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  1. Didn't get more 'harder' per say, just a lot more grinding to get the plat compared to launch. Don't know what old character you ran, but it probably best start fresh on the next league due to all the updates, nerfs, buffs and who knows maybe your old character is not even viable anymore. Some requirements for several trophies did change, but are not updated in the description. You can view the actual trophy requirement directly at Path of exile website and sign into with your character. If you can find a group of 3-4 others dedicated at playing this regularly it will significantly cut down the grind due to how the game is setup where you can share maps and stuff.
  2. https://infamous.fandom.com/wiki/Infamous_Collection Suppose to be on a voucher
  3. Sadly I haven't found anyone who is still active and does carry services on standard or even seriously play on standard. Not sure how desperate you are, but if you farm a bit on the new league that's about hit in a week I'll refer you to him. He'll knock it out for you for 1 ex and you must have the map which shouldn't cost more than 20 chaos orbs.
  4. Are you on league? Because I know someone who can easily blast HoGM along with any sort of bosses, but he only plays on league. Just need to pay a few ex and have the map.
  5. Probably missed something. I would double check the lores that you have to hit multiple times like the library first before you attempt to start back from scratch.
  6. Yes. Everything pretty much gets carry over. I'm pretty close to plat and my character that I'm still with was moved to standard.
  7. Not my cup of tea. I quit my necro/curse build shortly after i hit the red maps on league. Found it extremely slow in terms of map clearing/bossing and couldn't handle red maps, but then again my gear was completely trash so your mileage may vary here.
  8. Locomancer is fine and it's not bugged. I've earned the trophy after they removed the way point and I didn't even tag the Templar Lab waypoint before they removed it. They moved the stupid waypoint to Karui shore after your beat the end game boss Sirus. So pretty much you have no other choice but to beat Sirus or have someone carry you just to get that trophy.
  9. Cyclone builds are still pretty solid in this currently league. Whether they will get hit in a month or two is another story. You don't need to as long as you got the attribute requirement for the gems needed to summon 60 minions, but a necromancer will make it a piece of cake. That up to you what class you want. Just be careful when copying some else build from PC because you might run into the issue that you might need a required item and it might be extremely costly on the console market compared to PC. You can always create another class if you like it.
  10. Extremely grindy and steep learning curve if you never played it on PC. Definitely a very long road to plat, but can be fun and addicting if you like looter arpg. Just beware, even though there is an auction house..it's pretty busted. The item filter is awful along with price fixers and bloated prices due to lack of players/bots compare to PC.The game crashes a lot and it's fps drops like a rock when there is too much shit in the screen. Depending on the build you decide, you might have to find someone to carry you through some maps or bosses because either your build can't do the map or boss or that you aren't geared good enough or that you suck at the boss.
  11. You can’t. You can only check what contacts are available for you.
  12. Yup still plenty of people on. Even on the PS3 version still many play this game.
  13. Better to play it on normal. The AI on hard/very hard are ridiculous. They can pick every pass, block any shot you take and hit any shot with no matter how good you can contest. Save yourself a headache and potentially a controller by playing on normal.
  14. News on the glitched trophy: Please upvote/comment.
  15. Don't bother playing 5v5. Games on 3v3 are way better in terms of xp per hour than playing on 5v5.
  16. You're suppose to win all 5 games in each venue, but due to EA screw up this trophy is unobtainable until they fix it.
  17. https://answers.ea.com/t5/Bug-Reports/bd-p/nba-live-19-bug-reports-en Or https://www.reddit.com/r/NBAlive/ The Devs are on the reddit page once every few weeks or so doing AMA/feedback on Thursday/Friday.
  18. New update out. Looks like it's still not fixed because I've played the last game and still nothing.
  19. It's glitched. The only thing we can do at this moment is to complain to Ea on their NBA live forum or on their reddit page until they fix it.
  20. Depends how good is your team. On avg on a winning team and on 3v3, 3.5-4.5k including winning bonus. On losses about 1k.
  21. I wouldn't worry too much IMO. By the end of the NBA season level 90 in LUT is cheap as hell because of how diluted the cards get.