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  1. I could install it, did it 3 days ago, but it freezes every couple of hours. Sound goes on, screen freezes. It‘s very laborious on PS5.
  2. Same here, Central Europe. Couldn’t connect to Uncharted 4 MP
  3. Absolutely yes! I bought every PS Day-1 since PS2, so there is no way I'm gonna miss that. Back in 1995 I didn't think Sony would make it against Sega and Nintendo - haha, how wrong I was. I ordered 2 from 2 different stores, just to be safe, and need a least 2 anyway.
  4. Same problem here. The last (and only) hit comes from the Frankenimpa, but no trophy.
  5. Is the last technicians tool worth the grind? I have no idea what it does and how it helps. Anyone knows?
  6. How do you guys transfer the save state? I only played on VITA, now missing 4 cards and wanted to try it on PS4, but I gotta start from the scratch, even though cloud save is on, on both devices. Edit: nvm, got it.
  7. 😂 same here I enjoy the FF Saga and acually was looking forward to play this, but as I see the online trophies, not sure anymore. Especially the 20 takedown streak is ridiculous.
  8. It looks like a remake from the SNES Title "Ninjawarriors", which is one of my favorite SNES games. If it's the same, the 100% will be quiet easy, as there is an easy difficulty. Anyway, I can't wait to play it!
  9. I had another problem and it took me hours to find a solution. Thought I share it here. I installed this game years ago, and started playing it yesterday. In the middle of Episode 3 I quit the game. Today, when starting the game, I get the title screen, press X to load the menu, which never comes. Only a black screen with the bat symbol flashing in the right corner I deleted the savefile ,same. I deleted the game and reinstalled it (with and without savefile), same. I tried that on a different PS4 (not Pro this time) -> same. I even subscribed for PS Now for 1 month and streamed the game there -> same story. Then I switched to an alternate account (US in my case) and downloaded only Episode 1 -> same. The only solution that worked for me was having both the US and the EU game installed, delate all savefiles again, disconnect from the internet and start the EU game. (the US game won't show the episodes) I have no savestate this way, but at least I can start each episode and get their trophies. Now that's what I call a buggy game.
  10. I was extremely looking forward to this game and I can't tell how disappointed I am that it has no platinum. That's nothing but a shame! Finishing various games 12 times in total, all for 300 points. That's ridiculous. I'm lost of words...
  11. 1x Day-1 Base PS4 1x White Base PS4 1x 20th Anniversary PS4 (sealed) 1x Day-1 PS4 Pro 1x White PS4 Pro 2x 500 Million PS4 Pro (sealed) I kinda like Sony consoles. 😅
  12. You are the GREATEST!! I'm doing story mode hard chapter 7 map 13 für over 40 hours now and I wanna kill myself since hour 2. I will definitely use that method, at least at night to grind some extra. Thanks a lot! I HATE THIS TROPHY S BADLY!!!
  13. There are plenty of games I avoid, but mainly because of the time the platinum would take, or because of online modes/trophies where you need other people or have to grind endlessly. This goes for example for the late GTA Titles, Red Dead Redeption 2, all Multiplayeronly games, most RPG games, and many more. I wait for the guide to be online before starting a game, with nearly no exeption. If I do REALLY wanna play one of those games I know I won't platinum, what happens maybe once a year, I use a dummy account.
  14. Totally agree, that’s ridiculous.
  15. Same here. Does anyone know yet?