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  1. So I've tried to go back to Toukiden 2 a few times, and it never takes long until it becomes a bore. Enemies are sponges and for them to be less spongy you need to farm them for materials to impove the weapons. It's a catch 22 really. At this point I'm not even sure, iIt's visually also not very appealing when it comes to enemies. A lot of cycled vairations pop up in the different regions, so there isn't really a whole lot of variety. This one drops down to a . In a few weeks I'll post the new event.for July. I hope you all saved up on some games on the side 😄.
  2. KYC 12 (Starts 1st March 2020 and ends 31st of March 2020) Welcome back for another exciting edition of the Kill Your Completion series. This is the 12th iteration, so most of you probably have an idea of what goes on here, but if you are new to the site or this corner of the forums, here's the previous edition of the thread KYC 11. Those of you that participated in or followed the previous events, know by now that Hemiak won't be running this event for a while due to life being busy. He agreed that I'd take over in the meanwhile, so you're stuck with me for the foreseeable future. The Premise Participants will each choose a list of at least 5, and up to 10 0% games (or any number in.between) from their backlog and post them here so everyone can follow along. These games don't have to be pre loaded on your profile, as long as you own them already and haven't earned a trophy they count. Participants will start a new game from that list every few days for the next month. They WILL then post their thoughts on each game, and write a short review on the final day for each game. This can take any shape or form each person desires. I would prefer people do 5 games for 6 days each, 10/3, but anything between would be acceptable. I would like if people could be a little more prompt with their reviews. I understand stuff comes up. However, if every single review is three games rolled into one, 4 days late, you're not trying very hard. I also like to see people get the minimum 3 hours per game, so I feel like more than 10 games would be cutting each one too short, The starting time is hwnever the 1st of March begins for you. The Deeds TL;DR Participants
  3. Is there a list of the EU PS Now games anywhere? I can onky find the US one, which has a bunch of games that aren't available for the EU version of it.

  4. Quite a contrast in lineups. For the current month it couldn't get more niche and the upcoming one couldn't be more mainstream. Well unless you cut Battlefront for FIFA I guess. Either way, it's another backlog month for me.
  5. #465 - Lego Ninjago Movie Vidieogame Was fun for a while. Eventually glitches and bugs started piling up which resulted in quitting out and loading the game back up. Would've been less annoying, if the load times weren't so brutal. Enjoyment: 6.5 Difficulty: 3
  6. This sale is pretty weak. Kind of expecting another sale to show up, if not today then maybe friday. I mean all other current sales last until today. I doubt that Sony only will do this one, with like 20 titles and call it a day.
  7. It's probably the same sort of thing they did with Black Ops 3 during one of the E3s a few years ago
  8. #464th - Queen's Quest 3 Was more enjoyable than the previous entry in the series. Solid hidden object game, and also one of the shortest I think. Enjoyment: 7 Difficulty: 2
  9. My guesses for June are: The Last Guardian FarCry Primal
  10. #463 - Queen's Quest 2 Another hidden object game finished and still have one more in the backlog. Was OK, the more recent games of this genre have some cool new ideas, but end up taking away from what I have been enjoying about these games for years. Less and less actual hidden object puzzles or inferior variations of them. Enjoyment: 6.5 Difficulty: 2
  11. Ok it's been a busy last few weeks. Lots of plats and little patience to do an update because of it. So now it's time to play some cath up. #445 + #446 Just Ignore Them - Little horro point-and-click that turned out to be way too short with too much back and forth going on. #447 + #448 Knightin+ - A basic Binding of Isaac wannabe, but melee focused. Was Ok. #449 + #451 Football Game - Horrible art style, too short and just overall boring. #450 Bioshock 2 (PS4) - Enjoyed this one a lot. The most difficult thing was the damn research. There were the few odd bugs, which resulted in soft locks. Reloading the save fixed those though. #452 + #453 Red Bow - Neat little horror point-and-click. Shame it's another one of those really short games. #454 + #455 Distraint - Was alright. Expected a bit better for whatever reason. Also way too much back and forth between areas. #456 Sagebrush - This was another bust. Too dark, visually unappealing, too short and meh story. #457 + #458 Super Wiloo Remake - An Ok Mario clone, that lacks interesting levels. #459 Shadow of Loot Box - It's a a goof really. Taking stabs at AAA titles with some mediocre gameplay mixed in. #460 Grim Legends 3 - Less than a handful hidden object puzzles in a hidden object game. Mediocre. #461 Modern Tales - This was more like it. Plenty of HOPs and interesting story. #462 Call of Cthulhu - I had fun with it, but it's astonishing how the polish went gradually out the window. Messed up animations and eventually the lip sync s all over the place as well. Had so much more potential. If it wasn't for the story, this would've been just meh. !00%ed Rise of Insanity, which was a cool horror game. Somewhat