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  1. I expect a similar amount as soon as I sign in for my long outstanding 3 month loyalty.
  2. I suspect at launch games will cost around £45, for the actual ps4 console I will happily pay up to £500 to get it the first day anything more and I wait for the price to drop.
  3. 1- Resident Evil 3 Nemesis 2- GTA San Andreas 3- Bioshock Infinite 4- ME2 5- Parasite Eve 2
  4. I approve this message.
  5. Dead Space 2 - Just need the'hard to the core' trophy (recently played until chapter 5 and died like an idiot and was like fuck this for a while) ME3 - Arguably my top 3 fav game series but I cannot be bothered to finish the remaining trophies, I replayed the entire series on ps3 (previously done it on pc) in a month and platinum ME2 which is my fav game of the series. Tomb Raider - Loved the game and got all single player trophies and 100% completion but I am not a big fan of trophies that make you play online specially when they require over 30+ hours of play time.
  6. Resident Evil series Fav game of the series probably Resident Evil 3 Nemesis for the PS1. Quick side note regarding Neptunia series since few posts about it I have all 3 games from the series and haven't started it because of uni work but it sure looks promising.
  7. Samurai Champloo is also my fav but since its already been picked...
  8. Not made by Rocksteady no way I will buy it first day, will watch gameplay videos and reviews before doing anything doing with buying it.
  9. Hatsune Miku always get 10/10 no matter wut.
  10. If you want to appear offline on psn for whatever reason.... (too lazy to describe step by step and there is a video of it anyways)
  11. I just posted something about I only attempt plats if I enjoy the game and keep it in my collection and if the game is okay, I play through it once trade it and thats it. From the 3 plats I have none of them been hard per say, ME2 I just love the game and every min was a joy insanity was a lil frustrating at times but still, RE6 was a breeze and don't need to comment on walking dead.
  12. I tend to attempt platinum to games I only enjoy because video games are about having fun im right? If the game is okayish I usually just complete the single player and trade it in and whatever trophies I got in that play through is the end. Right now I am trying to get Mirrors Edge plat and after it who knows I still have to play all the RE hd remakes which I already downloaded and ff13 but uni keeps getting in the way until the summer at least.
  13. I don't think the value of an account is no where near based on how many trophies the account has but playstation stores purchases (e.g. games, avatars/themes) and the name of the account, an individual called alex may possibly want the original 'alex' account and may pay an above average amount for it depending how bad he/she wants it, which there is many variables to consider e.g. do you trust this person you are dealing with? (assuming its an online 'deal'). In my case I don't really value anything on my account apart from the name but if anyone offered me any amount of money I would probably consider it at least.
  14. Generally 2-3 hours a day so 14-21 hours.
  15. Ehr none I got a ps3 in February > ._.
  16. Uhmm you should definitely consider getting Ni No kuni, the Neptunia series and Atelier Meruru and you should also consider visiting playasia which gives an awesome selection of games which you can't easily find in North America/ Europe.
  17. ME1 - Liara ME2 - Garrus (personally didn't like any of the options and Liara was getting on my nerves) ME3 - Diana Im probably going to go with Jack or Ashley with the male play throughs.
  18. I am pretty sure they will have some ps3 games to download at the store so I don't see any issue unless you own a massive amount of games or looking for a tittle which is not well known, also most titles I see anyways are being released for both platforms to begin with. Personally I can't wait for a new console don't get me wrong I love the ps3 but my hands have been itching for something new for a while now.
  19. Well I rather enjoy the site of lolis and a few more things... if you don't know what a loli is have fun and search it on google
  20. As multiple people already mentioned the Walking Dead by Telltale Games is a really easy platinum as everything is story related and if enjoy the comic / series you will love it, Lollipop Chainsaw and any Lego series e.g. Harry Potter. Personally I rather get / attempt the platinums for games I enjoy rather than going out my way to get something easy but whatever floats your boat.