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  1. he's from iran anyway UK is better than Portugal, because we cane 3rd in Olympics U came 69th come on man - countries like North Korea, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Puerto Rico, Chinese Taipei, Uganda, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Venezuela beat you
  2. aw a rusty spoon from cooking mama at my friends house yesterday, why must the universe confound me so
  3. steady, stay on target, stay on target nearly have 1000 trophies, which I guess is a target for you to achieve
  4. banned for practising archery on your signature
  5. er- BRITAIIN IS AN ISLAND actually that sounds like a good idea - lets all turn on the French, should I make this thread or should someone else when they read this 'invented'- what we did-we invented football (as you know it today) and rugby and -on an unrelated note- we can colonise the crap out of any country (well not now but bring Queen Vic back from the dead and lets go)
  6. yes you're right
  7. banned for wanting the topic to die
  8. It's better because we owned you until the 1930's
  9. ok what optimus prime and Boba Fett - in the same game lol what game is this - I must have it
  10. what's the purpose of this thread again - oh yeah so you can post pictures of how 'great' your 'country' is, and I can post pictures of how AMAZING my COUNTRY is/ was/ will be
  11. and communists
  12. what really? my turn or are you joking
  13. weil es kann
  14. lol equality