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  1. I am just truthfully telling he/she how I feel about the system so in case he wants to sell it he/she can get most of the money back, rather than just wasting more money with games with he/she may not enjoy and losing more money altogether when he/she finally sells it. Just to be clear am not hating on the system whatsoever, I love my vita because I love japanese games, but anyone can see the only western support it will get will be from indies games and EA sports games which are on multiple platforms that out performs the vita version.
  2. Most of those games are ports which play better on ps3/4 however, imo ports doesn't justify buying the system unless you have a lot time travelling or spare time at work. And the only true exclusives it is getting is from Japan.
  3. when someone is considering buying a vita I ask them these questions, 'do you like jrps/rpgs? do you like japenese games in general?'. If the answer to both is no I would never recommend it, the only good thing it would be good for youi is streaming your ps4 to the vita in case in you want to play in bed or somewhere else in the house....but even then I still think its an expensive luxury.
  4. I am sorry you bought the wrong system.
  5. Yea I want that with the folders and set own wallpaper... I find it both hilarious and ridiculous that Sony thought that telling me when a friend joins a party is more useful feature.
  6. Its cool feature but its hit and miss and unfortunately most of the it misses.
  7. For me it isn't an issue of challenge but the lack of creativity of most devs with their trophy/achievement list. I don't want to complete your game 2/3 times when there is absolutely no difference what so ever apart from difficulty, I don't want to collect 100 generic collectables if there is nothing special/unique about them, all this just for a shiny trophy for my profile woah... That being said some games do this right, e.g. each difficulty for Dragon Crown has its own ending, Akibas Strip collectables are actual real flyers handed out in Akihabara which you can see.
  8. thats weird since these specs are amusing enough almost identical to yours ran and it ran at 39 fps average. Windows 8.1 Pro Motherboard: Asrock H77M-ITX Intel H77 SK1155 CPU Intel Core i5-3450 Quad Core, 3,1 GHz GPU MSI Geforce GTX 660 Twin Frozr Gaming OC 2GB DDR5 RAM: Crucial 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz SSD: Samsung 840 Evo, 2.5 SATA III 120GB HDD: Western Digital Black, 3.5 SATA III 1TB 1080p - DX11 High Avg: 39 - Min: 20 - Max: 63
  9. What I don't understand is lots of people are saying comfort as a plus and something you can't do on pc, but as matter of fact you can use almost any controller you want on pc... so that makes zero sense. I have most of the 7/8 gen consoles and if I had a choice I would only play on pc for various reasons. Regarding the price a £500 rig would last you a good 6 years playing games at 1080p and 40-60 fps which is more than the ps4/xbone can say, sure you may say thats like almost double the price of ps4/xbone but people need to realize you are paying for online on consoles, so thats already £30-40 extra per year, AAA games on consoles release at £45-50 while on pc most release at £35 (and sales which are ridiculously better than consoles) which again just keeps adding up. Then you may ask why do I still have console(s) then, because jap games, most main stream japenese devs completely ignore pc or they just port the game years later e.g. Akibas Strip will just be released on pc now after an year after console release, pc is also getting Neptunia games but again months after vita versions. but if you play mainly western multiplat titles pc is the best platform for you.
  10. its okayish since all it does it search for the trophy name on google, I actually like the the fact you can hibernate the console and once you turn it on is right in game where you left off, I thought at first this was just some little gimmick but after a few times already its ridiculously convenient.
  11. Probably get a 90/100 like all the other Souls games.
  12. I guess is to get people into the series who didn't have a ps3 and also to help fund the next instalment, I also guess there is a reason to replay since the ps3 version frame rate was 40ish and the ps4 version will likely be a solid 60, I would think at least.
  13. With the ps3 there is no need to copy anything, on your pc download and install 'ps3 media server' (just google it), after install set the folders you want the ps3 to have access to and press save and run. It will show your computers name on the ps3 XMB under photo/music/video. Do make sure media server is set to 'on' on your ps3 settings.
  14. Soon as you turn on console and connect controller via usb, it will ask for your language, only problem as mentioned is import tax which depends where you live, for UK is 20ish%. edit- forgot to mention psn store is based on the psn account region, its irrelevant the region of the console.
  15. I am assuming its Witch and Hundred Knight, which has bug that quits you to the xmb randomly, the only fix available is believe it or not is to save often. At least it happens every 30-50 mins or so.
  16. Yes its similar to tales/ff, there are references here and there to previous story lines but they are mostly for humour purposes so its not the end of the world. If you want to follow some kind of order/series: Arland series: Rorona+, Totori, Meruru Twilight Dusk series : Ayesha, Escha&Logy, Shallie
  17. It was okay, I did enjoy Claires bit more however (even though she doesn't look like Claire), I don't like they kept the 'I need to point at mechanic to find it' from Revelations, hell on Revelations 1 you didn't need to switch characters to begin with, I think the reason they did it is because they want the player to use both characters as much as possible, e.g. Barry/Claire combat sections Moira/Natalia any other time and I also wish there were more puzzles. They did put some effort into raid mode which is nice and gameplay wise it feels like revelations1+re6, however I wish they kept the counters. Glad I didn't buy the ps4 version since for whatever reason the fps on it is everywhere for whatever reason.
  18. I honestly think most of it is because of the language that will be used, I always found very strange how those supposedly 'scary' inmates never swore once and only said 'its the bat'.
  19. FF Realm Reborn one, looks nice but I would rather set my own picture.
  20. I personally prefer the previous 2 games but its still a good game, as mentioned if you have a ps4 is worth the wait for the remastered version with all the dlc/upgraded graphics/60fps. On note its pretty amusing how the gameplay they are showing for the current gen consoles look exactly like the promo gameplay for last gen versions, and we all know it got downgraded to hell so maybe finally get the original one.
  21. Instead of giving all that useless crap as an excuse to port the game to current consoles, they could add more playable characters e.g. Angel, Tannis, Moxxi....but I guess that would be too much work.
  22. You said you have a 120gb hard drive with the console, the built in space is irrelevant, If the faceplate of the disk drive is silver and comes with more than 20gb hdd the console is premium/pro.
  23. E is the slim version, sounds like you have the original premium version (120gb), since arcade is the original 4gb, core is original with 20gb and well rest is self explanatory.
  24. Logically from 1 but its not really necessary and the earlier persona games are a lot different, most people (including myself) suggest : P3 FES / P3 Portable (girl mc) / P4 Golden / Ultimax.