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  1. I'm pretty close of completing the chapters solo. For anyone wondering how hard is it solo, it's not very hard at all. The AI are pretty good and can hold their own compare to the original version of the game. You don't even need a second copy of the game or another vita. You can just start a lobby and beat the level 1 boss on adhoc mode over and over again once you max out your gear that can handle rank 15 bosses. The game is a grindfest.
  2. You can always get someone to carry you through it if you couldn't handle it, but it'll cost you some currency. But yes, it is no longer needed for completion for the atlas. https://pathofexile.fandom.com/wiki/Hall_of_Grandmasters#Version_history
  3. Shouldn't take longer than a few hours if you spam the easy and quick quest.
  4. Big Fish, Small Pond Movin' On Up Hail To the King, Baby! Local Celebrity Tristate Triumph Nation Domination Winners Can Be Choosers Stack the Deck Buy the Power of Grayskull Yoink!
  5. Briefly it was unobtainable, but they re-added the game modes. Unless something has changes in the past few weeks, it is still obtainable.
  6. Try starting the game offline. A week is more than enough time, but it depends how much you can play. Guides i looked through said about 10-15 hours of boosting.
  7. Yoink! Win a Risk and Reward game
  8. Only thing your alt need is to open at least 1 booster pack to forfeit for the Risk and reward game mode as you need at least 1 spare card to "bet" in the mode.
  9. You don't even need 3 other alts. You just need at least one. You can change your controller to a second player and press the ready option then switch back to the first controller and press start to start the game. The game is a mess online. Constant disconnect for no reason and god awful lag. Tubo controller is nice, but not needed to boost this. The best way to boost this is to do play blitz battle head on head because the extra blitz bucks you get for ranking up. Score 35 point for max bonus and then just let the time expire by spamming the circle button on defense while walking away from the ball handler with your linemen. It's a fun game, but they really push online mode too much by locking pretty much the whole game behind the blitz bucks wall which you can only earn playing online.
  10. Keep you eyes on him at all time. Once you see that he decides to burp up a grenade during certain intervals such as reinforcements arriving, bullet time and shoot it down ASAP. Get the two auto 9MM pistol and just dual wield it the whole fight. Drop the crappy assault rifle that they give to you. You can blow up the jeeps and the police cars with them in matters of seconds and which in turns kill a good chuck of the enemies on the screen from the explosion. The whole fight for me didn't even last more than 5 mins. Some other tactics that I've seen is people just shoot-dodge around to avoid being blown to pieces by grenades.
  11. IMO grenade launcher on chapter 13 elevator is extremely risky. Sure you have a chance of clearing out the two elevators in matters of second but there is always a chance of getting ripped to shred by the laser guys before you even get a shot off or the grenade blowing you up. Once you last man standing with a grenade launcher good chances are you are dead. I've lost a NYM run because I've tried that stunt. Better to be safe then sorry and play normal for that section, hiding under cover killing one at a time. Time is not much of a factor on the later chapter so it's kindly of pointless to risk it for more time. Nothing more frustrating then losing a good run due to a grenade launcher.
  12. The single players grinds are safe. You do not need to be online to get the trophy.
  13. If you haven't done so already beat it on hardcore. As the more you play it the easier it becomes. That is a very hard section along with chapter 10. Your best bet is to abuse bullet time as much as possible by going in and out of cover during the long tunnels. The first section with the bleachers, use your pistol to wipe out the first set of enemies. After the cut scene, a stream of enemies will be come so you need to use your SMG and bullet time to pick them up on after the other and be careful of the two that will spawn at the bottom of the bleachers that will flank you. The 2nd section with the bleacher is going down where Passo is busy with the sniper, use shoot dodge down the bleacher, if your aim is good you can wipe them all out before you fall down. I don't recommend you take either bleacher section slowly on NYM/NYMHC as they will nade you.
  14. Finally done! Pretty damn nerve racking as hell knowing any point all of your progress can be all for nothing. So glad never experience any sort of glitches or freezes on my run other than the occasion game audio disappear during the cut scene. Had the digital game with golden guns on. Run #1: Chapter 2 - Not sure what happened, kept shooting at the RPG when Max was hanging down the chopper and the thing didn't explode even my crosshair was right on the red dot. Run #2: Chapter 5 - Got Naded right before the boat area Run #3: Chapter 3 - Got destroyed by the first set of bleachers. When into last stand mode, enemy was behind some stupid metal railings/ran out of ammo/couldn't get a good aim at him Run #4: Chapter 10 - Got Naded on the bus depot Run #5: Chapter 10 - Got Naded again! Right after the area where Max swings on the chain down Run #6: Done Tips: Last chapter - Get two auto fire 9mm pistol. This is absolutely cheese when during the Becker fight if you dual wield them because it shreds all of the jeeps/police car and all enemies. Do NOT keep your eyes off of Becker as he will get at least 3-5 nades out during the fight. As soon as nades were up in the air, used bullet time to blow it up. All it takes it one nade and it's gameover. I got absolutely destroyed by nades on chapter 5 and 10 because I kept playing safe and went using cover instead of going balls deep into the enemy face. Played more aggressively was the adjustment I made. So enemies couldn't get their nades off and I have more mobility to avoid them..better to waste a few painkillers then start back from the beginning.
  15. Not true and this has not been patched. You have to quit ASAP as soon as you or one of your teammates dies and everyone in your group must quit out also. Deaths during prep missions are OK. You need to make sure that no one dies when their personal vehicle explodes because the game will auto save and will count as a death. So avoid as much as possible when it comes to enemy buzzards.