some issues wth.Considering there is a pontential to create hundreds of children, only the ones that fight get to level leaves little rrom for switching out classes. Having to level them from scratch is bound to be an absolute pain down the line. Overall it feels like a P4G with less depth and worse quality. At least most of the dalogues are voice acted, and they even went as far as to have some segments lip-synched. It's another ,.
  14. I finished this one up, shortly before the event started. Your comparison with AC, made me realise how much better SHadow of Mordor did the climbing. I've been playing some AC Unity on the side, and the amount of times the character climbs where I don't want it to is infuriating. The PS3 version, must be an absolute bore to play though, with them having stripped the nemesis system from it.~ P.S.: Happy belated birthday!