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  1. Okay if you read just the topic title you may misunderstand this entire thread and call me names, for the record I played Fallout 3 and New Vegas for pc and I am very aware of what great game it is. My real reason of starting this thread is because I was recently going to buy a copy of the game for the PS3 but came to find out from various sources the game has lot's issues on the ps3 copy, so I guess what I am asking is are these issues a real problem? If yes is it still worth getting the game? p.s. if anyone wonders why I am considering picking a ps3 copy since I already done it on pc is because I want the trophies for it ._.
  2. I mean out of the main 3 who do you spend most of time using it and doing most missions? Is there a reason? Just curiosity nothing else. if anyone wondering me : 1-Trevor fun personality and most of his missions are entertaining 2-Franklin laid back and gives me San Andreas memories 3-Michael meh his son/daughter is the most fun out of him
  3. Knowing Arc probably about 6-10 months later and digital only.
  4. TGS been great so far, danganronpa 3 announced, new vanillaware game revealed, gravity rush 2/remaster, bloodborne expansion looks great, yakuza 6, new miku game and nioh looks interesting. Only thing left now to complete the set is persona 5 release date announcement on the 19th.
  5. thanks for the folder and custom background implementation that was being requested for months...oh wait.
  6. thank you, its been on 'notify me on ready' for me since yesterday morning.
  7. Marvelous are taking pre-orders for EV (Europe/Australia)
  8. Its actually cheaper to buy a Titan One for £60 and use any keyboard&mouse you want.
  9. Senran Kagura EV taking pre-orders for Europe/Australia, get it now if you want the special editions, they go fast.

  10. pc games are cheaper because Sony/Microsoft take 11% total per unit and since pc it's an open platform there is no 11% to pay.Anyways pretty amusing reading this thread and seeing how defensive people get.
  11. Steam has more services, better prices and its free.
  12. Kinda hard to say when 80% of the content is not out yet.
  13. some of those did eventually get a port to another platform e.g. DOA, but it should help greatly.
  15. Is the game still active online?
  16. I wouldn't be surprised if Xrd was given away since the new one was already announced and evo is soon so it would sort make sense.
  17. A lot of people don't seem to realize that the master race thing started as joke, but then this happened.
  18. Just finished it and probably my least fav game of the series, as good as Asylum at best.
  19. Nope especially when I have multiple platforms, example I have the Neptunia Rebirths games on pc but side games on the vita.
  20. Looks k but still need way more info, is the game mp only? If not what type of campaign will it have? if its mp only how many modes will it have if any in order to keep the game fresh? To be honest I thought it looked similar to Chivalry Medieval Warfare which is a mp only game for pc but it costs £20 and I am sure Ubi wont charge just that.
  21. Left 4 Dead for me, still play it with friends to to this day and it has ton of mods for everything from new levels to skins, too bad Valve no longer makes games.
  22. I had a similar issue with the Batman update recently, it was saying it needed 30 hours to download 3gb so I looked around the web and found this solution to change the primary and secondary DNS to and on your ps4 and thankfully it worked. edit - direct link in case my instructions sucked
  23. I played both and so far I only experience fps drops during the batmobile sequences on ps4, and its 2fps drops or so nothing major, but the most amusing part is that the console version of the game looks graphically better than the pc version according to side by side comparisons.
  24. And so they should, probably the worst port I have ever played in my life, I have 2 gtx 980 sli set up and thats more than enough to brute force through developers incompetence but not this game, playing at 60fps and suddenly get drops to as low as 15fps. Thankfully steam introduced a refund service and I used the money to buy the ps4 version, it runs at 30fps but at least it works. edit -
  25. You can back up everything into an external HDD/USB, and to physically change the HDD is extremely similar to the ps3 if you have ever done it.