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  1. "Faust, Simpo, and Lee; Those merry fuckers three. Assuming it's free, I'd have them do me. ...I'm not great at poetry. " It would always be free for you ;)

  2. Hey bae, what's your most recent account nowadays? So I can add you and stuff.

  3. Yo I ain't dead

    1. Nagflar


      Not just yet, at least.

  4. I miss you, you sonofabitch.

  5. Caaaaaaauuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrbbbbbbbbbb. Where you been my old enough to be my son brother from another continental mother?

  6. Hye love, you ever porting your ME1 guide here? Shit's too good to leave at .com to rot.

    1. Curb


      It's been over here for about four months, haha

    2. Nagflar


      That's wonderful news :P.

  7. This erection
  8. -xo

  9. Don't know why you had trouble finding it, but here it is: As for why you couldn't make a new one, we don't want people making multiple guides for the same game - there's no point to it. Had your guide truly been lost/deleted, you would have been able to make another one
  10. If someone submitted something like that in a full-on guide, I would approve it so fast you'd snap your neck watching it blaze through the approval process. The fact of the matter is, trophy guides are pretty boring. You're reading a how-to manual on getting a virtual trinket with absolutely no real-world value; most of the appeal will come from the game itself, and not slogging through a generally monotonous description of an online chore. Any personality and pizzazz you can inject into a tip or guide, particularly for a trophy as banal as this one, should be applauded. The example you provided is far from poor - a clever little piece like that draws more people to the site than it will ever turn away, I can assure you.
  11. Do you have any interest in making a serious attempt at finishing UT3?I've been thinking of doing it, and if I remember correctly there's not a ton of trophies that require multiple players, but having a friend playing at the same time would certainly be welcome

    1. antithesis


      Yes, yes and yes some more. That'll make the Insane playthrough a tad easier.

    2. Curb


      Awesome! :D I remember beating Akasha on Insane a few different times - definitely doable solo, but much easier with pals :D

  12. It should be noted, though, that this functionality should only really be used to update potentially obsolete information, or make similarly minor edits. When a guide is submitted for review to us, and (hopefully) approved by us, that means you as the author are essentially finished with your work. Guides should not be submitted for review when they're still very much Work in Progress.