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  1. KYC 9 (Starts 1st March 2019 and ends 31st of March 2019) Welcome back for another exciting edition of the Kill Your Completion series. This is the 9th iteration, so most of you probably have an idea of what goes on here, but if you are new to the site or this corner of the forums, here's the previous edition of the thread.KYC 8 Those of you that participated in or followed the previous events, know by now that Hemiak won't be running this event for a while due to life being busy. He agreed that I'd take over in the meanwhile, so you're stuck with me for the foreseeable future. Now what does that mean for the event? Well, pretty much everything stays the same. I'll be largely copy-pasting the OP from the previous iterations, while essentially adding a TL;DR version at the bottom. I'm also inclined to cap the maximum number of games at 15 (which was kind of already a thing to begin with). That's pretty much it though. The Premise Participants will each choose a list of 5 up to 10 0% games from their backlog and post them here so everyone can follow along. These games don't have to be pre loaded on your profile, as long as you own them already and haven't earned a trophy they count. Participants will start a new game from that list every couple days for the next month. o.O They WILL then post their thoughts on each game, and write a short review on the final day for each game. This can take any shape or form each person desires. I would prefer people do 5 games for 6 days each, 10/3, but if you have a valid reason for only being able to do 6 or 8 games, that would be acceptable. I would like if people could be a little more prompt with their reviews. I understand stuff comes up. However, if every single review is three games rolled into one, 4 days late, you're not trying very hard. I also like to see people get the minimum 3 hours per game, so I feel like more than 15 games would be cutting each one too short, I don't really care if you have no life and can do 5 hours every day. The Deets TL;DR The Peeps
  2. Game #8 - White Night - Preview I might not actually start this today, as I want to finish the story for Ni No Kuni 2 first. I'm already halfway through the boss segment though, so if I can wrap it up quickly I might end up jumping into this one tonight as well. Anyway... White Night is a horror/puzzle game, that like all things published by Activision eventually got pulled from the stores. This game relies on using a match in order to light up the environment. I'm assuming it actually manipulates the surroundings that way somehow, for hte puzze solving to come into play. Not sure how well that will work though. The only thing that I can think of is maybe Contrast, but I might be completely off with that assumption.
  3. Game #7 - Blue Reflection - Final Impressions Time played: 4-ish hours Trophies earned: 7/47 Kind of having mixed feelings about this one. It's a JRPG with only female characters that are still in school.. I see where the Persona reference comes from, but quality-wise it's miles off. You alternate between real life (school and your house) and an alternate universe. You can speak with other characters in the school and have events with them that increase yyour level. The story is bland and feels uninspired. Premise is that zou were a ballet ancer that got injured and is in an emotinal slump because of it.The alternate reality gets triggered whenever one of the girls is under some kind of emotinal stress. So while the story isn't going a cringy direction, I'm already not invested in it regardless. During the real life segments ui can explore the shool and do quests to increase your levels, which is the only way to get stronger. Fighting gives no XP and the only thing worth fighting is geting materials to craft things. I'm not really a fan of that kind of leveling system. I've yet to craft anything, to even see if it's worth it or if it's just a thing you'll do for a trophy. The other universe, where you sailor moon your way through combat with the power of a ring, is also very bland so far. The areas all look the same, feel unispired are are condensed to fairly small areas. The combat however is what's kind of salvagable. It's at least more interesting than anything else in the game. In typical turn-based fashion you get unto combat by running into an enemy (no random spawns though). You play as three heroines (not sure if there will be more at some point that could potentially swapped out) and have a chance to summon a support character that can provide any kind of assistance from dealing damage to healing. You skills can also be upgraded with fragments, making them deal more damage or giving you healing skill an additonal attack or defense buff. The turn-based system is simialr to the one in Chil of Light. Only that the both parties are moving twoards the center and whichever character gets there first has a turn. This makes skills with knockback effects very important. Furhtermore you automatically refill all your HP and MP at the end of each battle, which is great. The positive thing is that nothing is bad.Half of the game feeling kind of bland is a bit unfortunate and I'm having a hard time recommending this when only the combat is actually fun. I'll need to put more hours into this after the event to see, if it evolves into something better overall. As of now it's a decent game and as such deserves a .