predictable story and a tad too short (don't buy this at full price, it's like 2 hours long). I also dropped plenty of games as I just can't be bothered with them anymore. So I cut both Need for Speed Most Wanted games from my backlog, as well as Transformers Fall of Cybertron and War for Cybertron. Finished campaign on both and that's all I wanted out of those. Dropped two fighting games, which were Fighting EX Layer and Under Night. Both were decent and if I couldb be bothered to put in the time to get better at the combos I probably could've platted them. Oh well, too many other games in the backlog. Yakuza 6 was another game that I don't care to continue any longer. I got plenty of hours out of it and just don't feel like grinding XP and missions. I also hated the baseball and caln minigames. Lastly I also stopped playing Darkwood. Most of the mechanics are shit and it is just constant frustration, which makes it literally feel like a waste of time. I really wanted to finish the story at least, but in the end i just can't be arsed anymore. New additions: Rebel Cops Wizard of Legend
  12. Well, there it is... After long consideration and having been on the verge of creating one of these, I finally caved and decided to make a trophy checklist of sorts (no fancy banner from me sorry). My intent for this list is for it to cover the following points. platted games 100% games games I stopped playing and have no intentions to go back to updates on what I'm working on backlog I'll be giving each game a personal rating, using the system below: PS: Due to the limit of 75 emoticons per post. The ranking system was changed. Plats 1-50 Plats 51-100 Plats 101-150 Plats 151-200 Plats 201-250 Plats 251 - 300 Plats 301-350 Plats 351-400 Plats 401-450 Plat 451-462 100% - 1-79 (last update: 10th of May 2020) The games that are dead and buried 1-193 (last update: 10 of May 2020) The Backlog
  13. #462 - Call of Cthulhu Had a good time with this for hte most part. The game lacks some severe polish though, and it get's more noticeable the further you progress. Lots of weird hand animations and eventually the lip sync also drops the ball. Not a fan of the gunplay and stealth segments, as they felt tacked on. The rest was solid though. Enjoyment: 7.5 Difficulty: 3
  14. #461 - Modern Tales Another hidden object game, this one was actually solid. Unfortunately the last chapter ended up having weird graphical glitche. Nothing that impaired finishing the game, but it just looked really messed up. Enjoyment: 7 Difficulty: 2
  15. #460 - Grim LEgends 3 Was Ok overall. Not enough hidden object games and too many puzzles instead. I prefer it the other way around. Enjoyment: 6 Difficulty: 2.5
  16. Sold games: 92,00€ January Just Cause 3 - Land and Sea expansion pass - 3,74€ American Fugitive - 9€ Metropolis Lux Obscura - 4€ Planet RIX-13 - 2€ Sigi - 3€ Darkwood - 7,50€ Donut County - 6,50€ Drowning - 1,50€ February Undead Horde - 4€ Bear With Me: The Complete Collection - 7,50€ Stranger Things 3 - 4,50€ The Division 2 Gold Edition - 15€ Mecho Tales - 1,20€ Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2 - 8€ March Beholder 2 - 5€ Regalia: of Men and Monarchs - 7,50€ Lovecraft's Untold Stories - 7,50€ Shadow of Mordor Season Pass - 10£ April Detective Gallo - 4,50€ Harvey's New Eyes - 5€ Shenmue 1+2 - 11,25£ Erica - 5€ Waking Violet - 2,30€ Wheels of Aurelia - 3€ Road Rage - 3€ Rise of Insanity - 7€ hack gu last recode - 13€ Tokyo Xanadu EX+ - 12€ Impact Winter - 8€ Fighting EX Layer - 10€ May Just Ignore Them - 3€ Red Bow - 1,80€ Football Game - 3€ Distraint - 3,60£ Sagebrush - 3,60€ Knightin+ - 4€ Rebel Cops - 5€ Call of Cthulhu - 10€ Super Wiloo Remake - 2,50€ Shadow of Loot Box - 3€ Grim Legends 3 - 5€ Queen's Quest 2 - 5€ Queen's Quest 3 - 5€ Modern Tales - 5€ Wizard of Legend - 8€ Thronebreaker - 10€ Days Gone - 15€ MotoGP 18 - 9€ Total: 227,30€ (rounded up)
  17. #459 - Shadow of Loot Box Actually was more enjoyable than I thought it would be. The little stabs at AAA game tropes were neat. Gameplay is passable at best though. Enjoyment: 6 Difficulty: 2
  18. #457 & #458 - Super Wiloo Remake Was a decent little Mario clone. A bit iffy control-wise as flying also seemed to be somewhat affected by "slippery surfaces". Enjoyment: 6 Difficulty: 1
  19. I ended up only going back to Darkwood and eventually abandoned the game. I've tried to find one NPC for over 2 hours, with dozens of deaths resulting from it, which meany doing the walk to the NPC area again,, dying, rinse and repeat. Essentially it's just frustration in it's essence, and not real difficulty. I've come to despise every single mchanic this game had to offer, as half of them are pointless and the other half don't work well. There was anotehr time where I ran past an NPC for an hour in another area, because the NPC was the same color as the surroudnings and it being top-down view it's hard to make out what's a person and what's a rock. Massively disappointed, and would only recommend this to die hard survival game fans. Still only a , abrely.
  20. Oh, I did remember that rating. and honestly didn't expect much from it to begin with. I just had a couple of bucks left and though screw it. In retrospect I probably shoild've stayed away from it though. Probably won't be touching Impact Winter for a while. I'm trying to mainly focus and games I have already started, Easy and quick games are sort of the exception. Having recently played Darkwood and having been disappointed by it, I'll need a decent break before I pick up another survival game to play.