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  1. Three of the trophies are multiplayer only.
  2. If you’re saying that based on the activity of this forum, it seems pretty alive over on Reddit. Maybe other trophy hunters haven’t gotten their hands on it yet. I haven’t played the 10-hour trial, but I do have trophy thoughts on it. Seems a lot less grindy than MH World/Iceborne and Rise/Sunbreak in my opinion. Some bits will still be a grind I’m sure but definitely not as bad. Monster Hunter requires 1,000 large monster hunts whereas Wild Hearts requires 300 kemono finishes. That’s a pretty significant difference.
  3. On the bright side, the coop trophies are truly not that difficult. They may not be fun for you, but at the very least you won’t have to be stuck on 82%. Luckily I had a friend (he’s not a trophy hunter though), but even if you organize a game session with someone from this forum, I’m confident it should still take minimal effort. Good luck! Edit: By the way, I don’t know when you plan to getting around to going for the 6 coop trophies, but at the very least I would suggest you go for the Going Dark trophy soon. There’s an exploit currently that allows you to earn the trophy without doing what you’re originally supposed to do. Best to get that out the way before it gets patched.
  4. Yeah same. I’ve been around the franchise since the beginning so the campaigns are what always brought me back. But overtime the multiplayer has grown to be one of the most popular eSports. Ahh well. I still always go back for the story. Man I would love to see that as well….hopefully that’s still the plan. I hope Infinity Ward doesn’t think it would be confusing to drop MW3 remastered and then the MWIII sequel shortly thereafter.
  5. I understand what you mean regarding the returning characters. Some people either hate it because they feel it doesn’t do justice to the original characters, while for others, it’s one of their favorite bunch of characters so their just happy for them to be given new life. I’m in the latter camp, as the Modern Warfare trilogy was my favorite in the series. And even if the story is different and reimagined, I’m okay with it because to me it’s not like it erases what happened before. The original MW1 and MW2 have been remastered and are available to easily go back and play on next-Gen consoles for those who want to experience the OG story. Personally, I don’t think the Campaign alone justifies the price for these games anymore. The only way I can truly recommend this game is if the player is also willing to dabble with the multiplayer. Otherwise, as you highlighted, it’s just way too damn much.
  6. This game had a much more enjoyable Platinum than the last Call of Duty game I played which was Black Ops Cold War. I've been having a ton of fun with the multiplayer as well! All in all, it was short and sweet 👌🏼 I'm happy for this to have been my 60th platinum. Check out my video on what the overall journey to the platinum will look like if you're thinking about going for it as well. Good luck everyone!
  7. In my opinion, absolutely! I think the game is simple enough that you could even enjoy it if playing it side-by-side with a spouse or even a child. The game features a "Support Mode" which allows someone sitting next to you to get involved while you play. Plus it features a Hard Mode once you beat it once if you're looking for more of a challenge. It's truly an enjoyable game. A great "pick-up and play" kind of game if you're either low on time for a play session, or don't feel like using your brain too much.
  8. The PS4 and PS5 versions of this were Platinums #58 and #59 for me. If you stumble upon this topic while viewing the game because you’re considering playing it, then I definitely recommend you give this compilation a look. Especially if you’re a fan of platformers. It’s a fun and easy platinum as well!