  4. Honestly I hope this idea flops. I'm already not a fan of "always on" games. Furthermore this evidenty hasn't been thought through at all. It should be obvious that internet is not always stable, nor is it available everywhere, it has speed and download caps and streaming in itself has latency and potentially lag to it. All of that will make the gaming experience insufferable. That's not taking into consideration that their hosting platform might have an issue at some ppint and suddenly you're locked out of every game. Then there are several factors that everyone seems to skip over. The actual monthly cost of this, because it will definitely be subscription based, the appaling customer support that is exemplified by youtube already (and likely would be the same for this service) and the possibility of exclusivity similar to what's recently been happening with the epic game store.
  5. Game #7 - Blue Reflection - Preview I'm ot sure what I'm getting myself into with this one. All I know is that it's an a turn-based RPG with female protaonists. Which coming to think of it, most JRPGs have female protagonists. I try to get interested in the story iof JRPGs, but it either becomes silly or just non-sensical a few hours in and I lose interest. So my main focus tends to be the gameplay. So here's to hoping it's good. The guide here says it's Persona-esque, now that's putting the bar way up there. Critically the reception has been pretty meh, but genre aficionados seem to think quite highly of it. Anhow, I'll see what's it all about soon enough. I do wish though, that the dialogues don't constantly interrupt the flow of the game.
  6. Game #6 - Tomb Raider Legend - Final Impressions Time played: around 1h30m Trophies earned: 6/42 Well, this is unfortunate. Once again a game I can't continue, because the controller I have isn't adequate. Managed to get to the 3rd level, where I seem to have to manually aim to progress. Thing is Pressing L/R3 doesn't do anything on the controller I have, therefore I can't manually aim. At this rate, I won't have another choice, but to buy another Dualshock 3 controller. Problem is there aren't all that many new ones being sold and if they are, they're stupidly expensive (and I'd prefer a new one, due to having made bad experiences with used ones).. Anyway, from what I played, it's exactly as I expected. A lot of jumping, swinging, shooting and falling to your death because the camera does whatever it wants. While the environments are still passable and the gunplay is fine, the enemies just look downright ugly (with the exception of the animals). The puzzles so far are simple enough and exploration is minimal.. There's the odd diverging short path or something hidden behing a building or inside of it, but that's pretty much it. This one also has environmental kills, which I don't remember other TR games to have. Most of the times they are ineffective though, as enemies rarely stick around to be in range for them. Speaking of enemies, the AI is piss poor. The human enemies don't run away from grenafes and the animals can't walk up ledges that are basically at ground level. Unfortunately this game one also has a motorbike section, same as TR Underworld did. They are bad, boring and don't belong in these games. I've been playing on hard and it's not really been difficult at all so far. Most deaths I had was through falling thanks to the camera swaying away from the direction I wanted to jump to. It's a decent game overall, with several small annoyances that get in teh way of the fluidity of the gameplay.
  7. @PerryToxteth I participated in every single one . It's still my favourite type of event, as it's always fun. @MidnightDragon It'll be throughout the month of July
  8. I ended up skipping TR for the day to wrap up a couple of previous games. Finished Syndrome, but seemingly missed a collectible somewhere, so no plat. Would have to play the whole game again for that, and I don't have masochistic tendencies. I did however get the plat for X-Blades, and I'll actually lower the score for it as it is so utterly boring to play through. So it's now a . Pretty poor game overall, still better than Syndrome though.
  9. #352 - X-Blades Was a bad version of a DMC game. Non-exitent combo system, boring levels and enemy types. A slog from start to finish and the 10k kill grind didn't help. Enjoyment: 4 Difficulty: 4
  10. Personally I thought there was plenty to explore in the reboot, although I would agree that the puzzles were a bit lackluster.. While the platforming is different, I prefer it the way they did it in the 2013 iterration, as platforming with a camera that doesn't want to cooperate is something I'll gladly do without. The online is crap though. Yet the overall feel
  11. Game #6 - Tomb Raider: Legend - Preview Contrary to most of my previous choices for this KYC, this game has stellar reviews. Although it needs to be said, that they were stellar back in 2006. I'm not the biggest Tomb Raider fan, regarding anything pre-reboot (and the top-down twin stick shooter ones). I played the original a few years after release and thought it was crap, with it's bad camera angles, muddy look and clunky controls. It needs to be said I used to play mostly on PC back then and my go-to genres tended to be CRPGs, FPS, and RTS. I enjoyed Tomb Raider II a bit more, but still wouldn't consider it more than just OK. Pretty much skipped every game since then, until I tried TR Underworld a few years ago. Again, it was fairly mediocre and still had the somewhat clunky gameplay and awful camera angles. Taking the above into consideration, I'm kind of expecting a similar feel to Underworld. I'm sure the things that bothered me there will still bother me in this one. But hey, it'll probably be better than the last 4 games, so there's that .
