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  1. Yeah I loaded up my PS3 the other night for the first time in awhile and played a game of NBA Jam... It wouldn't let me connect to the servers. It's been years since I played but I think I was only 1 or 2 medals away from that last trophy.
  2. Awesome thanks!!!
  3. It's very possible and that's what the main general point behind my post. I know for some people it could cause a headache. My best advice right now is to try and be aware of the "date/time" of your most recent saves and upload those (since they're the most current) and then you can delete all the excess/extra save files that are from hours or days ago.
  4. So I'm not sure if I stumbled on to something or not. But I haven't seen anyone mention anything about it. I tried to make a post on the Death Stranding subreddit but it got deleted by an auto-mod. So the saves and the saves storing on the PS4 HDD under the Application Saved Data Management in the settings. It seems the game is STORING every single manual save, auto save and checkpoint save whenever they occur. For example the game is not "overwriting" an old manual save when I create a "new" manual save. I found this out when I went to upload my current save to the PS+ cloud storage. It proceeded to upload 34 individual save files (including saves of all types) I'm not that far in the game and I just kind of feel like that is an abnormally HIGH amount of save files to already be stored on the system for one singular game. I could be completely wrong and just hallucinating or something. But it's just a heads up. I know when it comes to HDD storage everyone has different habits and for some people every little MB counts.. So you might want to go to Application Saved Data Management and check out to see how many actual save files you have built up and get rid of the ones that are super old and no longer relevant to your playthrough.
  5. It looks like a pretty straight forward list.. Just time consuming and possibly grindy on some.. I wish it had more silver and gold trophies, but it's whatever.
  6. Yeah nothing new here.. Doesn't matter how "big" or "hyped" the game is.. People have and always will get things before the actual release date.
  7. Trophies look really fun. It's $39.99 and it's getting a physical release. I almost pre-ordered it today when I was paying off my Death Stranding pre-order. It's looks intriguing. Bees are cool! Maybe it's just me I really like nature shows/docs and stuff like that. Yeah it's a "creature" simulator. But something about it looks more pure and true rather than a game like Goat simulator and it's goofiness. I think I might go ahead and pre-order because something tells me physical copies might become rather hard to get down the road. But the timing of release couldn't be worse.
  8. It's essentially a 1:1 port of an older game brought to newer systems... It launched and released with a opening price of $9.99... It's pretty safe to assume that nothing will be edited out or fixed unless there is a complete game breaking bug that stops progression or something that causes the PS4 to lock up, freeze, hard reset, blue scree error, etc, etc... The cheat code system is built into the code of the game.. It was in the original.. They won't patch this out most likely because for multiple reasons.. Like I said a older game that came out on PS4 for 9.99, I doubt they are going to "SPEND" the resources to stop people from using the CHEAT CODES that have ALWAYS been in the game. One trophy "Embrace The Dark Side" even says you have to complete a level using the Cheat Codes... So yeah... They meant for the CHEATS to be in there from the beginning.
  9. The force is strong with this one!!! Thank you sir it worked like a charm!!
  10. Oh ok I got ya now! Yeah that is messed up with the grenades.
  11. I'm loving it so far... Taking it nice and slow.. I agree though that the auto-save/checkpoints can be disheartening sometimes.
  12. This isn't a glitch necessarily. This is just the "auto-save" system and getting caught up in a place where you're getting attacked and/or have minimum resources to survive and constantly die. This same thing happened to me on Volga. I'm playing on Ranger Hardcore Difficulty and went wandering off and got caught with a bad "auto-save" that triggered right when enemies were attacking me. Only course of option was to restart the chapter. I will admit it is a headache especially when combined with Ranger Hardcore, dying a lot, long load times.. But what you're describing and experiencing definitely is just a byproduct of an "auto-save" only system. It's not a glitch in my opinion.. All the Metro games are like this to a degree. But the others are easier to manage and plan the auto-saves because of the "tighter/linear" corridors. It sucks when it happens but Chapter restarts because you got dicked around by auto-save isn't anything new. The only fix for this would be a manual save system and I don't see that happening since you could never manual save in Metro 2033 or Last Light. Take it slow and try your best to avoid and/or stealth kill everything.. Because once you're spotted especially on Ranger Hardcore, Death comes quick!
  13. It's most likely safe to assume that this is the 1st of the DLC's that is included as a part of the Season Pass. It will also probably be available for non-season pass owners at $9.99 or so if I had to take a guess. I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere.. So I'm just assuming. But I base this assumption off of the "free" Adventure Pack DLC... That "free" DLC was more or less a quality of life improvement if anything because if I recall correctly that is the same time they introduced some of the balancing fixes/the new difficulty levels. So outside of that it was relatively small "new" stuff and the fixes were needed. So the "Zeta" quest and extra 10 levels on the Dungeon/Blackhart just seemed to me as gesture of good faith to the community that was unhappy with an overall "Easy/Not Challenging" game. Basically to me the adventure pack DLC is "here's a balance update with some extra quests, sorry for the non-challenging game. We hope combat is more satisfying now!" From the scope of this trailer this appears to be a full-fledged DLC and will be included for Season Pass owners. I have no reason to believe that they would release a new DLC of this scale that wouldn't be included for Season Pass owners. But like I said above.. I'm only guessing. I haven't seen anything concrete that says this is included. EDIT - I just found this link https://www.gamespot.com/articles/ni-no-kuni-2-season-pass-dlc-details-revealed/1100-6460756/ Taken from the link above "The remaining two DLC packs will be reserved for those who purchased Ni No Kuni 2's $20 season pass. The first is slated to arrive this winter and will introduce an "enigmatic" new dungeon that features progressively more challenging enemies as players delve deeper into it. The second expansion is expected to release in early 2019 and will add new story content. Additional details on these DLC packs will be shared later." From reading the second sentence that describes the first DLC. It is safe to say that this trailer is indeed the same "enigmatic" new dungeon that they are describing.
  14. Nice! I literally just finished up the Adventure Pack DLC last night. I'm looking forward to playing this new DLC.
  15. The newest DLC and the first DLC that is apart of the Season Pass is supposed to come out tomorrow on December 13th...