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  1. No, Ultimax is better in every way.
  2. Will list only titles mentioned on E3 major conferences Nier 2 Street Fighter 5 Shenmue 3 MGS5 Last Guardian KH3 FF7 World of FF Deus Ex Horizon Zero Dawn Star Ocean Batman AK
  3. Yea I am sure they would completely shut down their millions of dollars investment on ps now servers....people also need to realize do you really think they invested ps now just for backwards compatability? Its quite obvious the next generation of consoles will be digital only, it has too many pros, they basically just waiting for the west internet to get asian tier.
  4. Finally a media server god and with native mkv support, what a great week.
  5. I thought the conference had a really strong start but it kinda went downhill, 'the big 3' announcement sure was the highlight of the conference and I am very happy especially for Shenmue getting its proper ending as deserved, but only 1 out of those 3 games are ps4 exclusives...glad they also introduced new ips and the Guerrilla game also looks very interesting. B+.
  6. Then let me ask you this, why do you think Sony doesn't allow Japanese hentai game makers to publish their games on the vita/ps3/4? Why are they all released on pc? Bad publicity is simple really, they don't want to be involved with controversial topics, is bad for business.
  7. Yes I am sure there was mods on Unreal Tournament that allowed me to be a pimp with all my whores and fuck them as I please with full animations anytime I wanted, again an fps mod is very limited compared to an open world mod.
  8. You are comparing an arena shooter to giant open world game, to not have a storefront like steamworks for the mods simply means the amount of 18+ mods would be huge and Microsoft would want nothing to do with that nor having the risk.
  9. I highly doubt the mods support will include every mod available, they probably use something very similar to steamworks mods which blocks out the you know what mods and some others. edit- I guess I can also include graphical enhancement mods too for obvious reasons.
  10. I thought the Microsoft conference was really underwhelming apart from the backwards compatibility and maybe the holo(depends how they use it), Recore looked interesting but nothing else to say because no gameplay, which brings another point the conference hardly had any gameplay for whatever reason it was mostly pre-rendered trailers. Meh C+.
  11. Having all platforms ps3/ps4/vita/360/xbone/wiiu/ds/pc my backlog is usually always above 30 games, and the steam summer sale happening now doesn't really help.
  12. Is quite obvious Jap devs will start porting more and more to pc since ps4/xbone have a very pc like architecture so the porting process isn't a exactly hard/expensive. The only problem is that the releases compared to consoles are months late and for someone who mostly play JRPGs I am not waiting months just for better textures/fps. Another game which was recently announced for pc is Toukiden which again been out for the ps4/vita for like 2 months now.
  13. Only reason I even mentioned Senran is because they tweeted they will be there otherwise I wouldn't even bothered since its so niche.
  14. Any info on : Persona 5 / Senran Kagura EV / Street Fighter 5 / Gravity Rush Remaster and 2 / FF15 / KH3 To be honest E3 is a very western oriented show which is why I usually look forward to Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show more.
  15. Games support probably be around mid 2016, it will still get games obviously but most of it will be sports games released even on mobile and the odd Japanese game. Even now Jap devs are starting to switch to ps4/vita with most new games. PSN support (online play) will probably be available for a long time still, I would think at least until 2019.
  16. Latest patch fixed input lag, apparently 5 frames now equal to 360 version (and tested). A lot people saying the game is now definitive edition, only took them 2 weeks but would been much better if it was like this from day one.
  17. Resident Evil 3 for me... most people will say a mix of 0-3.
  18. meh if you are already this close to E3 without one may as well wait for new bundles that will be announced and save yourself a few pennies.
  19. I wish they added Ada.
  20. Only die hard steam fans will buy it, I honestly see no reason for it if you already have a controller for pc, customizable buttons? Big deal this been available for a long time with 3rd party software. Also regarding the 'steam machine' which is just some pre-built pc with steam os, good luck attracting console gamers when the cheapest pre-built is $450 for an i3 and 4gb ram, and the actual pc gamers won't buy it since they most likely won't be able to upgrade it, laughable at best.
  21. Have they done something to the netcode? I have been playing since release by joining rooms and playing only full bar connections with no problem but every since yesterday all the connections have been horrible no matter what, is not lag lag but major input delay. Anyone had similar issues? Regarding Tanya shes pretty fun she reminds me a lot of Decapre which is pretty good for me since I play her on SF.
  22. I tried the new patch and it 'fixed' the menus, I no longer see ghosting effects on Guiles/Seth projectile and players psn in online matches have been fixed. Those were the only problems I had encountered but the patch apparently fixed a lot more stuff that never happened to me thankfully. Regarding the input lag I can't really comment on it since I do not play the game daily, only about 2/3 times a week so its hard to notice from the ps3 version. The ps4 version does apparently have 8 frames of input lag and the ps3/pc/arcade have 6 frames and the 360 has 5 frames...well if you truly wanted to have the least amount of input lag the pc version with v-sync off is 3 frames but 5/6 frames are more than good enough imo.
  23. I heard they had 2 models in plans, I am guessing one is this and the other maybe a slim? and Wii U.
  24. Honestly if you just want to play some random ps3 game since maybe you had a 360 last gen its okay, but to actually make a subscription for 720p and input lag? If you have that many games to play I suggest just buying the console.
  25. I edit most my cases with a template on photoshop and print them out, kinda of silly hobby of mine but it blocks out all the different colored sides 'issue'.