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  1. I think Steam is better service overall but the only reason why PC games are so cheap is because people can download them for free from illegal sites and to prevent that companies prefer to lower the prices. Also download speed is pretty amazing on ps4. I downloaded DRIVECLUB(26gb) in about 10hours while playing GTA Online :)

    pc games are cheaper because Sony/Microsoft take 11% total per unit and since pc it's an open platform there is no 11% to pay.

    Anyways pretty amusing reading this thread and seeing how defensive people get.


  2. Meh its what the master race elitist douchebags deserve. All I see are them crying about consoles being for "peasants". Quite honestly if I was a game developer I wouldn't put shit on pc. They dont deserve it. All they do is start flame wars with the shit they pull BUT then cry when a game isint master race material and blah blah blah blah. Although to be fair I do feel bad for a select few.

    A lot of people don't seem to realize that the master race thing started as joke, but then this happened.



  3. Looks k but still need way more info, is the game mp only? If not what type of campaign will it have? if its mp only how many modes will it have if any in order to keep the game fresh? To be honest I thought it looked similar to Chivalry Medieval Warfare which is a mp only game for pc but it costs £20 and I am sure Ubi wont charge just that.


  4. Is the PS4 version running a lot better than the PC version? Has anybody experienced frame rate drops?

    I played both and so far I only experience fps drops during the batmobile sequences on ps4, and its 2fps drops or so nothing major, but the most amusing part is that the console version of the game looks graphically better than the pc version according to side by side comparisons.


  5. I'm not going to buy another PS4, but I will most likely upgrade the HDD on my current one. Is it hard to change it? Like copying saves and my profile over etc? Thinking of getting a 2TB one.

    You can back up everything into an external HDD/USB, and to physically change the HDD is extremely similar to the ps3 if you have ever done it.


  6. Will list only titles mentioned on E3 major conferences 


    Nier 2 

    Street Fighter 5

    Shenmue 3


    Last Guardian



    World of FF

    Deus Ex

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    Star Ocean

    Batman AK


  7. Yea I am sure they would completely shut down their millions of dollars investment on ps now servers....people also need to realize do you really think they invested ps now just for backwards compatability? Its quite obvious the next generation of consoles will be digital only, it has too many pros, they basically just waiting for the west internet to get asian tier.