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  1. Having the same issues as well. I have a second PS3 attempting to self boost this, but the wins aren't counting for the season whether my alt account disconnect past the 20 sec warning for a forfeit or whether I legit play through all 4 quarters. The season is still stuck at 0-0 record. Did 5-7 quick wins none of them counted for a medal. Does anyone know what am I doing wrong here? Do I have to wait until the start "season"/week to attempt this because I've joined mid season? Edit: There seems to be an issue with the leaderboards/EA accounts for this game. For whatever reasons stats are not updating on the leader boards and the rank on my profile is "unknown" on the homescreen despite having a rank of "scrub" on the online arena section.
  2. For anyone curious, the option to build the nuke is still available for me after the shut down on the latest patch.
  3. Just select any player, another menu will appear that will show the what level and whether it’s 28/28 or not.
  4. Nope. The game devs has stated that the old launcher will be retired.
  5. For anyone curious, the game mode is back for one last run before they close out the old launcher.
  6. As someone who recently finished the MP for this game: - Locking a lobby up all depends if you have 24 players or 24 consoles or have several players with multiple consoles that total up to 24(preferable more as random freezes and disconnect will happen). - The servers are pretty much on its last legs as once you "start" the game with 4 players, there a good chance it will crash and any progress made on that unstable lobby will not save. - Game player base is filled with 90% of lifers(people who does nothing except play this game, everyday and every hour and are in top 100 leader boards) These people will make it almost impossible to do any sort of boosting in a non locked lobby as they'll teamkill you and make your session miserable as much as possible. They know every trick in the book in terms of glitches and spawn trapping. The 10% are trophy hunters and randoms who stumble on this game. - Game generally has 1-2 "open" lobby that you can play at a given time in either in rush or conquest. You will not find any hardcore mode or unranked matches. - The squad system is broken, even you "join a squad" you can fall on a different team or squad. - The game has some sort of anti AFK system in place. If you do not spawn or move your character around after a certain amount of time you'll be booted from the lobby. So not only you have to get 24 players/consoles, they also need to be active or else they'll be booted.
  7. Sweet Thieves is coming back right before launcher closes..it should be a cake walk if you did nothing except farm the event like the last time when it was out for players.
  8. Well Sweet Thieves is set to return right before the old launcher closes(5/4-5/8). It's seems unlikely honestly for tip toe event to come back judging by the leak schedule. https://fallguys-db.pages.dev/upcoming_shows
  9. 2 hrs is nothing. I’ve played 9+ hrs sessions and barely cracked top 5. Once you played the game so many times, you’ll get good at it. That how I got my 20 wins.
  10. It's pure rng. It's definitely more common compared to the legendary colors and patterns. One thing is for sure is that the more you empty the shore, the more new items will be available that you haven't purchased.
  11. AFAIK races in squads you need to be first as well as your team. Just you being first place in squads won’t count if your squad only qualify and did not come in first place as well.
  12. Don't see why it wouldn't count as long as you are earning rewards at the end of each match.
  13. It's true. Probably the last shot before they shut the launcher down. https://www.fallguys.com/en-US/news/satellite-silent-event-season-6
  14. No, that was patched out ages ago.
  15. That is not even the hard part of the boosting honestly. It's the logistics of it. 40-60 players, each needing 20 wins at maximum. Think about how long that would take? Then you have people leaving and coming in due to timezone differences/schedules or no show. Granted, you will have people helping out who are done with the game or have alts, still 20+ or even 10+ players getting 20 wins each at maximum is no easy fleet.