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  1. Knowing Arc probably about 6-10 months later and digital only.
  2. TGS been great so far, danganronpa 3 announced, new vanillaware game revealed, gravity rush 2/remaster, bloodborne expansion looks great, yakuza 6, new miku game and nioh looks interesting. Only thing left now to complete the set is persona 5 release date announcement on the 19th.
  3. thanks for the folder and custom background implementation that was being requested for months...oh wait.
  4. thank you, its been on 'notify me on ready' for me since yesterday morning.
  5. Marvelous are taking pre-orders for EV (Europe/Australia)
  6. Its actually cheaper to buy a Titan One for £60 and use any keyboard&mouse you want.
  7. Senran Kagura EV taking pre-orders for Europe/Australia, get it now if you want the special editions, they go fast.

  8. pc games are cheaper because Sony/Microsoft take 11% total per unit and since pc it's an open platform there is no 11% to pay.Anyways pretty amusing reading this thread and seeing how defensive people get.
  9. Steam has more services, better prices and its free.
  10. Kinda hard to say when 80% of the content is not out yet.
  11. some of those did eventually get a port to another platform e.g. DOA, but it should help greatly.
  13. Is the game still active online?
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if Xrd was given away since the new one was already announced and evo is soon so it would sort make sense.
  15. A lot of people don't seem to realize that the master race thing started as joke, but then this happened.