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  1. This is obviously false information because I been told many times the vita is dead and has no games.
  2. I did it standing up, helped a ton.
  3. But I have no friends..on another serious note I hope its like nfs rivals where you could turn it on and off with the d-pad.
  4. Vita has been a third party weeb niche machine for years, and weeb niche games have a very dedicated fanbase so its being doing okay and will be for a while.
  5. Don't really care about the 30 fps menus but unannounced characters nerfs that never happened and the game not being updated to the latest patch is an issue.
  6. 60 fps compared to 30 fps for me is night and day unless its a turn based rpg or something like that, since I switch often between pc and consoles whenever I play a game at 30 fps it takes me a good 2 hours to get used to it since I am so used to 60.
  7. The downgrade is not as bad as some games like Watch Dogs so meh, it would be cool if devs actually used pc capabilities and made the pc version actually look the same as the pre-release advertisement but nope, pc is not worth the effort so they don't bother.
  8. There hasn't been a single 'net gen exclusive' that sold over 5 million.
  9. I just get it for pc thanks.
  10. So you think the ps3 would handle the Witcher 3 better? How? Anyways it still early into 8th gen and developers are still getting used to the platforms, compare 2006 ps3s games to 2013 games for example and you will see games greatly improved graphically/frame rate wise. Or if you want guaranteed quality just drop a few hundred on a pc.
  11. Lets just say its water cooled in an air conditioned room and very close to an opened window at all times.
  12. They are offering gow 1/2 for free for like 2 weeks with playstation now when you buy the remaster. edit - 3 months but you need to pre-order the game.
  13. Play mostly Visual Novels that can be ran on a laptop amusingly enough, I do have Witcher 3 to play now at least but I still need to finish Witcher 2.
  14. Too risky for developers, even if Microsoft funds the game and its released exclusively for the xbone all Japanese fans of the series would pissed with the company and probably hold some stupid grudge and top of that the console may as well not exist in Japan so sales would be dodgy. There is also the argument niche games don't do so hot on MIcrosoft platforms with D4 selling so horribly that is being released on pc this summer, Chaos Child was also a xbone exclusive in Japan but no more since no one owns the system there.
  15. Probably - Witcher 3 / BloodBorne / Batman AK / MGS5 Personally - Persona 5 / Senran Kagura EV / Danganronpa AE / Gal Gun DP Pretty sure most games announced on E3 will get at least a 2016 release.
  16. Good Konami has been on life support with Kojimas/MGS help and now thats gone they know they need to cater to a general audience. Terrible decisions in general with the latest one being 'Castlevania games are not popular enough to be funded' and it only got quadruple the amount needed from fans with kickstarter.
  17. It promises 10 years and it delivered 10 years, whats the problem? In terms of exclusives however the 360 been dead since 2012 and the ps3 still have some legs until at least end of 2015 with Persona 5.
  18. MKX since 80% of players online are garbage.
  19. The physical version has english subs if anyone prefer physical over digital.
  20. Glad its getting a physical copy.
  21. Why would get that psu in the first place instead of something good, it makes no sense.
  22. uh okay is your money.
  23. Why are you spending 180 on a pc case, based on the picture you posted you don't even need a full tower to begin with. Also 950w power supply for just a 670 wut, did someone build this for you?
  24. 1 - RE3 Interesting decision mechanics / Nemesis / ammo making decisions / Jill at her prime / first RE game to introduce mercenaries 2 - RE Remake Mansion / great atmosphere / cool puzzles / all characters are interesting 3 - RE2 Leon, Ada and Sherry first game appearance / police station gives mansion vibe / playing as Sherry 4 - RE Zero Switch character gameplay was cool / interesting story and setting 5 - RE Revelations 2 Imo best modern RE game, its as survivor horror as any modern RE game will be this day and raid offers a ton of content. 6 - Outbreak 1/2 Ton of characters with different abilities / first RE that had online / another perspective during Raccoon city 7 - RE4 Great atmosphere / great bosses / Ashleys boobs 8 - RE6 Best gameplay in modern RE games / new characters and return of Sherry / co-op campaign cross play with other people playing different story 9 - RE Code Veronica Great atmosphere with lots of different areas / Steves cheesy lines / wincest / last tank control fixed camera RE game 10 - RE Revelations First modern RE game to introduce dodge mechanics / great weapon modification mechanics / raid had some decent content 11 - RE Darkside Chronicles/Umbrella Chronicles Didn't really like the rail shooter gameplay but it was cool to see old RE areas with better textures, it also tied up a few loose ends from RE3 to RE4 12 - RE5 Boring story / boring characters / Jill boss and Lost Nightmares were the only decent part of the game 13 - RE Dead Aim meh everything about the game is forgetful 14 - Operation Raccoon City Just garbage Never understood why RE6 get so much hate, it has the best gameplay in the modern 3rd person version of the series. Sure it has a terrible story but all RE had terrible stories since 4, I mean you are rescuing the presidents daughter from a eastern European cult, really?
  25. I am guessing thats the pc version with an xbone controller since the fps is clearly above 30. I am still think its lazy development that CD Projekt are recommending a 980 to be able to run the game at a stable 60 fps with high settings.