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  1. You can score 300 points on one stack, pop the trophy and quit and start another 300 points on another stack for a total of 600 points to unlock it on a single season. If you are good enough/have enough resources you can probably do the same thing on the last stack for a total of 900 points in a single season.
  2. If you started late in the season, you best just wait until next season. You'll have to make sure that you do your dailies/weeklies or play "rent a card". Buy the card, finish the challenge then sell it back to the market place. If you are lucky, you won't lose much MT.
  3. Have to re-do them. Like what grimy stated above, only some myteam related progress carries over/auto pop.
  4. It's 19,500 points, the second to last reward. 23k was just rumors on early release.
  5. The support person you spoke with clearly obviously just made shit up saying that it will be back so they can close your ticket and shut you up and hope that you forgot. What incentive does 2K have to reopen and update an old sports game? I'm not defending 2K as I would love to get 2k22 done. But this is common 2K behavior. Look at past 2K games, 2k10 & 2k17 unobtainable trophies on release and 2k19 with the removal of the dodge ball game shortly after 2k20 was out.
  6. Not surprised that support is just bullshitting, this is 2K we are talking about. I doubt they care about last year sports game. I've open a ticket as well and lets see what they say. I don't have high hopes of them returning NBA today. EDIT: this is what 2k support responded.
  7. It takes a few times to connect. Keep spamming versus > online and the game will let you on a some point. You can also try hosting a co-op game to attempt to “connect” to the servers.
  8. The latest patch added an idle kick timer. You can easily get a turbo controller and have it turbo the pass button while you sit in the back court or rubber band your sticks.
  9. My copy is NA. I got the game off of my region(USA PSN store).
  10. It’s hard to say. But I would like to test my theory with someone who is “registered”. Maybe it was a previous EA game you played. I’ve tried it with my UK alt, no go either.
  11. Thanks, if this is indeed the case and if I can get this game going, I'll open a session up and help people "register" to the server so they can boost this game and get it done before shutdown.
  12. I'm wondering if I play a "game" against you whether that will resolve the issue for me as well. As it seems like when you played against @HaJ-Bee it "fix" the issue and now your profile is "register" with the server to record stats. Then again this is just a theory.
  13. I'm just wondering, but did your icon next to your name show up on Jamnet/friends list? Mines is blank with no rank on it.
  14. You'll have to earn a trophy from any game and update your profile on the site then it will be hidden.
  15. That is nothing compared to GTA 5 run like the wind on the PS3 which has been almost a year with people on the leaderboards. Obviously this isn't a top priority, but makes you wonder if or even when this list will even be cleaned up. https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/2093-grand-theft-auto-v/42-run-like-the-wind