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  1. I'm losing health points every turn Why? How can I make it stop
  2. Giant battle I'm losing health points every turn megadimension neptunia vii

  3. i been playing new Godzilla game

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    2. SkyesUnholy


      I'm sorry but I find it hysterical that you replied 10 months later hahaha :P And good luck with getting passed it!

    3. Alisha51


      I been busy man plus I didn't know my password

    4. SkyesUnholy


      Ahh well good thing you got access to your account again :D

  4. getting 20 rounds is really hard for the trophy. Any thoughts
  5. To all of my friends why did you accept my invite if you arent going to talk to me

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    2. Hoshi


      Still blowing it a little bigger than it needs to be. You sounded like the kind of person who adds people based off common interests on their profile and the best way to talk to people is to message them about it. :3 If they don't respond or aren't much help to the conversation, try someone else. Don't wait for them, than get mad at them. That's not fair.

      What I suggested was talk to them and not worry about adding. Half the actual friends I've made aren't even on...

    3. SarDarniTron
    4. Alisha51


      I add them because there like same games I do Hoshi

  6. Soon i will start best friends/buddy list one of them is jem1235 because we talk for 3 full pages

    1. Alisha51


      unlike my other friends who been online hasnt reply back I know there maybe busy but still

  7. Why cant i paste ANY images onto my profile

    1. Vanilla


      your paste level isn't high enough yet

    2. Alisha51


      how can I make my paste level high

    3. Vanilla


      by defeating low level paste enemies and getting more paste xp.

  8. playing Darksiders 2

    1. CandiBunni


      It's a pretty great game~ Both Darksiders 1 and 2 are lots of fun, but I prefer the second.

    2. Alisha51


      I like the second better improved gameplay I hate the puzzles or mazes

    3. Rayrooz


      Good game, enjoy ^^

  9. how can I make my game to sync up with the notes
  10. I already 100% weapons im really struggling on branch D final boss final song stupid camera
  11. thanks fishy123 is the book club sanctity hard
  12. I download wonder girl pack
  13. leveling up everyone to 99 on Hyperdimension neptunia victory