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  1. I use Spotify and choose one of the moods/genres playlists and if I like a particular song I make a note of the artist.
  2. Probably since after I finish Omega Quintet I will have no single player games to play on my ps4 until Onechanbara.
  3. Doesn't really matter what version you buy, I think the only glitched trophy it has is if you skip a boss cutscene, unless you mean cheat codes for dante must die (unlimited devil trigger) are available on the EU version and not for NA. DMC2 in other hand is considered the worst in the series for its repetitive gameplay, shitty story, uninspired designs... its not a bad game per say, just the worst of the 3, by far.
  4. Same thing is happening to me and apparently is because the trophies for the game (EU version) aren't even on the psn servers yet, now here is the hope that once they are it just looks at your save data and syncs fine instead of having to do all over again.
  5. I don't really get the appeal at all, you are watching other people play video games instead of playing it yourself. I get watching pro players especially for fighting games but just casual people doing playthroughs? No thanks, and if you say you watch it for their personality your should consider a podcast instead.
  6. Cassie Cage and Erron Black.
  7. Allow me to make an attractive character.
  8. I see no reason why they would make a new one when its basically a port with all the dlc included.
  9. Resonance of Fate, Disgaea 4 and Atelier Rorona plus.
  10. They are adding an extra mode where you play as Metallia, so it isnt a straight up remaster, and obviously hopefully the xmb glitch is fixed also.
  11. Can't wait for all the ps4s that will be on sale on ebay with the title 'PT INSTALLED'.
  12. I meant I have no particular example/move for a KF character as I don't play the game.
  13. This is spot on, I play mostly charge characters and the key for most is to buffer the charge during moves, if you just sit pretty holding down back you will be easy pickings for anyone who is decent. Best example I can think of is Decapres scrambles on SF4, which makes most players clueless if you have a charge or not... I never player KF so nothing I can say for the game in particular
  14. Pretty sure Assassins Creed took its crown.
  15. Its pretty good but the online is not that great unfortunately, basically as good as Injustice.
  16. Frame rate has nothing to do with monitor tv/monitor being used but the console/pc hardware, input lag in the other hand depends on the frame rate you are playing, it is widely accepted that if the game you are playing doesn't go above 60fps anything between 2-5ms of reponse time is okay, however if the game is being played at anything above 60fps then a 1-2ms is recommended.
  17. I see no point in suggesting a monitor which offers 1080p (above)/144hz since I highly doubt the any ps4 game will ever achieve such thing. The higher response certainly is nice and since I often play on both monitor and tv, I definitely feel better 'crisp control' on the monitor, however I would still only recommend getting it if you play fighting games.
  18. erhh depends on platform on ps4 about 90%, ps3 around 40%, vita 60%, pc 30%, xbone 100% and wii u 80%. So guessing it rounds to about 70ish%?
  19. For a game that was originally a ps vita game I thought it looked great.
  20. Doubt it, its the same game but with higher fps and prettier graphics. DLC will be included in at best.
  21. Looks cool but not sure why would someone who owns a ps4 would buy it since they can already do something like this, and that's just a quick example.
  22. Bloodborne (out) FF Type 0 and X-2 (out and summer 2015) Witcher 3 (may 2015) Yakuza 0 (out in Japan, may get a western release depending on yakuza 5 sales) Neptunia Victory 2 (q4 2015 Japan) Omega Quintet (abril 2015) Persona 5 (q4 2015 Japan) Kingdom of Hears 3 (never ever) Fairy Fencer F : Advent Dark Force (q1 2016 Japan) Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair (q4 2015 Japan) Toukiden (out) God Eater 2 (out Japan, western release suppose to be announced since 'Rage Burst' has been trademarked by Namco) Personally looking forward to Persona 5 and Gal Gun Double Peace (not really an rpg).