  12. Game #5 - Saw 2 - Final Impressions Time played: just over 3 hours Trophies eaarned: 14/51 Well... shit. I'm not having the best of luck with my games. It seems like I literally can't continue this game, because the controller I have isn't an official PS3 one (the three I had, ended up having phantom button inputs, or the thumbstick had calibration issues). The game is pretty much as expected a puzzle game with a fair amount of gore. It has floor tile puzzles, searching for password codes using light from the flashlight, those flow of elecriticy ones, light on/off ones. Essentially some trivial to some really annoying puzzles that you'll come across on a regular basis. There are also quick time events ad nauseam. Every other door you want to open is likely to have you press a couple of buttons to avoid dying in some horrible way. Walkking through corridors may collapse the ground or ceiling, so obviouslly there is going to be another quick time event for that. Fighting is no different, and dumbed down to insignificance. Then tehre's the weirdest lockpicking minigame ever. It's you falling in first-person perspective through the keyhole and have to dodge 3 gears with opening while doing so in order to unlock a door. There is also beams to traverse, which brings me to the part where the game refuses to cooperate. As you might have guessed by now, getting from one side of the beam to the other, requires you to do a balancing act. While there were a few earlier in the game that presented no issue to cross (as balancing didn't come in to play really), now it seems to refuse to recognize the movement of the thumbstick as a direction. The game itself tells you that you can use tthem to balance left and right, however on screen prompt is exclusively the sixaxis movement nonsense. So I'm guessing I need to have a DS3, for it to recognize the movement of the thumbsticks. So yeah, looks like it's another game for the garbage pile. It already is a worse and dumbed-down version of it's predecessor. As such it's a . PS: I've also been going back to Syndrome, trying to push through bit by bit. I've been making decent progress there. Game is still shit though.
  13. You'll have to [at] them. Once you use the symbol for it, a drop-down box shows up and auto-completes the names you start writing in it.
  14. I played one of the PGA Tour games from the 90s on PC, not my cup of tea. I think the sport would be more entertaining, if the golfers had to play the ball from where it landed, no exceptions. Even if that ment putting on a diving suit and try to knock the ball back out of the pond.
  15. It's a long forgotten art, almost brought to extinction by utter rejection or overuse. It's the fruit of years of, ahem... training.
  16. #351 - FullBlast (Vita) Not much to say, it's just as decent as it is on PS4. Takes a bit longer to but up, but that's pretty much the only difference, Enjoyment: 6 Difficulty: 1
  17. Damn, that's rough. Hopefully everything gets sorted in a reasonably swift manner.
  18. #350 - Assassin's Creed: Origins My new favourite AC game, mainly due to being more in the direction of gamplay I rpefer. It looks great, plays well for the most part, has interesting quests and a whole lot of stuff to do. Of course there are also hilarious bugs, and an oddly excessive amount of quests that want you to carry someone. Hoping for the DLC to go on sale soon, as even though it is supposed to be pretty good 40€ is pushing it. Enjoyment: 8 Difficulty: 3
  19. Sold games - 206€ Purchases so far Gwent: The Witcher Card Game - Free Hand of Fate - Wildcards (DLC) - 1.49€ Get Even - 15€ Outcast: Second Contact - 18€ Assassin's Creed Origins - 19€ Syberia 3 - 17€ Guns Gore and Cannoli - 3,99€ Yakuza 0 - trade (gave Strange Brigade for it) Moonlighter - 18€ Mega Man 11 - 18€ Thimbleweed Park - 7,99€ Dead Rising 4 - 19€ TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan - 12€ Syndrome - 15€ Fall of Light: Darkest Edition - 6,49€ Fullblast - 3,99€ Skyhill - 7,99€ Darkest Dungeon: Crimson Court - 3,99€ Darkest Dungeon: The Shieldbreaker - 1,59€ A Hole New World - 2,99€ Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass - 5,99€ Blue Reflection - 19€ Digimon Story: Hacker's Memory - 19€ Need for Speed Payback - 16€ Ni No Kuni II - 19€ Bendy and the Ink Machine - 19€ Vikings: Wolves of Midgard - 19€ Riddled Corpses EX - 5€ PS Plus subscription (1 year) - 45€ Current total = 156,50€ Well, there it is. Took me 3 months to be in the negative .Time to tackle the backlog.
  20. Game #5 - Saw 2 - Preview Here we are with another questionable game quality-wise. I very much enjoy the Saw movies, the games however seem to be more along the lines of a quick cash grab. I played the first game a few years back, and though it was alright. The combat was the weakest bit in that one, as it was extremely clunky and imprecise. Well, as far as I know they dumbed down the combat completely in this seuquel, making it all quick time events. What joy! At this point I just hope it's at least playable. Random bit of trivia. The developer apparently made a bunch of training simulator games specifically for the US Army.
  21. Game #4 - Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed - Final Impression Time played between 2-3 hours Trophies earned: 2/46 I don't think I ended up reaching the 3 hour mark here. In the records it's about an hour and 55 minutes, but I ended up reloading a lot of battles, as I decided to go with "gamer" difficulty. That must be the equivalent to hard, as in half of the battles I kept getting my ass handed to me. So about the game. It's Action-RPG, that has the premise of vampires being among the general population and you need to destroy them. The only way to do that is by stripping off their clothes. Well done Japan, for coming up the the weirdest shit possible. Honestly the game overall screams mediocrity. The visuals that are a blurryish (here's a new word for you internet, you're welcome) representation of a district in Tokyo and it's inhabitants. Poorly rendered cars drive through the streets and people walk around awkwardly with no sense of direction. While the representation of Akihabara is supposedly fairly accurate, it still feels kind of lackluster. The disctrict is divided into separate blocks, which are connected through streets. Unfortunately every block is separated by a loading screen. Even though it's a lot shorter than the ones in Akiba's Beat, it's still a nuisance. On the bright side, it can be somewhat bypassed by fast-travelling to the various areas, which at least reduces the amount of loading screens you get to see. The gameplay, consists of main and side quests, shopping for items and combat. To sum it up it's just plain simplistic. The combat itself , while it's fairly fluid, it's still clunky at the same time. This comes down to having to target the areas of clothing (head, torso, legs). Once there are several enemies on screen, which is mostly the case, the combat system just feels out of place. It's like it's hack-and-slash combat, but it doesn't quite work because you need to individually target enemies and the respective areas on their bodies. Granted you can hit several enemies at once, but due to the combat structure it doesn't quite work. If one enemy only has his shirt left and another a beanie, the targeting of body parts becomes pointless, as even hitting both, mainly affects only one of them. The weapons are pretty much any random crap, umbrellas, posters, monitors, gumball machines... the latter has such a long wind-up to perform an attack, that it's pretty much impossible to get a hit in before you get the living shit beaten out of you. I keep getting more and more the feeling, that devs during their meetings throughout the development cycle, just sit there and have actual brain farts. Not listening to what's being presented and just heari the buzzwords... strip, vampires, beat... sounds great make the game. Honestly, if you want to play a game that involves stripping characters, go play any Senran Kagura game, which might be more lewd or whatever, but it also is a lot more fun. So yeah, this one igets the same rating as X-Blades, albeit due to different reasons. While X-Blades was stiff as hell to play and looked like crap, Akiba's trip, just is plain bornig. There is a sense of artificial depth in the combat that doesn't synergize well. It's a borderline (still better than Beat, by miles).
  22. Personally I thought that Chains of Olympus, as well as Ghosts of Sparta were in-between GoW I and II quality-wise.
  23. @Gretchen27 Yeah, the support characters in Beat are the worst ever. Every time you would walk past a save point, or shop the open their trap. It's like the devs didn't play their own game until the end, otherwise I'm sure they would have realised after the odd 50 hours it takes to beat once, how annoying it is. I've only put an hour into Akiba's Trip yet, and already noticed that it'll become repetitive quickly. I'll still put another 2 hours in to reach the 3 minimum, but I'm already fairly sure on how I stand with that game.